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Series II. Negative Proofs 1927-1958

Scope and Content Notes:

The folders are arranged by topic, beginning with songs, continuing with graphics and business forms, and ending with page-proofs.

1. "Can I Ride," Title Bar ()
2. "Don’t Let the Day Pass Away Before the Sun Goes Down," Title Bar
3. "Dreaming of You," Unidentified Page
4. "Go, Go Tell It Ev’ry Where," Title Page and Last Page
5. "Gone To Return No More," with First Page of I Tried the Lord, 1948
6. "Hallelujah Hallelu," Page 2, 1950
7. "Hallelujah He’s The King," Title Page and Last Page
8. "He is Real," Title Page and Page 4
9. "He Said If I Be Lifted Up," Page 2, 1935
10. "He’ll Say “Well Done” Some Day," Title Bars and Page 2, 1947
11. "Hold Not Thy Peace", 1958
12. "I Must Tell Jesus All", 1947
13. "I’m Walking With Jesus By My Side", 1940
14. "In That New Jerusalem," Title Bar
15. "I’se Just A Wond’rin," Last Page
16. "I’ve Started and I’m Going All the Way", 1927
17. "Jericho," Unidentified Page, 1945
18. "Keep Me Humble Lord," Title Bar
19. "Lead Me All The Way", 1958
20. "Let Me Feel The Same King of Power Over Here," Incomplete Page 2
21. "Merry Christmas, Happy New Year," Title Page, 1940
22. "Nobody But You Lord, Nobody But You"
23. "Chorus of Some Day I’ll Understand"
24. "Waking of Spring," Title Page and Page 2
25. "When You’ve Done Your Best," Title Page and Last Page
26. "Who So Ever Will"
27. "Without A Song In Your Soul," Unidentified Page
28. "You Can Tell Him All Your Troubles", 1936
29. You’ll Find Him There, Last Page
30. Various Pages and Bars of Unidentified Songs
31. Images for “Artist Copy”
32. “Charles H. Pace, Music Publisher,” Title Bars
33. Picture of Choir and Picture of Ladies with Phones
34. Images of Columns with Angels Blowing Trumpets
35. Sections Involving “A Distinguished Collection of Songs” for Senior Choir, Gospel Chorus, and Soloist
36. Illustrations
37. Jesus Image
38. Images of Letters and Numbers
39. Sections for “Music For The Home and The Church”
40. "Pace’s Praises, No. 1,” Title Bar
41. "Pace’s Praises,” title bars
42. Promotional Jingle
43. Rose Image (1.0 )
44. Tempo Markings
45. Images for “WORDS & MUSIC by CHAS. H. PACE”
46. Front Page of “Catalog of Pace Songs”
47. Invoices
49. Membership Roster
50. Price Lists for Various Pace Songs
51. Two Sections of “Send for our Catalog of Songs”
52. Shipping Order Form
53. Blank Negatives
54. Page-Proofs of Advertisements of Various Music Publications
55. Printed Image of Angel Blowing Trumpet on Column
56. Printed Image of Cross (1.0 )
57. Page proofs for numbers
58. Page-Proofs for “Pace’s Senior Choir and Advanced Gospel Chorus Edition”
59. Various Page-Proofs for “Published By Chas. H. Pace”
60. Page-Proofs of “Send for our Catalog of Songs by Chas. H. Pace”
61. Page-Proofs Designating Solo or Chorus Songs
62. Page-Proofs of Song and Price Lists
63. Tempo Page-Proofs
64. Page-Proofs of The Old Ship of Zion’s Address
65. Various Page-Proofs of Title Bars
66. Miscellaneous Page-Proofs