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Collection Inventory

Series I. Meeting Notebooks, 1931-1949

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains the earliest records of the club, beginning with the minutes from their first meeting on June 6, 1931. The series includes minutes, executive board minutes, and treasurer's reports from 1931-1949, recorded in bound ledgers, journals, and on loose notebook pages.

Box 1
Folder 1 Organizational Meeting, June 6, 1931
Folder 2 June 1931-November 1932
Folder 3 November 1932-November 1933
Folder 4 November 1933-November 1934
Folder 5 January 1935-November 1935
Folder 6 December 1935-August 1937
Folder 7 September 1937-November 1938
Folder 8 By-Laws, 1939
Folder 9 November 1939-October 1944
Folder 10 October 1944-November 1945
Folder 11 January 1946-November 1949

Series II. Meeting Minutes, 1951-2013

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains a record of the club's general meetings, submitted by the recording secretary, for the years 1951-1959 and 1975-2013. The records include annual reports and committee reports. The series also contains correspondence, programs, and flyers that were kept with the minutes in their original binders. Club newslettters were removed and refoldered (See Box 6, Folders 6-8). There are no minutes for the years 1957 and 1960-1974.

Folder 12 1951-1953
Folder 13 1954-1956
Folder 14 1958-1959
Folder 15-27 1975-2004
Folder 28 2006

Box 10
Folder 1-9 1998-2009
Folder 10-11 2011-2013

Series III. Executive Board Meeting Minutes, 1950-2013

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contain a record of the Club's Executive Board meetings from 1950-1959 and 1975-2013. There are no minutes for the years 1957 and 1960-1974.

Box 1
Folder 29 1950-1954
Folder 30 1955-1956; 1958-1959
Folder 31-37 1975-1996

Box 2
Folder 1-4 1997-2004

Box 10
Folder 12-17 1998-2005
Folder 18-19 2007-2009
Folder 20-21 2011-2013

Series IV. Treasurer's Reports, 1953-2015

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains the monthly and annual reports of the Club's treasurer from 1953-2015. The series also contains revenue and expense reports from special events (May Market, flower shows), as well as the annual report of the club's donations to various charities. There are no records for the years 1957, 1960-1966, and 1968-1974.

Box 2
Folder 5 1953-1959
Folder 6 1967
Folder 7-17 1975-2009
Folder 18 2011-2013

Box 10
Folder 22-27 1998-2005
Folder 28-31 2007-2015

Series V. Yearbooks, 1932-2011

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains the annual yearbook produced by the club for every year from 1932-2011, with the exception of only 1981 and 1989. Each yearbook contains the constitution and by-laws of the club, which is amended every 20 years. The yearbooks also contain a listing of the executive officers, a listing of past presidents and honorary members, that year's meeting schedule and details, committee names and members, and a directory of all members of the club.

Box 2
Folder 19-55 1932-1980
Folder 56-60 1982-1988
Folder 60-64 1990-1997

Box 3
Folder 1-13 1998-2011

Series VI. Project Files, 1933-2010

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains all of the records of the club's projects, activities, interests, and events they were directly or indirectly involved with from 1933-2010. The records are divided by subseries into the categories of activities the club was active in, including gardening, environmental conservation and education, garden therapy, and fundraising. There is significant correlation between the subjects in these files and the subjects of the photographs in Series XII.

Subseries 1. Conservation Activities, 1960-2007

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains all records of the club's environmental education and conservation activities. The subseries contains both general environmental awareness topics as well as specific topics of interest to the club (see Gypsy Moth, Deer Overpopulation, Squaw Run Area Watershed Association). Folders are arranged alphabetically by topic.

Box 3
Folder 14 Conservation Committee, 1982-1999
Folder 15 Deer Overpopulation, 1992-1993
Folder 16 Environmental Education Curriculum, 1967-1987
Folder 17 Gypsy Moth, 1988-1991
Folder 18 Insects/Pests, 1996
Folder 19 Invasive/Non-Native Plants, 1995-1999
Folder 20 Lyme Disease, 1991-1992
Folder 21 Recycling Projects, 1989, 2007
Folder 22 Squaw Run Area Watershed Association (Borough Flooding), 1976-1982
Folder 23 Resources, 1999-2001

Box 11
Folder 55 Mary's Garden, 2001-2002
Folder 56 Shoe Recycling Project, 2007

Subseries 2. Flower Shows, 1933-2010

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains all records of the club's flower show activities from 1933-2010. The subseries is primarily composed of files from the manuals of the club's largest shows, Pittsburgh in Bloom (1991) and Pittsburgh on the Move (1999). However, the subseries also contains additional flower show manuals and programs from Fox Chapel Garden Club, the National Council of State Garden Clubs, Inc., and other regional garden clubs.

