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Series VII. Memorabilia

Scope and Content Notes:

The Memorabilia series includes planners, books, scripts, awards, proclamations, business cards, postcards, stamps, passports, ID and membership cards, artwork by and of Garner, clothing, jewelry, keys, cufflinks, rings, watches and miscellaneous items. Material in this series is currently not available for research use until it can be further inventoried.

Subseries 1. Books and TV Scripts, 1959-2006

Box 1 Talking to Myself - Pearl Bailey, 1971
Erroll Garner: Leben Und Kunst Eines Genialen Pianisten - Ernst Burger (Germany), 2006
The World of Count Basie - Stanley Dance, 1980
The Book of Jazz: A Guide to the Entire Field - Leonard Feather, 1961
The Golden Age of Jazz - William P. Gottlieb, 1979
Dictionary of Music - Theodore Karp, 1973
His Way: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Frank Sinatra - Kitty Kelley, 1986
The Oxford Companion to Jazz, ed. by Bill Kirchner, 2000
American Popular Songs: Six Decades of Songwriters and Singers, selected by James R. Morris, J.R. Taylor, and Dwight Blocker Bowers, 1984
Living with Jazz - Dan Morgenstern, ed. by Sheldon Meyer, 2004
The Gary Moore Show, CBS, 1959
Perry Como’s Kraft Music Hall, 1960
Flip, NBC, 1971
1947 Esquire
Just Jazz PBS box
War Is No Damn Good!
Exits and Entrances

Subseries 2. Awards, 1956-1996

Box 2 ASCAP Certificate of Membership for Octave Music Corp. 1956
Melhor Solista Internacional De (Portuguese, Gold Disc Emblem In Envelope, 6 x 8), 1956
Downbeat Award – Erroll Garner Piano (6.5 x 10), 1956
Downbeat Award-Jazz Critics Poll, Piano 7 x 7.5, 1957
Downbeat Award-Piano, First Place 6.5 x 10, 1957
Hot Club de France-Grand Prix du Disque de Jazz certificate, 1957
Downbeat Award-Piano, First Place, 6.5 x 10 1958
The Board of Directors of Philips Electrical LTD. Event Invitation, London (6), 7 x 5, 1958
Pride of Pennsylvania Award, 12.5 x 9.5, 1971
ASCAP Award, 1975
NYPL-Schomburg Library, 1977
A Memorial Resolution (CA Legislature): 4 booklets, 11 x 8, 1977
ASCAP Pied Piper Award - Press Release and Correspondence, 1977
House of Representatives-Resolution, 1977
House of Representatives-Martha Correspondence, 1977
Hall of Fame Awards-Entry Form (2 Photocopies), 1996
National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS) – Correspondence (1 letter), 1991
Box 3 Jazz Musician Award Presented by Phi Alpha to Erroll Garner, 13 x 11, 1958
Downbeat Award: Erroll Garner Piano-1st Place, 6.5 x 10, 1957
French Grand Prix du Disque program/scroll, 1957
Saturday Evening Post, 11 x 14, (article: Man With The Magic Fingers), May 17, 1958
Playboy All Star Certificate (2), 1959
National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame, “Misty”, 1991
Brazilian Music Award (Clube Dos Amigos Do Jazz De Sao Paulo), 1970
Two condolence booklets from the City of Pennsylvania commemorating Erroll Garner’s death, 9 x 14, 1977
“He’s Here! He’s Gone! He’s Garner!” Album Sleeve, 10 x 10, 1978
Dreamstreet promo cards, 5 x 5
Grammy booklet
Unknown Garner Record, Back Cover
Argentino Erroll Garner Certificate, 10 x 13, 1970
Detroit Yellow Pages phonebook

Subseries 3. Various Paper Items

Box 4
Item 1 Postcards: Legends of American Music, Volume One, Various Artists (9 Packs)
Item 2 Postcards: The Black Heritage Series, Legends of American Music, Erroll Garner, Volume One (1 pack)
Item 3 Postcards: Black Heritage: Volume 1, 1700s to the Early 1900s, E.G. not included (2 packs)
Item 4 Envelope: E.G. Edition (first day cover)
Item 5 Stamps: Jazz Musicians, Various Artists, E.G. included, approx. 100
Item 6 Cards: from rolodex, approx. 300
Item 7 Book: Tel. Address Book, 1960s
Item 8 Various Business Cards (approx. 100), 1950s-1970s
Item 9 Erroll Garner Passport (3)
Item 10 Plastic bag of various personal ID cards
Associated Musicians of Greater New York Membership Card (6), Member #G-2539, all signed and 1976 card unsigned 1948-1951, 1955, 1976
Association Musicians of Greater NY, Drug Plan card, unsigned and undated
Association Musicians of Greater NY duplicate card, 1957-1960
New Friends of Nothing, 1954
Atlantic City Police Department Registration Card (w/ photo and thumbprint), signed, October 2, 1952
Clark County Sheriff’s Department Las Vegas, fingerprint card, May 28, 1968
Pittsburgh Press Club Membership Card, 1972
Oregon Centennial Landstead Card
Last Driver’s License, CA, expiration 1979, signed
Songwriter’s Protective Union (2), One signed, one unsigned 1957-1958
Musician’s Protective Union (2), Pittsburgh, membership card, unsigned 1948-1949
Hospitalization ID Card and Blue Cross (group)
Temporary License (signed), December 11, 1975
Garner selective service card, signed February 16, 1942
Cabaret License, NYC, signed, and with photo and fingerprint, 1960-62
Cabaret License, August 31, 1957
802 Membership card with musical notes, undated
Temporary Cabaret License, October 5, 1944
Item 11 Octave Seal presses (5)(rabbits)
Item 12 Columbia spiral bound calendar, 1959
Item 13 Photo album: probably belonged to Erroll
Item 14 Datebook, 1970
Item 15 Autographed book: “Between You and Me” by Pearl Bailey
Item 16 Excelsior Savings Bank booklet
Item 17 Chase Manhattan Bank Savings booklet
Item 18 American Federation of Musicians Traveling Book
Item 19 Erroll Garner Business Cards (Chinese) (1 boxes approx. 100)
Item 20 Erroll Garner Signature Stamp
Item 21 Petty Cash Vouchers (approx. 75)
Item 22 Tapes of funeral (VHS)
Item 23 Erroll Garner Guestbook: Pittsburgh, PA (from funeral)
Item 24 Engraving: Erroll Garner “Misty”
Item 25 Four leaf clover
Item 26 National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) award for Erroll best instrumental performance—large group or soloist with large group, for “Up In Erroll’s Room”, 1968

