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Record CAS SPK 0001 Ralph Bellamy in Walt Whitman's Immortal "Leaves of Grass" (Excerpts)

This album consists of 4 discs with 2 sides each. Disc 1 side (A) includes Introduction; To a Certain Civilian; I Think I Could Turn and Live with Animals; To the Man-of-War Bird; For You O Democracy. Side (B) includes Vigil Strange I Kept on the Field One Night; Long, Too Long America; Over the Carnage Rose Prophectic a Voice.

Disc 2 side (A) includes O Star of France; To a Foil'd European Revolutionaire. Side (B) includes Europe; France; A Broadway Pageant.

Disc 3 side (A) includes Years of the Modern; I Was Looking a Long While; Passage to India. Side (B) includes By Blue Ontario's Shore.

Disc 4 side (A) includes So Long! Side (B) includes Song of the Open Road. The first disc is chipped but the chip is with teh record in the sleeve. This album also includes text inside album cover.