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Series II. Prints and Negatives, ca. 1950s-2004

Scope and Content Notes:

Images in this series are arranged in their original order and have been kept with their corresponding materials and arranged according to date. Those with no date have been put at the end of the series.

Subseries 1. Special Topics

Scope and Content Notes:

Many of these topics and images can be found elsewhere in the collection, but this group has been left in the original order created by Harris to preserve his interpretation of his life’s work. This subseries begins with a large group of University of Pittsburgh photographs (marked with UP and a job number), including work from Pitt Magazine. Topics also include: Carnegie Museum of Art, Hospital Council of Western Pennsylvania, Fallingwater, Peter Berndtson, Frick Fine Arts, Posvar, Bernie Kobosky, Medical World News, St. Peter’s Child Development Center, John and Teresa Heinz, Heinz Annual Meeting, Race Across America, Litchfield, Sue Doyle, Heinz Chapel, Time Magazine, Fraternities and Sororities, Mademoiselle Magazine, Arnold Palmer, Europe, Gateway, Hawk’s Nest, Harbison Walker, Hill District, Judy Parker, Gog Magog and Babylon, Kodalith, KDKA, Parkway Construction, Alan Greenspan, Alcoa, Panther Hollow, BMX, PPG, and J&L Steel.

Box 78
Folder 1 UP-121, August 1, 1964

Subjects include: Trees Pool, Pitt Magazine, Cathedral of Learning, Cathedral Lawn, and Hurry-Up Scholar.

Folder 2 UP-124, April 12, 1964

Subjects include: Pitt Football Game vs. UCLA: Litchfield and Actor James Franciscus Cheering; Mazurek, Sue and Franciscus; and Mazurek.

Folder 3 UP-128: Pitt Campus Scenes, 1964
Folder 4 UP-129: Pitt Stadium, Home Schedule, and Campus Scenes, 1964

Subjects include:

Folder 5 UP-130: Pitt Campus Scenes and Cathedral of Learning, 1964

Subjects include:

Folder 6 UP-132: Pitt Buildings, 1964
Folder 7 UP-133: Pitt Campus Scenes, 1964
Folder 8 UP-134: Cathedral Banquet, December 7, 1964
Folder 9 UP-136: Cathedral Banquet, December 7, 1964
Folder 10 UP-139, March 27, 1965

Subjects include: Pitt Graduation; Mrs. Litchfield with Portraits of Vice Chancellors and J&L Cleveland Rolling Mill.

Folder 11 UP-140: Chancellor Edward Harold Litchfield in House, March 30, 1965
Folder 12 UP-141, 1965

Subjects include: Pitt Magazine: African American Girl and Book, African American Boy and Gun; Peter Gray in Lounge Chair/ David Halliday Against a Bookshelf; Gonzalez Asenjo: Associate Professor of Math and Composer of Concert for Wind Instruments; James Joyce Scholar David Halliday; "Romeo Boy"; Alivia Cohen: "Moon Expert" Department of Earth and Planetary Science; "Sinners Will Burn" Pablo Casals Sign; Signs in Hill District; Peter Gray: First Andrey Avinoff Professor of Biology at Pitt; Frank Whittemore Wadsworth: Dean of Humanities; Panther Hollow; Signs for the neighborhoods of Oakland, Polish Hill, Southside, and Hill District.

Folder 13 UP-142: Frick Fine Arts, 1965
Folder 14 UP-143, 1965

Subjects include: USIA Washington: Leonard Mark "Who Speaks for the USA"; Parkway Scenes; and Former US Post Master General John A. Gronauski.

Folder 15 UP-144: Chancellor Edward Harold Litchfield at Home, 1963
Folder 16 UP-148, 1964, 1965, 1968

Subjects include: PITT VIPs; VIPs and a Vice Chancellor; Christmas at Pitt; Don Brockett and Joe Negri on Stage #33a Dinner at Cathedral of Learning; Pitt Basketball Game and Coach; Engineering/Mechanical Testing Lab and Dr. Henry T. Bahnson at Home.

