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Collection Inventory

Series I. Correspondence, 1956-2001

Scope and Content Notes:

Rosenberg was a very active and productive philosopher. Hence his correspondence reflects the professional activities of a professor of philosophy; the correspondence series includes letters to and from other philosophers, as well as correspondence with publishers, professional societies such as the APA, and administrators.

Subseries 1. Correspondence with Publishers, 1964-2001

Box 1
Folder 1 Socrates and Philosophy (B.) Adventures in New Ideas, 1991
Folder 2 American Philosophical Association, 1993
Folder 3 American Philosophical Quarterly 1, 1975
Folder 4 American Philosophical Quarterly 2; Wittgenstein's Theory of Language as Picture (B), American Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 5, No.1, 1966-1968
Folder 5 American Philosophical Quarterly 3, 1976
Folder 6 American Philosophical Quarterly 4; What's Happening in Philosophy of Language Today?: A Metaphysician's Eye View (B.), American Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 9, No. 1, Jun. 1972; Presented: University of Massachusetts, 15 May, 1970
Folder 7 American Philosophical Quarterly 5; Apperception and Sartre's "Pre-Reflective Cogito" (B.), American Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 18, No. 3, pp. 255-259, 1980-1981
Folder 8 Sellars (Companion Articles), Epistemology (B.); Blackwell, 1990-1992
Folder 9 The Elusiveness of Categories, The Archimedean Dilemma, and The Nature of Man: A Study in Sellarsian Metaphysics (B.); Bobbs Merrill, 1970-1973
Folder 10 Canadian Journal of Philosophy 1, 1972-1973
Folder 11 Canadian Journal of Philosophy 2, 1976
Folder 12 Canadian Journal of Philosophy 3; Why the Theory of Knowledge Isn't the Same as Epistemology and What It Might Be Instead, May 1978
Folder 13 Determinable/Determinate, Self-Conscious, Sellars Companion Articles (Metaphysics) (B.); Blackwell Companion to Metaphysics, March 1994
Folder 14 New Perspectives on the Tractatus (B.); Dialogue, Vol. IV, No. 4, 1965-1966
Folder 15 Comments on Leppakoski, "The Transcendental Schema" (B); Eighth International Kant Congress, Memphis, TN, 1995
Folder 16 Wilfrid Sellars (Encyclopedia) (B.); Encyclopedia Britannica, 2001
Folder 17 Tractarian States and Functional Explanation: Comments on Blackburn, "Losing Your Mind"; UNC-G Conference, Future of Folk Psychology, 1988-1991
Folder 18 The Dispute on the Indeterminacy of Translation (B.); Handbuch Sprachphilosophie, 1985-1987
Folder 19 Synonymy and the Epistemology of Linguistics (B.); Inquiry Vol. 10, No. 4, 1966-1967
Folder 20 The Journal of Philosophy 1, 1971
Folder 21 The Journal of Philosophy 2, 1976
Folder 22 The Journal of Value Inquiry, August 1969
Folder 23 Kluwer Academic Publishers 1; Comments on Bechtel "Levels of Description, and Explanation in Cognitive Science" (B.), Minds and Machines, Vol. 4, No. 1, pp. 27-57; LINC-G Colloquium, 1991-92, 1994
Folder 24 Kluwer Academic Publishers 2; Rules and Regularities Revisited (B.); In Language, Art, and Mind: Essays in Appreciation and Analysis in Honor of Paul Ziff; ed. Dale Jamieson, pp. 23-37., 1992-1994
Folder 25 About Competence and Performance (B.); Linguistics and Philosophy, February 1987
Folder 26 Descartes Skeptical Argument (B.); Logical Analysis and History of Philosophy, Vol. 1, pp. 209-32, 1997-1998
Folder 27 Metaphilosophy, 1974
Folder 28 'I Think': Some Reflections On Kant's Paralogisms (B.); Midwest Studies in Philosophy, 1985
Folder 29 On Strawson: Sounds, Skepticism, and Necessity (B); Mind, 1975
Folder 30 NIAS 1; On Understanding the Difficulty in Understanding Understanding (B.), pp. 29-43 in Meaning and Understanding, ed. Herman Parret and Jacques Bouveresse; Walter de Gruyter, Berlin and New York, 1978-1981
Folder 31 NIAS 2; Conversation and Intelligence (B.), 1978-1982
Folder 32 NOUS 1; Intentionality and Self in the Tractatus (B.); Nous, Vol. II, No. 4, 1968-1970
Folder 33 NOUS 2, April 1970
Folder 34 NOUS 3; Russell on Negative Facts (B.); Nous, Vol. VI, No. 1, 1971-1972
Folder 35 NOUS 4; Review of Ways of Worldmaking by Nelson Goodman, 1980
Folder 36 NOUS 5, 1985-1987
Folder 37 How Not to Be Systematic; Three Case Studies; Paideia; World Congress, Boston, 1998-1999
Folder 38 The Philosopher's Index 1; Notes on Goodman's Nominalism (B.); Philosophical Studies, Vol. XXI, Nos. 1-2, 1967, 1970
Folder 39 The Philosopher's Index 2, August 1969
Folder 40 The Philosopher's Index 3; The Problem of Evil Revisited-A Reply to Schlesinger (B.); Journal of Value Inquiry, Vol. IV, No. 3, pp. 212-218, Fall 1970
Folder 41 The Philosopher's Index 4; Wittgenstein's Self-Criticisms or "Whatever Happened to the Picture-Theory?" (B.); Nous, Vol. IV, No. 3, pp. 209-223; Presented University of Massachusetts, 1970
Folder 42 The Philosopher's Index 5, 1972
Folder 43 The Philosopher's Index 6, September 1974
Folder 44 The Philosopher's Index 7, December 1974
Folder 45 The Philosopher's Index 8, January 1976
Folder 46 The Philosopher's Index 9; The "Given" and How to Take It-Some Reflections on Phenomenal Ontology (B.); Conference on Metaphysical Explanation, SUNY Buffalo, 22-24, 1974, 1976
Folder 47 The Philosopher's Index 10, November 1977

