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Collection Inventory

Series I. Professional Correspondence, 1991-2003

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains Anderson's professional correspondence, especially his correspondence with his theses advisors. Some letters are arranged topically and these are found in Subseries 2.

Subseries 1. Professional Correspondence, 1991-2003

Scope and Content Notes:

This section of the correspondence includes letters to and from people with whom Anderson had close professional ties. These include his thesis advisor for his physics Ph.D.,Girish Joshi, and his history and philosophy of science Ph.D. advisor, Abner Shimony.

Box 1
Folder 1 Brumby, Steven and Girish Joshi, 1994
Folder 2 Gooding, David, 1992
Folder 3 Joshi, Girish 1991
Folder 4 Shimony, Abner, 1990-1992
Folder 5 Staley, Kent 1997
Folder 6 Stedman, Geoffrey 1991

Subseries 2. Topical Correspondence, 1991-2003

Scope and Content Notes:

These letters contain exchanges on Anderson's interests in nineteenth century British Physics and its history, and in twentieth century particle physics.

Folder 7 Faraday/Whewell 1991-1995
Folder 8 Quaternions 1993-2003

Series II. Manuscripts, 1992-2006

Scope and Content Notes:

These manuscripts are versions of papers that Anderson wrote on topics in philosophy, physics, and the intersection of these two areas of academic endeavor with his spiritual life as a Jesuit. There are also manuscripts that he received from others on topics in physics and philosophy. Some of the articles were written by Anderson alone, others in conjunction with his thesis advisor or other collaborators.

Subseries 1. Manuscripts by Anderson, 1992-2006

Scope and Content Notes:

The manuscripts here are specialized articles principally concerning topics in philosophy of science and history of science. There are manuscripts dealing with investigations into Faraday's electrical concepts, on Boole's thought and other historical examinations of 19th century British physics and mathematics.

Box 2
Folder 1 Some Historical and Foundational Issues Pertaining to the Role of Quaternions in Physics, 1992
Folder 2 Referee's Report on Faraday's Electromagnetic Induction Report of 1831, undated
Folder 3 Role of Synchronisation in Special Relativity, 1993
Folder 4 Ghost States and interpreting the significance of gauge invariance in Quantum Field Theories, undated
Folder 5 Conventionality of synchronisation, gauge dependence and test theories of relativity, 1996
Folder 6 Exploring the Mathematical Strategies of Maxwell's "Treatise", 1999
Folder 7 Mathematics, Logic, and Language: tracing influences of interpreting symbolic structures and the study of language on theoretical practices in 19th century British electromagnetism, 2002
Folder 8 S tudying Physics and Jesuit Life: Worldliness and Life as an Immigrant, undated
Folder 9 DeMorgan's inaugural lecture Introductory Lecture delivered to the opening of the Mathematical Classes in the University of London (by Augustus deMorgan), 2006
Folder 10 Interpreting Mathematics in Physics: Charting the Applications of SU(2) in 20th Century Physics, 2006

Box 3
Folder 1-2 Faraday's Concept of the electrotonic state The Constraint of Nature: The Electro-Tonic State and Magnetic Action in Faraday's Physics, undated
Folder 3 Interpreting Mathematics: physical significance of potentials in nineteenth century British electromagnetism, undated
Folder 4 Mathematics and Interpretation: The Role of the Vector Potential in Maxwell's Electromagnetism, undated
Folder 5 Notes on Boole's An Investigation of the Laws of Thought, undated
Folder 6 Notes on Structural Realism, undated
Folder 7 On Constructing the Manuscript, undated
Folder 8 Whewell-Faraday correspondence on electromagnetism; An Anticipation of the Application of Dynamic Categories to the Magnetic Field: A Note on the Whewell Faraday Correspondence of September 1835, undated

Subseries 2. Manuscripts from Others, undated

Scope and Content Notes:

There are only two manuscripts in this subseries, both on topics in physics

Folder 9 Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies from Faraday to HertzDarrigol, Olivier undated
File 10 Archetypal Vortx Topology in Nature - Reed Donald, 1993

Series III. Pre-Prints, 1976-2006

Scope and Content Notes:

These pre-prints are of articles written by Anderson, often with collaborators such as his thesis Advisor. They are predominantly from that period of his academic life where he was working as a physicist.

