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Series I. Case of the Ohio Company, 1752-1762

Scope and Content Notes:

The Case of the Ohio Company was originally prepared by George Mercer in October 1760 for the Committee of the Ohio Company. The Case was meant to document the company’s activities to demonstrate that it had developed and fortified trading routes in the Ohio territory in compliance with its 1748 land grant. The Case includes the journals of Christopher Gist (1706-1759), an agent of the company hired to explore the Crown’s land grant. In 1750, he explored the Ohio territory from the site of a Lenape (Delaware) village at the headwaters of the Ohio to the confluence of the Miami and Ohio rivers. The Case also includes the negotiations at Loggstown in 1752 between Colonel Joshua Fry representing the Colony of Virginia, Gist as an agent of the Ohio Company, and tribal leaders. The Gist journals and Council at Loggstown documents provide a unique record of early interactions with Native Americans during this period of British expansion that precipitated the French and Indian War. Unbracketed page numbers have been assigned by the archival processor, with the exception of The Appendix to the Case, in which manuscript pages were numbered by the author.

Page numbers in brackets indicate the location of the transcription in Mulkearn’s George Mercer Papers. Oversized items in this series are located in Box 1.

Box 1
Oversize 1-4 Council at Loggstown p 1-4, June 1, 1752
Oversize 5 Council at Loggstown fragments, June 1, 1752
Oversize 6-8 Case of the Ohio Company [LM p 233-237, 243-245], 1754
Oversize 9-18 Case of the Ohio Company [LM p 49-53, 57-73, 75-82, 84, 86-93], 1762
Oversize 19-29 Resolutions of the Ohio Company p 1-6, 8-9, 11-13, 15-19, 1749-1763
Oversize 30-35 Resolutions of the Ohio Company fragment [LM 247, 249, 255, 257, 259, 261, 253, 265, 267,269, 287,288], 1949-1763
Oversize 36-45 Gist Journal p 1-10, ca. 1750
Oversize 46 Gist Journal fragment, ca. 1750
Oversize 47 Gist Journal, bound copy, ca. 1750
Oversize 48-57 Appendix to the Case of the Ohio Company p 1-18, 21-22, 1745-1753
Oversize 58 Appendix to the Case of the Ohio fragment, undated
Oversize 59 Appendix to the Case of the Ohio Company, 1777-1778
Oversize 60 Record of Acreage of land owned by the Ohio Company and others [LM p289-290], 1747-1753
Oversize 61 Acts of the Ohio Company [LM p153-165], April 17, 1759
Oversize 62 Resolution of the Committee of the Ohio Company [LM p296], July 4, 1763
Oversize 63 Boundaries proposed by the Ohio Company [LM p229-232], February 26, 1768
Oversize 64 Ohio Company Orders, 1753-1761
Oversize 65-67 Ohio Company Orders [LM p140-147, 152-153], 1749-1753, 1761