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Collection Inventory

Series I. Corporal Punishment in Schools, Bulk, 1968-1980 1965-2008

Scope and Content Notes:

Series I contains materials related to Schumacher’s activism in and research on local and national initiatives to end corporal punishment in schools. Series includes articles, conference proceedings, correspondence, legislation, meeting minutes, newsletters, notes, publications, and speeches.

Subseries 1. National Committee to Abolish Corporal Punishment Schools, 1965-1982

Scope and Content Notes:

The National Committee to Abolish Corporal Punishment subseries contains materials related to Schumacher’s activism in this national organization, that aimed to end corporal punishment in schools. Subseries includes articles, conference proceedings, correspondence, legislation, meeting minutes, newsletters, notes, publications, and speeches.

Box 1
Folder 1 ACLU- Arlene Richards, 1975-1976
Folder 2 ACLU on Corporal Punishment, 1969-1971
Folder 3 ACLU on Corporal Punishment, 1974
Folder 4 ACLU Expulsion, undated
Folder 5 ACLU Newsletter, 1969-1971
Folder 6 ACLU- Reitman, Hyman, Foster, 1975
Folder 7 ACLU Student Rights, 1968-1970
Folder 8 Adam Maurer (EVAN-G, End Violence Against the Next Generation, Berkeley, CA), 1972-1979
Folder 9 Alan Reitman, 1976-1977
Folder 10 Alan Reitman (ACLU), 1973-1975
Folder 11 American Psychological Association Task Force on Rights of Children and Youth, 1976
Folder 12 Bernstein and Glinn, Atlanta, 1974
Folder 13 Board of Directors- Reply, 1972-1973
Folder 14 Board Members- Letters, 1974
Folder 15 Child Abuse: Where Do We Go From Here? Conference Proceedings and Conference on Corporal Punishment in the Schools: A National Debate, 1977 February 18-20
Folder 16 Committee List, circa 1969
Folder 17 Committee Names, 1967
Folder 18 Conference on Discipline and Violence in School and Society, 1968
Folder 19 Corporal Punishment Advisory Board, 1979 November 9
Folder 20 Corporal Punishment Advisory Board, 1979-1980
Folder 21 Corporal Punishment Board, 1976 December 5
Folder 22 Corporal Punishment Correspondence, 1976
Folder 23 Corporal Punishment “Discipline,” 1980
Folder 24 Corporal Punishment, or Something You Can Do To Student But Not to Soldiers, Sailors, Prisoners, or Servants, 1975
Folder 25 Corporal Punishment Stationary, undated
Folder 26 David Harrison (American Civil Liberties Union of Vermont), 1974
Folder 27 Dr. Herbert L. Foster (SUNY Buffalo), 1975
Folder 28 Dr. Irwin A. Hyman (Temple University), 1975-1978
Folder 29 Duncan, 1972-1973
Folder 30 Foundations and Rejections, 1975
Folder 31 Foundation Request Responses, 1975
Folder 32 Frances Castan (Editor of Scholastic Teacher magazine), 1972-1974
Folder 33 Freedom News, Council of Federated Organizations circa 1965
Folder 34 Gerald Foulds- Attorney General Office, undated
Folder 35 Herbert Foster (Professor of Education, SUNY Buffalo), 1973-1974
Folder 36 Ingraham vs. Wright, Supreme County, 1976
Folder 37 Minutes, June 1975
Folder 38 National Center Corporal Punishment, Correspondence, 1982
Folder 39 National Committee to Abolish Corporal Punishment in Schools, 1974
Folder 40 National Committee to Abolish Corporal Punishment in Schools, Letters, Rejection Board, 1972-1973
Folder 41 NCACP, 1973 May
Folder 42 NCACP, 1973 June
Folder 43 NCACP Board Meeting, 1974 June
Folder 44 NCACP- Letters- Acceptance Board, 1972-1973
Folder 45 NCACP Meeting, 1975 June 25
Folder 46 NCACP Minutes, 1976 January 14
Folder 47 NCACP, Miscellaneous, 1972-1975
Folder 48 NCACP Newsletter Perspective, 1974-1975
Folder 49 Nat Hentoff, 1977
Folder 50 Newsletter Copy, Strike Three, 1974-1975
Folder 51 Peter Schrag, 1976
Folder 52 Philip Hallen, Falk Medical Fund, 1976
Folder 53 Reitman Speech, American Psychological Association, 1975-1976
Folder 54 Richard Sussman, National Committee to Abolish Corporal Punishment in Schools, 1974-1975
Folder 55 Subscriptions Sent to NCACPs, 1972-1973
Folder 56 Supreme Court, Corporal Punishment, 1975
Folder 57 Temple University, 1976
Folder 58 Testimony of Dr. David Gil (Brandeis University), 1973 March 26

Subseries 2. Local Corporal Punishment Issues, 1966-1980

Scope and Content Notes:

The Local Corporal Punishment Issues subseries contains materials related to Schumacher’s activism in the National Committee to Abolish Corporal Punishment at the local level, primarily in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania region. The subseries includes articles, conference proceedings, correspondence, legislation, meeting minutes, newsletters, notes, publications, and speeches.

Folder 59 Address Lists, 1972-1976
Folder 60 Blackout CP Cases, 1967-1971
Folder 61 Board of Education, Pittsburgh, 1968-1971
Folder 62 Board of Education Notes, 1975 October 16
Folder 63 Board of Education Open Hearing, 1976 February-March
Folder 64 CACP Correspondence, 1968-1973
Folder 65 Children’s Lobby of Western PA, 1976
Folder 66 Corporal Punishment- Local, 1973-1974
Folder 67 Corporal Punishment in Washington School between 1873-1896, undated
Folder 68 Dr. Sidney P. Maryland Jr (Superintendent of Pittsburgh Public Schools), 1966-1968
Folder 69 East End Education Committee, 1969-1971
Folder 70 Elected School Board, 1976
Folder 71 House Bill 786, PA General Assembly, 1979
Folder 72 Informed Consent- Pittsburgh Public Schools, undated
Folder 73 New Kensington NACAP, 1969-1971
Folder 74 Pennsylvania Association for Retarded Children, 1975
Folder 75 Pennsylvania Department of Welfare- Child Abuse, 1974
Folder 76 Pennsylvania Education, Corporal Punishment, 1973-1976
Folder 77 Pennsylvania State School Code, 1974
Folder 78 Pittsburgh Area Preschool Association (P.A.P.A.), 1980
Folder 79 Pittsburgh Board of Education, 1972-1973
Folder 80 Pittsburgh Board of Education, 1975 October
Folder 81 Pittsburgh Board of Education, 1975-1976
Folder 82 Pittsburgh Corporal Punishment, 1975
Folder 83 Pittsburgh Council on Public Education (PCPE), 1968-1970
Folder 84 Pittsburgh Elected School Board, 1976
Folder 85 Pittsburgh Public Schools, 1974
Folder 86 Pittsburgh School Board, 1975
Folder 87 Pittsburgh School Board Meeting, 1975 November 18
Folder 88 Reizenstein, 1974
Folder 89 Senate 544- Jerry Colson Statement, PA General Assembly, 1979

Box 2
Folder 1 Short Article to Pittsburgh Magazine, 1976
Folder 2 Staff Papers Submitted to Frank Beals’ Committee, 1970 April 27
Folder 3 Surveys, 1968-1969

Subseries 3. Research on Corporal Punishment, 1967-2008

Scope and Content Notes:

The Research on Corporal Punishment subseries contains materials related to Schumacher’s research in corporal punishment both in homes and schools in the United States and abroad. The subseries includes articles, conference proceedings, correspondence, newsletters, notes, publications, and studies.