Folder 17 UP-149: Coach Micheloson TV Interview/ Football Team, ca. 1960s
Folder 18 UP-150: Omar Khayyam More, Innovative Teacher, ca. 1960s
Folder 19-23, 26 Pitt Magazine, 1963-1964

Subjects include: Campus Scenes; Campus Architecture; Beach Boys Concert in Pitt Sports Stadium; New Dorms/ Foreign Students; Children on Jungle Gym; New Students at Sign-In Desk; Student Party at Trees Pool; New Students Moving into Dorms; Musicians at Student Party at Trees Pool; Students in Food Line; Students at Outside Table at Night with Dorms Lit Up; Dr. Katsoyannis; Pitt Football Game; Students Inside Dorms; J&L Steel Mill, Southside, Pitt over Panther Hollow; Dr. Chinitz/Appalachian Plane, WVA Charleston Convention Center, Appalachian Plan Discussion with Dr. Chinitz; Dr. Chinitz and FDR Jr.; Dr. "Cam" Moses"; Cam Moses, Joe Colangelo, Murray "Buzzy" Susser; Building Construction by Swimming Pool; Magee Women's Hospital; Clapp Hall; IBM Computer 1620; Cityscape; Zsa Zsa Gabor; Fred Smith; Panther Hollow; Marshall Goldberg; Flag at Half-mast for JFK; Louise Bell; Oakland Corporation; Christmas at the Cathedral of Learning; Center for Regional Studies; Virgil Cantini; Jamie Van Trump; Esther Kitzes in Studio; Fritz Goro; Agnes Starrett; Frick Fine Arts Dedication; Early Computer Demo and Computers on the Top Floor of the Cathedral of Learning.

Folder 24 Pitt Graduation: Sargent Shriver, Mayor Barr and Governor Scranton, June 6, 1965
Folder 25 Pitt Magazine: Children and the University, June 1, 1964

Subjects include: Children; Doctors; University of Pittsburgh Alumni and Cathedral of Learning.

Folder 27 Pitt Sports, September 21, 1964

Subjects include: Fred Mazurek (Quarterback for Pittsburgh Panthers); Sue Michelosen (Daughter of Head Coach) and John Michelosen (Head Coach).

Folder 28 Carnegie Museum of Art: Carnegie International Judges, October 13, 1964
Folder 29 Carnegie Museum of Art: Carnegie International Spectators, October 30, 1964
Folder 30 Pitt Campus with Telephoto Lens, June 6, 1968
Folder 31 Hospital Council of Western Pennsylvania (W.P.A): Portraits of Steve Seiverts, February 15, 1970
Folder 32 Fallingwater, September 17, 1970
Folder 33 Magee Annual Report, September 30, 1970
Folder 34-36 ACLD: Children with Learning Disabilities, February 20, 1971, April 3, 1971, April 17, 1971
Folder 37 Peter Berndtson's Show at Frick Fine Arts, April 18, 1971

Also includes images of Stan Marshall House and the Peter Berndtson House.

Folder 38, 42, 44, 47-49 Pitt: Home for Crippled Children, 1971-1972
Folder 39 Pitt: Home for Crippled Children, Hubert Humphrey, June 7, 1971
Folder 40 Pitt: Bernie Kobosky, July 16, 1971
Folder 41 Pitt: Posvar Portraits, August 16, 1971
Folder 42 Koppers: Octagon School, November 11, 1971
Folder 43 Virgil Cantini Mural and Pierre Soulages Mural at Oliver Plaza, December 29, 1971
Folder 45 Pitt Commencement: Mayor Barr, Governor Lawrence and Litchfield, 1963
Folder 46 Pitt Graduation, April 30, 1972
Folder 50 Medical World News: Dr. Ray Greco, October 19, 1973
Folder 51 Koppers: Al Capone ca. 1970s
Folder 52 St. Peter's Child Development Center: Kids in Pool, July 10, 1973
Folder 53 John and Teresa Heinz and Posvar Family, March 3, 1974
Folder 54 Koppers: Robert O'Gara, Swanson Lumber in British Columbia, Canada, November 20, 1974
Folder 55 Pitt: Oakland and Forbes at Night, May 14, 1975
Folder 56-57 Pitt: Campus Scenes, 1975
Folder 58 Heinz Annual Meeting, September 10, 1975
Folder 59-60, 62-64 Koppers: Employee Annual Report, 1976
Folder 61 Pitt: Learning Problems, Rita Silverman, February 11, 1977
Folder 65 Pitt Graduation, April 30, 1978
Folder 66-71 Business Week Assignment, 1978
Folder 72 Walt Disney World, February 27, 1980
Folder 73 Jimmy O'Brien at WACC, August 18, 1992
Folder 74 Pittsburgh Youth Symphony Orchestra ca. 1990s
Folder 75 Jitney, Lobby Display for August Wilson Play in Hill District, April 20, 1996
Folder 76 Clean Air Car: Race Across America, February 23, 1998

