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Subseries 2. Reports, Studies, and Proposals, 1954-1979

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains reports, studies, and proposals on City Planning project such as, North side redevelopment, highways and transportation, stadiums, Golden Triangle redevelopment, housing, Homewood-Brushton improvements and more.

Box 5
Folder 1 "North Side Study," April 1954
Folder 2 "State Highway Policies and Practices in Pennsylvania: An Appraisal by the Automotive Safety Foundation," August 1958
Folder 3 "Report on Proposed New Stadium," September 1958
Folder 4 "Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Chateau Street West Marketability Analysis," July 1959
Folder 5 "Planning Report Stage One Chartiers Valley Industrial Study Area," April 1960
Folder 6 "1961 Annual Report: A City Rebuilds," May 1962
Folder 7 "Freeways in the Urban Setting: The Hershey Conference," June 1962
Folder 8 "Pittsburgh Area Transportation Study: Volume 2 Forecasts and Plans," February 1963
Folder 9 "Data Processing and Simulation Techniques," October 1962
Folder 10 "1962-1963 Community Renewal Program: A City Rebuilds," October 1962
Folder 11 "Golden Triangle Study: Future Circulation," February 1962
Folder 12 "A Concept for Personnel Distribution and Circulation in a City Central Core," June 1965
Folder 13 "Lower Northside: Basic Conditions Reports," December 1964
Folder 14 "Community Renewal Project Progress Report: Simulation Model Number 5," January 1964
Folder 15 "State of the Region Project: Work Element 5: A Prospectus for the Study of Leadership in Southwestern Pennsylvania," July 1964
Folder 16 "A Plan and Program for Industrial Development in Pittsburgh," 1965
Folder 17 "Study Design: Drainage Basins and Flood Plains Sanitary Sewerage Water Supply and Service Project No. Penna. P-103," August 1965
Folder 18 "Study Design Transportation - Air Project No. Penna. P-103 Contract No. Penna. P-103(G)," September 1965
Folder 19 "Highways and Urban Development: Report on the Second National Conference," November 1966
Folder 20 "1966 Work Program," 1966
Folder 21 "Housing Report Summary City of Pittsburgh," April 1966
Folder 22 "Feasibility Report Filling the Herrs Island Back Channel for Future Land Development," August 1967
Folder 23 "What it Takes to Build a City of Housing Opportunities," May-June 1967
Folder 24 "Planning Programming Budgeting for City, State, County Objectivies," April 1967
Folder 25 "Auto Pound Study," April 1967
Folder 26 "Information Systems Laboratory: Capabilities and Experiences in Public Systems," June 1968
Folder 27 "Homewood Brushton Neighborhood Improvement Program," March 1968
Folder 28 "Manchester Basic Conditions Report," January 1968
Folder 29 "Tax Delinquent Property Transfer Program Progress Report," April 1968
Folder 30 "City of Pittsburgh Change in the Housing Inventory 1960-1968," August 1968
Folder 31 "1967-1968 Work Program," 1969
Folder 32 "Westinghouse - Information System Department Organization Plan: Agreement No. 19170, Report No. 1," May 1969
Folder 33 "Westinghouse - Preliminary Organization and Staffing Plan: Agreement No. 9247, Report No.1," April 1969
Folder 34 "Westinghouse - Information System Office Recruitment Plan: Agreement No. 19170, Report No. 2," July 1969
Folder 35 "Westinghouse - A Study Report Covering: City of Pittsburgh Information System Study: Findings and Recommendations for a Central Information Processing Facility," February 1969
Folder 36 "Westinghouse - Information System Project System Description: Agreement No. 19170, Report No.3," August 1969
Folder 37 "Westinghouse Reports 1969," 1969
Folder 38 "A Profile of the Residents of Sheraden Park: Comprehensive Planning and Programming Division," April 1969
Folder 39 "Herr's Island Study: A Recreation Island for Pittsburgh and Allegheny County," January 1969
Folder 40 "The Black Population and its Housing: A Social and Economic Profile of The Black Community in the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area," May 1969
Folder 41 "Message of the Mayor," January 1969
Folder 42 "A Profile of the Residents of Pennley Park: Comprehensive Planning and Programming Division," June 1969
Folder 43 "Clifton Park Basic Conditions Report," September 1969
Folder 44 "City of Pittsburgh Changes in the Housing Inventory 1960-1968," January 1969
Folder 45 "Anderson-Chestnut Land Assembly Program for Highways and Riverside Imporvement," February 1970
Folder 46 "Sewage System: Plan and Program City of Pittsbrugh," January, 1970
Folder 47 "A Development and Renewal Program for Pittsburgh: Summary Documentation," February 1970
Folder 48 "London Borough of Haringey Seven Sisters Study: Project Submission," September 1970
Folder 49 "Lower North Side District Plan," May 1970
Folder 50 "Golden Triangle Street Program 1968-1973," February 1968