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Subseries 2. Articles & Photocopies, 1921-1984

Scope and Content Notes:

The Articles & Photocopies subseries contains primarily articles and publications that have been photocopied for Schumacher's research about the Pittsburgh Schools in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, including its curriculum, education reform, testing, classrooms and school buidlings, statistics about teachers and students, discipline methods, and school records.

Folder 14 Age of High Schools Students in 1882 (copy), undated
Folder 15 1885 Alumni Annuals (copy), undated
Folder 16 Arsenal Technical School, Indianapolis, IN, 1966
Folder 17 1873 Attendance (copy), undated
Folder 18 A Brief History of Pittsburgh by Mrs. Edward Jones, 1927
Folder 19 1913-1933 Building Plans (copy), undated
Folder 20 Census Literacy 1870-1969, 1970
Folder 21 Census Printed 1850 (copy), undated
Folder 22 Census Printed 1860 (copy), undated
Folder 23 Census Printed 1880 (copy), undated
Folder 24 Census Printed 1910 (copy), undated
Folder 25 Census Printed 1920 (copy), undated
Folder 26 Classroom Discipline by Stoops and Dunworth, 1958
Folder 27 Census Printed 1940, includes 1890-1940 Table (copy), undated
Folder 28 Cleveland Report 1914 (copy), undated
Folder 29 Committee on Pittsburgh Archaeology and History- Thomas Baker, 1986
Folder 30 David Angus Publications, 1981
Folder 31 Department of Interior, “Organization of Research Bureaus in City School Systems” by Elise Martens from 1924 (copies), undated
Folder 32 Detroit Public Schools Course of Study in the Use of the Library, 1928
Folder 33 Digest of Educational Statistics (copy), 1973
Folder 34 Education for Pittsburgh by Harvard Graduate School of Education, 1966
Folder 35 Enrollment of M.T. Survey between 1889-1900 (copy), undated
Folder 36 Erasmus Wilson, “Private Schools,” 1898 (copy), undated
Folder 37 Eric Johnson, Delinquency Talk at Duquesne, 1977
Folder 38 1905 E.Z. Smith Pittsburgh Article (copy), undated
Folder 39 Family Configuration and Intelligence, Science Magazine, 1976
Folder 40 50th Anniversary Newsletter, 1961 November
Folder 41 “From Manual Training to Vocational Education: The Lowest Educational Track” by Carolyn Schumacher, Presented at Annual Meeting of American education research Association, 1979
Folder 42 Haney and Zimbardo, School as Jail, 1975
Folder 43 High School Entrance Exam 1872 (copy), undated
Folder 44 High School Entrance Exams in 1872-1900 (copies), undated
Folder 45 1875 High School Examination (copy), undated
Folder 46 High School Programs in 1914 (copy), undated
Folder 47 History of Schools circa 1928-1977 (copy), undated
Folder 48 Indiana Conference 1923 (copies), undated
Folder 49 Industrial Education – Comparative 1914-1979 (copy), undated
Folder 50 Intercultural Education Through Home Economics, Industrial Arts, and Commercial Subjects, 1944
Folder 51 James Bonar 1926-1931 (copies), undated
Folder 52 James Mulhern, “A History of Secondary Education” from 1933 (copy), undated
Folder 53 J.E. Wallin, “The Odyssey of a Psychologist” – Special Education 1955 (copy) and notes, undated
Folder 54 John Morrow, (Superintendent Allegheny Public Schools), 1881, also reprinted from 18th Annual Report of Superintendent of Schools to Pittsburgh Board of Education 1896 Photocopy, undated
Folder 55 1895 Kelly Handbook of Greater Pittsburgh (copy), undated
Folder 56 Lincoln 21st Ward News Article 1897 (copy), 1982
Folder 57 McCoy Xerox, undated
Folder 58 “Microfilming School Records” by Herbert Popenoe, School Board Journal October 1957, undated
Folder 59 The Mill Hunk Herald, Fall, 1984