Box 79
Folder 1 Pitt Magazine: Murray "Buzzy" Susser, January, 1963
Folder 2 Executive Portraits, 1964
Folder 3 Pitt Magazine: City Scenes, 1962
Folder 4 Portraits of Litchfield ca. 1960s
Folder 5 Pitt: Litchfield Tower Dorms Under Construction ca. 1960s
Folder 6 Pitt: Homecoming Queen, Football and Litchfield, 1962
Folder 7 Sue Doyle ca. 1960s
Folder 8 Pitt: Deans ca. 1960s
Folder 9 Pitt: Dean's Portraits and Panther Hollow Project ca. 1960s
Folder 10 Pitt: Christmas in Commons Room, 1962
Folder 11 Heinz Chapel ca. 1960s
Folder 12 Fred Smith and Paul ca. 1960s
Folder 13 Chancellor Edward Harold Litchfield Press Conference ca. 1960s
Folder 14 Time Magazine: Dr. Klaus Hoffman, 1964
Folder 15-16 Pitt: Children and the University, 1963
Folder 17 Pitt: Cathedral of Learning and Chancellor Edward Harold Litchfield Plane, 1964
Folder 18 Han Yo ca. 1960s
Folder 19 Pitt: Students in Biology Lab ca. 1960s
Folder 20 Father Walsh in Heinz Chapel ca. 1960s
Folder 21 Pitt: Campus Candids ca. 1960s
Folder 22 Sue Doyle, Cathedral of Learning ca. 1960s
Folder 23 Pitt Magazine: Dr. "Cam" Moses, December 4, 1963
Folder 24 Mademoiselle Magazine at Pitt Fashion Shoot, Cathedral of Learning, Students ca. 1960s
Folder 25 Pitt: Fraternities and Sororities, 1968
Folder 26 Oakland Corporation, ca. 1960s
Folder 27 "Miss Pitt" Sheila Rinne and Richard Grandy ca. 1960s
Folder 28 Pitt: Chancellor Edward Harold Litchfield and Vice Chancellors, 1962
Folder 29 Bud's Family ca. 1960s
Folder 30 Civic Arena ca. 1960s
Folder 31 Carnegie Mellon University ca. 1960s
Folder 32 Gog, Magog and Babylon: Movie Stills, 1960
Folder 33 Arnold Palmer at U.S. Open: Oakmont Country Club, Scores displayed in Kaufmann's Window ca. 1960s/1970s
Folder 34 Congressman William Moorhead William Moorhead
Folder 35-36 Europe, ca. 1970s
Folder 37 Gateway ca. 1970s
Folder 38-39 Harbison Walker, 1972-1973
Folder 40 Hawk's Nest, ca. 1969
Folder 41 Hazelwood Girls and Railroad Tracks, 1962
Folder 42 Hill District, ca. 1950s

Subjects include: Building ruins; Birmingham bridge; Forbes Avenue; Kids in Schoolyard.

Folder 43 J&L Steel, ca.1960s-1970s

Subjects include: Hazelwood Cold Rolling; Ladle Burst at Harbison Walker; Research Labs and Hot Metal.

Folder 44 Judy Parker, May 1968

Subjects include: New York; Eye Magazine; Barry Slelzer Studio and Mellon Park.

Folder 45 Kids in Cemetery, 1963-1964

Subjects include: "Gravedigger's Children"; US Department of Health and Human Services and Appalachia USA. Some of this work was made for Pitt Magazine.

Folder 46 Kodalith ca. 1960s/1970s
Folder 47 Folder of Maria ca. 1960s/1970s
Folder 48 Mobile Reporter for KDKA Mike Levine; Motocross at Three Rivers Stadium ca. 1960s-1980s
Folder 49 Ketchum Advertising, ca. 1950s-1960s
Folder 50 New York Street Scenes; Dave Milton at Home, May 1968
Folder 51 Parkway Construction, ca. 1960s

Subjects include: Art Swiden Boxer Training; Women at Fruit Market; Building the Parkway and Trains.

Folder 52 University of Pittsburgh, 1968

Subjects include: Campus Scenes; Cathedral of Learning; Litchfield Sculpture; Wayne and Julie; Downtown over J&L Plant; Horses in Schenley Park; Pitt Football Game; Frick Fine Arts Building; Forbes Field; Dollar Bank; Dr. Ariel, Chancellor and Mrs. Litchfield.