Box 2
Folder 1 Philosophia 1, 1995-1997
Folder 2 Philosophia 2; One Way of Understanding Time (B.); Philosophia, Vol. 2, No. 4, pp. 283-301, 1971-1972
Folder 3 Philosophia 3; Rules and Realism Redux: A Reply to Hannah (B.); Philosophia, 23, pp. 309-322, 1992, 1994
Folder 4 Philosophical Papers, Undated
Folder 5 Philosophical Perspectives 1; Another Look at Proper Names (B.), 1991-1992
Folder 6 Philosophical Perspectives 2; Phenomenological Ontology Revisited: A Bergmannian Retrospective (B.), 1986-1987
Folder 7 The Philosophical Quarterly; Tensed Discourse and the Eliminability of Tenses; The Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 16, No. 63, 1964, 1966
Folder 8 The Philosophical Review 1, August 1975
Folder 9 The Philosophical Review 2; The Concept of Linguistic Correctness (B.), May 1975
Folder 10 The Philosophical Review 3, January 1976
Folder 11 Philosophical Studies, August 1975
Folder 12 Philosophical Studies 2; Reply to Stroud (B.); Vol. 31, pp. 117-121, 1976-77
Folder 13 Philosophical Studies 3; Perception vs. Inner Sense: A Problem About Direct Awareness (B.), July 1998
Folder 14 Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 1; Raiders of the Lost Distinction: Richard Rorty and the Search for the Last Dichotomy (B.), December 1992
Folder 15 Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 2; Brandom's Making It Explicit: A First Encounter (B.); Pacific APA, PPR, 1995-96
Folder 16 Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 3; Comments on Peter Van Inwagen, Material Beings (B.), 1992
Folder 17 A Note on the Ethical Implications of Psychiatric Diagnosis (B.); Psychiatric Diagnosis, ed. Joseph Agassi: (Philadelphia) pp. 165-74; Psychiatric Diagnosis, 1981
Folder 18 Reidel 1; Castaneda's Ontology (B.), 1984-1985
Folder 19 Reidel 2, 1986
Folder 20 Reidel 3; Comparing the Incommensurable: Another Look at Convergent Realism (B.), April 1988
Folder 21 The Review of Metaphysics 1, 1965
Folder 22 The Review of Metaphysics 2, 1967
Folder 23 The Review of Metaphysics 3, July 1969
Folder 24 The Review of Metaphysics 4, May 1975
Folder 25 Routledge 1, 1993
Folder 26 Routledge 2; Sellars (Dictionary Entry) (B.), October 1993
Folder 27 Routledge 3; Sellars (Encyclopedia Entry) (B.), 1994-1996
Folder 28 Routledge 4; Kant and the Problem of Simultaneous Causation (B.); International Journal of Philosophic Studies, Vol. 6, No. 2, pp. 167-188, March 1998
Folder 29 F.M. Adams and the Modern Mind-A Philosophical Rencontre (B.); Rowman and Allenheld, December 1987
Folder 30 Russell and the Form of Outer Sense (B.); Bertrand Russell Memorial Volume, ed: George W. Roberts, George Adlen and Unwin. and Humanities Press, Inc., London and New York, pp. 285-303; Russell Memorial Volumes, 1973, 1979
Folder 31 Kantian Schemata and the Unity of Perception (B.); Sprache und Denken, Alex Burri, ed. (Walter de Gruyter; Berlin and NY); Sprache und Denken, January 1997
Folder 32 On Not Knowing What or Who One Is: Reflections on the Intelligibility of Dualism (B.); TOPOI, 1986-1987
Folder 33 How Not to Misunderstand Peirce (B.); in R. Schantz, ed. "What is Truth?", Walter de Gruyter, pp. 283-98; Walter de Gruyter Gmblt & Co.KG, 2001
Folder 34 Wilfrid Sellars' Philosophy of Mind; University of Oslo, June 1980
Folder 35 Remarks on Heresies and Humpty Dumpty (B.); Comments on: Landesman: "Remarks on Reference and Action", Oberlin Colloquium; In: Issues in the Philosophy of Language, ed. by Alfred F. MacKay and Daniel D. Merrill, Yale University Press, pp. 119-128; Yale University Press, 1972-1976

