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Subseries 1. Research Files and Data Sets, 1868-1982

Scope and Content Notes:

Dr. Faires did a large amount of background reading and supplemental research in the creation of her dissertation, as well as several small exerpts from the dissertation itself. Included here are many of the surveys and regional research Dr. Faires examined. Present here is the information that she would use to help define the relationship of Pittsburgh’s churches to one another, as well as categorize their beliefs and ideological stands. It also contains her examination into the cities of Pittsburgh and Allegheny in the mid-19th century, and contains city and census records. Also present are her outlines and research plans, showing how she not only conducted her research, but how she planned and directed it as well.

Box 1
Folder 1 25 Successful Germans, Undated
Folder 2-3 1850 Census information on PA German churches, Undated
Folder 4 5 Cities Occupation Codes, 1972
Folder 5 The 48ers of Watertown, Wisconsin, Undated
Folder 6 Addenda to Tables, Undated
Folder 7 The Agricultural Revolution in Germany, c1981
Folder 8 Allegheny City Social Statistics, Undated
Folder 9 Arndt Olson--German-American Newspapers, c1971
Folder 10 Atlantic Monthly, 1868
Folder 11 Bank and Insurance Company Advertisements 1865-1887, Undated
Folder 12 Banks and Insurance Companies from the Pittsburgh City Directory 1857-1877, Undated
Folder 13 Census of U.S. Cities, Principle Cities and Towns, 1850-1860
Folder 14 Church Data Overview, Undated
Folder 15 Church Member Data, Undated
Folder 16 Comments on Dissertation: Bob Doherty, 1982
Folder 17 Comments on Dissertation: Larry Glasco, 1979
Folder 18 Comments on Dissertation: Fred Luebke, 1982
Folder 19 Comments on Dissertation: Robert P. Swierenga, 1981
Folder 20 Comments on Dissertation: Phil VanderMeer, 1981
Folder 21 Data on 19th Century German Upper Class, Undated
Folder 22 Dissertation Abstract, Undated
Folder 23 Dissertation Introduction, Undated
Folder 24 Disseration Tables, Undated
Folder 25 Documentation on Manuscript Census Files (1850-1870), 1978
Folder 26 "Ethnicity: The Vital Center of Religion in America" by Harry S. Stout , 1975
Folder 27 "Ethnicity: The Skeleton of Religion in America", 1972
Folder 28 Freihetis Freund & Notes (German), c1981
Folder 29 General Congregational Notes, Undated
Folder 30 "German Achievements in America", by Rudolf Cronau Undated
Folder 31 Germans in Pittsburgh and Allegheny Outline and Notes, Undated
Folder 32 German Jews, Data and Notes, c1974
Folder 33 German Singing Societies Data and Notes, c1970
Folder 34 Germans Living in America (German), 1909
Folder 35 German Socialists Notes, c1978
Folder 36 "The German Upper Class in Pittsburgh" by Layne Peiffer, c1964
Folder 37 "The Good Provider: H.J. Heinz and His 57 Varieties" by Robert C. Alberts, 1973
Folder 38 Jefferson Lodge Booklet, 1954
Folder 39 Jefferson Lodge Notes, Undated
Folder 40 List of Pittsburgh's German Newspapers, Undated
Folder 41 Miscellaneous Sources Notes, Undated
Folder 42 Occupational Dichotomy Derived from Church Records, c1975
Folder 43 Outline of Dissertation, Undated
Folder 44 Parish Data Available for Each Congregation, c1974
Folder 45 Pennsylvania Magazine, "The Buena Vista Affair", c1964
Folder 46 The Place of Methodism in the Religous Life of the Pittsburgh Region, 1940
Folder 47 Pittsburgh and Allegheny Occupation Codes, 1974
Folder 48 Pittsburgh and Allegheny Street Directories, Undated
Folder 49 Pittsburgh 1860 Census Notes Undated
Folder 50 "Pittsburgh City Government 1816-1850" by John W. Dankosky, 1971
Folder 51 Pittsburgh Regional Economic Development, c1967
Folder 52 Pittsburgh Social Statistics at the Census of 1880, Undated
Folder 53 Preliminary Tables on Immigrant Wealth and Occupation, Undated
Folder 54 Religious Variable Codes, Undated
Folder 55 Research Plan and Notes, c1974
Folder 56 Ruth Salisbury Exerpts, Undated
Folder 57 Carolyn S. Schumacher Research on Children in Pittsburgh, 1976
Folder 58 Ship Passenger Lists Notes, 1974
Folder 59 Sources Available in Germany and Notes, c1975
Folder 60 Social Structural Analysis and Notes, Undated
Folder 61 SPSS Religions Notes, Undated
Folder 62 Tables and Figures Regarding Churches, Undated
Folder 63 Unpublished Dissertations List, c1980