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Collection Inventory

Series I. Colonial Steel Company, ca. 1917-1927

Scope and Content Notes:

The images in this series depict Colonial Steel Company from ca. 1917-1927. This series also includes a 1927 date book. The company was organized in 1901 and specialized in making hardened, tempered steel used to make tools. The company was absorbed by Vanadium Alloys Steel Company in 1928. The mill was located in Monaca, Pa., in Beaver County.

Box 2
Slide 42 Colonial Steel Plant
Slide 43 Puddling
Slide 44 Tapping Slag in Puddle Furnace
Slide 45 Drawing Iron from Puddling Furnace
Slide 46 Puddled Ball of Iron Entering Squeezer in a Puddling Mill
Slide 47 Rolling Muck Bar
Slide 48 Rolling Bars 16" Mill
Slide 49 Rolling Bars 9" Mill
Slide 50 Rolling Bar 12" Mill
Slide 51 Shearing Muck Bar
Slide 52 Packing Crucibles
Slide 53 Drawing Crucibles from Furnace
Slide 54 Drawing Crucibles from Furnace 2
Slide 55 Teaming Ingots from Crucible
Slide 56 Casting Crucible Ingots with Ladle
Slide 57 Stripping Ingots
Slide 58 Cogging Ingots on Big Hammer
Slide 59 Finishing Large Squares on Hammer
Slide 60 Reducing Billets
Slide 61 Forging on Hammer
Slide 62 Hammering on Tilt Hammer
Slide 63 Shipping from Warehouse
Slide 64 Inspection for Seams
Slide 65 Inspection Topping
Item 1 Colonial Steel Datebook, 1927

Series II. Steel Processes, Products, and Equipment, ca. 1907-1927

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains images that show the different processes for making steel. These pictures were taken in Pennsylvania and New York. The dates for this series are unknown.

Box 1
Slide 3 Charging Side Open Hearth Furnaces Charging Hot Metal
Slide 4 Carrie Blast Furnaces
Slide 5 Tapping Side Open Hearth Furnaces- Ladles in Position
Slide 6 2BB and 122 Duquesne Blast Furnace
Slide 7 Duquesne Blast Furnace
Slide 8 Duquesne Works (?)
Slide 9 Duquesne Works (?)
Slide 10 Installation of Three Mesa Steam blowing Engines at the Plant of the McKinney Steel Company
Slide 11 Brown Hoist Unloaders
Slide 12 Bunkers and Transporter under Construction
Slide 13 Hewlett
Slide 14 Hewlett Machines
Slide 15 Plant of the Blast furnace
Slide 16 Filling Shell with Nitro-Glycerin, for Shooting Oil Well
Slide 17 Shooting Oil Well
Slide 18 Rabbler at Work at Puddling Furnace Rolling Mill, 1911
Slide 19 Hydraulic Shears Cutting 5 Inch Steel Slabs, 1907
Slide 20 Pouring Molten Steel into Ladle
Slide 21 Tapping an Open-Hearth Furnace
Slide 22 Coal Barges on the Monongahela
Slide 23 Plant of the Blast Furnace
Slide 24 Confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers
Slide 25 Bessemer Converter in Action Blowing Iron into Steel
Slide 26 One Ton Herault Furnace, Front View before Tapping Heat
Slide 27 Steel Mills at Night
Slide 28 Drawing off Molten Iron from Blast Furnace to make "Pigs"
Slide 29 Drawing off Slag from Blast Furnace, 1910
Slide 30 Molds being filled with Molten Iron
Slide 31 Erecting Shop
Slide 32 Furnaces
Slide 33 Filling Molds with Steel
Slide 34 Mountain Iron Mine
Slide 35 Press
Slide 36 The Huge Hot Blast Furnaces
Slide 37 Coining Presses Government Mint
Slide 38 Pouring Pig Iron into a 1,300 Ton Mixer
Slide 39 Blast Furnace
Slide 40 Jones and Laughlin Steel Co.
Slide 41 Coke Oven
Slide 66 Steel Laborers
Slide 67 U.S Steel Duquesne Works 22" Bar Mill
Slide 68 Blast Furnace/ Stove Diagram
Slide 69 Coal Yard
Slide 70 Steel Manufacturing
Slide 71 Slab
Slide 72 Largest Plate Mill in the - Lukens Steel Co.
Slide 73 Slab
Slide 74 Machined Steel
Slide 75 Sheet Roller
Slide 76 Nickel Shot and Ladle Diagram
Slide 77 Mill Buildings
Slide 78 Nickel Cast Iron in Large Rack Gear for Car Wheel Lathes
Slide 79 Driven Machine Equipment

Series III. Topical

Scope and Content Notes:

The slides in this series primarily feature railroad scenes, including Pennsylvania Station in Pittsburgh, with the exception of one view of children gardening at a Philadelphia School. The dates for this series are unknown.

Box 1
Slide 1 Ore Reclaiming Equipment
Slide 2 The Pennsylvania Station
Slide 80 School Gardens as a Practical Educational Method