Subseries 2. Correspondence with Individuals and Institutions, 1961-1994

Box 3
Folder 1 Barber, Ken, 1973-1974
Folder 2 Baldwin, 1994
Folder 3 Bechtel, 1992-1993
Folder 4 Butchvarov, Panayot, 1980
Folder 5 Castaneda, Hector 1; Correspondence between Hector Castaneda and Wilfrid Sellars on Philosophy of Mind, 1961-1962
Folder 6 Castaneda, Hector 2, 1968-1970
Folder 7 Corrado, Jack, Undated
Folder 8 Darraugh, Michelle, November 1993
Folder 9 Transcendental Arguments Revisited (B.); Falk, W.D., January 1975
Folder 10 Hardin, Larry, 1985
Folder 11 Harman, Gilbert, February 1970
Folder 12 Bransen, Jan, July 1988
Folder 13 Feldman, Fred, September 1988
Folder 14 Johnsen, Bredo, May 1971
Folder 15 Landesman, Charles, 1972
Folder 16 Linsky, March 1968
Folder 17 Millikan, February 1985
Folder 18 Science and the Epistemic Authority of Logical Analysis (B.); Rescher, 1984
Folder 19 Bergmann on Time-Showing and Saying (B.); Mind, Vol. LXXVII, No. 306; Ryle, Gilbert, 1965, 1968
Folder 20 Sellars, Wilfrid 1, March 1970
Folder 21 Sellars, Wilfrid 2, 1972-1973
Folder 22 Sellars, Wilfrid 3, 1972-1973
Folder 23 Sellars, Wilfrid 4; The Place of Color in the Scheme of Things: A Roadmap to Sellars' Carus Lectures (B.); The Monist, June 1987
Folder 24 Tait, Foster, 1973
Folder 25 Yoes, M.G., 1971

Subseries 3. Correspondence about Conferences, 1968-1998

Box 4
Folder 1 American Philosophical Association Western Division, 1968
Folder 2 Linguistic Roles and Proper Names (B.); In: Queries and Rejoinders: The Philosophy of Wilfrid Sellars; Sellars Workshop, 1976
Folder 3 Scrutinizing a Trade, Comments on Fogelin, SOFIA; Sociedad Filosofica Ibero Americana (SOFIA) Conference, 1998

Subseries 4. Sellars' Correspondence, 1956-1981

Scope and Content Notes:

Rosenberg saved correspondence that Sellars had with various other philosophers, scientists, and scholars. These augment similar letters found in the ASP's Sellars Papers.

