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Collection Inventory

Series I. Burlesque Skits

Scope and Content Notes:

Series I contains a collection of burlesque skits compiled from the personal records of Jess Mack of Boston, an agent and former Burlesque Performer. Some of the skits have multiple copies or different versions within the same folder.

Box 1
Folder 1 Egg in the hat
Folder 2 In Mexico
Folder 3 Oriental bit in one watch and money
Folder 4 Quaker girl
Folder 6 The race
Folder 7 Radio bit
Folder 8 Radio material
Folder 9 Radio scene
Folder 10 Rag time duel
Folder 11 Ragged coat bit
Folder 12 The raid
Folder 13 Recitation
Folder 14 Red and green traffic light scene
Folder 15 Red rose bit
Folder 16 Reform
Folder 17 Renting a room
Folder 18 Renting half an office
Folder 19 Restaurant scene
Folder 20 The returned soldier
Folder 21 Room 202
Folder 22 The rose
Folder 23 Rubber plant
Folder 24 Rubber scene
Folder 25 Russian Bolshevik scene
Folder 26 S.A.
Folder 27 Safety deposit vault
Folder 28 Sailor scene
Folder 29 Sailors return
Folder 30 Salesman
Folder 31 Sally don't live in our alley no more and Why don't you marry
Folder 32 Saloon scene
Folder 33 Sarah the snake
Folder 34 Saratoga Springs
Folder 35 School days
Folder 36 Scotch blood blackout
Folder 37 Scrutinizing scene
Folder 38 Selling a theatre
Folder 39 Selling clothes
Folder 40 72nd Street
Folder 41 Sherlock Holmes detective agency
Folder 42 The sheik
Folder 43 Shimmy scene
Folder 44 Shirt back to back bit
Folder 45 Shoe store
Folder 46 Silverware
Folder 47 Six feet in bed
Folder 48 A slight mistake
Folder 49 Slogan wise
Folder 50 Smith baby scene
Folder 51 So young and innocent scene
Folder 52 A social inconvenience
Folder 53 Soft and loud scene
Folder 54 Soldier Bill
Folder 55 Song and dance troupe
Folder 56 Spanish bullfight
Folder 57 Spanish version
Folder 58 Speech kissing bit
Folder 59 Spot bit
Folder 60 Stage door bit in one
Folder 61 Stage door scene
Folder 62 Stand in scene
Folder 63 Standing on my feet
Folder 64 States recitations
Folder 65 Static bit
Folder 66 Street cleaner cart
Folder 67 Street cleaning bit
Folder 68 Street walker
Folder 69 Subway scene
Folder 70 Suffragette
Folder 71 Suicide scene
Folder 72 Swat the fly
Folder 73 Sweet singer
Folder 74 Syncopated entrance for two comics
Folder 75 System kiss bit

Box 2
Folder 1 Table scene
Folder 2 Tailor bootlegger bit
Folder 3 Take em to the door blues
Folder 4 Take off my pants
Folder 5 Take out the deuces and trays
Folder 6 Talkative salesman
Folder 7 Teasie weasie
Folder 8 Telegram scene
Folder 9 Telephone bit
Folder 10 Telephone booth
Folder 11 That's my wife
Folder 12 Theatre bit
Folder 13 Theatre box office
Folder 14 Third degree
Folder 15 3 A.M. or taking a sweetheart home
Folder 16 Three detectives
Folder 17 Three drunks
Folder 18 Three people act
Folder 19 Three suitcase scene
Folder 20 Three waiters
Folder 21 Title bit
Folder 22 Tongue and cheese sandwich scene
Folder 23 Tony the spider
Folder 24 Topics bit
Folder 25 Tough bit
Folder 26 Traffic cop
Folder 27 Train hold up
Folder 28 Train scene
Folder 29 The traveling salesman
Folder 30 Travesty scene
Folder 31 Trim scene
Folder 32 Trying to get arrested
Folder 33 Two cop scene
Folder 34 Two gilters from Boston
Folder 35 Two of the four hundred
Folder 36 Under the table
Folder 37 Upside down business
Folder 38 Upstairs
Folder 39 Vacuum cleaner scene
Folder 40 The vagabond lovers
Folder 41 Valencia
Folder 42 The vampire
Folder 43 Vanishing scene
Folder 44 Vaudeville hokem dance art
Folder 45 Waiter strike bit
Folder 46 War debt
Folder 47 Wardrobe or kitchen scene
Folder 48 Westfall murder case
Folder 49 Where is Nellie?
Folder 50 Whiskey in club bit
Folder 51 Whiskey taster bit
Folder 52 White seal
Folder 53 Whiz & wham
Folder 54 Who died first
Folder 55 The widow and the bachelor
Folder 56 Widow scene
Folder 57 Wild cat wild
Folder 58 Winter scene - old jaw bone
Folder 59 Wise child court
Folder 60 Wise guy
Folder 61 Wishing book
Folder 62 Within the law
Folder 63 The woman I've been going with for the past three years
Folder 64 Woman scene
Folder 65 The woman who pays
Folder 66 Women court room scene
Folder 67 The wrestlers
Folder 68 Wrinkles scene
Folder 69 The wrong flat
Folder 70 Yes sir, that's my baby
Folder 71 You ain't got it
Folder 72 You got to have it in Hollywood
Folder 73 You hit the spot; stormy weather
Folder 74 You're standing on my feet
Folder 75 You're a liar bit

Series II. Audio Tapes

Scope and Content Notes:

Series II contains audio recordings of burlesque performances of Billy Hagan, Frank X. Silk, Lou Browne, Floyd Hallicy and interviews with Billy Hagan, Billy Foster, Irving Harman, and Jack Coyle.

Box 3
Item 1-2 Interview with Billy Hagan, May 8, 1962 (9.0 items)
Item 3 Interviews with Billy Hagan, Billy Foster, Irving Harman, and Jack Coyle Wheel #1, May 7, 1962
Item 4 Interviews with Billy Hagan, Jack Coyle, Irving Harman, and Billy Foster, April 11, 1962
Item 5 Interviews with Billy Hagan, Ralph and Harriet Allen, Irving Harman, and Larry V Heller, May 9, 1962
Item 6 Interviews with Irving Harman, Billy Hagan, Billy Foster, and Jack Coyle, May 9, 1962
Item 7 Interviews with Billy Hagan, Billy Foster, and Joe Bock, May 10, 1962
Item 8 Burlesque show at Lyric Theatre in Allentown, PA, Jan 16, 1960
Item 9 Interviews with Irving Harman, Billy Hagan, Billy Foster, and Jack Coyle (Reel 2), May 11, 1962