Folder 4 Biennial Women’s Study, Philadelphia, 1976
Folder 5 Book Reviews, 1969-1971
Folder 6 Children’s Rights, 1981
Folder 7 Cindy Waraks, undated
Folder 8 Corporal Punishment Articles, 1975-1976
Folder 9 Corporal Punishment Articles by Schumacher, 1974-1977
Folder 10 Corporal Punishment Bibliography, 1979
Folder 11 “Corporal Punishment” by Herbert Falk 1941, undated
Folder 12 Corporal Punishment Materials, 1977-1993
Folder 13 Corporal Punishment Materials, 1998-2008
Folder 14 Corporal Punishment Study in England published in 1952, undated
Folder 15 David Campbell (University of Pittsburgh), 1973-1976
Folder 16 Desegregation, 1976
Folder 17 Dick Warner (Wisconsin Case), 1972-1973
Folder 18 Elementary Secondary Education Act (ESEA), 1969
Folder 19 England, Household Violence, 1975-1976
Folder 20 Extra Copy of Corporal Punishment Survey by Stuart Shaffer, Ph.D., 1968
Folder 21 Family Violence, 1976
Folder 22 Food, 1969
Folder 23 Fred Speaker (Writer, Education Pennsylvania), 1975
Folder 24 James Holland, UPitt Course, 1967
Folder 25 Schumacher Articles for Publication, 1969
Folder 26 Tom Watman (Watman Educational Services, Henniker, TN), 1973
Folder 27 United Mental Health, undated
Folder 28 Young Men and Women’s Hebrew Association, Funtime Kiddieland Camp, 1969

Series II. Pittsburgh Public Schools Archival Project, Bulk, 1981-1983 1966-1984

Scope and Content Notes:

Series II contains materials related to the Pittsburgh Public Schools Archival Project directed by Carolyn S. Schumacher in 1981-1982. It includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, proposals, reports, and research notes related to this project.

Subseries 1. Correspondence & Contracts, Bulk, 1981-1982 1978-1983

Scope and Content Notes:

The Correspondence & Contracts subseries contains materials related to the Pittsburgh Public Schools Archival Project directed by Schumacher in 1981-1982. It includes correspondence, such as letters, memos, and address information, as well as contracts between Schumacher and a variety of organizations.

Folder 29 Board Members Addresses, 1982
Folder 30 Contracts, 1981 December 14
Folder 31 Contracts with Board of Education, 1981-1982
Folder 32 Correspondence, 1982
Folder 33 Correspondence with Mike Murphy, University of Western Ontario, 1982
Folder 34 Correspondence with Teachers, 1982
Folder 35 Donors Correspondence, 1982
Folder 36 Frick Commission Correspondence, 1981-1982
Folder 37 General Memos, 1982
Folder 38 Information Service Memos, 1982
Folder 39 Internal Memos, 1982
Folder 40 Introductory Letters to Principals, 1981
Folder 41 Kodak Eastman Correspondence, 1982
Folder 42 Letter from Frank Zabrosky, UPitt AIS, Regarding School Records, 1980
Folder 43 Letters to Board Members, 1982
Folder 44 Memos from Aldo Colautti, 1981
Folder 45 Memos to Mr. Rifugiato, 1981-1982
Folder 46 Memos to Superintendent, 1981-1983
Folder 47 Mr. Linder- Arsenal Middle School, 1982
Folder 48 Original Letter Regarding Survey, from Curtis Walker, Office of Deputy Superintendent, 1978
Folder 49 People to Consult in Schools, 1981
Folder 50 People Who Received Archives Materials and Final Reports, 1983 January
Folder 51 Principal Assignments/ Retired Personnel, 1981-1982
Folder 52 Reference Correspondence, 1982

Subseries Publications, Proposals, & Reports, Bulk, 1981-1982 1966-1984

Scope and Content Notes:

The Publications, Proposals, & Reports subseries contains materials related to the Pittsburgh Public Schools Archival Project directed by Schumacher in 1981-1982. It includes articles, drafts, notes, reports, proposals, summaries, and surveys related to this project.

Folder 53 Archives Alpha Master, with Introduction, 1982
Folder 54 Draft Report on Preliminary Survey, 1981 December 30
Folder 55 Draft Report to Frick Commission, 1981 December 30
Folder 56 Final Report, Introduction Only, 1981
Folder 57 Final Report Master, 1982 December 31
Folder 58 Final Report, Preliminary Survey of School Records and Archival Materials, Pittsburgh Public Schools, Oct. 1- Dec. 31, 1981, 1982 February 1
Folder 59 Final Report, Preliminary Survey of School Records and Archival Materials, Pittsburgh Public Schools, Oct. 1- Dec. 31, 1981, Abbreviated Version, 1982 February 1
Folder 60 First Draft Report/Recommendation to Superintendent, 1982 April 1
Folder 61 Great High Schools, 1966
Folder 62 Master 1 and 2 for Final Report, circa 1981
Folder 63 The News from Pittsburgh Public Schools, December 1982
Folder 64 Newspaper Article, “City Schools’ Nooks, Crannies Yield Dusty Look into Past,” 1981 November
Folder 65 Notes for Final Report, 1981-1982
Folder 66 Pittsburgh Public Schools Archives Brochures, 1982 June- October
Folder 67 Posters for Slideshow, 1982
Folder 68 Preliminary Proposal, 1981 September 10
Folder 69 Proposal Jan. 1, 1982- Dec. 21, 1982, 1981
Folder 70 Report to Superintendent, 1982 April 1
Folder 71 “Reporter” Conroy Sheltered Workshop, 1982 March 15
Folder 72 Sample Final Reports for Frick, 1981-1982
Folder 73 Schoolhouse Beautiful Article, with Slides, 1984
Folder 74 Set, Finished and Xeroxed, circa 1981
Folder 75 Summary Report, 1981 December 14
Folder 76 Summary Report, 1981 December 15
Folder 77 Summary of Space Estimate for Preliminary Inventory, 1982
Folder 78 Superintendent Misc., 1981-1982
Folder 79 Survey Proposal, 1981 September 22
Folder 80 Survey of School Records and Archival Materials, Pittsburgh Public Schools, Mid Year Report, 1982 July 12
Folder 81 “Using Board of Education Materials for Local History,” by C. Schumacher, 1982

Subseries Research, Bulk, 1981-1983 1970-1983

Scope and Content Notes:

The Research subseries contains materials related to the Pittsburgh Public Schools Archival Project directed by Schumacher in 1981-1982. It includes articles, floor plans, inventories, lists, and photographs related to this project.

Folder 82 Conservation Techniques and Storage, 1983
Folder 83 Floor Plan, 1982
Folder 84 List of Inventories, 1981
Folder 85 Master Xerox Inventories, 1981
Folder 86 Pittsburgh School District Records Inventory, circa 1970
Folder 87 School List Master, 1982

Box 3
Folder 1 School Photographs, Negatives, and Slides, circa 1983
Folder 2 Schools with Blue Histories, circa 1981

Series III. Pittsburgh Schools Research File, Bulk, 1978-1983 1921-2001

Scope and Content Notes:

Series III contains materials related to Schumacher’s research about the Pittsburgh Schools in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, including curriculum and testing, the buildings, teachers and students, discipline methods, and records. It includes articles and publications (many of which are photocopies), bibliographies, correspondence, directories, newspaper clippings, and notes.

Subseries 1. Allegheny City, circa 1980

Scope and Content Notes:

The Allegheny City subseries contains materials related to Schumacher’s research about the Allegheny City school system in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, including photocopies of primary materials and notes.

Folder 3 Allegheny Board of Controllers 1894-1900 (copy), undated
Folder 4 Allegheny Board Minutes- Attendance 1896-1900 (copy), undated
Folder 5 Allegheny Board Minutes- Compulsory Education 1896-1900 (copy), undated
Folder 6 Allegheny Board Minutes- Cost of Free Text Books 1896-1900 (copy), undated
Folder 7 Allegheny Board Minutes- High School Program 1895-1900 (copy), undated
Folder 8 Allegheny Board Minutes- Truant School 1896-1900 (copy), undated
Folder 9 Allegheny City Schools, undated
Folder 10 Allegheny City Board of Controllers Committee, undated
Folder 11 Allegheny Teacher Salaries 1901(copy), undated
Folder 12 Allegheny Ward 9 Minutes 1897- 1911 Notes, undated
Folder 13 Allegheny Wards/Schools, circa 1982

Subseries 2. Articles & Photocopies, 1921-1984

Scope and Content Notes:

The Articles & Photocopies subseries contains primarily articles and publications that have been photocopied for Schumacher's research about the Pittsburgh Schools in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, including its curriculum, education reform, testing, classrooms and school buidlings, statistics about teachers and students, discipline methods, and school records.

