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Series VII. Subject Files

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains papers on Pittsburgh industry and records of various labor union conferences. It also contains research material and articles on new technologies, automation, deindustrialization and railway systems.

Folder 26 "A Fair Globalization: Creating Opportunities for All", 2004
Folder 27 "The Value of Union Construction"
Folder 28 Mill Hunk Herald, 1983, 1988
Folder 29 Articles on the Decline of Industry, 1983-1988
Folder 30 "Reorganized Labor" by Dan Hopey and Janet Williams, 1985
Folder 31 Aliquippa Hospital Workers Strike: Local 1199, 1987
Folder 32 "Evolution of Unemployed Council of Southwestern Pennsylvania", 1989
Folder 33 Mon Valley Unemployed Committee Reporter, 1991-1992
Folder 34 Homestead Centennial by David Mongomery, 1992
Folder 35 Homestead Centennial Organization, 1992
Folder 36 "Lockout! A Centennial Look at the Homestead Strike", June 1992
Folder 37 UE 59th National Convention: Officers Report, 1994
Folder 38 United Steelworkers of America: Industrial Heartland Labor Investment Forum, 1996
Folder 39 Industrial Decline Papers by Sabina Deitrick, 1998
Folder 40 "Pittsburgh and the Ruhr Area" by Thorsten Gresser, 2001
Folder 41 "Twelve Smoke Stacks in a Strip Mall" by Lori Ann Delale, 2002
Folder 42 Mellon Bank Campaign, 1983
Folder 43 Pat Transit Contract at Union Switch and Signal, 1984
Folder 44 Article on Frank Schneider, 1985
Folder 45 Business Week Article on Allegheny International, 1986
Folder 46 Allegheny Ludlum Corporation, 1987
Folder 47 Zinc Corporation of America
Folder 48 Steel Valley Area Regional Development Plan: Preliminary Report
Folder 49 Regional Reindustrialization Research

Box 8
Folder 1 American Steel Industry
Folder 2 Continuous Casting Technology
Folder 3 Advanced Steel Technology
Folder 4 High Speed Rail Research
Folder 5 "The Last Pullman Car"
Folder 6 Mass Transit Rail System
Folder 7 Rail Systems Impact
Folder 8 Union Switch and Signal Fight to Keep PAT Contract
Folder 9 Articles on "High-Tech"
Folder 10 "Burning Trash: How it Could Work" Article
Folder 11 Poland Conference, June 1991
Folder 12 "Labor and the Future of Pittsburgh"
Folder 13 "The Future of Pennsylvania Coal", June 1992
Folder 14 Shifting Battleground, July 1992
Folder 15 "Economic Revitalization and Pittsburgh Labor" October 1992
Folder 16 University and College Labor Education Association Meeting in Pittsburgh, 1992
Folder 17 "Implications of a Comprehensive Pennsylvania Coal Policy", 1993
Folder 18 "Culture, Gender, Race" Review, 1994
Folder 19 "Employee Involvement in Safety and Health" Presentation to National Safety Council, 1994
Folder 20 Articles on Automation
Folder 21 Chapters on Automation
Folder 22 "Why Computers May Never Think Like People", 1986
Folder 23 Harley Shaiken Articles
Folder 24 UE and Automation
Folder 25 Articles on Robots
Folder 26 New Technology Conference in Lynn, MA, June 18, 1983
Folder 27 "A Machinist's Semi-Automated Life"
Folder 28 Articles on Productivity