Box 5
Folder 1 Sellars and Albriton, Rogers, 1980
Folder 2 Sellars and Bogen, Jim, 1981
Folder 3 Sellars and Brumbaugh, Robert, 1958
Folder 4 Sellars and Hendel, Charles W., Undated
Folder 5 Sellars and Margenau, Henry, 1958
Folder 6 Sellars and Marras, Ausonio, 1975-1976
Folder 7 Sellars and Peake, Charles H., 1963
Folder 8 Correspondence Between David Rosenthal and Wilfrid Sellars on Intentionality; Sellars and Rosenthal, David, 1965-1966
Folder 9 Correspondence: Sellars and J.C.C. Smart; Sellars and Smart, Jack, February 1964
Folder 10 Correspondence with David Solomon "Thought and Action"; Sellars and Solomon, David, 1976
Folder 11 Sellars and Weigand, Herman J., 1958
Folder 12 Sellars and Zimmerman, Earl, 1956
Folder 13 Sellars' Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1958-59,1963

Subseries 5. Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1976, 1980

Box 6
Folder 1 Pat, 1976
Folder 2 Fred, 1980
Folder 3 Bill, Undated

Series II. Professional Talks, 1970-2002

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains manuscripts of professional talks given by Rosenberg. There are Carus Lecture manuscripts, the manuscript of talks on Sellars philosophy, and talks on other philosophical topics.

Subseries 1. Academic, 1977-2002

Box 7
Folder 1 Chisholm, Roderick: Psychological Properties, 1980
Folder 2 de Vries, Willem: Sellars, Animals, and Thought, 1996
Folder 3 Rosenberg, Jay: Descartes: The First Modern Philosopher, Undated
Folder 4 Rosenberg, Jay: Euthanasia and the Sanctity of Life, 1984
Folder 5 Rosenberg, Jay: Reflections on Creativity, 2002
Folder 6 The Carus Lectures for 1977-8; Sellars, Wilfrid: Is Consciousness Physical?, 1977-1978
Folder 7 The Carus Lectures for 1977-8; Sellars, Wilfrid: The Lever of Archimedes, 1977-1978
Folder 8 The Carus Lectures for 1977-8; Sellars, Wilfrid: Naturalism and Process, 1977-1978
Folder 9 Sellars, Wilfrid: Naturalism and Process, 1977-1978

Subseries 2. Conference Reports, 1967-2001

Folder 10 Rosenberg, Jay: Comments on Kearn's "Sentences and Propositions", APA, Eastern Div. Mtgs., December 1967
Folder 11 Rosenberg, Jay: Comments on Kearn's "Sentences and Propositions", APA, Eastern Div. Mtgs. (Notes), December 1967
Folder 12 Rosenberg, Jay: Comments on Clayton's Identity and Exact Similarity, APA, December 1970
Folder 13 Rosenberg, Jay: Comments on Aune Sellars' Two Images of the World, APA Eastern Division; Boston, MA, December 1990
Folder 14 Rosenberg, Jay: Comments on Mathias Steup Foundationalism, Sense-Experiential Content and Sellars' Dilemma Pacific Division APA, 2001
Folder 15 Rosenberg, Jay: Comments on Rescher's "Scientific Truth and the Arbitrament of Praxis", Western APA, 1980
Folder 16 Rosenberg, Jay: Comments on Butchvarov, "The Ontology of Philosophical Analysis", Western APA, 1981

Series III. Rosenberg Manuscripts, 1966-1997

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains philosophical manuscripts written by Rosenberg throughout his professional career. These manuscripts include journal articles, invited book chapters, reviews, and conference papers. Unpublished manuscripts contain mostly handwritten and typed content along with sources Rosenberg may have used during his research and writing process.

Subseries 1. Rosenberg Journal Articles, 1966-1997

Box 8
Folder 1 Brandom's : A First Encounter, 1997
Folder 2 Comments on Peter Van Inwagen's , 1993
Folder 3 Comparing the Incommensurable: Another Look at Convergent Realism, 1988
Folder 4 Russell on Negative Facts, 1972
Folder 5 Speaking Lions, 1977
Folder 6 Tensed Discourse and the Eliminability of Tenses; Copyright Date, 1966
Folder 7 Wittgenstein's Self-Criticisms or , 1969