Folder 14 Age of High Schools Students in 1882 (copy), undated
Folder 15 1885 Alumni Annuals (copy), undated
Folder 16 Arsenal Technical School, Indianapolis, IN, 1966
Folder 17 1873 Attendance (copy), undated
Folder 18 A Brief History of Pittsburgh by Mrs. Edward Jones, 1927
Folder 19 1913-1933 Building Plans (copy), undated
Folder 20 Census Literacy 1870-1969, 1970
Folder 21 Census Printed 1850 (copy), undated
Folder 22 Census Printed 1860 (copy), undated
Folder 23 Census Printed 1880 (copy), undated
Folder 24 Census Printed 1910 (copy), undated
Folder 25 Census Printed 1920 (copy), undated
Folder 26 Classroom Discipline by Stoops and Dunworth, 1958
Folder 27 Census Printed 1940, includes 1890-1940 Table (copy), undated
Folder 28 Cleveland Report 1914 (copy), undated
Folder 29 Committee on Pittsburgh Archaeology and History- Thomas Baker, 1986
Folder 30 David Angus Publications, 1981
Folder 31 Department of Interior, “Organization of Research Bureaus in City School Systems” by Elise Martens from 1924 (copies), undated
Folder 32 Detroit Public Schools Course of Study in the Use of the Library, 1928
Folder 33 Digest of Educational Statistics (copy), 1973
Folder 34 Education for Pittsburgh by Harvard Graduate School of Education, 1966
Folder 35 Enrollment of M.T. Survey between 1889-1900 (copy), undated
Folder 36 Erasmus Wilson, “Private Schools,” 1898 (copy), undated
Folder 37 Eric Johnson, Delinquency Talk at Duquesne, 1977
Folder 38 1905 E.Z. Smith Pittsburgh Article (copy), undated
Folder 39 Family Configuration and Intelligence, Science Magazine, 1976
Folder 40 50th Anniversary Newsletter, 1961 November
Folder 41 “From Manual Training to Vocational Education: The Lowest Educational Track” by Carolyn Schumacher, Presented at Annual Meeting of American education research Association, 1979
Folder 42 Haney and Zimbardo, School as Jail, 1975
Folder 43 High School Entrance Exam 1872 (copy), undated
Folder 44 High School Entrance Exams in 1872-1900 (copies), undated
Folder 45 1875 High School Examination (copy), undated
Folder 46 High School Programs in 1914 (copy), undated
Folder 47 History of Schools circa 1928-1977 (copy), undated
Folder 48 Indiana Conference 1923 (copies), undated
Folder 49 Industrial Education – Comparative 1914-1979 (copy), undated
Folder 50 Intercultural Education Through Home Economics, Industrial Arts, and Commercial Subjects, 1944
Folder 51 James Bonar 1926-1931 (copies), undated
Folder 52 James Mulhern, “A History of Secondary Education” from 1933 (copy), undated
Folder 53 J.E. Wallin, “The Odyssey of a Psychologist” – Special Education 1955 (copy) and notes, undated
Folder 54 John Morrow, (Superintendent Allegheny Public Schools), 1881, also reprinted from 18th Annual Report of Superintendent of Schools to Pittsburgh Board of Education 1896 Photocopy, undated
Folder 55 1895 Kelly Handbook of Greater Pittsburgh (copy), undated
Folder 56 Lincoln 21st Ward News Article 1897 (copy), 1982
Folder 57 McCoy Xerox, undated
Folder 58 “Microfilming School Records” by Herbert Popenoe, School Board Journal October 1957, undated
Folder 59 The Mill Hunk Herald, Fall, 1984
Folder 60 Names of Pittsburgh Schools in 1894, circa 1980
Folder 61 Names of Schools in 1869-1926 (copies), undated
Folder 62 “New Directions in Educational Effort” by Cubberly 1934 (copy), undated
Folder 63 Newsweek Black Youth, 1978
Folder 64 Nora Faires, Germans in Allegheny City, 1850-1860 (copy), 1971
Folder 65 Number of Seats, Pittsburgh Schools, 1869-1900 (copy), undated
Folder 66 “Occupational Groups in the U.S. 1820-1920” by Whelpton 1926 (copy), undated
Folder 67 “Opposition to Progressive School Reform: The 1913 Pittsburgh School Children’s Strike,” by Douglas Shaw (University of Akron), 1978 October 18
Folder 68 “Ornamentation,” by the New York Times Magazine, 1982
Folder 69 Pennsylvania School Chronicle from 1870 (copy), undated
Folder 70 Pennsylvania School Journal on German Education from 1862 (copy), undated
Folder 71 Pennsylvania School Reports 1862-1930 (copies) and notes, undated
Folder 72 Pennsylvania Superintendents Reports between 1856-1890 (copies), undated
Folder 73 Pittsburgh Board of Education Organization Manual, 1965
Folder 74 Pittsburgh History, 1944
Folder 75 Pittsburgh Public Schools: Geographic, Biography and Historic Pittsburgh, 1921
Folder 76 Pittsburgh Public Schools Membership Reports, 1977-1983
Folder 77 Pittsburgh Public Schools Report on Intergroup Relations, 1976-1977
Folder 78 Pittsburgh Schools Alumni Register 1901 (copy), undated
Folder 79 Pittsburgh School Curriculum 1914-1928 (copies), undated
Folder 80 Pittsburgh School Reports from 1869-1872 (copy), undated
Folder 81 Pittsburgh School Subdistricts 1873-1894 (copy), undated
Folder 82 Pittsburgh Schools by Thomas Baker, undated
Folder 83 Pittsburgh Schools – What’s in a Name 1959 (copy), undated
Folder 84 Pittsburgh Survey and Medical Inspection 1914 (copy), undated
Folder 85 Pittsburgh Survey in 1914 (copy), undated
Folder 86 Professional and Technical Staffing of Central Administration of Pittsburgh Board of Education, 1965
Folder 87 Program for the Dedication of the Grandview School, 1962
Folder 88 Progressive Education 1904 (copy), undated
Folder 89 “Public Education in Pittsburgh 1835-1900” by William McCoy from 1951 (copy), undated
Folder 90 1933-1939 PWA Buildings (copy), undated
Folder 91 Re: Entrance Exam, undated
Folder 92 Re-Examination for Admission to the Pittsburgh Central High School Sept. 2, 1872 (copy), undated
Folder 93 Report of the Citizens Advisory Committee on Racial Equality and Education to the Board of Education Pittsburgh, 1967
Folder 94 Russell Packard, “Some Present Tendencies in Secondary Education” from 1930, undated
Folder 95 School Building Architects, undated
Folder 96 School Buildings- Articles from 1888-1929 (copies), undated
Folder 97 School Census 1869-1917 (copy), undated
Folder 98 School District Maps from 1868-1931(copies), undated
Folder 99 School Rooms 1912 (copy), undated
Folder 100 Schools/Wards/School Directors 1855-1870 (copy), undated
Folder 101 Standards and Affirmative Action Articles, 1976-1978
Folder 102 The Stones of Pittsburgh, “By Any Other Name, The Controversial Spelling of Pittsburgh” or “Why the H” by James D. Van Tramp, Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation, undated
Folder 103 Teachers Certification and Exam 1872-1900 (copies) and notes, undated
Folder 104 Transcribed from Pittsburgh Index on H.C. Frick 1916 (copy), undated
Folder 105 Using the Library 1902 (copy), undated
Folder 106 Westinghouse History 1927 (copy), undated
Folder 107 “What about Tomorrow?” M. M. Steen article 1947 and notes, undated
Folder 108 Where Board Meets- Condition of Pittsburgh Schools 1896 (copy), undated
Folder 109 WPA Projects in 1938 (copy), undated

Subseries 3. Research, Bulk, 1975-1983 1940-2001

Scope and Content Notes:

The Research subseries contains materials related to Schumacher’s research about the Pittsburgh Schools in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, including her research notes, correspondence, bibliographies, directories, maps, newspaper clippings, surveys, and articles related to the history of education in the region as well as national educational issues.