Folder 53 Alan Greenspan at Alcoa, December 15, 1971
Folder 54 Panther Hollow; Parkway (4 Mile Run and J&L), Cathedral of Learning Stained Glass with Marcia, ca. 1960s
Folder 55 Panther Hollow; Chancellor Edward Harold Litchfield with Model, 1963
Folder 56 Pete Flaherty in Pittsburgh BMX Parade ca. 1960s-1970s
Folder 57 Peter, Paul and Mary at Stanley Theater, November 1969
Folder 58 Pitt Magazine: Annual Student Issue Cover, July 1964
Folder 59 Pitt: Rally for Chancellor Edward Harold Litchfield ca. 1960s
Folder 60 Posvar, Westmoreland, Ridgeway, Barr, 1968
Folder 61 PPG, April 1963
Folder 62 P. and D. Saltzman at the Zoo, 7th Street Bridge ca. 1960s
Folder 63 Ryna Statue ca. 1950s/1960s
Folder 64 Simma ca. 1950s/1960s
Folder 65 Special Collection

Subjects include: Point Park; Tumi; Steppenwolf; Panther Hollow; Greenfield; Arthur Aronson; J&L Steel; Smithfield Bridge; Church of Ascension; PPG Chemical Plant; Oakland; Social Security Administration; Europe and Parkway Construction.

Folder 66-69 Topical

Subjects include: Irish Parade; Mayor Barr; Diane Litman; Larry D'Arcy; Bruno Sammartino; Penn Camera; Judy Ross; Lou Schmidt; Benny Spiegle; Colangolo Baby; Emil and Kyp; Paul Schwartz; Newman Schmidt; Dave Milton; Tony Dodd; Mary Rita; Turtle Creek; Museum Visitors; Montefiore; Family Portrait; Portraits; Sports; and Pittsburgh Neighborhood Scenes.

Folder 72 Washington, D.C.
Folder 73 Copy Negatives

Subseries 2. Early Career ca. 1950s

Scope and Content Notes:

These images are from Harris’s early career, focusing primarily on the mid to late 1950s. Many of the prints and negatives also have the date “November 3, 1991” which could have been a later printing or organization date. These photographs were created in the 1950s, and not 1991. Since this is the date given by Harris, it has not been changed. Though there are prints and negatives that could fit into other series in the collection, they have been kept together here to maintain original order. These images are credited to "Forest Harris."

Box 50
Folder 1-9 Pearl, Bunny at 5th Avenue House, November 3, 1991
Folder 10-15 Boxers/Park, 1955
Folder 16-27 Portraits, 1955
Folder 28 Howard Skippy Green, Hosea Chapman, December 20, 1956
Folder 29-40, 82 Photo Maxima, 1959
Folder 41-50 Portraits, 1958
Folder 51-57, 81 Jacki Fine, Darlington Road, 1958
Folder 58-70 Portraits/Park, 1958
Folder 71, 73, 75, 80 Portraits,
Folder 72 Rolleiflex 3.5 Camera Manual, ca. 1950s/1960s
Folder 74 Still Life,
Folder 76 T.V. Guide,
Folder 76 Portraits, 1955
Folder 77 Howard Skippy Green, December 20, 1956
Folder 78 Hosea Chapman, December 20, 1956
Folder 79 Hosea Chapman: 8x10 Copy Negative, December 20, 1956
Folder 83 Portraits, November 3, 1991

Subseries 3. Murray "Buzzy" Susser 1963-1980

Scope and Content Notes:

Harris followed University of Pittsburgh medical student Murray "Buzzy" Susser as he trained to be an astronaut. Though the story was originally shot for the January 1963 issue of Pitt Magazine, Susser and Harris developed a friendship and Harris continued to photograph their families and important personal events. This series contains prints, negatives, the January 1963 edition of Pitt Magazine, and mounted prints.

Box 51
Folder 1 Negatives, ca. 1960s-1980s

Subjects include: Stadium from Air; Pregnant Julie and Buzzy; Buzzy, Judy and Eva; New York: Buzzy and Girl; Buzzy and Family: Baltimore; Buzzy at Home, Party; Buzzy in New York City; Buzzy and Julie at Elmcrest Manor, Connecticut; Buzzy and Kids; Buzzy and Noose; Baby Julie; Buzzy in California.

