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Series XIII. Realia, 1952-2004

Scope and Content Notes:

Series XIII contains various objects related to Elsie Hillman’s involvement in numerous political campaigns and conventions as well as material related to the Republican Party as well as additional realia. This include political buttons, campaign stickers and convention artifacts, as well as presidential related objects.

Subseries 1. Political Buttons

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 1 contains buttons worn by or given to Hillman used in numerous political campaigns, events, and causes.

Section: Campaigns

Box 113
Folder 1 Buckman for Congress
Folder 2 Bush, George H.W. (for President), 1980
File 3-11 Bush, George H.W. (for President), 1988
Folder 12-21 Bush, George H.W. (for President), 1992
Folder 20-32 Bush, George W. (for President), 2000

Box 114
Folder 1-4 Bush, George W. (for President), 2004
Folder 5 Bush, Prescott (for US Senate), 1982
Folder 6 Capozzi, Al (for District Attorney)
Folder 7 Casey (for Congress)
Folder 8 Cohill (for Judge)
Folder 9 Cosetti, Joseph (for Pittsburgh Mayor), 1977
Folder 10 Dickerson, Linda (for County Commissioner),
File 11-14 Dole, Robert (for President), 1996
Folder 15 Edgar, Robert (for US Senate), 1986
Folder 16-17 Eisenhower, Dwight D. (for President), 1952
Folder 18-21 Ford, Gerald R. (for President), 1976
Folder 22 Gary (for Congress)
Folder 23 George, Jean (Sewickley Council)
Folder 24 Goldwater, Barry (for President), 1964
Folder 25 GOP Elections, 1985
Folder 26 Hafer, Barbara (for Pennsylvania Governor), 1990
Folder 27-28 Heinz, H. John II (for US Senate)
Folder 29 Howard, Ed (for US Senate)
Folder 30 Hunt, Mary Caroline (for Pittsburgh City Council)
Folder 31 John (for Judge)
Folder 32 Montemuro (for Judge)
Folder 33 Morris [the cat] (for President), 1992

Box 115
Folder 1-5 Nixon, Richard M. (for President), 1960-1968
Folder 5 Olympia
Folder 6 Pasquerilla (for State Treasurer)
Folder 7 Peirce, Robert
Folder 8-9 Powell, Colin (for President), 1996
Folder 10 Purdy
Folder 11 Purdy (for Judge)
Folder 12-21 Reagan, Ronald W. (for President), 1980
Folder 22-28 Reagan, Ronald W. (for President), 1984

Box 116
Folder 1-5 Ridge, Tom (for Pennsylvania Governor), 1994
Folder 6 Rockefeller, Nelson (for President), 1968
Folder 7 Rockefeller, Nelson (for President), 1976
Folder 8-9 Rockefeller, Nelson (for President)
Folder 10 Saylor, Pat (for Judge)
Folder 11 Scott, Hugh (for US Senate)
Folder 12 Scranton, William W. III (for Pennsylvania Governor), 1986
Folder 13 Shanaman, Susan (Auditor General)
Folder 14 Specter, Arlen (for President), 1996
Folder 15 Specter, Arlen (for US Senate)
Folder 16-17 Specter, Arlen (for US Senate), 1986
Folder 18 Specter, Arlen (for US Senate), 1992
Folder 19 Swartz (for Supreme Court)
Folder 20 Thompson
Folder 21 Thornburgh, Richard L.
Folder 22-23 Thornburgh, Richard L. (for Pennsylvania Governor), 1978
Folder 24 Thornburgh, Richard L. (for Vice President)

Section: Republican National Conventions

Folder 25 1964 Republican National Convention
Folder 26-29 1988 Republican National Convention
Folder 30-31 1992 Republican National Convention
Folder 32-36 2000 Republican National Convention

Section: Women's Rights and Pro-Choice

Box 117
Folder 1 "Abe's Babes"
Folder 2 "Bitch, Bitch, Bitch"
Folder 3 "God is coming and is she pissed!"
Folder 4 "If men could get pregnant, Abortion would be a Sacrament"
Folder 5 "I'm Pro-choice and I vote!"
Folder 6 "Keep Abortion Legal"
Folder 7 Pike County Council of Republican Women, 50th Anniversary
Folder 8 Ratify the ERA
Folder 9-10 Republicans for Choice