Folder 110 African Americans and Education, 1970-1979
Folder 111 Archives of Industrial Society, 1949-1981
Folder 112 Bedford School Project, 1982-1983
Folder 113 Bibliography on Pittsburgh Schools, 1981-1982
Folder 114 Birth Rate Newspaper Clipping, 1978
Folder 115 Board Resolution, 1982
Folder 116 Chronology, undated
Folder 117 Closed Schools between 1897-1977, circa 1980
Folder 118 Closed Schools Directory, undated

Box 4
Folder 1 CMU Graduate Studies Mellon College of Science, 1980-1982
Folder 2 CMU History 1901-1978, undated
Folder 3 Correspondence with Ileen A. DeVault (Yale History), 1981-1983
Folder 4 Correspondence Journal Editors, 1979
Folder 5 Crutes Notes, 1979
Folder 6 Current Pittsburgh Statistics, 1978
Folder 7 Diana Wood, CMU Analysis of Pittsburgh Schools, 1972
Folder 8 Division of Research Inventory, 1973-1975
Folder 9 Education Bibliography, undated
Folder 10 Education Statistics, 1979 May
Folder 11 Exam Books and Summary of Admissions notes for 1902-1911, undated
Folder 12 1902-1911 Exam Tally, undated
Folder 13 Fisher, Industrial Education Notes, undated
Folder 14 Historical Society of Western PA, circa 1976
Folder 15 History of Education Sources- England, 1978
Folder 16 History of Schools Clippings, 1978-1983
Folder 17 High School Attendance, undated
Folder 18 Interviews with Vessely, 1977-1978
Folder 19 IQ California Case, 1978
Folder 20 J.J. Livingston, Newspapers and Education, undated
Folder 21 Literacy, 1978
Folder 22 Map of Pittsburgh Schools, circa 1940-1970
Folder 23 Maps of Schools, 1969
Folder 24 Mental Health, circa 1967
Folder 25 Mrs. Maxine Aaron, circa 1975
Folder 26 National Public School Statistics, 1973
Folder 27 Newspaper Clippings, 1982
Folder 28 Newspaper Clippings, 1982-1983
Folder 29 Nora’s Analysis of Census 1850/1870, undated
Folder 30 Normal State Schools, undated
Folder 31 Notes on Current Central Admin, undated
Folder 32 Notes on Entrance Exam, undated
Folder 33 100 Years in Pittsburgh Public Schools, circa 1955
Folder 34 Park Place News Article, 1988
Folder 35 Pennsylvania State Laws, 1982
Folder 36 Pennsylvania Youth Survey, 1971
Folder 37 Pitt Seminar Papers Bibliography, undated
Folder 38 Pittsburgh Bibliography, 1978
Folder 39 Pittsburgh Ethnicity in 1860, undated
Folder 40 Pittsburgh History, circa 1978-1983
Folder 41 Pittsburgh History and Landmarks, 1981
Folder 42 Pittsburgh Magnet Schools, 1978
Folder 43 Pittsburgh Neighborhood Fair, 1976-1983
Folder 44 Pittsburgh Public Schools Admin. Office Organization, 1955-1981
Folder 45 Pittsburgh Public Schools Annual Report, 1983
Folder 46 Pittsburgh Public School Personnel Directory, 1981-1982
Folder 47 Pittsburgh Schools- Addresses and Principals, 1981-1982
Folder 48 Pittsburgh School Board Reports/Minutes, undated
Folder 49 Pittsburgh Schools Designated Historic Structures, 2001
Folder 50 Pittsburgh Schools, National Register Application, 1985
Folder 51 Pittsburgh School Population Newsclipping, 1978
Folder 52 Pittsburgh Survey, undated
Folder 53 Pittsburgh Townships and Boroughs, circa 1980
Folder 54 Pittsburgh Wards, undated
Folder 55 Population Statistics Newsclippings, 1978
Folder 56 Population Statistics, Older Population, 1978
Folder 57 Preliminary Checklist to the Records of the Board of Education of the city of New York, Teachers College Library Archives, Columbia University, 1978
Folder 58 Pupil Records- State Law, undated
Folder 59 Records Retention Schedule, 1975
Folder 60 Research Bulletin Notes, 1979
Folder 61 Research on Pittsburgh School Bulletins between 1908-1912, undated
Folder 62 The Revisionists Revised, Politics of Education review, 1978
Folder 63 Role of Education in Occupational Mobility, 1972
Folder 64 Rollo Turner, Black Pittsburgh, 1974
Folder 65 School Architecture Notebook, undated
Folder 66 School Attendance, Peggy’s Notes, undated
Folder 67 School Board, 1983
Folder 68 School Buildings, undated
Folder 69 School Chronology, 1982
Folder 70 School Closing Schedules, 1981-1982
Folder 71 School Enrollment in the U.S., 1972
Folder 72 School House, Allegheny County, Greek Revival, undated
Folder 73 School Prayer, Letter to Editor, 1984
Folder 74 School Research Materials/Notes, circa 1976-1980
Folder 75 School Statistics, 1967-1968
Folder 76 Strong Notes, 1979
Folder 77 A Study of School Holding Power, 1967-1968
Folder 78 Vocational Education, 1979

Subseries 4. School Histories, 1975-1986

Scope and Content Notes:

The School Histories subseries contains materials related to Schumacher’s research on the history of individual schools within the Pittsburgh School system in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries including photocopies of primary materials and notes.

Folder 79 Allderdice, undated
Folder 80 Allegheny High, 1979
Folder 81 Beck’s Run School, 1986
Folder 82 Fifth, 1983
Folder 83 Franklin in May 1926 (copy), undated
Folder 84 Frick Training School Pittsburgh, 1975
Folder 85 Gladstone, undated
Folder 86 Grant School District in May 1926 (copy), undated
Folder 87 Larimer, 1982
Folder 88 Schenely, 1983
Folder 89 Stephen Foster School, 1981-1982
Folder 90 Washington Subdistrict notes, undated
Folder 91 Washington School, undated
Folder 92 Weber Charity School, undated
Folder 93 Westinghouse, 1983
Folder 94 Wightman School, 1978

Subseries 5. Testing & Teacher Effectiveness, Bulk, 1978-1981 1971-1983

Scope and Content Notes:

The Testing & Teacher Effectiveness subseries contains photocopies of primary sources, notes, articles, newspaper clippings, and publications related to Schumacher’s research about the means of testing in the Pittsburgh Public Schools in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, as well as research about teachers' education, certification, rights, and effectiveness.

Folder 95 Daniel Resnick, Testing, 1979-1981
Folder 96 Monroe Tests, 17th Yearbook, 1918 (copy), undated
Folder 97 Notes on Teachers and Testing 1878-1900 and Newspaper Article, 1983
Folder 98 Philip May, Notes on Philadelphia Testing, circa 1971
Folder 99 Pittsburgh Teachers Exam 1868-1872 (copies), undated
Folder 100 1907 Pittsburgh Suffrage for Teachers notes, undated
Folder 101 “Separate Studies Show Similar Results of Teacher Effectiveness” by Ullik Rouk, R&D Report, 1979
Folder 102 17th Yearbook, Tests and Standards Notes, undated
Folder 103 Teacher Effectiveness, 1979
Folder 104 Teacher Training in Pittsburgh, undated
Folder 105 Testing Misc. Clippings, 1978-1980
Folder 106 Testing and Teacher Efficiency 1915 (copies), undated
Folder 107 Testing: The Cyril Burt Question, 1978-1979
Folder 108 Testing- National, 1979-1980
Folder 109 The Use and Abuse of Standardized Tests, The Generator, Spring, 1981

Series IV. History of College Women in Pittsburgh Research File, Bulk, 1986-1988 1970-1999

Scope and Content Notes:

Series IV contains materials related to Schumacher’s research about women’s college experiences in the early twentieth century in Pittsburgh. This series is arranged in four subseries: Women’s History in Pittsburgh, Oral History Project, Oral History Project Participant Files, and Oral History Project Cassette Tapes.

Subseries 1. Women’s History in Pittsburgh, 1970-1999

Scope and Content Notes:

The Women’s History subseries includes research materials related to women’s suffrage of the 1910s, the women’s liberation of the 1960s and 1970s, and women’s educational opportunities then and now.

Folder 110 “Admission and Attrition of Women in Graduate School” by Elizabeth Urey Baranger, 1976
Folder 111 Bibliographies on Women, 1973-1974
Folder 112 Christmas Cards, National Organization for Women (N.O.W.), undated
Folder 113 Executive Women’s Council, Status of Women in Pittsburgh, 1999
Folder 114 Feminist Historians, 1974-1975
Folder 115 History of Women at Pitt: Reflections of a Changing Society, 1987
Folder 116 Notes on the Second Year: Women’s Liberation, 1970
Folder 117 Powerful Women in Pittsburgh, 1995
Folder 118 Sharon Johnson Trial vs. University of Pittsburgh, 1973
Folder 119 The Suffrage Cookbook from 1915(copy), undated
Folder 120 University of Pittsburgh Department of History Women’s Caucus, 1971-1974
Folder 121 Women’s Suffrage 1912-1917 Research, 1995-1996

Subseries 2. Oral History Project, 1987-1988

Scope and Content Notes:

The Oral History Project subseries contains contracts, correspondence, lists, notes, and questionnaires related to oral history interviews with Pittsburgh women from Schumacher’s project, “The History of Higher Education for Women in Pittsburgh: Reflections of a Changing Society.”

