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Subseries 2. Reports, Studies, and Proposals 1956-1977

Scope and Content Notes:

The RIDC reports and studies found in this subseries appear to be used throughout Smuts' career and many date beyond his tenure with the agency. Many of these reports were used as informational tools to encourage companies to relocate to southwestern Pennsylvania. Included here are RIDC annual reports, studies on the expansion of the highway system around Pittsburgh, steep slope studies, and preliminary analysis of potential companies trageted for relocation.

Box 9
Folder 13 "An Interim Report to the Directors Eight Months Operation of the Regional Industrial Development Corp.," May 1956
Folder 14 "Statement on Industrial Area Renewal for the City of Pittsburgh, County of Allegheny and Other Counties of the Pittsburgh Region to the Senate Subcommittee on Housing," December 1957
Folder 15 "A Report to Sponsors of the Regional Industrial Development Corporation: Progress 1955-1957 and A Program for the Future," October, 1957
Folder 16 "The Pittsburgh Region Highway System and Future Economic Development," December 1958
Folder 17 "A Study of Civic Agencies in the Pittsburgh Area, Adapting Civic Agency Structure to Meet Renaissance Needs," October 1958
Folder 18 "A Report Submitted to the Industrial Panel, Urban Land Institute, 1958 for Consideration of the Problem 'How to Accomplish the Best Industrial Re-Use fo Blighted Urban Land'," May 1958
Folder 19 "Prospect Analysis: Research Centers in the Pittsburgh Economic Area," August 1958
Folder 20 "Prospect Analysis Automotive Industry," August 1958
Folder 21 "A Program for Continuing Economic Analysis in the Pittsburgh Region," February 1958
Folder 22 "Working Toward an Industrial Land Policy and Program for the City of Pittsburgh," May 1958
Folder 23 "Prospect Analysis: A Survey of Can Manufacturing Facilities (Preliminary)," December 1958
Folder 24 "Industrial Area Renewal Program Chateau West and Woods Run: R.I.D.C.'s Recommendations to the City Planning Commission and the Urban Redevelopment Authority," July 1958
Folder 25 "Highway Access Control Study: Pilot Study Route- U.S. 22- Monroeville to Congruity," November 1958
Folder 26 "Working Toward and Industrial Land Policy and Program for the City of Pittsburgh," November 1958
Folder 27 "Survey of Waterborne Traffic Patterns and Waterside Public Terminal Facilites in the Allegheny County Area: Volume 1 Narrative Report," October 1958
Folder 28 "Digest, Conference on Jobs and Business Climate in Pennsylvania," March 1959
Folder 29 "Community of Interest Between the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area and the Upper Ohio Valley a Preliminary Analysis," 1959
Folder 30 "Chartiers Industrial Districts a Proposal to Put Idle Land to Work, Preliminary Summary Report," September 1959
Folder 31 "Northeastern Industrial Developers Association, Salary, and Activity Survey," October 1960
Folder 32 "Program of the Regional Industrial Development Corporation of Southwestern Pennsylvania," March 1962
Folder 33 "First Annual Report 1962," September 1962
Folder 34 "Six Month Report of the President Regional Industrial Development Corporation," July 1962
Folder 35 "A Progress Scrapbook," 1963-1964
Folder 36 "Report to RIDC Directors," April 1963
Folder 37 "First Annual Report 1963," August 1963
Folder 38 "Second Annual Report 1963," September 1963
Folder 39 "Pittsburgh Research - Key to Tomorrow," 1963
Folder 40 "Second Annual Report 1964 RIDC Industrial Development Fund," September 1964
Folder 41 "Third Annual Report 1964 Strategy for Growth," 1964
Folder 42 "The Southwestern Pennsylvania Region is on the Move," July 1964
Folder 43 "The Manpower Development and Training Act and Southwestern Pennsylvania," April 1964
Folder 44 "The President's Committee on Equal Opportunity in Housing and the Greater Pittsburgh Housing Conference," November 1965
Folder 45 "Third Annual Report 1965," 1965
Folder 46 "Fourth Annual Report 1965, Growth Through Technological Change," 1965
Folder 47 "Fourth Annual Report 1966," August 1966
Folder 48 "Fifth Annual Report 1967," August 1967
Folder 49 "The Human Resource, a Changing Regional Pattern 1968 Annual Report," January 1968
Folder 50 "Sixth Annual Report 1968," August 1968
Folder 51 "Public/Private Investment Partnership for Growth in the 70's, 1969 Annual Report," 1969
Folder 52 "The Changing City Report, Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh," June 1969
Folder 53 "Seventh Annual Report 1969," September 1969

Box 10
Folder 1 "Geo-Economic the Geographic factor in Economic Growth 1970 Annual Report," January 1970
Folder 2 "Eighth Annual Report 1970," August 1970
Folder 3 "Transition of a Region Southwestern Pennsylvania's Changing Economy, 1971 Annual Report," September 1971
Folder 4 "Ninth Annual Report 1971," August 1971
Folder 5 "Turnaround Employment Patterns in a Changing Economy, 1972 Annual Report," August 1972
Folder 6 "Tenth Annual Report 1972," September 1972
Folder 7 "Eleventh Annual Report 1973," September 1973
Folder 8 "Twelfth Annual Report 1974," 1974
Folder 9 "Diversification and Economic Opportunity 1975 Annual Report," August 1975
Folder 10 "Thirteenth Annual Report 1975," August 1975
Folder 11 "Fourth Annual 1976," October 1976
Folder 12 "Fifteenth Annual Report 1977," August 1977
Folder 13 "Pittsburgh Region Limited Access Highways," unknown
Folder 14 "The Pittsburgh Region Highway System and Future Economic Development - A Confidential Preliminary Report," unknown
Folder 15 "Analysis of the Preliminary Engineering Report Recommended Route for FAI-15 Washington to Warrendale Interstate Route," unknown
Folder 16 "Steep Slope Renewal Report Appendices," unknown
Folder 17 "RIDC Industrial Park, Allegheny County Suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania," unknown
Folder 18 "Thorn Hill Industrial Park Allegheny County Butler County Suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania," unknown
Folder 19 "Proposed Pittsburgh Research Center Bituminous Coal Research, Inc.," unknown