Subseries 2. Rosenberg Invited Chapters, 1975-1996

Folder 8 A Note on the Ethical Implications of Psychiatric Diagnosis, 1981
Folder 9 Another Look at Proper Names, 1993
Folder 10 Determinate/Determinable, Self-Consciousness Sellars Companion Articles (Metaphysics), 1995
Folder 11 The Dispute on the Indeterminacy of Translation, 1996
Folder 12 The Elusiveness of Categories, The Archimedean Dilemma, and the Nature of Man: A Study in Sellarsian Metaphysics, 1975
Folder 13 E.M. Adams and the Modern Mind: A Philosophical Rencontre, 1989
Folder 14 On a Certain Antinomy, 1994
Folder 15 Russell and the Form of Outer Sense, 1979
Folder 16 Socrates and Philosophy, 1991
Folder 17 Tractarian States and Folk-Psychological Explanation, 1991
Folder 18 Transcendental Arguments and Pragmatic Epistemology (German), Undated

Subseries 3. Rosenberg Reviews, 1972, 1984

Folder 19 Language, Thought, and Other Biological Categories, 1984
Folder 20 Reviews on Rosenberg's "The Thinking Self", Undated
Folder 21 Review of On Universals by Nicholas Wolterstorff; The Philosophical Review LXXXI, 3: pp. 382-387, July 1972

Subseries 4. Rosenberg Proceedings, 1996

Folder 22 Comments on Leppakoski, The Transcendental Schemata, 1996

Subseries 5. Rosenberg Unpublished Manuscripts, 1958-1984

Box 9
Folder 1 A Brief View From the Metalanguage, 1965
Folder 2 A Philosophical Investigation of the Theory of Reference Group Analysis, 1964
Folder 3 Color Incompatibilities and Natural Necessity, Undated
Folder 4 Comments on Parsons: A Meinong Analysis of Fictional Objects, Undated
Folder 5 The Function of General Laws in Science; Thesis, 1963
Folder 6 Henry Louis Mencken As a Philosopher , 1958
Folder 7 Objects, Substance, and the Thing-In-Itself, 1963
Folder 8 Passionate Philosophers and the Passions of Philosophy: Response to C.H. Seigfried, Undated
Folder 9 Peirce's Theory of Thought, 1965
Folder 10 Remarks on Jurgen Mittelstrass' , Undated
Folder 11 Self, Selves, and Self-Knowledge--An Excursion Through the Critique of Pure Reason, 1963
Folder 12 Some Reflections on the Aim, Province, and Possibility of Deontic Logic, 1965
Folder 13 Some Remarks Inspired by , Undated
Folder 14 Some Too Brief Remarks on Deductivism and Its Critics, 1964
Folder 15 W.D. Falk: Ought Judgments, 1984

Subseries 6. Philosophical Notes and Notebooks, 1965-1992

Folder 16 Epistemology: Stroud, Undated
Folder 17 Wittgenstein: Tractatus (Notes), Undated
Box 10 Philosophical Notebooks, 10 items, 1965-1992

Series IV. Manuscripts from Others, 1931-1982

Scope and Content Notes:

Manuscripts from others contains a number of philosophical manuscripts written by Wilfrid Sellars. Manuscripts written by other philosophers are also included in this series.

Subseries 1. Manuscripts by Wilfrid Sellars, 1947-1982

Box 11
Folder 1 Meaning as Functional Classification (A Perspective on the Relation of Syntax to Semantics), Undated
Folder 2 Mental Events, 1980
Folder 3 The Monist, 1981
Folder 4 More on Givenness and Explanatory Coherence, Undated
Folder 5 More on Givenness and Explanatory Coherence (2), Undated
Folder 6 Naming and Saying, Undated
Folder 7 Naturalism and Ontology, Undated
Folder 8 Naturalism and Process, Undated
Folder 9 Notes on Intentionality; The Journal of Philosophy, Vol. LXI, No. 21, pp. 655-666, 1964
Folder 10 On Accepting First Principles, Undated
Folder 11 On the Introduction of Abstract Entities, 1972
Folder 12 On the Logic of Complex Particulars, Undated
Folder 13 Ontology and the Philosophy of Mind in Russell, 1972
Folder 14 The Paradox of Analysis Resolved, Undated
Folder 15 Partial Manuscript; pages 10-58, 1978
Folder 16 Induction as Vindication; Philosophy of Science, July 1964
Folder 17 Physical Realism; Philosophical and Phenomenological Research, Vol. XV, No. 1, pp. 13-32, 1954
Folder 18 Pure Pragmatics and Epistemology, Undated