Folder 60 Names of Pittsburgh Schools in 1894, circa 1980
Folder 61 Names of Schools in 1869-1926 (copies), undated
Folder 62 “New Directions in Educational Effort” by Cubberly 1934 (copy), undated
Folder 63 Newsweek Black Youth, 1978
Folder 64 Nora Faires, Germans in Allegheny City, 1850-1860 (copy), 1971
Folder 65 Number of Seats, Pittsburgh Schools, 1869-1900 (copy), undated
Folder 66 “Occupational Groups in the U.S. 1820-1920” by Whelpton 1926 (copy), undated
Folder 67 “Opposition to Progressive School Reform: The 1913 Pittsburgh School Children’s Strike,” by Douglas Shaw (University of Akron), 1978 October 18
Folder 68 “Ornamentation,” by the New York Times Magazine, 1982
Folder 69 Pennsylvania School Chronicle from 1870 (copy), undated
Folder 70 Pennsylvania School Journal on German Education from 1862 (copy), undated
Folder 71 Pennsylvania School Reports 1862-1930 (copies) and notes, undated
Folder 72 Pennsylvania Superintendents Reports between 1856-1890 (copies), undated
Folder 73 Pittsburgh Board of Education Organization Manual, 1965
Folder 74 Pittsburgh History, 1944
Folder 75 Pittsburgh Public Schools: Geographic, Biography and Historic Pittsburgh, 1921
Folder 76 Pittsburgh Public Schools Membership Reports, 1977-1983
Folder 77 Pittsburgh Public Schools Report on Intergroup Relations, 1976-1977
Folder 78 Pittsburgh Schools Alumni Register 1901 (copy), undated
Folder 79 Pittsburgh School Curriculum 1914-1928 (copies), undated
Folder 80 Pittsburgh School Reports from 1869-1872 (copy), undated
Folder 81 Pittsburgh School Subdistricts 1873-1894 (copy), undated
Folder 82 Pittsburgh Schools by Thomas Baker, undated
Folder 83 Pittsburgh Schools – What’s in a Name 1959 (copy), undated
Folder 84 Pittsburgh Survey and Medical Inspection 1914 (copy), undated
Folder 85 Pittsburgh Survey in 1914 (copy), undated
Folder 86 Professional and Technical Staffing of Central Administration of Pittsburgh Board of Education, 1965
Folder 87 Program for the Dedication of the Grandview School, 1962
Folder 88 Progressive Education 1904 (copy), undated
Folder 89 “Public Education in Pittsburgh 1835-1900” by William McCoy from 1951 (copy), undated
Folder 90 1933-1939 PWA Buildings (copy), undated
Folder 91 Re: Entrance Exam, undated
Folder 92 Re-Examination for Admission to the Pittsburgh Central High School Sept. 2, 1872 (copy), undated
Folder 93 Report of the Citizens Advisory Committee on Racial Equality and Education to the Board of Education Pittsburgh, 1967
Folder 94 Russell Packard, “Some Present Tendencies in Secondary Education” from 1930, undated
Folder 95 School Building Architects, undated
Folder 96 School Buildings- Articles from 1888-1929 (copies), undated
Folder 97 School Census 1869-1917 (copy), undated
Folder 98 School District Maps from 1868-1931(copies), undated
Folder 99 School Rooms 1912 (copy), undated
Folder 100 Schools/Wards/School Directors 1855-1870 (copy), undated
Folder 101 Standards and Affirmative Action Articles, 1976-1978
Folder 102 The Stones of Pittsburgh, “By Any Other Name, The Controversial Spelling of Pittsburgh” or “Why the H” by James D. Van Tramp, Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation, undated
Folder 103 Teachers Certification and Exam 1872-1900 (copies) and notes, undated
Folder 104 Transcribed from Pittsburgh Index on H.C. Frick 1916 (copy), undated
Folder 105 Using the Library 1902 (copy), undated
Folder 106 Westinghouse History 1927 (copy), undated
Folder 107 “What about Tomorrow?” M. M. Steen article 1947 and notes, undated
Folder 108 Where Board Meets- Condition of Pittsburgh Schools 1896 (copy), undated
Folder 109 WPA Projects in 1938 (copy), undated