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Subseries 13. Sony/Columbia Dispute Legal Documents, 1950-2001

Box 38
Folder 9-10 Sony/Columbia/CBS Royalties
Folder 11 CBS Records-- Concert By The Sea
Folder 12 Columbia Licenses
Folder 13 Plaintiff Exhibits for EBT of NA 97, 1959
Folder 14 New York Supreme Court, Erroll Enterprises, Inc. and Erroll Garner against Columbia Records, A Division of Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc.- Papers on Appeal Form Orders, 1960
Folder 15-16 Plaintiff’s Exhibits from EBT of MM, 1956-1959
Folder 17 CBS/Sony
Folder 18 Concert By The Sea (Sony)
Folder 19 Columbia Letters etc. (Rec)
Folder 20 Erroll Garner: Columbia Records (correspondence)
Folder 21 Agreement of Settlement and Correspondence--Garner and Columbia, 1962-1964
Folder 22 Contract and Correspondence between CBS and Erroll Enterprises, 1956
Folder 23 Agreements between CBS and Octave, 1972
Folder 24 Franklin Mint Project--Columbia Records

Box 39
Folder 1-2 Columbia Lawsuit Correspondence and News Coverage
Folder 3 Columbia Agreement, June 1, 1956
Folder 4 Columbia Settlement Agreement, July 25, 1962
Folder 5 Sony Music Entertainment Licensing Agreements, 1995-2003
Folder 6 Columbia Lawsuit documents and correspondence, 1950s-1960s
Folder 7 Martha Glaser correspondence with Columbia Broadcasting Systems (CBS), 1960s-1980s
Folder 8-9 Royalty Examination of Sony Music, Inc. On Behalf of the Estate of Erroll Garner (2)
Folder 10 Copies of 1956-1961 Docs
Folder 11 Garner vs. Columbia--Correspondence
Folder 12 Exhibits & Correspondence- Erroll Enterprises, Inc. & Erroll Garner vs. Columbia Records A Div. Columbia Broadcasting System
Folder 13-15 Suit--Erroll Enterprises Inc., et al vs. Columbia Records
Folder 16 Legal Portfolio; Folder #226- Publicity and Press Releases,
Folder 17 Legal Portfolio; Folder #226- Agreement between Octave Records Inc. and Am-Par Record Corp. and Supplementary Letter March 27, 1961
Folder 18 Legal Portfolio; Folder #226- Octave-Am-Par Second Contract & Supplementary Letter, June 1, 1961
Folder 19 Legal Portfolio; Folder #226- Counsels’ Letter re: Minimum Number of Albums to be Sold
Folder 20 Legal Portfolio; Folder #226- Proposed Contract with United Stereo Tapes (Not used)
Folder 21 Legal Portfolio; Folder #226- Authorization to Harry Fox by Octave Music
Folder 22 Legal Portfolio; Folder #226- Audit of Columbia Records, re: Erroll Garner
Folder 23 Legal Portfolio; Folder #226- License from Octave Music to Synthetic Plastics
Folder 24 Legal Portfolio; Folder #226- European Trip, May 26-June 10, 1962
Folder 25 Legal Portfolio; Folder #226- Moe Asch (Folkways Records & Service Corp.)--Releases
Folder 26 Legal Portfolio; Folder #226- Power of Attorney from Erroll Garner to Martha Glaser
Folder 27 Legal Portfolio; Folder #226- Outlines of Proposed Agreements between Octave and Mercury AND Octave-Mercury re: Tiny Grimes
Folder 28 Legal Portfolio; Folder #226- Copy of Agreement between Octave Records, Inc. and United Artists Records, Inc.