Folder 122 Contract for Graduate Students, undated
Folder 123 Interview List, 1987-1988
Folder 124 Letter of Introduction, undated
Folder 125 Oral History Data Sheet, undated
Folder 126 Oral History Interviews List of Candidates, undated
Folder 127 Questionnaires, 1988
Folder 128 Release Forms, 1988
Folder 129 Thank You Letter for Oral Interviews, undated
Folder 130 Marcia Frumerman, interviewer, 1987
Folder 131 Oral History Manual, Bibliogrphy, and Notes prepared by Wendell Wray, November, 1987
Folder 132 Oral History Resources, undated

Subseries 3. Oral History Project Participant Files, 1985-1988

Scope and Content Notes:

The Oral History Project Participant Files subseries contains materials related to individual oral history interviews with Pittsburgh women from Schumacher’s project, “The History of Higher Education for Women in Pittsburgh: Reflections of a Changing Society.”

Box 5
Folder 1 Agnes Starrett, 1986-1988
Folder 2 Alice Donaldson, 1987
Folder 3 Ann McCandless, 1988
Folder 4 Barbara F. Moran, 1987
Folder 5 Caroline Sutton, 1988
Folder 6 Catherine Metz, 1988
Folder 7 Cecilia Schmidt Francis, 1988
Folder 8 Christine Greco, 1988
Folder 9 Elizabeth Kimberley, 1988
Folder 10 Elizabeth McDonald, 1988
Folder 11 Florence Marcus, undated
Folder 12 Frances Holland, 1987-1988
Folder 13 Genevieve Blatt, 1987
Folder 14 Helen Hackett, 1988
Folder 15 Helen Pool Rush, 1985-1988
Folder 16 Helen Sawyer, 1988
Folder 17 Irene Pasinski, 1988
Folder 18 Janet M Flinn, 1988
Folder 19 Jean Bray, 1988
Folder 20 Lillian Brest, 1987-1988
Folder 21 Margaret Couvert, undated
Folder 22 Martha Rosen, undated
Folder 23 Mary Cole, 1988
Folder 24 Nancy Lee, 1986
Folder 25 Peggy Donaldson, 1987
Folder 26 Rachel Donaldson, 1988
Folder 27 Savina Skewis, 1984-1987
Folder 28 Sunny Pickering, 1988
Folder 29 Thelma Nelson Wofford, 1987-1988
Folder 30 Vee Toner, 1987
Folder 31 Viola Grove Patterson and Adelaide Grove McKinney, 1986
Folder 31a Lynn Davidman
Folder 31b Mary Greenwald

Subseries 4. Oral History Project: Cassette Tapes, 1986-1988

Scope and Content Notes:

The Oral History Project: Cassette Tapes subseries contains recordings of the oral history interviews, in addition to interviews with Schumacher for local radio stations.

Box 6
Cassette 1-2 Genevieve Blatt, November 19, 1987

Genevieve Blatt (1913-1996) was interviewed by Carolyn Schumacher for approximated 90 minutes. Blatt discussed early family life and business, her parochial education at St. Francis DeSales Catholic School in McKees Rocks and Sacred Heart in Pittsburgh. Blatt graduated from the University of Pittsburgh where she received a scholarship, she discusses her experience at Pitt and discusses Chancellor Bowman and Dean Thyrsa Amos, the debating team, and Women’s Athletic Association. Later, she graduated from the University of Pittsburgh Law School and would become a Judge in the Court of Common Pleas and later a Commonwealth Judge. She discusses her campaigns and dealings with Judge Michael Mussmanno.

Cassette 3 Anna Loomis McCandless, June 30, 1988

Anna Loomis McCandless (1897-1996) was interviewed for approximately 63 minutes discussing her family and education. McCandless graduated from Carnegie Tech's Margaret Morrison School for Women in 1919, having taken secretarial courses, served as her Junior Class President, and participated in the school’s activities to support the war effort. McCandless comically discusses stories concerning her mother’s comments on Margaret Sanger’s visit to Pittsburgh and McCandless’s 1929 trip to Russia. Annette Baier was interviewed about her chosen career path for approximately 90 minutes. Baier, a philosophy professor at the University of Pittsburgh, was born in New Zealand and speaks of the cultural differences which have shaped her educational experience growing up and after she moved to the United States. Speaks about the benefits of being a woman in her field in addition to some of the challenges created by traditional female expectations.

Cassette 4 Annette Baier, November 16, 1987

Annette Baier was interviewed about her chosen career path for approximately 90 minutes. Baier, a philosophy professor at the University of Pittsburgh, was born in New Zealand and speaks of the cultural differences which have shaped her educational experience growing up and after she moved to the United States. Speaks about the benefits of being a woman in her field in addition to some of the challenges created by traditional female expectations.

Cassette 5 Bess Kimberly, June 10, 1988

Bess Kimberly was interviewed by Carolyn Schumacher for approximately 80 minutes. Kimberly discussed her early education years, family, work at Horne’s Department Store, and profession as a teacher in rural and cosmopolitan settings, including teaching Americanization courses in a Steel Mill town. Kimberly attended Kent College but transferred and graduated from Carnegie Tech (Margaret Morrison) in 1928 with a degree in Drama in order to teach costume design, which she taught for forty years.

Cassette 6-7 Christine E. Greco, April 28; May 7, 1988

Christine Greco was interviewed by Carolyn Schumacher for approximately 180 minutes. Greco discussed early family life, business, and her early education at the Dennison School (Swissvale), Wilkins School, and Swissvale High School in Pittsburgh. Greco attended the University of Pittsburgh where she received a partial scholarship and majored in German with minors in English, Italian, and Latin aiming of teaching German. Greco speaks of her “startling experience” with a sex education class taught by Dr. Jameson during her time at Pitt. She also notes the changing expectations in the way women dressed during the time and speaks about the limited job market caused by the depression and both World Wars. Greco recalled her first full time job at Gimbels and attending the School of Retailing, paid for by Gimbels.

Cassette 8 Elizabeth McDonald, April 20, 1988

Elizabeth McDonald was interviewed by Carolyn Schumacher for approximately 90 minutes. McDonald discussed her early life living in Pittsburgh, including memories about bootlegging in her neighborhood. McDonald recalled family life and her education at the Conroy School (Kindergarten- 8th Grade) and graduation from Allegheny High School in 1926. Although her father did not support her decision, McDonald continued her education with the Frick Training School, graduated second in her class in 1929, and found a job quickly in teaching. McDonald taught at Cowley, Manchester, Lemington, and Linton before becoming a supervisor and then a principle while also teaching veterans in the evening.

Cassette 9 Florence Marcus, June 1986

Florence Marcus was interviewed for approximately 47 minutes about her career path and experiences. Marcus graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1929 and pursued practicing medicine. Marcus reflects on the difficulty of being hired as a Jewish female. Originally became a nurse and worked for ten years, but decided to go to medical school. Marcus recalled her male classmates’ fondness toward her due to her previous experiences as a nurse and her success in class work. Marcus first worked at Montefiore, then Shadyside Hospital, and finally opened a family practice in 1930. Due to the depression, Marcus was not receiving many payments for her visits, so she got a job with another doctor examining school children in Pittsburgh; following this experience she attended Harvard’s School of Public Health in 1949. Finally, she worked as a general practitioner for social work cases at St. Francis Hospital.

Cassette 10-11 Frances Holland, November 18 and 27, 1987

Fran Holland was interviewed by Carolyn Schumacher for approximately 45 minutes about her life and career experiences. In 1968, Holland became the first Dean of Students for La Roche College and began attracting mature young women from 20-40 years old who had children and wanted to go back to school. A year later, President Blum of Point Park College hired her as the Director of Development where Holland raised funds to build the new library. She then became the Director of Admissions and later the Director of College and Community Relations. Holland proudly discussed her volunteerism including working with the Girl Scouts and being the President of the Allegheny County Scholarship Association, and the Civil Service Commission. Holland recalls memories of Thrysa Amos whom she met at the age of 11 and continued to work with closely until Amos’s death in 1941.

