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Collection Inventory

Series I. Allegheny County Reports, 1935

Scope and Content Notes:

The Allegheny County Reports series consists of three folders of surveys of county records and cemeteries that existed in the county during the depression era. Persumably these surveys were created through funding provided by the Federal government aid programs.

Box 1
Folder 1 "Historical Records Survey. Pa. Inventory of the Records of Allegheny County", 1935
Folder 2 "W.P.A. Inventory of the Records of Allegheny County (Preliminary)", 1935
Folder 3 Kenneth Ketchum--"Cemeteries, Graveyards and Private Burial Places in Allegheny County as Reported upon by Veterans' Grave Registration Survey," 1935

Series II. Data Sets

Scope and Content Notes:

The data sets found in this series was assembled by either faculty of the University of Pittsburgh or through the compilation of records from federal sources. Little is known as to why the data was collected or what specific studies or articles they were compiled for.

Folder 4 A. N. Galpern--"The Taille Roll of Troyes, 1606, and the Confraternity Rolls of Saint Nizier's Church, Troyes, 1604-06.", 1976
Folder 5 Van Beck Hall--"Poltics Without Parties: Massachusetts, 1780-1791", 1972
Folder 6 Clarence Rollo Turner--"Black Pittsburgh: A Social History, 1790-1840", 1974
Folder 7 U.S. Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service--"Documents in regard to the Stike of 1914 at Westinghouse Electric Co., East Pgh., Pa." 1973
Folder 8 U.S. Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service--"Documents in regard to the Strike of 1916 at Westinghouse Electric Co., East Pgh., Pa." 1973
Folder 9 Federal Writers Project of the Works Progress Administration in New York City--"A Selected Bibliography of Bibliographies Relating to Labor and Agriculture", Undated

Series III. Interviews (Transcriptions)

Scope and Content Notes:

The interviews series contains transcriptions of interviews created to document specific historical events or figures. When known the name of the interviewer and interviewees are recorded in the folder title.

Box 2
Folder 1 Joseph Saul conducted by Corinne Krause, 1978
Folder 2 Ten interviews with coal miners of Nanty Glo and Windber, Pa. conducted by Bruce T. Williams, 1973
Folder 3 General Matthew B. Ridgeway conducted by Harold L. Hitchens & Frederick A. Hetzel, 1982
Folder 4 George Morris, George Addes, & Robert Travis conducted by Frank Emspak, 1973
Folder 5 1919 Steel Strike, Interviews conducted by John Bodnar, 1973
Folder 6 "Old Timers Reminisce", Interviews conducted by Ronald Hartle, Undated

Series IV. Manuscripts (Copies or Transcriptions)

Scope and Content Notes:

The manuscripts series includes six folders of either transcriptions or photocopies of original manuscripts, testimonies, or articles.

Folder 7 James Wudarczyk--"The Battle for Nekoosa: The Story of a Corporate Acquisition", 1993
Folder 8 "Does Man Live Again"?, Transcript of A Debate Between Judge M. A. Musmanno and Clarence Darrow, 1932
Folder 9 Claude Edward Vealey--"Statement in regard to the murder of Joseph Yablomski", 1970
Folder 10 Silous Huddleston--"Statement in regard to the Murder of Joseph Yablonski", 1970
Folder 11 Andrew J. Krupnick--"Father Cox's Campaign for the Presidency of the United States", 1932
Folder 12 Charles J.McCollester--"Turtle Creek Fights Taylorism, The Westinghouse Strike of 1914", Published in Labor's Heritage, 1992

Series V. Personal Narratives

Scope and Content Notes:

The personal narratives series consists of eleven folders of first hand accounts and recollections by individuals.

Folder 13 Florence G. Mackinowski--"Pittsburgh Ethnic History", A narritive of Leon R. Machnikowski, 1976
Folder 14 Lee Dittley--"From These Slopes and Flats: Lee Dittley's Old South Side", 1978
Folder 15 Harold J. Haney--"Wind/Mills and Tom Tinker, The Whiskey Rebellion 1794-1994, The Established and the Common Folk of Pittsburgh.", 1994
Folder 16 Israel Oseroff--"I Was There, Memoirs by Israel Oseroff", Undated
Folder 17 "A Diary, Conrad Sisters and Mother, Trip to Sticklepath", 1898
Folder 18 Egil Blakstad--A recollection of experiences in Norway during WWII, 1940
Folder 19 Patrick J. Maveety--"Recollections of My Life", Undated
Folder 20 Maher Regis--"The Maher Story, Chapter VII, Lambert, Palmer and Filbert Mine Days", Undated
Folder 21 Launitz, John--"Autobiography", 1974
Folder 22 John Hornak--"We the Parish" (Saint John's Byzantine Catholic Cathedral in Munhall, Pa.), 1980
Folder 23 Anna B. Heldman--"The Neighbors' Tales", 1941