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Collection Inventory

Series I. Scrapbooks, 1974-1995

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains seven scrapbooks, arranged chronologically, covering the SPCT's main stage production and organizational history from 1974 through 1995. Each year follows the same format: season brochure; documents, agreements, correspondence, and miscellaneous production materials; newspaper clippings; and show programs followed by production photographs.

Box 1 Scrapbooks, 1974-1978
Box 2 Scrapbooks, 1979-1980
Box 3 Scrapbooks, 1981-1983
Box 4 Scrapbooks, 1984-1986
Box 5 Scrapbooks, 1987-1988
Box 6 Scrapbooks, 1989-1991
Box 7 Scrapbooks, 1992-1995

Series II. Children's Theatre, 1977-1994

Scope and Content Notes:

This series includes programs, flyers, photographs, news clippings, and play scripts pertaining to the SPCT's children's theatre productions from 1977 to 1994. The programs and flyers are arranged chronologically, as are the photographs when identifying information allows. The news clippings and play scripts are in their original order.

Box 8
Folder 1 Programs and flyers, 1977-1980
Folder 2 Programs and flyers, 1981-1985
Folder 3 Programs and flyers, 1986-1989
Folder 4 Programs and flyers, 1990-1994
Folder 5 Production photographs, 1982
Folder 6 Production photographs, Song of Sixpence, 1983
Folder 7 Production photographs, The Liberated Dragon, 1984
Folder 8 Production photographs, Charlotte's Web, 1985
Folder 9 Production photographs, Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz, 1985
Folder 10 Production photographs, Pinocchio, 1986
Folder 11 Photographs of publicity posters, 1988-1993
Folder 12-16 Unidentified production and miscellaneous photographs, undated
Folder 17 News clippings, undated
Folder 18 Play Scripts, The Golden Goose and Once Upon a Shoe, undated

Series III. Scenic Designs, 1977-1992

Scope and Content Notes:

Ground plans, elevations, and artistic renderings of sets for main stage shows done by Alfred Kirschman in 1977 and between 1984 and 1992. Media include pencil, pen, chalk, marker, and acrylic paint.

Box 9
Folder 1 Artistic renderings, 1977
Folder 2 Ground plans, elevations, and artistic renderings, 1984-1989
Folder 3 Ground plans and elevations, 1991
Folder 4 Ground plans, elevations, and artistic renderings, 1992