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Subseries 5. Foster Family Sheet Music, 1800-1900

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries includes music either written by or owned by Stephen Foster's immediate family. The materials that were owned include three large bound volumes of Stephen Foster's music.

M1978 .E3 F67 1868b "The Bond Holder" words and music by the sister of Stephen C. Foster, 1868
A217 Bound Music of Stephen C. Foster from Marion Foster Welch

106 leaves.

1. "Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair." 2. "The Village Maiden." 3. "Willie We Have Missed You." 4. "Come with thy Sweet Voice Again." 5. "Little Ella." 6. "Annie My Own Love." 7. "Ellen Bayne." 8. "Old Memories." 9. "Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming." 10. "Some Folks." 11. "Old Dog Tray." 12. "Old Folks at Home." 13. "Farewell My Lilly Dear." 14. "Massa's in de Cold Ground." 15. "Oh Boys, Carry Me Long." 16. "In the Eye Abides the Heart." 17. "Ah! My Child." 18. "My Hopes Have Departed Forever." 19. "Old Folks Quadrilles." 20. "Open Thy Lattice Love."

A216 Bound Music of Stephen Foster from Marion Foster Welch (Ethiopian Music)

Bound Music of Stephen C. Foster From Marion Foster Welch, Stephen C. Foster Ethiopian Music

1. "Nelly was a Lady." 2. "Melinda May." 3. "My Brudder Gun." 4. "Dolcy Jones." 5. "Nelly Bly." 6. "Way Down in Ca-i-ro." 7. "Oh! Lemuel." 8. "Dolly Day." 9. "Gwine to Run All Night." 10. "Angelina Baker." 11. "Lou'siana Belle." 12. "Away Down South." 13. "Susanna." 14. "Uncle Ned." 15. "Impromptu Burlesque," comp. by Henri Herz. 16. "Melodies de Christy," comp. Henri Herz. 17. "Souvenir de L'Amerique," comp. by M. Strakosch. 18. "Unkle Ned," comp. and arr. by James G. Maeder. 19. "Oh! Susanna!" with variations by J. Hunter. 20. "Oh! Susanna!" with variations by Charles Grobe. 21. "Old Uncle Ned," with variations by Charles Grobe. 22. "Oh Susanna!" with easy variations by Edward L. White. 23. "Petit Fantasia Ethiopien," comp. by. T.H. williams. 24. "Louisiana Belle," [comp.] by Charles Grobe. 25. "Susanna Polka," comp. by Antonio Accosta. 26. "Susanna Polka," comp. by J. Muller. 27. "Oh! Susanna Quick Step," arr. by Edward L. White. 28. "California Quick Step," arr. by Edward L. White. 29. "Uncle Ned Polka," comp. by James Bellak.

According to pencilled numbers on each piece, there is on[e] missing between #17 and #18 on this list.

A215 Bound Music of Stephen Foster from Marion Foster Welch (Musical Gift 1853)

Bound Music of Stephen C. Foster From Marion Foster Welch, Musical Gift - 1853 S.C. Foster

1. "I Cannot Sing tonight," (poetry by Geo. F. Banister, Esq.) 2. "Farewell Old Cottage." 3. "Eulalie," (written by H.S. Cornwell) 4. "Maggie by my Side." 5. "Once I Loved Thee, Mary Dear," (written by Wm. Cullen Crookshaft) 6. "Mary Loves the Flowers." 7. "Lily Ray." 8. "The Voice of By Gone Days." 9. "I Would Not Die in Springtime," arr. by Milton Moore. 10. "I Would not Die in Summertime." 11. "Molly! Do You Love Me?" (Title page only) 12. "Ah! May the Red Rose Live Alway." 13. "The Spirit of My Song," (poetry by Metta Victoria Fuller) 14. "Give the Stranger Happy Cheer." 15. "Mother, Thou'rt Faithful to Me." 16. "Sweetly She Sleeps, my Alice Fair," (written by Charles G. Eastman) 17. "Laura Lee." 18. "Stay Summer Breath." 19. "Summer Longings." 20. "What Must a Fairy's Dream Be." 21. "There's a Good time Coming," (lines from the London Daily News) 22. "Wilt thou be Gone Love," (subject from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet) 23. "The Hour for Thee and Me." 24. "Turn Not Away!" 25. "The Village Bells," (Polka) 26. "Soiree Polka."