Box 12
Folder 1 Reply; 27, pp. 457-466, 1974
Folder 2 Reply to Alan Donagan, Undated
Folder 3 Reply to Aune, Undated
Folder 4 Reply to Marras, Undated
Folder 5 Reply to Quine, Undated
Folder 6 The Role of the Imagination in Kant's Theory of Experience, Undated
Folder 7 Science and Ethics, Undated
Folder 8 Science, Sense Impressions and Sensa: A Reply to Cornman, 1970
Folder 9 R.C. Richardson and G. Muilenburg: Sellars and Sense Impressions, Undated
Folder 10 Sellars on Kant, Undated
Folder 11 Sensa or Sensings: Reflections on the Ontology of Perception; Philosophical Studies, 41, pp. 83-111, 1982
Folder 12 Some Problems About Belief, Undated
Folder 13 Some Reflections on Thoughts and Things, Undated
Folder 14 Some Reflections on Perceptual Consciousness, 1975
Folder 15 Some Remarks on Kant's Theory of Experience, Undated
Folder 16 The Soul as Craftsman, Undated
Folder 17 The Structure of Knowledge: (3) Epistemic Principles, Undated
Folder 18 The Structure of Knowledge: Perception, Undated
Folder 19 Substance and Form in Aristotle, Undated
Folder 20 ...this I or he or it (the thing) which thinks..., Undated
Folder 21 Thought and Action, Undated
Folder 22 Towards a Theory of Predication, Undated
Folder 23 Toward a Theory of the Categories, Undated
Folder 24 Untitled Manuscript, Undated

Box 13
Folder 1 The Adverbial Theory of the Objects of Sensation, Undated
Folder 2 A Sectioning of Descartes' First Meditation, Undated
Folder 3 Behaviorism, Language, and Meaning, Undated
Folder 4 Belief and the Expression of Belief, Undated
Folder 5 Berkeley and Descartes: Reflections on the Theory of Ideas, 1975
Folder 6 Concepts as Involving Laws and Inconceivable Without Them, Undated
Folder 7 Conditional Promises and Conditional Intentions (including a reply to Castaneda), 1980
Folder 8 Conceptual Change, Undated
Folder 9 Contemporary Analytic Philosophy, Undated
Folder 10 The Double-Knowledge Approach to the Mind-Body Problem, Undated
Folder 11 Epistemology and the New Way of Words; Journal of Philosophy, Vol. XLIV, No. 24, 20 November, 1947
Folder 12 Fatalism and Determinism, Undated
Folder 13 Form and Content in Ethical Theory, 1967
Folder 14 Foundations of Knowledge, Undated

Box 14
Folder 1 General Discussion of Sellars' Paper, Undated
Folder 2 Givenness and Explanatory Coherence, Undated
Folder 3 Grammar and Existence: A Preface to Ontology, Undated
Folder 4 Hochberg on Mapping, Meaning, and Metaphysics; Midwest Studies in Philosophy, II : 214-224, 1977
Folder 5 Inference and Meaning, Undated
Folder 6 Is Scientific Realism Tenable? (A), Undated
Folder 7 Is Scientific Realism Tenable? (B), Undated
Folder 8 Kant's Transcendental Idealism; Kant's Analytic pp. 166-181, Undated
Folder 9 Language as Thought and as Communication, Undated
Folder 10 Literatur, Undated
Folder 11 Meaning as Functional Classification, 1973
Folder 12 On Accepting First Principles, Undated
Folder 13 On the Radical Incompleteness of the Manifest Image, Undated
Folder 14 On Reasoning about Values, Undated
Folder 15 The Logical Way of Doing Things, Undated