Section: Assorted Buttons

Folder 11 "Barry's Right!"
Folder 12 "Be Nice to Me, I'm Rich!"
Folder 13 "Everything is controlled by a small evil group"
Folder 14 First Dog - Inaugural Flight
Folder 15 GOP Elephant
Folder 16 Grand Old Party Light-Up Button
Folder 17 "Happy Birthday John Heinz," 1988
Folder 18 Holly and Mabon
Folder 19 Holy Cow
Folder 20 "I'll show you mine if you show me yours"
Folder 21 "I'm for Elsie"
Folder 22 "I'm not easy but we can discuss it!"
Folder 23 "I need help! I'm a parent"
Folder 24 "I watch Public Television and I vote!"
Folder 25 "Kathy and Tim" Name Button, 1979
Folder 26 Mount Lebanon Township 50th Anniversary, 1962
Folder 27 Operation Desert Storm, 1991
Folder 28 Operation Open Door, "Welcome Democrats, Joining the Future Together," 1985
Folder 29 Pennsylvania Agriculture, "We're Growing Better"
Folder 30 Pennsylvania Founder's Award, "We Love You Elsie," 2002

Box 118
Folder 1 "Please don't smoke and I won't FART"
Folder 2 Republican Main Street Partnerships
Folder 3 Talbott Reunion, 1972
Folder 4 "Thanks Anne and Bill for the Leadership"
Folder 5 "Vietnam Veterans, Welcome Home," 1987
Folder 6 "Vote America"
Folder 7 "We Love You Elsie"
Folder 8 "Win"
Folder 9 WQED Great TV Auction, 1973
Folder 10 "You Gotta Have Art"

Section: Large Buttons

Folder 11 51st Inaugural Celebration, 1989
Folder 12 1980 Republican National Convention, "I'm a 1980 National Convention Delegate," 1980
Folder 13 "I'm a Red-Hot Republican"

Subseries 2. Campaign Stickers

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 2 contains political bumper stickers, and are arranged alphabetically by candidate last name or phrase.

Box 119
Folder 1 George H.W. Bush (for President), "Bush-Quayle '92," 1992
Folder 2 George H.W. Bush (for President), "Bush is Just Better"
Folder 3 George H.W. Bush (for President), "George Bush for President," c. 1980
Folder 4 George W. Bush (for President), "Agriculture Supports Bush-Cheney"
Folder 5 George W. Bush (for President), "Sportsmen for Bush-Cheney"
Folder 6 George W. Bush (for President), "Veterans for Bush-Cheney"
Folder 7 George W. Bush (for President), "W Stands for Women - Bush-Cheney"
Folder 8 Robert J. Dole (for President),"Dole for President '96," 1996
Folder 9 "Don't Blame Me, I voted Republican"
Folder 10 Gerald R. Ford (for President), "President Ford '76," 1976
Folder 11 Gerald R. Ford (for President), "This is Ford Country," 1976
Folder 12 Colin Powell (for President), "Powell '96"
Folder 13 Ronald W. Reagan (for President), "Reagan-Bush '84," 1984
Folder 14 "Republicans for Choice: 71% Can't Be Wrong!"
Folder 15 "Republican Majority - Pro-Choice"
Folder 16 Richard L. Thornburgh (for Pennsylvania Governor), "Thornburgh-Scranton"
Folder 17 "Yank the Plank," 2000

Subseries 3. Lapel Pins

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 3 contains lapel pins given to or worn by Hillman.