Box 3
Folder 24 Fox Chapel Garden Club, Flower Show Programs, 1933-1975
Folder 25 Fox Chapel Garden Club, Flower Show Programs, 1981-2009
Folder 26 Flower Show Programs, Other Clubs, 1975-1998
Folder 27 Flower Show Programs, Other Clubs, 1999-2006
Folder 28 National Council of State Garden Clubs guide: "Educational Exhibits Explained", 1976
Folder 29 National Council for State Garden Clubs handbook for flower shows, 1997
Folder 30 Guestbook for "Pittsburgh in Bloom" & "Pittsburgh on the Move", 1991 & 1999
Folder 31-32 "Pittsburgh in Bloom" show manual, 1991
Folder 33-35 "Pittsburgh on the Move" show manual, 1999
Folder 36 "Pittsburgh on the Move" miscellaneous files, 1999
Folder 37 "It's Blooming Ellington" flower show, 2004
Folder 38 Various flower show materials, 1970-2004

Box 10
Folder 42 Show Materials, 1998-1999

Subseries 3. Gardening Activities, 1975-2010

Scope and Content Notes:

The subseries contain all records of the club's gardening interests, activities, and community fundraisers, particularly the annual May Market held by the club.

Box 4
Folder 1 Gardening Resources, 1989-2005
Folder 2 Garden Market / May Market, 1978-2004
Folder 3 May Market- Garden Center Files, 1990
Folder 4 May Market- Orders, 1990
Folder 5 May Market- General Information, 1990
Folder 6 May Market- Treasurer's Files, 1990
Folder 7 May Market- Report, 1994
Folder 8 May Market- Expenditures, 1994
Folder 9 May Market- Miscellaneous, 1994

Subseries 4. Garden Therapy, 1959-1996

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains all records of the club's involvement with Harmarville Rehabilitation Hospital, from the establishment of the Garden Therapy program in 1959 through the fundraising and construction of the Outdoor Therapy Garden at the HealthSouth (formerly Harmarville) between 1994-1996.

Folder 10 Garden Therapy, Harmarville Rehabilitation Hospital, July 1, 1959 - June 30, 1960
Folder 11 Garden Therapy, Harmarville Rehabilitation Hospital, 1982-1996
Folder 12 Garden Therapy Fundraiser, 1994

Subseries 5. Additional Garden Club Projects, 1949-2014

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains the records retained by the club for special events and projects. The folders are arranged alphabetically.

Folder 13 75th Anniversary Party, 2006
Folder 14 Garden Club Auctions, 1999-2003
Folder 15 "Recipes in Bloom" cookbook design files, 2009
Folder 16 Trillium Trail, 1949-1959

Box 10
Folder 44 Scholarship Donation

Box 11
Folder 1-3 Glitter and Glow, 2008-2014

Series VII. Publications, 1934-2014

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains publications either created or collected by the Fox Chapel Garden club members over the course of their history. It is divided by subject into three categories: Fox Chapel Garden Club, Fox Chapel Borough, and general materials. The club materials include anniversary books, newsletters, the club's two cookbooks, newspaper clippings, and a report by Ezra C. Stiles (see AIS.2000.08) comissioned by the club. The Borough materials include the Borough master plan, reports, and short history books. General materials include publications on conservation, flower arrangement, and gardening. Publications of the Garden Club Federation and Pennsylvania and the National Council of State Garden Clubs are included.

Subseries 1. Fox Chapel Garden Club, 1934-2014

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains publications created by and/or regarding the Fox Chapel Garden Club. The records are arranged alphabetically and include club publications, newsletters, cookbooks, and newspaper clippings retained by the club. This subseries also includes a landscaping report by Ezra C. Stiles commissioned by the club.