Folder 2 Buzzy's Wedding Photographs; Buzzy and the Ice Cream Truck, ca. 1960s
Folder 3 Buzzy and Kyp: Toy Airplanes, 1963
Folder 4 Pitt Magazine: Buzzy Cover Story, January 1963
Folder 5 Buzzy and Kyp: In Hospital, Julie Just Born, ca. 1960s
Folder 6 Portraits of Buzzy Susser, November 20, 1980
Folder 7-8, 12 Buzzy Military Training, ca. 1960s
Folder 9 Buzzy at Home, ca. 1960s
Folder 10 Buzzy and Kyp: Wedding, ca. 1960s
Folder 11 Buzzy Military Training; At Home with Family, ca. 1960s

Subseries 4. Garbage Stories ca. 1960s

Scope and Content Notes:

In the early 1960, Harris photographed Pittsburgh garbage men as they collected trash and interacted with the community. Focusing mainly on one man, Mr. Barksdale, Harris documented the day-to-day work and personal lives of a specific group of city employees. This collection overlaps with a small series of photographs taken on one roll of film of a homeless man digging through trash in downtown Pittsburgh. Harris named the two groups of images “Garbage Stories.”

Box 52
Folder 1 Negatives, 1963
Folder 2 Contact Sheets, 1961
Folder 3, 7 Digital Prints, July 15, 2004
Folder 4 Narrative of "Man and Garbage Series" by Barbara Paul, 2002
Folder 5, 8 Prints for Exhibition, July 15, 2004

Box 77
Folder 1 Large Mounted Prints,

Subseries 5. Chronological

Section: ca. 1950s/1960s

Box 47
Folder 76 Portrait of a Woman; Bridge; Bikes; Living Room; Jack Brown; David and Lorraine; Bridge and Road Construction, ca. 1950s/1960s
Folder 3 Glickman: Steve; Nestie and Ryna at Carnegie Mellon University Archway and Dark Haired Girl; Murray "Buzzy" Susser's Niece under a Table; Girl on Pitt Nutrition Poster; Betty at Carnegie Mellon University; Hannah in Hood; Betty Reisenstein in Ruins; Hannah in Ruins; Murray "Buzzy" Susser and Preachers on the Street; Pamela in Jackie's Kitchen; Alvin and Pamela; Murray "Buzzy" Susser's Niece and Murray "Buzzy" Susser in Medical School Movie, ca. 1950s
Folder 8 Jack Brewin, ca. 1950s
Folder 9 Tandy at Carnegie Mellon University, Ron Rosenberg Wedding, ca. 1950s
Folder 11 Alfa Romeo Veloce Spirit, Corvette, and Porsche, ca. 1950s/1960s

Section: ca. 1960s

Box 48
Folder 12 David Susser, ca. 1960s
Folder 14 Murray "Buzzy" Susser Portrait and Kyp Wedding, Lens Test: Maria, Squirrel Hill Shops, Forbes Avenue, Incline: Koppers and Gulf Buildings from Civic Arena, Phone Booth, Koppers: Bud at Work, ca. 1960s
Folder 16 Woman in White Shirt, ca. 1960s

Box 52
Folder 9 Jacke's Party; Barry's Mothers; Dave's Class, New York and Alvin; Marsha; Law Library; Bridges; Fireworks at The Point; Scoreboard at Kaufmann's 1962 US Open; Mat Wheel Unlimited, ca. 1960s
Folder 10 Steel Mill Guys and Baby Mathew; Baby Mathew and J&L Steel Mill, Cleveland; Stickle and Bachman 100 Years Old; Stan Sobel and Stickle; Party Outside Bruce Hall, and Guitar, ca. 1960s
Folder 11 Homeless Man Project, ca. 1960s

Section: 1964

Box 48
Folder 22 Pitt: Bradford Campus, May 1964

Section: 1967

Folder 23 Oakland Row Houses, 1967

Section: 1968

Box 53
Folder 19 Pittsburgh March on the National Day of Mourning for MLK, April 7, 1968

Section: 1970s

Box 48
Folder 30 Patio Pictures and Carnival, ca. 1970s

Section: 1970

Folder 33 Peter Berndtson's Houses for Exhibition at Frick, Aaron Shoen, 1970

Negatives include: Balter House (Berndtson), Blum House, Duncan House (Frank Lloyd Wright), Polymath Park, Usonian Houses.