Box 120
Item 1 32 Club pin
Item 2-6 Bush pins
Item 7 "Debepr" pin
Item 8 Donkey pin
Item 9-31 Elephant pins
Item 32 "First for Ridge" pin, c. 1993
Item 33-34 Flag pins
Item 35 Ford '76 pin
Item 36 George Bush Presidential Library Foundation
Item 37 Great Seal of the United States
Item 38 Gubernatorial Inauguration, 1995

Box 121
Item 1 Key-shaped pin
Item 2 "N" pin
Item 3 "Pennsylvania: memories last a lifetime" pin
Item 4 Pennsylvania Republican Party Elected Officer pin
Item 5 Presidential Guest pin
Item 6 Presidential Inauguration pin, 1985
Item 7 Ray Broderick pin
Item 8 Republican Coalition for Choice pin
Item 9-10 Republican Senatorial Inner Circle pin
Item 11 Scott-Broderick-Scalera pin 1970
Item 12 Talbott Family Reunion pin, 1992
Item 13 William W. Scranton pin
Item 14 Woman's Suffrage 75th Anniversary, 1995

Subseries 4. Badges and Nametags

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 4 contains numerous convention badges and nametags worn by Elsie Hillman at Republican National Conventions and other political events.

Box 122
Item 2-4 Republican National Committee, National Committeewoman Badges
Item 5 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 1995
Item 7 Presidential Trust, Trustee, 1984
Item 8 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (Bronze), 1995
Item 9 1992 Republican National Convention, Republican Senatorial Inner Circle, 1992
Item 10 2000 Republican National Convention, Delegate, 2000
Item 11 2000 Republican National Convention, Finance Committee, 2000
Item 12 1996 Republican National Convention, Platform Committee Delegate, 1996

Subseries 5. Convention Artifacts

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 5 contains various objects commemorating or related to numerous Republican National Conventions.

Box 121
Item 15 1980 Republican National Convention, George Bush Garter, 1980
Item 16 1988 Republican National Convention, George Bush Commemorative Cigar, 1988
Item 20 1996 Republican National Convention, Elephant Corkscrew, 1996
Item 22 1984 Republican National Convention, Horseshoe, 1984
Item 23 1996 Republican National Convention, Magnet, 1996

Box 125
Item 2 1992 Republican National Convention, Commemorative Coca-Cola Bottle, 1992
Item 3 1996 Republican National Convention, Commemorative Coca-Cola Bottle, 1996
Item 4 2000 Republican National Convention, Baseball Cap, 2000

Subseries 6. Jewelry

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 6 contains items of Republican-themed jewelry given to or worn by Hillman.

Box 121
Item 17 Elephant bracelet
Item 18 Elephant earrings
Item 19 Houston livestock show and rodeo, Bolo tie
Item 21 Republican Party wristwatch

Subseries 7. Presidential Related

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 7 contains artifacts relating to U.S. Presidents including Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and George. H.W. Bush.

Box 122
Item 1 Bush, #1 Yarn Pin
Item 6 Ford, Presidential Pen

Box 123
Item 1 Reagan, Belt Buckle
Item 2 Bush, George Bush Presidential Library Miniature Shovel
Item 3 Reagan, Charm
Item 4 Nixon, Presidential Pen
Item 5 Bush, Fart Machine sent from George H.W. Bush to Elsie Hillman, 1996

Box 124
Item 2 Reagan, Salute to President Reagan Brass Paperweight, 1982
Item 4 The President's House Matchbooks

Subseries 8. Assorted

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 8 contains items such as articles of clothing, tokens, and other commemorative objects.

Box 124
Item 1 Pennsylvania Founder's Day Award, name badge, 2002
Item 4 George Bush for President Hat Band
Item 5 21 Club token
Item 6 John Rutledge medallion
Item 7 "I like Ike" glove
Item 8 Slick Times campaign currency, 2000
Item 9 Elephant Nose
Item 10 Bronze Gag Brothel Tokens
Item 11 "Click with Dick" Clicker
Item 12 Ernie Preate for Attorney General pan scrapper
Item 13 Grand piano bookmark

Box 125
Item 1 Dole-Kemp Hat, 1996

Box 126
Folder 1 George Bush Presidential Library Foundation flag
Folder 2 George Bush scarf
Folder 3 Pennsylvania Founder's Day Award, mask, 2000
Folder 4 Pennsylvania Tech Fest, Adam 40-80 T-Shirt, 2000
Folder 5 Reagan Roundup handkerchief
Folder 6 Republican National Convention, Scarf, 1984
Folder 7 Yank the Plank handkerchief
Folder 8 Republican Presidents clock

Box 127
Item 1 Allegheny County Home Rule Bucket

Subseries 9. Awards and Honors (Plaques)

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 9 contains awards, honors, and plaques given to Hillman. For additional information on awards and honors received by Hillman, please see Series VI. Awards.