Box 5
Folder 1 Anniversary Publications, 1981-2006
Folder 2 By-laws, 1953-1975
Folder 3 "Things We Grow in Our Kitchens" cookbook ( online), 1934
Folder 4 "Recipes in Bloom" cookbook (2 c.), 2009
Folder 5 Ezra C. Stiles Report- "Fox Chapel Roads & Roadsides", 1935
Folder 6 "Garden Gab" newsletter, 1984-1991
Folder 7 "Through the Garden Gate" newsletter, 1984-1995
Folder 8 "Through the Garden Gate" newsletter, 1996-2010
Folder 9-13 Newspaper clippings, Bulk, 1980-2007 1930-2011

Box 10
Folder 34 70th Year Anniversary History
Folder 35 Club Website, 2011
Folder 36-37 "Garden Gab" newsletter, 1986-1989
Folder 38-41 "Through the Garden Gate" newsletter, 1993-2014

Box 11
Folder 57 Yearbook Material, 2001

Subseries 2. Fox Chapel Borough, 1956-1994

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains publications produced by or about the Borough of Fox Chapel.

Box 5
Folder 14 Borough Master Plan, 1956
Folder 15 "Fox Chapel- The Story of a District" book (2 c.), 1972
Folder 16 "Fox Chapel History" (c. 1), 1987
Folder 17 "Fox Chapel History" (c. 2), 1987
Folder 18 Reports on Fox Chapel Borough, 1988-1994

Subseries 3. General Materials, 1926-2010

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains general publications retained from the club. They are arranged alphabetically, and the subject topics include gardening, flower arrangement, and environmental conservation.

Folder 19 "Bicentennial Trees of Allegheny County, 1988
Folder 20 Conservation publications/newsletters, 1966-2003
Folder 21 "Japanese Flower Arrangment for Modern Homes", 1936
Folder 22 Flower arrangment manuals/clippings, 1949-1958
Folder 23 Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvannia publications/newsletters, 1981-1996

Box 6
Folder 1 Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania publications/newsletters, 1974-2000
Folder 2 Keystone Gardner, 2001-2010
Folder 3 Gardening newsletters/bulletins, 1968-1999
Folder 4 Gardening Publications, 1926 & 1935
Folder 5-8 Home Garden Journal, 1946-1947
Folder 9 "House Plants for the Purple Thumb", 1973
Folder 10 "A Garden Potpourri", 1963

Box 10
Folder 43 Officers and Committees, 1989-2000

Box 11
Folder 4 Clubs and Conservation Publicity, 1999-2001
Folder 5 Clubs and Conservation Publicity, 1999-2001
Folder 6 Clubs and Conservation Publicity, 1999-2001
Folder 7 Clubs and Conservation Publicity, 1999-2001

Box 12
Folder 1 Keystone Gardener, 1998-1999
Folder 2-3 Keystone Gardener, 2003-2007
Folder 4-5 National Gardener, 1998-1999
Folder 6 National Gardener, 2002-2004

Series VIII. Correspondence, 1954-2011

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains letters and printed emails sent and received by the club from 1954-2011. The correspondence is arranged alphabetically, and is grouped by type of communication, meaning either external (business) or internal communication. Additionally, there are two folders of letters and emails of correspondence between the club and the Garden Federation of Pennsylvania and Harmarville Rehabilitation Hospital. The Harmarville correspondence primarily documents the club's decision to discontinue Garden Therapy at the hospital in 2006.

Box 6
Folder 11 Business Correspondence, 1970-2008
Folder 12 Internal Correspondence, 1977-2011
Folder 13 GCFP Correspondence, 1954-2007
Folder 14a Harmarville Rehabilitation Hospital, 1990-2006
Folder 14b Postcards / Thank You Cards,

Box 10
Folder 32-33 Internal and External Correspondence, 1998-2005

Box 11
Folder 58 GCFP District IX Correspondence

Series IX. Affiliations & Awards, 1949-2015

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains all records of the club's affiliations to local, state, regional and national garden club organizations. It also contains awards and awards applications to the club’s affiliate organizations for the club and its members’ efforts and programs.

