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Subseries 7. Reports, Studies, and Proposals, 1960-1981

Scope and Content Notes:

The subseries consists of reports, studies and proposals that were either produced by Smuts or were used in conjunction with projects undertaken by his firm.

Box 14
Folder 19 "Land for Industry," May 1960
Folder 20 "The Allegheny Seminar - Agenda Guide "The Movement of People and Goods in Allegheny County," April 1961
Folder 21 "The Allegheny Seminar - Agenda Guide "The Environmental Pattern in Allegheny County," April 1961
Folder 22 "Re-Use Value Appraisal, City of Meadville Redevelopment Area R 22 - Supplement to Land Utilization and Marketability Study," September 1961
Folder 23 "Review of the Stadium Urban Renewal Project and Recommended Financing Proposal," September 1962
Folder 24 "Winthrop Urban Renewal Project - New London, Connecticut," October 1963
Folder 25 "Land Utilization and Marketability Study - General Hospital Urban Renewal Project - W.VA. R-12," November 1963
Folder 26 "Proposal for Selective Counselling on Land Utilization and Marketability Gladstone Urban Renewal Project," December 1963
Folder 27 "Second Year Activites and Progress Greater Cleveland Growth Board 1963 Annual Report," February 1964
Folder 28 "Land Utilization and Marketability Study - Canonsburg, Pennsylvania - General Neighborhood Renewal Plan PA. R-132," June 1964
Folder 29 "Comprehensive Development Plant - The Chartier's Panhandle Region," August 1964
Folder 30 "Proposal for the City of Pittsburgh Participation in the Project 70 Program," October 1964
Folder 31 "Land Utilization and Marketability Study -Scottdale Plaza PA. R-189," October 1964
Folder 32 "A Plan and Program for Residential Development in Pittsburgh," 1965
Folder 33 "New Housing Site for Pittsburgh - Sweetbriar Hallock," August 1965
Folder 34 "Community Renewal Program Study," 1965
Folder 35 "New Housing Sites for Pittsburgh Greenway," August 1965

Box 15
Folder 1 "Steep-Slop Housing - A Fesibility Report," August 1965
Folder 2 "Land Utilization and Marketability Study - Wilmerding Project NO. 1 PA.R-134," March 1966
Folder 3 "Market Impact Study of Selected Housing Developments in the Pittsburgh Area," 1967
Folder 4 "Land Utilization and Marketability Study - Ninth Street PA. R-210," March 1965
Folder 5 "Greater Pitt - Gateway to the World: A Study of the Feasibility of Establishing Greater Pitt As a Major International Airport," May 1969
Folder 6 "Soil and Foundation Report Northside Riverfront Improvement," 1969
Folder 7 "Strategies to Provide a Community Center St. Nicholas Cathedral," November 1970
Folder 8 "Fifth-Forbes Corridor Study," 1969
Folder 9 "An Action Program for Downtown Pittsburgh," 1970
Folder 10 "Carnegie Mellon University Spear - Klee Property Disposition Development," 1970
Folder 11 "Proposal for Pittsburgh Convention Exposition Center - Advisory Committee on Exhibition Hall," January 1970
Folder 12 "The Redevelopment Area Plan - Clifton Park Redevelopment Area No. 36," January 1970
Folder 13 "Action Housing, Inc. Semi-Annual Report to the Board of Directors," September 1971
Folder 14 "Action Housing, Inc. Chairman's Report 14th Annual Meeting," January 1972
Folder 15 "Action Housing, Inc. Chairman's Report 15th Annual Meeting," January 1973
Folder 16 "St. John's General Hospital Development Program," June 1973
Folder 17 "Sample Scheduling Documents," 1973
Folder 18 "A Community Profile of Lower Oakand," August 1974
Folder 19 "A Community Profile of North Oakand," August 1974
Folder 20 "A Community Profile of South Oakand," Auguest 1974
Folder 21 "Allegheny General Hospital, Divine Providence Hospital, St. John's Hospital - Ambulatory Care Planning for the Northside of Pittsburgh," January 1974
Folder 22 "Development Program for Health Care - A Summary," 1973-1981
Folder 23 "St. John's General Hospital - Plan/Program for Development," July 1976
Folder 24 "Housing and Community Development Amendments," 1978
Folder 25 "The Oakland Plan, A Citizens' Planning Process," 1977-1979
Folder 26 "Journal of the American Planning Association Volume 45, Number 2," April 1979
Folder 27 "Geo-Science Department Proposal for Subsurface Investigation," unknown
Folder 28 "City of Pittsburgh Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Real Estate for Sale," unknown
Folder 29 "West Hills Center Associates," unknown
Folder 30 "Port of Pittsburgh - Fact Finder," unknown
Folder 31 "Pittsburgh Profile," uknown
Folder 32 "Part II of Lease of Land for Private Redevelopment By and Between Urban Redevelopment Aurthority of Pittsburgh and St. Margaret Memorial Hospital," unknown
Folder 33 "For Sale: Downtown Pittsburgh," unknown
Folder 34 "St. John's Hospital Development Program Phase I," unknown