Cassette 12-13 Helen Hackett, November 7 and 11, 1988

Helen Hackett was interviewed by Carolyn Schumacher for approximately 133 minutes concerning her early education, family, and college experiences. Hackett recalls growing up in Brushton and moving to Wilkinsburg for high school. Hackett took secretarial courses at Margaret Morrison (Carnegie Tech), married in 1930, and her daughter was born in 1933. Hackett worked as dean of women at Carnegie Tech/ Margaret Morrison for two years, and then took a job at the Carnegie Library. Hackett speaks of the changing religious expectations of women during the period in addition to her life experiences.

Cassette 14-16 Helen Poole Rush, October 30; November 11, 1985

Hellen Poole Rush was interviewed by Carolyn Schumacher for approximately 180 minutes concerning her education, work, and life experiences. Rush entered the University of Pittsburgh in 1915 and recalled memories of people she attended school with and later, recollections of students who attended Pitt while she was working there. Rush discussed the expectations for freshmen students to transform from boys and girls to young women and men during their first semester. She discusses Lantern night as essential in this transformation for women, and explains the mythology and ceremony associated with it. Additionally, Rush discusses the Senior Queen Ceremony and the Caritas Ceremony as important to the development of young women during their college years. Rush goes on to discuss the philosophical evolution of the department of the Dean of Women at the University of Pittsburgh.

Cassette 17 Helen Sawyer, May 27, 1988

Helen Sawyer was interviewed by Carolyn Schumacher for approximately 90 minutes concerning her life educational experiences. Sawyer received her Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from the University of Pittsburgh (1934) and her Master of Education from the University of Pittsburgh. She reflects on people she knew, organizations, and rules imposed on women by administration but especially by themselves. Sawyer became the first female gym teacher at Etna High School. After getting married (1938) and having children, Sawyer began teaching again.

Cassette 18 Irene Pasinski, April 25, 1988

Irene Pasinski was interviewed for approximately 70 minutes by Carolyn Schumacher. Pasinski discussed her Polish immigrant parents, early education, and family structure. Pasinski’s father worked Polish Consulate in Pittsburgh until 1941 when the Polish government fell. She reflects upon the differences between educational understanding in the United States and in Europe and how that could have affected her educational experience. Pasinski attended Schenley High School and went to Carnegie Mellon to pursue a degree in industrial design with a minor in painting. She recalls her extra-curricular experiences in Chi Omega recruiting other members. Five years after graduation, Pasinski received a Fulbright Scholarship to study and teach in France; she and her husband stayed in Europe until they divorced. Pasinski speaks about Polish immigrant groups and the determination to break the Slavic stereotype.

Cassette 19 Janet MacDonald Flinn, June 29, 1988

Janet MacDonald Flinn was interviewed by Carolyn Schumacher for approximately 90 minutes. Flinn recalls her family life, early education, and career choices. She attended the University of Pittsburgh where, in 1917, she won a school medal for the debating team, became one of the first female mortar board students, and graduated in 1918. She taught English in the Irwin School District, and then taught at the Thurston School. Flinn married in 1920 and shares her thoughts about being a woman during the time period.

Cassette 20 Jean Phipps Bray, May 24, 1988

Jean Phipps Bray was interviewed for approximately 80 minutes concerning her family life, early education, and experience as a woman in education. Bray attended Winchester-Thurston Girls Preparatory School and graduated in 1939, and attended a Junior College in Washington DC before attempting to transfer to the University of Pittsburgh. After the University of Pittsburgh refused to accept Junior College credit, she became interested in Carnegie Mellon University in 1941. Speaks about her experiences at Carnegie Mellon and reflects upon her education and career.

Box 7
Cassette 1-2 Lillian Brest, December 18, 1987; January 6, 1988

Lillian Brest was interviewed by Carolyn Schumacher for approximately 120 minutes. Brest shares information about her Jewish family, including Lithuanian parents who immigrated to the United States. Brest attended Chelsea High School and participated as a member of the debate society and in theater. She then went to Simmons College to study Social Service Work, because she liked the idea of having a year of practicum before graduation in 1922. Afterward, she felt she was not ‘tough enough’ for a career in Social Service, and regretted some of her choices. Brest discusses married life and children on their Norfolk, Massachusetts farm during the depression.

Cassette 3 Mary Ann Aug, 1987

Mary Ann Aug discussed her career path in an interview with Monique Savits for approximately 40 minutes. As an undergraduate, Aug took courses in English literature, writing, journalism, public relations, and publications writing, but decided to stick to Public Relations writing because of the topical flexibility. Aug became the Director of University Relations at the University of Pittsburgh and discusses the job in depth. Additionally, she spoke about the differences between women and men within the University, the professional field, and mentions examples of sexual discrimination she has faced.

Cassette 4 Mary Briscoe, undated

Mary Briscoe was interviewed for approximately 50 minutes by Linda J. Beater concerning her career path and professional choices. Briscoe is the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences for the University of Pittsburgh working to assist in undergraduate advising and programming. Briscoe described her job obligations and the differences between women and men in her field and at the University.

Cassette 5-6 Mary Cole, March 30; April 13, 1988

Mary Cole was interviewed by Carolyn Schumacher for approximately 60 minutes. Cole attended elementary and high school in Butler, PA. Education was important to Cole’s mother, who was a teacher, and Cole chose to attend Chatham College after she received a half scholarship. At Chatham, Cole majored in science and worked with the National Youth Administration, making $0.50 an hour. Following graduation, Cole taught in her High School, but then decided to enroll in the Army. She graduated from Officer Candidate School on October 3, 1942, becoming only the thirteenth woman from Pittsburgh to achieve the feat. Cole spoke about the excitement and adventure provided by her experiences in the Army, the opportunity to go to the University of Pittsburgh for graduate school through the GI Bill, flying lessons, and about her perception of discrimination against women.

Cassette 7 Maureen Greenwald, December 8, 1986

Maureen Greenwald was interviewed by Carolyn Schumacher for approximately 45 minutes concerning her involvement in and development of the Women’s Studies Program at the University of Pittsburgh. Greenwald discussed the difficulties of creating and editing the program, while still building a strong base during development. She spoke of the changes experienced by the Women’s Studies Program and its goals since its inception.

Cassette 8 Opening the Gallery, Dr. Posvar & Goldie, undated

This tape documenting the gallery opening for the exhibit, “The History of Women at Pitt: Reflections on a Changing Society” and runs approximately 55 minutes. The majority of the tape is conversations happening in the gallery; some people discuss the exhibit, while others speak of their experience as females at the University of Pittsburgh. Additionally, Carolyn Schumacher addressed those in attendance to thank the committee which developed the exhibit and the production team. Monique Simms spoke about female achievement at the University of Pittsburgh.

Cassette 9 Peg Covert, December 22, 1986

Peg Covert was interviewed by Carolyn Schumacher for approximately 65 minutes about her career path and chosen field. Covert began working at the University of Pittsburgh in 1946 as an assistant professor, in the Cathedral of Learning. She spoke fondly of her experiences teaching athletics, including field hockey and the inception of cheerleading at the University. Covert pronounced the importance of physical education for women during the time period and today.

Cassette 10 Rachel Donaldson, June 7, 1988

Rachael Donaldson was interviewed by Carolyn Schumacher for approximately 90 minutes. Donaldson discussed her family, lack of money, and early education. Originally, she attended Indiana State College, but transferred to Chatham where she studied Latin and French, joined a language club, and graduated in 1936. After graduation, Donaldson worked at the Junior High School in Moon Run teaching social studies and English, and then she moved to Coraopolis to teach Latin and French. Donaldson then received at job working at the University of Pittsburgh’s Alumni Office, and decided to pursue a Masters of Education degree. Donaldson joined the Waves and was sent to Newport and Boston Navy Yards where she attended Court Marshal cases and taught Naval Law. Following the war, she moved to Aspinwall, married in 1947, and started having a family.

Cassette 11 Savina Skewis, October 17, 1986

Savina Skewis was interviewed by Carolyn Schumacher for approximately 65 minutes. Skewis graduated from the University of Delaware in 1927, with a major in home economics and a minor in chemistry. In 1946, Skewis began working at the University of Pittsburgh as Assistant Director of Food Services. She explained her interest in food as it relates to people and the development of families. Skewis spoke of her experience on the 12th Floor of the Cathedral of Learning, helping with dinners, teas, and attending meetings. Skewis discussed a time line of her career including becoming the Associate Dean of Women in 1950, Dean of Women in 1968, Associate Dean of Students in 1971, Advisor to the Chancellor and Director of Heinz Chapel from 1974-1978, and finally, the Consultant to the Secretary of the University from 1978-1984.