Subseries 1 Affiliations, 1924-2009

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains all records of the club's affiliations to the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania (GCFP), the National Council of State Garden Clubs, Inc. (NCSGC) and the Central Atlantic Region of the NCSGC (CAR). In addition, files on the club’s two most notable members, Ruth Dye Boyles and Ruth Jury Scott, and files collected on Mr. Ezra C. Stiles.

Box 6
Folder 15 GCFP General Files/ Board of Directors, 1990-2002
Folder 16 GCFP District VII, 1994-2002
Folder 17 GCFP District IX, 2000-2011
Folder 18 NCSGC Inc., 1992-2002
Folder 19 Ruth Dye Boyles, c. 1971-1992
Folder 20 Ruth Jury Scott, c. 1976-1990
Folder 21 Ezra C. Stiles, c. 1924-1935

Box 11
Folder 59 Audubon Society, 1998-2000
Folder 60 CAR, 2001-2003
Folder 61 District VIII, 1998-2000
Folder 62 District IX Board, 2002-2006
Folder 63 District IX Board, 2009
Folder 64 District IX, 2000-2001
Folder 65 District IX, 2002-2006
Folder 66 District IX, 2002-2006
Folder 67 District IX, 2004
Folder 68 NCSGC, 2002-2005
Folder 69 NCSGC Directory, 2007-2009
Folder 70 Ruth Scott Memorial Material
Folder 71 Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, 2000

Subseries Awards, 1949-20152.0

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains award applications submitted by the club, as well as awards received from GCFP, NCSGC, Harmarville Rehabilitation Hospital, and other groups. This series also contains nomination files for the club's Honorary members (the most senior level of membership). Some awards were for individual members or the club and its actions as a whole.

Box 6
Folder 22 GCFP Awards & Applications, 1949-1988
Folder 23 GCFP Awards & Applications, 1991-1992
Folder 24 GCFP Awards & Applications, 1999-2000
Folder 25 GCFP Awards & Applications, 2001-2010
Folder 26 NCSGC Awards & Applications, 1950-1991
Folder 27 NCSGC Awards & Applications, 1995-2004
Folder 28 Various Gardening/Garden Therapy Awards, 1974-2000
Folder 29 Honorary Memberships, 1955-2001

Box 11
Folder 8 Awards Programs
Folder 9 GCFP Flower Show Awards
Folder 10 GCFP Publication Award, 1987-2006
Folder 11 GCFP Honor Roll, 1997-2000
Folder 12 GCFP Yearbook Award, 2000-2006
Folder 13-14 GCFP Video Program Award, 2002
Folder 15-16 GCFP Publication Award, 2002-2003
Folder 17 GCFP Specialized Publication Award, 2004
Folder 18a-18b GCFP Seed Money Award, 2007-2015
Folder 19 GCFP Awards Manual, 2011
Folder 20 GCFP Penny Pines Project Award, 2013
Folder 21 GCFP Yearbook Award, 2015
Folder 22 NCSGC Awards, 2003-2009
Folder 23 NCSGC Plantings for Special Places, 2013
Folder 24 NCSGC Certificate for Long-Term Members, 2014
Folder 25 District Laurels, 1973-2012
Folder 26 District Daffodil Award, 1987-2012
Folder 27 District VII Honor Roll for Exceptional Achievement, 1995
Folder 28 District VII Blue Rosette Award, 2001
Folder 29 District IX Award of Honor, 2002-2003
Folder 30 District IX Yearbook Award, 2002-2003
Folder 31 FCGC Certificate of Appreciation, 1999
Folder 32 FCGC Honorary Members, 2005-2007
Folder 33 FCGC Community Award, 2009
Folder 34 Award of Honor, 2001-2006
Folder 35 Award of Honor: Marguerite Hannon, 2004
Folder 36 Certificates of Appreciation, 2006-2013
Folder 37 Cheveron Conservation Award, 1992
Folder 38 Civic Achievement Award, 1987-2012
Folder 39 Conservation Award, 2005-2006
Folder 40 Gold Seal Award, 1987
Folder 41 Governor's Trophy Award, 1999-2001
Folder 42 Harmarville Garden Therapy Awards, 1996
Folder 43 Holiday Auction Award, 2007
Folder 44-45 Honor Roll of Exceptional Horticulturalists, 1964-2006
Folder 46 Horticulture Excellence Award, 2000
Folder 47 Hunt Trophy Award and Applications, 1973-1999
Folder 48 Keystone Gardener Literacy Award, 1996
Folder 49 Donation to Scholarship Fund, 2003
Folder 50 Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Awards, 2000-2001
Folder 51 Publicity Pressbook Award, 1992-1993
Folder 52 Rally our Region Award Application sample, 2014-2015
Folder 53 Regional Perennial Award, 1999
Folder 54 Youth Activities Awards, 2006-2007