Subseries 4. Artwork Items

Box 5 Publicity Impression Cards (approx. 50)
Postcard Sketch and Random Sketch
Erroll Garner Face (Barbara Print, 2 Copies)
Bill Ball Letter with Sketches of Erroll, “Figures In Wood,” Pictures of Various Celebrity Sculptures
German Artist Drawing (with Negative) approx. 20 copies
Child at piano image, Black and White (Sealed)
Erroll Art/Illustrations (misc. promotional copies, approx. 50)
Artwork of Erroll Garner (mostly promotional copies, 20 pieces)
Sketch: Picasso (removed)
New Kind of Love Illustration with transparency (approx. 20 copies)
News Pool Sketch (2)
Erroll Garner Personal Sketch (two 8 x 11 drawings) 3 x 5 signed by Erroll Garner handwritten card with piano drawing
Press Kit: for Some of these days you do something to me
Erroll Garner shirts (6), laundered and discolored
Two player piano rolls (one has: High Octane, and the other has: Misty, Young Love, High Octane)
Damaged art pieces

Subseries 5. Personal items

Box 6
Item 1 Erroll Garner shirts (6), laundered and discolored (from age)
Item 2 Bag of accessories: Rings, Clip-on Earrings, Locket, Pins
Item 3 Box of accessories: Watches with train motif, Arnex (2)
Item 4 Pocket watch: (“Compteur”)
Item 5 Pocket watch: (Arnex) roman numerals,
Item 6 Bag of cuff links: (3 pairs of musical-related cuff links, 18 matching pairs of cuff links, 2 musically-related tie tacks, 6 generic tie tacks, 1 multi-colored broach, misc. jewelry)
Item 7 Pair of boxed cuff links, Murray Lee New York
Item 8 Rings (3), semi-precious stones
Item 9 Bag of keys: 20
Item 10 Bag of Tape Editing Supplies
Item 11 Erroll Garner MGM key-chains, in original cellophane (7)
Item 12 Playboy All-Star Jazz Poll Winner 1959 plaque + Playboy key
Item 13 Key to the City of Indianapolis (Given by the Mayor’s office, Richard G. Lugar), 6 inches long
Item 14 Officine Galileo Telescope with original case
Item 15 Travel Wallet (Brown)
Item 16 To Erroll Garner From La Songa 1958, EG gold monogrammed cigarette case
Item 17 Tiecrafters Necktie, astrology-related with English lottery ticket (in the same box)
Item 18 Orange tie
Item 19 SyQuest 88MB Removable Cartridge (Covers & Files 2, Telarc - Please Return)
Item 20 Pin: Bill Clinton/Al Gore “For New Leadership”, 1992
Item 21 EG lighters
EG monogram lighter
EG from Ralph lighter
Zippo lighter
Patti Page lighter
J.T. Dupont Paris lighter
Item 22 Money clips and key rings
Passing Through
Money Tree
Money clips (2) and key ring
Item 23 European Coins (18)
Item 24 Erroll Garner envelopes (3)
Item 25 Hospital Life Insurance Card, 1974
Item 26 Original Social Security Card (signed twice)
Item 27 B/G matches (50 cents…)

Subseries 6. ASCAP Awards, 1973-1981

Box 7 ASCAP Award for “Misty” for Erroll Garner “Outstanding Country Song”, 10.5 x 16, October 14, 1981
ASCAP Award for “Misty” for Octave Music Publishing Corp. “Outstanding Country Song”, 10.5 x 16, October 14, 1981
ASCAP Award for “Misty” for Octave Music Publishing Corp., 10.5 x 16, October 15, 1975
October 1, 1973-September 30, 1983 ASCAP Honors Octave Music Publishing Corp. for “Misty” - Among the Most Performed ASCAP Standards - Los Angeles, CA, May 3, 1984
October 1, 1973-September 30, 1983 ASCAP Honors Erroll Garner for “Misty” - Among the Most Performed ASCAP Standards - Los Angeles, CA, May 3, 1984
October 1, 1975-September 30, 1985 ASCAP Honors Octave Music Publishing Corp. for “Misty” - Among the Most Performed ASCAP Standards - Los Angeles, CA, May 28, 1986
October 1, 1975-September 30, 1985 ASCAP Honors Erroll Garner for “Misty” - Among the Most Performed ASCAP Standards - Los Angeles, CA, May 28, 1986
October 1, 1974-September 30, 1984 ASCAP Honors Erroll Garner for “Misty” - Among the Most Performed ASCAP Standards - Los Angeles, CA, May 28, 1984

Subseries 7. Oversized Posters

Oversize 8-10 Oversized Posters