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Brief Biographical / Historical Sketch


The Pittsburgh Stamp Company was founded in 1912 as the Holland Brass Company in McKees Rocks, Pa, by James F. Greene, Joseph P. Huhn, and N. R. Roach. It was incorporated in 1914 by the State of Pennsylvania. In 1915 the name of the company was legally changed to The Pittsburgh Steel Stamp Company. Then in 1920 the company name was changed to The Pittsburgh Stamp Company. Between 1915 and 1920 leadership changed, although it appears that co-founder James F. Greene remained associated with the company. Also in 1920, the company issued new stock. The new shareholders, as listed in 1920, were John Nagy, Frank Weber, Otto Hess, W. F. A. Schafer, Herman A. Weber, C. W. Elton, William A. McCarlin, H .D. Marlin, and Charles V. Mack. Subsequent correspondence and shareholders lists document changes in company ownership and leadership.

The company moved from McKees Rocks to the North Side of Pittsburgh circa 1920 and was located at 811 South Canal Street. In 1975 the company purchased property on South Side Avenue in what is the now the Spring Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh. The company remained at this location until it was bought by Matthews International Corporation in 1998. The sale was proposed in 1997 and involved a legal dispute between Pittsburgh Stamp Company and Matthews that was settled in 1998.

The Pittsburgh Stamp Company produced metal plaques for retail storefronts, funeral homes, memorials, and financial institutions across the United States. Clients also included large corporations such as Texaco, Heinz, and Kellogg’s.