Series X. Scrapbooks, 1958-1996

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains photo scrapbooks created by the club from 1958-1996. These scrapbooks contain photographs, excerpts of minutes and reports, award ribbons, and various other documents and materials. Several scrapbooks record specific events, such as club anniversaries. Of particular interest of the "Conservation" scrapbooks, which document Ruth Scott and Ruth Boyles trip as delegates of the club to an environmental summit in Washington, D.C. The series is arranged chronologically, but were received in poor condition. Large amounts of content were missing from several scrapbooks.

Volume 1 1958-1959
Volume 2 1959-1960
Volume 3 1961-1963
Volume 4 Conservation, 1961-1962
Volume 5 Conservation, 1962-1963
Volume 6 Environmental-Civic Project, 1962
Volume 7 Community Garden Library, 1963
Volume 8 1970-1975
Volumes 9 1975-1980
Volume 10 50th Anniversary, 1981
Volume 11 1981-1987
Volume 12 1986-1987
Volume 13 1988-1991
Volume 14 60th Anniversary, 1991
Volume 15 1991-1993
Volume 16 1994-1995
Volume 17 1996
Volume 18 1990s

Series XI. Maps, 1934-1993

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains maps created for or retained by the club. The 1934 borough map was hand-drawn and colored by two members of the Fox Chapel Garden Club to accompany a smaller version found on the inside front cover of the "Things We Grow in our Kitchens" cookbook. Also of interest is the landscape design plan produced by Ezra C. Stiles for the Club. The folders are arranged chronologically.

Drawer 12-6
Folder 1 Map of Fox Chapel Borough from 1934 Cookbook,
Folder 2 Landscape Design Plan by Ezra C. Stiles, 1970
Folder 3 Map of Fox Chapel Borough & Vicinity (2 copies),
Folder 4 Map of Fox Chapel School District, 1993

Series XII. AV Materials, 1933-2011

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains audio-visual materials created or collected by the club from 1933-2011. The series is composed primarily of photographs of the clubs various activities between 1950 and the late 2000s. It also contains moving image materials (VHS and DVD recordings), and a cassette recording of songs from the club's "We Can, We Can" recycling project.

Subseries 1. Photographs, 1950-2009

Scope and Content Notes:

The photographs in this subseries record club events from 1950-2006. A large number of photographs are undated and unlabeled, and large gaps exist between years. The photographs that were identified include the club's anniversaries and meetings, their gardening programs (flower shows, May Market, Dirt Diggers) and outreach programs (garden therapy, sneaker recycling, Trillium Trail walks). The largest number of photographs identified are from the "Pittsburgh on the Move" flower show at Harmarville Rehabilitation hospital on July 28, 1999. The series also contains photographs from the club's first garden therapy outreach program at the Veteran's Affairs hospital on Delafield Road from 1955-1960 (See Box 5, Folder 10 for the corresponding notebook entries these photographs were separated from). Where it was possible to identify photographs, they are grouped alphabetically by activity or event, and then sorted in chronological order.

Section: Anniversaries & Special Events, 1981-2003

Scope and Content Notes:

This subgroup contains all identified photographs of club anniversaries, parties, and special events.

Box 7
Folder 1 75th Anniversary, 2006
Folder 2 Christmas Auctions, 1998-2000, 2003
Folder 3 "Christmas Doorways", 1990
Folder 4 "Color Me Mine",
Folder 5 Hat Parties, 1987 & 1998
Folder 6 50th Anniverary, 1981

Section: Flower Shows, 1991, 1999

Scope and Content Notes:

This subgroup contains all identified photographs of the club's two largest flower shows, Pittsburgh in Bloom (1991) and Pittsburgh on the Move (1999).