Cassette 12 Schumacher Interviewed by Joe Desteo at KQV Radio about History of Women at Pitt, 1987

Carolyn Schumacher is interviewed on KQV Radio by Desteo for approximately 20 minutes. Schumacher speaks about the exhibit “The History of Women at Pitt: Reflections on a Changing Society” while also giving general information about female education during the late 1800s- early 1900s. Schumacher speaks about her research, sources, oral history interviews, and production of the exhibit. Additionally, she speaks about the impact of both World Wars on the educational and occupational opportunities for women.

Cassette 13 Schumacher Interview with WTAE, 1987

Carolyn Schumacher is interviewed by John O’Malley of WEEP FM Radio for approximately 23 minutes. Schumacher discusses the development of “The History of Women at Pitt: Reflections on a Changing Society” in addition to her research, sources, oral history interviews, and gives general information about opportunities for women during the twentieth century.

Cassette 14 Sunny Pickering, April 12, 1988

Sunny Pickering was interviewed by Carolyn Schumacher for approximately 60 minutes. She speaks of her family life, parent’s education, and early education experiences. Pickering attended Rochelle Elementary School while also attending oratory school and art classes; she graduated from Carrick High School in 1938. Pickering spoke of the importance of getting her driver’s license and living through the depression. Her family believed she needed polishing, so they sent her to Allegheny College in Meadville to learn manners, social graces, and to experience living away from home. In 1939, she transferred to Carnegie Institute of Technology/ Margaret Morrison to study art; while in college, she joined Alpha Kappa Psi and met her husband.

Cassette 15-16 Carolyn Sutton, March 4; March 9, 1988

Carolyn Sutton was interviewed by Carolyn Schumacher for approximately 90 minutes about her childhood, family, and early education experiences. Sutton grew up in Sewickley, attended Sewickley Academy, and then was sent away to the Master’s Boarding School in New York. Sutton then attended the University of Pittsburgh, studying “general education,” language, English, and art. Sutton recalled memories of communist students, African American classmates, and going before the Senior Court for failing her orientation exam. Sutton worked in a machine shop in Bellevue making “go-no-go gauges” earning $0.90-$1.10; she spoke of her experience as the only woman in the machine shop and the friendships she built.

Cassette 17 Terri Gould, undated

Terry Gould was interviewed by Debora (?) for approximately 28 minutes concerning her career path. Gould, who speaks about her experience as the Director of Educational and Community Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh, discusses her job role, professional obligations, and early familial expectations. Gould mentioned her exposure to sexual discrimination and experiences, as compared to men, in the field.

Cassette 18 Vee Toner, November 24, 1987

Vee Toner was interviewed by Carolyn Schumacher for approximately 60 minutes concerning her early family life, education, and experiences as a woman growing up in the twentieth century. Toner’s father started the Lackzoom Health Food Stores in Pittsburgh, which became GNC (General Nutrition Centers) after her brother took over the business. Toner attended the University of Pittsburgh, which she believed to be co-educational and welcoming to women. At Pitt, Toner studied Liberal Arts, joined Delta Zeta, and participated in the sophomore honorary organization Quains(?). As a young woman, Toner owned her own plane and flew in air races and contests. Toner also attended the University of Wisconsin and UCLA to gain Physical Education credits to become a basketball coach in addition to teaching physical education and health, which she did for ten years. Toner married in 1937 and moved often for her husband’s job with PPG.

Cassette 19 Viola Pattersons, December 10, 1986

Viola Pattersons was interviewed by Carolyn Schumacher for approximately 63 minutes. Pattersons recalled her years at the University of Pittsburgh studying education, and mentions skipping class in order to go out to the lawn (where the Cathedral of Learning is now) to watch Billy Sunday speak from a tent. Pattersons graduated and began teaching 8th grade history for $68 a week.

Series V. Legal File, 1883-1933

Scope and Content Notes:

Series IV contains legal documents from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. There appears to be no obvious relationship between the records and Schumacher’s personal life or research.

Box 5
Folder 32 Artisans’ Insurance Co. vs Burgy, 1892-1895
Folder 33 Foster Shop vs. Geraldine Brown Duvall, 1931
Folder 34 Rea & Co. vs. Scully and Co., 1883-1884
Folder 35 South Hills Hardware Co. vs Anna K. Schmied, 1932-1933

Series VI. Women at Pitt Research File, 1895-1986

Scope and Content Notes:

Series VI contains material related to Schumacher’s research focusing on women at the University of Pittsburgh, from the acceptance of the first female students in 1895 to the inception of the Women’s Studies Program in 1972. The series includes articles and publications, correspondence, legislation, newspaper clippings, and notes.

Box 8
Folder 1 Affirmative Action, 1972-1986
Folder 2 Agnes Lynch Starrett, 1937
Folder 3 Allegheny Observatory, 1939
Folder 4 Alumnae Association Brief History, 1944
Folder 5 Alumnae Tally, 1894-1916
Folder 6 "Among Our Alumnae", March, 1938
Folder 7 Associated Women Students, 1968-1969
Folder 8 Beatrice Taylor, 1898
Folder 9 Bibliography Notes, undated
Folder 10 "Black Women at Pitt", 1986
Folder 11 Bleak House, 1930
Folder 12 Blossom Henry, 1918-1944
Folder 13 Braun Room, 1977
Folder 14 Buildings, 1917-1986
Folder 15 Bureau of Retail Training, 1946
Folder 16 Campus Women's Organization, 1986
Folder 17 Caritas Ceremony, 1940-1956
Folder 18 Carol Kline, 1963-1986
Folder 19 Carol Simko Christobek, 1977
Folder 20 Cathedral of Learning, 1926-1937
Folder 21 Chancellor's Report, 1894
Folder 22 Chemistry Laboratory Admission of First Woman, 1892
Folder 23 Chronology of University--1787-1938, c1940
Folder 24 "Co-eds", 1914
Folder 25 Co-ed Prom, 1923-1938
Folder 26 Continuing Education, 1967
Folder 27 Courant, 1894-1897
Folder 28 Curriculum, 1883-1904
Folder 29 Dancing, Irregular, 1920
Folder 30 Daniel Agnew, 1879-1885
Folder 31 Dean of Women, 1912-1955
Folder 32 Dean of Women Annual Reports, 1925-1945
Folder 33 Department of News and Publications, 1945-1987
Folder 34 Donna Jean Roberts, 1986
Folder 35 Elizabeth Childs, undated
Folder 36 Elizabeth Urey Baranger, 1987-1988
Folder 37 Enrollment, 1908-1965
Folder 38 Evening School Association, 1926-1938
Folder 39 Faculty Statistics, 1971-1979
Folder 40 Female Alumni, 1915-1925
Folder 41 Green Armband Ceremony, 1926-1938
Folder 42 Heinz House, 1928-1944
Folder 43 "History of the Women at the University" by Jean Wright McLean, 1944
Folder 44 "History of Women at Pitt" by Jean Wright McLean, undated
Folder 45 Honorary Degree, 1895-1916
Folder 46 Intercollegiate Association of Women, 1969-1970
Folder 47 Lantern Night, 1929-1983
Folder 48 Law, 1894-1987
Folder 49 Libraries, 1917-1936
Folder 50 Luba Robin Goldsmith, undated
Folder 51 Matilda Smith 1909
Folder 52 "Mental and Physical Effects of Menstration" Thesis by Florence M. Teagarden, A.B., 1916
Folder 53 Newspaper Clippings of Influential Women, 1919-1988
Folder 54 Notes, 1986-1987
Folder 55 Notes, people,
Folder 56 Notes, photographs,
Folder 57 The Owl, 1905-1975
Folder 58 Photograph List, undated
Folder 59 Pitt Freshman Handbook, 1930-1931
Folder 60 Pittiquette, 1943-1944
Folder 61 Pitt Magazine Index, 1910-1939
Folder 62 Polaris, 1972
Folder 63 Questionnaire for 50th Anniversary of Women at Pitt, undated
Folder 64 Radio, 1926-1928
Folder 65 Rebell Yell (The), 1930
Folder 66 Regional Campuses, 1919-1988
Folder 67 Residence Life, 1914-1970
Folder 68 Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC), 1936
Folder 69 Ruth Conlogue Maszkiewicz, 1979
Folder 70 Sara M. Soffel, 1952-1961
Folder 71 Sarah Rhodes Hauser, 1976
Folder 72 Sharon Johnson, 1973
Folder 73 Science, 1926-1946
Folder 74 Significant Firsts for Women at Pitt, 1895-1987
Folder 75 Scholarships, 1901-1902
Folder 76 School of Business Administration and Economics, 1910-1926
Folder 77 School of Dentistry, 1908-1926
Folder 78 School of Education, 1919-1926
Folder 79 School of Engineering, 1926
Folder 80 School of Medicine, 1903-1933
Folder 81 School of Nursing, 1939-1953
Folder 82 School of Pharmacy, 1903-1908
Folder 83 Senior Queen Ceremony, 1926-1957
Folder 84 Sexual Discrimination, 1969-1986
Folder 85 Sexual Harassment, 1986
Folder 86 Smoking, 1920
Folder 87 Stein Sisters: Margaret Lydia and Stella Mathilde, 1895-1939
Folder 88 Student Organizations, 1911-1936
Folder 89 Student Organization Handbook, 1985-1986
Folder 90 Student Organizations Tally, 1987
Folder 91 Thrysa Amos, 1919-1941
Folder 92 Tuition, 1915-1942
Folder 93 University of Pittsburgh History, 1895-1987
Folder 94 Vade Mecum, 1923-1950
Folder 95 Women's Association, 1977-2003
Folder 96 Women's Organizations, 1972-1977
Folder 97 Women's SELF Governance Association, 1916-1986
Folder 98 Women's Studies Program, 1972-1995
Folder 99 Women's Work Conference, 1943-1945
Folder 100 Young Women's Christian Association, 1915-1986

