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Subseries 1. 3D Photo Objects & Miscellaneous

Box 41
Folder 1 Paperwork related to photographs

Correspondence relating to use, release, and purchase of Erroll Garner images.

Folder 2 Letter referring to possible Richard Avedon photo
Folder 3 B&W Montage prints (11.0 photographs)

Montages of Erroll performing and Erroll headshots.

Folder 4 Color Touring (6.0 items)

Prints of Erroll at piano and letter from Martha Glaser re: return of prints.

Folder 5 Color Candid (29.0 photographs)

Portraits of Erroll Garner, a house in California, copy photograph of Erroll Garner painted portrait.

Folder 6 Color Candid (25.0 photographs)

Portraits of Erroll Garner, Erroll Garner with Sylvia Syms, Christmas photos, photos at a California house.

Folder 7 Color Publicity (25.0 photographs)

Photos from a Merle Shore photo shoot, Erroll performing, cut-out headshot.

Folder 8 Miscellaneous photos (83.0 items)

Business cards; correspondence; photos from Erroll Garner's Carnegie Hall show; assorted portraits of Erroll Garner, Martha Glaser, and others; news clippings; assorted other photographs.

Folder 9 Miscellaneous photos (49.0 items)

Photos of Erroll Garner in the recording studio, news clippings, photos of others, road trip photos, Erroll Garner poster, photos of house and music store.

Folder 10 Miscellaneous photos (3.0 photographs)

Portraits of Erroll Garner at the piano.

Folder 11 Miscellaneous photos (4.0 photographs)

Portraits of Erroll Garner leaning against a wall.

Folder 12 Miscellaneous photos (3.0 photographs)

Portrait of Erroll Garner looking over a ledge.

Folder 13 Miscellaneous photos (6.0 photographs)

Portraits of Erroll Garner.

Folder 14 Les Gould, Philips England (touring, studio, publicity) (19.0 items)

Portrait of Erroll Garner with a Swedish friend; portraits taken in a recording studio.

Folder 15 Cherry Lane Songbook (10.0 photographs)

Assorted portraits of Erroll Garner.

Folder 16 Bill Farrell – singer (18.0 photographs)

Assorted photos of singer Bill Farrell.

Folder 17 Tiny Grimes (2.0 photographs)

Photos of Tiny Grimes performing.

Folder 18 Art prints by Hirschfield (12.0 items)

Originals & Photocopies of drawings of Erroll Garner.

Folder 19 Photos from fans (21.0 photographs)

Assorted fan photos sent to Erroll Garner and do not include Garner.

Folder 20-23 Photocopies
Folder 24-26 Miscellaneous Photocopies
Folder 27 Oversized photocopies
Folder 28 Charles "Teenie" Harris Photocopies
Folder 29 Martha Glaser ID photos in Garner archive (photocopies)
Folder 30 Photo Engraving Plates (2.0 items)
Folder 31 Images of Garner’s face (24.0 slides)
Folder 32 Silver-plated printing plates (2), with Erroll portrait (4.0 items)

Printing plates and cardboard printing stamps.

Folder 33 Wood block metal printing plates (3.0 items)