Folder 7 Pittsburgh in Bloom, 1991
Folder 8 Pittsburgh in Bloom, 1991
Folder 9 Pittsburgh in Bloom- Single Blooms, 1991
Folder 10 Pittsburgh in Bloom- flower show manual,
Folder 11 Pittsburgh on the Move- set-up and preparation,
Folder 12 Pittsburgh on the Move- signage, 1999
Folder 13 Pittsburgh on the Move- awards, 1999
Folder 14 Pittsburgh on the Move- FCGC members, 1999
Folder 15 Pittsburgh on the Move- individual blooms #1, 1999
Folder 16 Pittsburgh on the Move- individual blooms #2, 1999
Folder 17 Pittsburgh on the Move- vegetables, close-Ups, awards, 1999
Folder 18 Pittsburgh on the Move- arrangements #1, 1999
Folder 19 Pittsburgh on the Move- arrangments #2, 1999
Folder 20 Pittsburgh on the Move- flower show manual,

Section: Garden Club Events, 1994-2009

Scope and Content Notes:

This subgroup contains all identified photographs related to monthly and annual club events.

Folder 21 Cookbook cover photos, 2009
Folder 22 "Dirt Diggers", 1998, 2000, 2006
Folder 23 Garden Market / May Market, 1991, 1993, 2000-2001, undated
Folder 24 Seed Gathering, 2005
Folder 25 Summer Garden Tour, 2006
Folder 26 Workshops, 1999-2000, 2004

Section: Meetings, 1998-2003

Scope and Content Notes:

This subgroup contains all identified photographs taken at regular club meetings, including photographs of guest speakers.

Folder 27 Meetings, 1998, 1998
Folder 28 Meetings, 1999-2003, 1999-2003
Folder 29 Meetings, undated/unidentified,
Folder 30 Meetings, speakers, 1999, undated

Section: Outreach Projects 1955-2005

Scope and Content Notes:

This subgroup contains all identified photographs of club community service and outreach projects. Folders are arranged alphabetically by topic.

Folder 31 Earth Day/Environmental Education, 2000
Folder 32 Garden Therapy at VA Hospital, 1955-1960
Folder 33 Outdoor Therapy Garden, 1996
Folder 34 Outdoor Therapy Garden, 1997
Folder 35 Outdoor Therapy Garden, 2000, 2005, undated
Folder 36 Sneaker Recycling, 2007
Folder 37 Trillium Trail, 1958-1994

Section: Unidentified / Negatives,

Scope and Content Notes:

This subgroup contains all photographs that were not identified in the collection, as well as photo negatives. They are separated into photographs of unidentified persons and undidentified events or locations.

Folder 38 Persons, Club Members,
Folder 39 Flowers / Gardens,
Folder 40 Negatives,

Subseries 2. Moving Images, 1987-2001

Scope and Content Notes:

The VHS tapes and DVD in this subseries are recordings of club events and special projects. In particular, the subseries contains two copies of a documentary the club commissioned and recorded in 2001 about its two most famous members, Ruth Dye Boyles and Ruth Jury Scott. There are also recordings of one of the club's "Hat Parties," and a recording from their garden therapy work at Harmarville Rehabilitation Hospital.

Box 8
Item 1 Fox Chapel Garden Club "Hat Party" (DVD), July 29, 1987
Item 2 Fox Chapel Garden Club "Hat Party" (VHS), July 24, 1987
Item 3 "Gardening at Harmarville" (VHS), October 1990
Item 4 "Ruth Boyles and Ruth Scott: How They Changed Our Lives," (VHS, c. 1), 2001
Item 5 "Ruth Boyles and Ruth Scott: How They Changed Our Lives," (VHS, c. 2), 2001

Subseries 3. Audio Cassette, 1989

Scope and Content Notes:

The tape in this subseries is a recording of songs written by the Club as a part of its recycling outreach in the community. The songs are sung by a kindergarten class, and are related to materials housed in the Project Files series (See Box 4, Folder 14).

Box 8
Item 6 "We Can, We Can"

Series XIII. Artifacts, undated

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains several artifacts related to the club. The primary object is a dress smock said to have been worn by Ruth D. Boyles every year during the May Market. The series also includes club signage from flower shows and the "Fox Head" logo of the club. The materials are undated.

Box 9
Item 1 Ruth Boyle's dress smock from May Market,
Item 2 FCGC Signage