Series VII. "The History of Women at Pitt: Reflections on a Changing Society" Exhibit, 1983-1995

Scope and Content Notes:

Series VII contains material related to the 1987 exhibit “The History of Women at Pitt: Reflections on a Changing Society,” directed by Carolyn Schumacher, which chronicles the experience of women from 1895-1987 at the University of Pittsburgh. The exhibit was included in the bicentennial celebration of the university. The series includes correspondence, drafts, notes, proposals, publicity, and photographic material related to the project.

Subseries 1. Administrative Files, Bulk, 1986-1988 1983-1989

Scope and Content Notes:

The Administrative Files subseries contains materials related to Schumacher’s development, proposal, and execution of the “History of Women at Pitt” Exhibit. The subseries includes correspondence, proposals, grant applications, meeting minutes, newsletters, notes, and publications.

Folder 101 Administrative Oversight, 1986-1988
Folder 102 Ann Sutherland Harris: Letter to Chancellor, 1986
Folder 103 Correspondence, 1986
Folder 104 Grant from "Friends of Women at Pitt" 1988
Folder 105 History Associates, 1985
Folder 106 Institutional Review Board of Psychosocial Research regarding "History of College Education for Women in Pittsburgh," 1988
Folder 107 Junior League of Pittsburgh: Letter of Intent, 1987
Folder 108 Junior League of Pittsburgh Project and Grant Proposal Guidelines, 1987-1988
Folder 109 Junior League of Pittsburgh Proposal, 1987-1988
Folder 110 Maurice Falk Medical Fund, 1986
Folder 111 Pennsylvania Local History Grant Form, 1988
Folder 112 Project Report to the "Friends of Women at Pitt" and the PACWC, 1988
Folder 113 Proposal for a book on the History of College Women in Pittsburgh, 1987
Folder 114 Proposal for a University Bicentennial Exhibit and Catalog on the History of Women at the University of Pittsburgh, 1985
Folder 115 Prospectus: "Reflections of a Changing Society: The History of Higher Education for Women in Pittsburgh," 1987-1988
Folder 116 Provost's Advisory Committee on Women's Concerns: Annual Report, 1987
Folder 117 Provost's Advisory Committee on Women's Concerns: Meeting Notes, 1985-1987
Folder 118 "Provost's Comments and Charge to First Meeting of Women's Advisory Committee," 1983
Folder 119 William Pitt Union Art Gallery Requirements, 1986
Folder 120 Women's Studies Steering Committee Bicentennial Exhibit, 1986

Map-case 32 / 1
Oversize 1 Exhibit Poster 1987

Subseries 2. Production Files, 1987-1988

Scope and Content Notes:

The Production Files subseries contains materials related to the creation of the physical exhibit of “The History of Women at Pitt.” The subseries includes articles, budgets, drafts, outlines, and publicity for the exhibit.

Folder 121 Budget, 1987-1989
Folder 122 Bicentennial Events, 1986-1987
Folder 123 Credits and Contacts, undated
Folder 124 Exhibit Corrections, 1987
Folder 125 Exhibit Outline, 1986
Folder 126 Illustrations, Graphics, and Photos for Exhibit: Draft Stage, undated
Folder 127 Invoice for Graphics and Photos, 1987
Folder 128 Notes, 1986-1987
Folder 129 Opening Program for Exhibit, 1987
Folder 130 Panel and Case Organization, 1986
Folder 131 Publicity, 1986-1987
Folder 132 University of Pittsburgh Bradford Campus, "The History of Women at Pitt " Article, unfinished, undated
Folder 133 "Women at Pitt" from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 1986

Subseries 3. Photographic Material Files, 1987-1988

Scope and Content Notes:

The Photographic Material Files subseries contains photographic materials related to the development of “The History of Women at Pitt: Reflections on a Changing Society” exhibit, including negatives, slides, and printed photographs.

Box 9
Folder 1 Photographs, undated
Folder 2 Negatives, undated
Folder 3 Slides of Exhibit: Production-Final Product, undated

Series VIII. Women in Higher Education, 1908-1988

Scope and Content Notes:

Series VII contains materials related to Schumacher’s research on women in higher education; while there is some information about women in Pittsburgh, this series focuses on the implications of higher education for women nationwide. The series includes articles and publications, notes, newsletters, and statistical reports.

Folder 4 "A Generation of Women: Education in the Lives of Progressive Reformers" by Ellen Condliffe Lagemann, 1979
Folder 5 "A Report and Recommendation by The Carnegie Commisssion on Higher Edcuation," 1973
Folder 6 Carnegie Mellon, 1988
Folder 7 Chatham College, 1959
Folder 8 "Co-Education on Two Campuses: Berkeley and Chicago, 1890-1912" by Lynn D. Gordon, 1979
Folder 9 Colby College Exhibit on Coeducation, 1986
Folder 10 "Daughters of Main Street: Culture and the Female Community at Grinnell, 1884-1917" by Joan G. Zimmerman, 1979
Folder 11 Duquesne University, 1983
Folder 12 Elizabeth Carroll (Sister), 1987
Folder 13 Enrollment Nationally, 1979-1984
Folder 14 Executive Women's Council Directory of Members, 1986-1987
Folder 15 "Feminism as Life Process:The Life and Career of Lucy Sprague Mitchell" by Joyce Antler, 1981
Folder 16 "Guidelines for Nonsexist Research," 1981
Folder 17 "Heritage: Jane Grey Swisshelm" by Donna Murphy Gaither, 1988
Folder 18 "Higher Education for Women: From Feminine to Feminist" by Carolyn Schumacher, 1988
Folder 19 "Lois Kimball Matthews Rosenberry: A Woman for All Seasons" by Jo Ann Fley, 1978
Folder 20 Oberlin College, 1987
Folder 21 Pearl Buck, undated
Folder 22 Pennsylvania Federation of Women's Clubs, 1985
Folder 23 Pittsburgh Association for the Advancement of Women Summer Session Courses, 1971
Folder 24 Pittsburgh Educational Institutions, 1932
Folder 25 Pittsburgh Female College, 1908
Folder 26 The Pittsburgh Record-- Table of Contents, 1926-1936
Folder 27 Point Park College, undated
Folder 28 Storer College, undated
Folder 29 "Teacher Education and Class and Gender Relations: A Critical Analysis of Historical Studies of Teacher Education" by Mark B. Ginsburg 1987
Folder 30 "The Tender Technicians: The Feminization of Public Librarianship, 1876-1905" by Dee Garrison, 1972
Folder 31 "The Open Gate" by Carolyn Schumacher, undated
Folder 32 "Those Were the Days: Two classes 50 years apart, recall times at UNR" by Scott Trolio, 1988
Folder 33 West Virginia University, 1986
Folder 34 "The Woman Suffrage Movement: Words and Deeds" Exhibit at Bryn Mawr College undated
Folder 35 "Women in Academe" by Patricia Albjerg Graham, 1970
Folder 36 Women in Educational Institutions, undated
Folder 37 Women in Education: Resource Material, 1978
Folder 38 Women of Western Pennsylvania Archives Proposal 1988