Folder 34 Paul and Kids: Cemetery, Roll 4 (Job # 93070), September 30, 1970

Section: 1969-1971

Folder 31 Social Security Administration, 1969-1971

Box 52
Folder 15 Social Security Administration, 1969-1971

Section: 1972

Box 48
Folder 42 Mackenzie's Dairy Ice Cream: Larry Mackenzie, June 7, 1972

Section: 1973

Folder 48 Dresser, Harbison Walker Refractories Company, 1973
Folder 51 Railroad Timbers, April 5, 1973
Folder 52 Social Security Administration, May 21, 1973

Box 49
Folder 14 Koppers: Faces, 14, 1973
Folder 15-16 Koppers: Faces, Rolls 1-10, 12, 13, 1973
Folder 25 Koppers: Railroad Ties Production, September 1973
Folder 26 Koppers: Driveway Sealing, September 1973

Section: 1975

Box 48
Folder 59 Oxford Development Corporation: Monroeville Mall, January 1975
See Also: Additional negatives available at Job # 23407
Folder 60 Lynn Venetoulis Campaign, April 1975
Folder 63 Kurlinski Family, May 27, 1975

Section: 1976

Folder 66 Florida, April 28, 1976
Folder 67 Bike Jumping, October 26, 1976

Section: 1981

Folder 80 Bike Race and Skier, January 1981

Section: 1984

Box 49
Folder 35 Koppers: Abe Lincoln Statue, Gerald Wellner (Jerry Wellner), and Bob O'Gara, October 30, 1984

Section: 1990s

Box 48
Folder 85 Archadeck: Staff Pictures and Decks, ca. 1990s

Section: 1990

Folder 87 Koppers: Oxnard and Petrolia, June 28, 1990
Folder 88 Koppers: Plant, August 10, 1990

Section: 1991

Folder 89 Archadeck: Cecil Champagne, July 19, 1991

Section: 1992

Folder 90 Beazer: Staff Photo, February 3, 1992

Section: 1994

Box 80
Folder 2 Thrift Drug Classic, 1994
Folder 3 Hickson Corporation Orchard, June 2, 1994
Folder 4 Alcoa: Paul O'Neil on Christmas, December 31, 1994

Section: 2001

Box 49
Folder 41 Koppers: Wall, Pennsylvania Yards, Koppers Turnout, February 2001

Box 80
Folder 17 Koppers: Guthrie, Oklahoma, February 2001
Folder 18 French Drain Waterproofing, August 13, 2001

Section: 2003

Box 49
Folder 42 Koppers: Remsa Dallas, May 5, 2003

Section: 2004

Folder 43 Koppers: Portrait of Leslie Hyde, June 4, 2004
Folder 44 Koppers: Portrait of Tony Niederberger, June 8, 2004
Folder 45 Koppers: Portrait of Tony Loadman, June 8, 2004

Section: Undated

Box 47
Folder 6 Pitt: Physical Education Building, Dental School
Folder 7 Pitt: Larry Rosiek Portrait
Folder 11 Telephone Poles
Folder 13 Alvin Rounce and Motorcycle, Jakie
Folder 14 Archadeck
Folder 15 Sandy Kaufman: 1326 Murray, 6 Houses from Wilkins
Folder 16 Howard's Painting
Folder 21 Simma and Roland Kindhart
Folder 24 Tandy at Carnegie Mellon University
Folder 25 Portrait of Mat, BMX Bike Race
Folder 28 Four Girls Project
Folder 31 Women

These prints were found dispersed throughout the collection and have been gathered by subject.

Folder 32 Roz Litman: Kids, Portraits
Folder 35 Portrait of a Woman

These prints were found dispersed throughout the collection and have been gathered by subject.

Folder 36 Wayne Kurlinski Portrait
Folder 37 New York, South Park, Judy Ross
Folder 41 Gateway Rehabilitation Center

This folder contains: Prints, Negatives, Slides and paper documents.

Folder 42 Tumi at the Point
Folder 48 Archadeck
Folder 49 Cement in Pipe
Folder 50 Bud in Mirror with Camera, Wayne K and Helen Knox, Murray "Buzzy" Susser and Kyp (Pregnant)
Folder 54 Dr. Thomas: Retouched Print and Negative
Folder 55 Widelux, Denniston, Susie, Jeff Blur
Folder 56 Eva's Birthday, Parkway Construction
Folder 64 Various Portraits
Folder 69 Davey Susson, Graduation from Pitt

Box 49
Folder 3 Koppers: Inside Plant
Folder 6 Koppers: Photographs of Bud