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Series IV. Slides, ca. 1960s-2003

Scope and Content Notes:

Slides in this series were primarily found in slide carousels for presentations. They have been removed from the carousels, but stored in the same order as the presentations. Those not part of presentations are titled with subject matter or job title. All slides are arranged between two subseries of dated and undated. Topics include: Blue Diamond Materials, Styrofoam Cups, Koppers, South Side Drug and Alcohol, Gateway, IABC, American Express, Fritz Goro, Three Rivers Stadium, St. Peters, Social Security Administration, Wightman Manor, Milltown, La Normande Restaurant, BMX, Sully Miller, Hickson, Alcoa, Thrift Drug Classic, and the City of Pittsburgh.

Box 10
Folder 37 Steinberg, Marshall, Balter, Blum: Architecture, February 3, 1971

Box 48
Folder 39 "3 Black Boys Profile," September 1, 1971

Box 47
Folder 16 Howard's Painting

Box 54
Folder 1 Blue Diamond Materials; Sloan Const., Co., Greenville, South Carolina; The Stone Man Inc., Murfreesboro, Texas; Nello L. Teer Company; Koppers: Interior Building and People Shots; Kaiser Sand and Gravel Company; BPS Baldwin Bridgeville; Koppers: Norfolk Southern Wood; Koppers: Management Talk; Koppers; Airport Extras; Archadeck: Rob Kronck, Cleveland Office
Folder 2 Styrofoam Job; Pittsburgh Airport: Outside; Railroad: Old Photographs of Station Square (Historic pictures, not Bud's photographs.)
Folder 3 Koppers; Alcoa: Slag Site; Koppers: Railroad; Cake; Text Slides; Railroad Pictures; "Switch the Stacks" (Railroad Track Wood)
Folder 4 Koppers: Track Panel,; H-W; Hickson Corporation: Colorado
Folder 5 "The Sorter"; ITSCO; Budweiser and ITSCO; Railroad Tracks; Railwood; Railwood Being Treated; Small Portfolio; Funway Race; Health Works; Koppers: Highway Walls, 144 Truck Tires
Folder 6 Koppers: Railroad Tracks and Track Laying Machine; Koppers: Aerial, Map, Somerville; Koppers: Heinz School, City in Background

Box 55
Folder 1 Koppers: Wood Treating Slideshow; South Side Drug and Alcohol Slideshow
Folder 2 South Side Drug and Alcohol Slideshow; Gateway Rehab Slideshow
Folder 3 IABC Talk; American Express Benefits Slideshow #1
Folder 4 Koppers: Plants; Minolta CCE Test; American Express Auditor Slideshow #2
Folder 5 American Express Incentive Savings Plan Slideshow
Folder 6 American Express Incentive Savings Plan Slideshow; Historic Railroad Photos (not Bud's images); Train Panels; Koppers: ITSCO, St. Louis, Bud Yard (Budweiser Corporation); Koppers: Wood Treatment, Railroad Slideshow; Koppers: Railroad
Folder 7 American Express Incentive Savings Plan: Bud's Note
Folder 8 Koppers: Wood Treatment; American Express Benefits Slideshow
Folder 9 Notes

Box 56
Folder 2 Black and White Photos for Exhibition, ca. 1960s
Folder 2 Fritz Goro, March 1964
Folder 2 Three Rivers Stadium; Ken Ramsey People, ca. 1970s
Folder 2 Tractors; Man by Model, June 1970
Folder 2 Koppers: Columbus, Ohio; Gas Station: Marathon Oil; House of Wolman; Lite Risers, August 3, 1971
Folder 2 St. Peters, July 1973
Folder 2-3 Social Security Administration, September 21, 1973
Folder 3 Wightman Manor; Children, 1974
Folder 3 Milltown; Walk Steel; Silent, 1974
Folder 3-4 La Normande Restaurant: Shoot for Business Week, August 1979
See Also: Manuscript page available.
Folder 4 IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) Entry, 1980
Folder 4 BMX, October 1981
Folder 4-5 Koppers: Sales Presentation to Management Committee, April 25, 1984
Folder 5 Sully Miller Contracting Company, November 1986
Folder 5 Hickson Corporation Deck, 1990
See Also: Print and negative also available.
Folder 5 Conn. Boomer, August 4, 1991
Folder 5 Conn. NG, August 3, 1991
Folder 5 Hickson Corporation, October 26, 1993
Folder 5 Alcoa: Bob Cosgrove, October 27, 1995
Folder 5 PXS Slide Presentation to USA Cycling for Olympic Trials Consideration, 1995/1996
Folder 5 Koppers, March 1996
Folder 5 Hickson Corporation: Extras, October 17, 1996
Folder 6 Thrift Drug Classic: Lance Armstrong finishing USA Champion Crossing Liberty Bridge, Start Line with Sophie et. al., 1996
Folder 6 Guthrie Fab Shop (Railroad), June 1998
Folder 6 Koppers: Railroad, 2000
Folder 6 Koppers: KSA Ties Becks Run Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 2002
Folder 6 Trees, Car, Storm Damage, May 16, 2002
Folder 6 Pittsburgh City Snowstorm: Submarine and Barge, January 2003
Folder 6 Koppers: Wheeling and Lake Erie Railroad, September 2003

Box 57
Folder 1 Koppers: Wheeling and Lake Erie Railroad, September 2003
Folder 1 Black and White Slide Samples, March 9, 2003