Subseries 2. Manuscripts from Others, 1931, 1980

Box 15
Folder 1 Bechtel, William: Levels of Description and Explanation in Cognitive Science, Undated
Folder 2 Bonjour, Laurence and Ernest Sosa: Red Triangles and Speckled Hens; IJPS, 12 (4), 465-79, Undated
Folder 3 Bradley, Francis Herbert: Relation and Quality Ch. III; Appearance and Reality: A Metaphysical Essay, Undated
Folder 4 Cornman, James W.: Sellars, Scientific Realism, and Sensa (B), Undated
Folder 5 Fogelin, Robert J.: Contextualism and Externalism: Trading in One Form of Skepticism for Another, Undated
Folder 6 Hanna, Patricia: The World, the Elephant and the Tortoise, Undated
Folder 7 Lavin, Michael: The Thinking Self, Undated
Folder 8 Rescher: Comments on Rescher's Scientific Truth and the Arbitrament of Praxis; Western Pa, (B), 1980
Folder 9 Rorty, Richard: Brandom's Making it Explicit: A First Encounter (B), Undated
Folder 10 Seibt, Johanna: Review of Properties as Processes... (B), Undated
Folder 11 Van Fraassen, Bas: Is Scientific Realism Tenable? (B), Undated
Folder 12 Wittgenstein, L.: Complex and Fact (B), 1931
Folder 13 Wittgenstein, L.: Complex and Fact; Rosenberg Translation, Undated
Folder 14 Views on Schlesinger; Multiple Authors, Undated

Series V. Teaching Materials, 1950-2006

Scope and Content Notes:

Rosenberg taught many different courses during his long career. This section contains manuscripts of his undergraduate and graduate courses at the University of North Carolina. They are arranged by course number, and within series of multiple offerings of the same course, chronologically by year.

Box 16
Folder 1 Philosophy 21, 1950-1961
Folder 2 Junior Qualifying Exam, April 1962
Folder 3 PHIL 006F Sec 002; Seminar of Death, Fall 2000
Folder 4 Death as a Problem for Philosophy; Freshman Seminar; PHIL 006F Sec 002, Fall 2000
Folder 5 PHIL 20/ PHIL 24H, Spring 1992
Folder 6 PHIL 20/PHIL 24, Spring 1999
Folder 7 PHIL 20/20E, Fall 2001
Folder 8 PHIL 20/20E, (2), Fall 2001

Box 17
Folder 1 PHIL 24 Sec 001; Historical Info: General Support, Spring 1991
Folder 2 PHIL 24 Introduction to Philosophy: Classical Historical Texts, Fall 1992
Folder 3 PHIL 24 Introduction to Philosophy: Classical Historical Texts, (2), Fall 1992
Folder 4 PHIL 24H SEC. 001 An Introduction to Philosophy: Great Works, Fall
Folder 5 PHIL 73, Spring 2002
Folder 6 PHIL 73, Spring 2004
Folder 7 PHIL 96 Colloquium for Undergraduate Majors, Spring 1998
Folder 8 PHIL 111 Propositional Calculi, Spring 1967

Box 18
Folder 1 PHIL 114 Beginnings of Analytic Philosophy; Frege, Russell, and Moore, 1989, 1998
Folder 2 PHIL 114 Beginnings of Analytic Philosophy, Undated
Folder 3 PHIL 114 Beginnings of Analytic Philosophy (2), Undated
Folder 4 PHIL 155 Kant, 1997
Folder 5 PHIL 203 Ontological Alternatives, Spring 1988
Folder 6 PHIL 204 Epistemology, Posman, 1997

Box 19
Folder 1 PHIL 206 The Philosophy of Wilfrid Sellars, Fall 1986
Folder 2 PHIL 206 Philosophy of the Mind, Fall 1990
Folder 3 PHIL 206 The Philosophy of Wilfrid Sellars, Spring 1994
Folder 4 PHIL 206 Contemporary Analytic Philosophy: Wilfrid Sellars, Spring 1994

Box 20
Folder 1 PHIL 206, Philosophical Investigations, Fall 2001
Folder 2 PHIL 206, Full notes on the Tractatus-On Representation, Undated
Folder 3 PHIL 220 Kant, Spring 2006
Folder 4 PHIL 235 Epistemology, Spring 2004
Folder 5 PHIL 300 Protoseminar, Spring 2001
Folder 6 PHIL 300 Protoseminar, Spring 2002

Box 21
Folder 1 Notes on the Tractarian Theory, Fall 1971
Folder 2 On Reasoning About Values, September 27, 1978
Folder 3 Tractatus Logice--Philosophicus, 1988
Folder 4 Protoseminar, Spring 2001
Folder 5 The Philosophy of Wilfrid Sellars, Spring 2005
Folder 6 Berkeley: Three Dialogues, Undated
Folder 7 Brandom: Making It Explicit, Undated
Folder 8 Correspondence: Sellars, Undated
Folder 9 Descartes: Meditations, Undated

