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Subseries 2. Teaching, 1954-1997

Scope and Content Notes:

The items in this subseries document Butts’ function as an instructor and faculty member at various institutions, particularly the University of Western Ontario. The majority of the documents pertaining to the courses that Butts taught are in the form of teaching notes, handouts, and syllabi (Section 1). Also included is a small amount of correspondence and other administrative records that relate to Butts’ employment and his role as a member of the university community outside of his academic function.

Section: 1. Instructional Materials, 1968-1991

Box 14
Folder 1 Nipissing University College
Folder 2 Seminar in 19th-Century Philosophy, 1990-1991
Folder 3 Kant Seminar
Folder 4 Realism (Konstanz)
Folder 5 Seminar on Leibniz
Folder 6 Witchcraft Syllabi
Folder 7 Witchcraft Notes and Readings
Folder 8 Witchcraft Exams
Folder 9 Witchcraft (T.M. Lennon)
Folder 10 The Social Philosophy of Herbert Spencer
Folder 11 Theories of Scientific Method: Mill and Whewell, Fall 1968-1969
Folder 12 Transparencies
Folder 13 Notes from Anthropology from a Pragmatic Point of View
Folder 14 The Principles of Monadic Change and Its Relation to Physics (Notes), 1984
Folder 15 Leibniz' Monadology (Notes), 1984
Folder 16 Heidegger on the Leading Distinctions of the Identity Philosophy (Notes)
Folder 17 Outline of Boehme's System (Notes)
Folder 18 Kant's Theory of Scientific Method (Notes)
Folder 19 Schelling's Absolute Idealism (Notes)
Folder 20 The Two Philosophies of the Antinomies (Notes)
Folder 21 Kant and 19th-Century Views of Science (Notes)
Folder 22 Kant's Metaphysical Foundations of Natural Science (Notes), 1990
Folder 23 "Science and the Humanities: A Historical and Analytic Comparison" (Notes), 1991
Folder 24 "Dilthey: The Critique of Historical Reason" (Notes)
Folder 25 Nietzsche on Truth (Notes)
Folder 26 "The Mind/Body Problem: The Importance of Its Solution for the Creation of Human Sciences" (Notes), 1991
Folder 27 Schelling/Witchcraft Reading
Folder 28 Of Reasoning and Of Induction(Readings)
Folder 29 Miscellaneous/Unidentified Teaching Notes and Materials

Section: 2. Administrative Materials, 1954-1997

Folder 30 Job Applications, 1980-1987
Folder 31 Visiting Lectures/Appointments, 1982-1986
Folder 32 University of Pittsburgh, 1987-1997
Folder 33 University of Western Ontario, 1978-1996
Folder 34 Nipissing University College, 1984-1985
Folder 35 University of Konstanz, 1984-1995
Folder 36 Job Offer from St. Lawrence University (Telegram), 1954
Folder 37 Performance Reviews, 1981-1991
Folder 38 University of Oslo, 1973