Box 4
Folder 1 Pomeron/f Coupling Universality and the Topological Expansion (with Joshi, G.C.), 1976
Folder 2 Regge Trajectories with nonplanar cylinder corrections in Broken Su(4) (with Joshi, G.C.), 1977
Folder 3 Factorisation of Regge Slopes for Multi-Quark Hadrons (with Joshi, C.G.), 1979
Folder 4 Baryonium and nonexotic hadron trajectories from a color dependent potential (with Joshi, C.G.), 1979
Folder 5 Electromagnetic decay widths for L=1, J(pc)=1--baryonia (with Ellis, Robert G., McKellar, Bruce H.J.., and Joshi, C.G.), 1980
Folder 6 Quaternions and the Heuristic Role of Mathematical Structures in Physics. (with Joshi, C.G.), 1993
Folder 7 Crafting of Scientific Meaning and Identity: Exploring the Performative Dimensions of Michael Faraday's Texts undated

Series IV. Talks, 1996-2003

Scope and Content Notes:

Manuscripts of talks given by Anderson are found in this series. The talks cover topics in physics as well as history and philosophy of science. There are talks on the relationship of mathematics to the empirical sciences, and on the thought of Charles Sanders Pierce.

Folder 8 Ghost States and interpreting the significance of gauge invariance in Quantum Field Theories:outline of a possible project, 1996
Folder 9 Post Structuralist Resources for Tracing Developments in Mathematical Physics, 2002
Folder 10 Shaping Spaces: The Development of Differential Geometry Formulations of Gauge Field Theories, 2002
Folder 11 Mapping Disciplinary identities and boundaries: some points of theory and illustrations from episodes in 19th and 20th Century Physics, 2002
Folder 12 Language and Representation in Faraday's "Experimental Researches in Electricity", 2003
Folder 13 Issues of Interpretation Associated with Potentials in 19th Century Electromagnetism, undated
Folder 14 Mathematics and the Empirical Sciences: Charles Sanders Peirce on the Status and Application of Mathematics, undated

Series V. Dissertations, 1979-1991

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains the materials relating to Anderson's two Ph.D.s. There are manuscripts of the dissertations and notebooks used to gather and arrange materials and to clarify his thinking on the topics involved.

Subseries 1. Ph.D. Dissertations, 1979-1991

Scope and Content Notes:

Ph.D. Dissertations for both his Ph.D. in Physics and that in History and Philosophy of Science

Box 5
Folder 1 Study of Baryonium and Multiquark States, 1979
Folder 2 Ontological Status of Potentials within Classical Electrodynamics, 1991

Subseries 2. Student Work: Dissertation Notes, 1987-1990

Scope and Content Notes:

Notebooks for Anderson's work towards his Ph.D. dissertations that specifically relate to the dissertation's topics.

Folder 3 Thesis: Invariance Aug. 1987 - 1990, 1979-1990
Folder 4 Thesis Notes: Vol. 1 Dec. 1987 - July 1988, 1987

Box 6
Folder 1 Thesis Notes: Vol. 2 March 1988 - Nov. 1989, 1988
Folder 2 Thesis Notes: Vol. 3. Apr 1989 - Nov. 1989, 1989
File 3 Journal of Progress May 1989 - March 1990, 1989

Series VI. Student Work - class notes and notebooks, 1976-1982

Scope and Content Notes:

Generalized class notes and notebooks from Anderson's graduate work.

Folder 4 Cylinder Corrrections in the Topological Expansion July 1976, 1976
Folder 5 Writings on Henri Bergson. The Role of the Intellect in the Moral Philosophy of Henri Berson, 1982
Folder 6 Mathematics and the Description of Nature Undated