Box 22
Folder 1 Epistemology, Undated
Folder 2 Epistemology (2), Undated
Folder 3 Hume: Treatise of Human Nature, Undated
Folder 4 Modern PHIL Area Exam, Undated
Folder 5 The Philosophy of Wilfrid Sellars-Notes and Reading Lists, Undated
Folder 6 Plato: Euthyphro, Undated
Folder 7 Plato: Meno, Undated
Folder 8 Power Point Presentation, Undated

Series VI. Library Preprints and Reprints, 1948-2006

Scope and Content Notes:

The reprints, preprints and other versions of published professional essays are annotated by Rosenberg and kept. Unannotated reprints were not retained.

Subseries 1. Reprints (A), 1966-198724.0 folders

Subseries 2. Reprints (B), 1988-200425.0 folders

Subseries 3. Annotations (A), 1948-197513.0 folders

Subseries 4. Annotations (B), 1976-200614.0 folders

Series VII. Rosenberg Miscellaneous Personal Papers, 1963-2008

Scope and Content Notes:

The Rosenberg Archive also contains a small collection of personal materials including non-professional manuscripts Rosenberg created while studying philosophy as an undergraduate student at Reed College. Other materials include Rosenberg's obituary, a DVD containing a memorial presentation of photographs of Rosenberg, and his curriculum vitae.

Subseries 1. Student Materials, 1964

Box 27
Folder 1 I Exist and Pragmatic Self-Verification, 1964
Folder 2 A Note on Tensed Discourse and the Eliminability of the Tenses, 1964

Subseries 2. Photographs

Folder 3 DVD-Jay's Memorial Video (9:01), Undated

Subseries 3. Non-professional Manuscripts, 2002

Folder 4 The Impoverished Students' Book of Cookery, Drinkery, & Housekeepery, 2002

Subseries 4. Obituaries and Curriculum Vitae, 2008

Folder 5 Obituary, 2008
Folder 6 Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association Vol. 2, Issue 2, November; Rosenberg's Obituary p. 164, 2008
Folder 7 Rosenberg's Curriculum Vitae, 1963-2007

Subseries 5. Conference, 2008

Folder 8 Self, Language, and World: Themes in Philosophy of Jay F. Rosenberg, September 2008

Series VIII. Wilfrid Sellars' Miscellaneous Personal Papers and Photographs, 1960-1990

Scope and Content Notes:

Rosenberg was a student of Sellars while working on his Ph.D. at the University of Pittsburgh. They kept up contact throughout the remainder of Sellars' career. Hence this collection contains letters, other documents, and especially photographs that will be of interest to historians and philosophers studying Sellars' philosophy.

Subseries 1. Wilfrid Sellars' Personal Papers, 1960-1990

Box 28
Folder 1 Sellars' Estate Correspondence, 1960,1965-66,1968
Folder 2 Memorandum of Agreement, R.W. Sellars and Arthur Glasgow, 1964
Folder 3 "The Irvine Lexicon" ed. by D.C. Dennett, Undated
Folder 4 Personal Miscellaneous, 1937,1954-55,1958,1961
Folder 5 Sellars' Bibliography compiled by Andrew Chrucky, Undated
Folder 6 Miscellaneous, Undated
Folder 7 Andrew Chrucky "Critique of Wilfrid Sellars' 'Materialism'", 1990

Subseries 2. Sellars' Photographs, 1970-1987

Scope and Content Notes:

The photographs found here are an interesting and useful addition to photographs found in the Sellars Archive. They include multiple photographs of Sellars in early, middle, and later life as well photographs of Sellars and other major philosophers at conferences and conventions.

Folder 8 Photographs of Wilfrid Sellars with Colleagues, 1973-1974 and undated.
Folder 9 Photographs of Wilfrid with Colleagues (2), Undated
Folder 10 Photographs of Wilfrid in youth, Undated
Folder 11 Photographs of Wilfrid in middle life (1), Undated
Folder 12 Photographs of Wilfrid in middle life (2), Undated
Folder 13 Photographs of Wilfrid with Family, 1970, Undated
Folder 14 Miscellaneous photographs of flowers, koi carp, etc. 1980-81, 1987, Undated