Box 128
Item 1 American Ireland Fund, 2004

Box 129
Item 1 League of Women Voters, Good Government Award, 2003
Item 2 Jewish National Fund, Tree of Life Dinner, 2003

Box 130
Item 1 Gubernatorial Inauguration, Commemorative Medal Set, 1995
Item 2 National United Affiliated Beverage Association, Tribute to Women Award for Excellence, 1989
Item 3 Jewish War Veterans, Humanitarian Award, 1976

Box 131
Item 1 Shadyside Hospital Foundation, Twentieth Anniversary Commemorative Box, 1995
Item 2 Sharing and Caring Inc., Certificate of Appreciation, 1993
Item 3 African American Republican Council William P. Young Scholarship Award, 1998

Box 132
Item 1 American Heart Association Western Pennsylvania Chapter, Appreciation Award, 1987
Item 2 YWCA Pittsburgh, A Tribute to Women Award, 1995
Item 3 Jewish Sports Hall of Fame of Western Pennsylvania and Sports for Israel, Honor Roll life Member, 1994
Item 4 Blue Cross of Western Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Blue Shield, Plaque 1991
Item 5 Bush Quayle ’88, Plaque of Appreciation, 1988

Box 133
Item 1 Squirrel Hill Kiwanis Club, Women of the Year Award, 1965
Item 2 Guardians of Greater Pittsburgh, Inc., Humanitarian Award, 1973
Item 3 Women’s American Ort, Social Assistance Award, 1973
Item 4 Black Republican Council of Pennsylvania, W.P. Young Award, 1982

Box 134
Item 1 The Forbes Funds, Frieda G. Shapira Medal, 2011
Item 2 University of Pittsburgh Student Activities East-West Martial Arts Club, Award of Support, 2011

Box 135
Item 1 Persad Center, Outstanding Generosity Award, 2002
Item 2 Chapel of Four Chaplains, Legion of Honor Bronze Medallion Plaque, 1999
Item 3 March of Dimes Gala Plaque of Appreciation, 1983

Box 136
Item 1 The Pittsburgh Foundation, Resolution in Honor of Elsie Hillman, 2005
Item 2 YWCA of Greater Pittsburgh, Allerton Award, 1989
Item 3 Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Man and Woman of the Year, 2002
Item 4 Chapel of the Four Chaplains, Plaque of Membership, 2002
Item 5 Innovative Systems Inc., Award of Thanks (as first client and customer), 1968

Box 137
Item 1 Western Pennsylvania Republican Hall of Fame, 1986
Item 2 Urban League of Pittsburgh, Recognition of Service, 1998
Item 3 Pennsylvania’s Campaign for Choice, Honorary Citation, c.1990s
Item 4 Pennsylvania Council of Republican Women, Resolution Honoring Hillman, 1980
Item 5 Republican State Committee Delegation of Allegheny County, Berley Buchman Memorial Spirit of Lincoln Award, 1986

Box 138
Item 1 Point Park College, Doctor of Humane Letters, 1990
Item 2 Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Distinguished Republican Award, 1974
Item 3 Pennsylvania House of Representatives Resolution, Congratulations on Appointment as National Committee Woman, 1975
Item 4 United States Capitol Historical Society, Certificate, 1990

Box 139
Item 1 National Conference of Christians and Jews, National Brotherhood Award, 1973
Item 2 The Wheeler School, Community Service Award, 1969
Item 3 Rider University, Bertram Mott Award, 1995
Item 4 Salvation Army, Catherine Booth Award, 1987

Box 140
Item 1 Pittsburgh Jaycees, Community Service Award, 1978
Item 2 Pittsburgh Vectors, Man of the Year, 1982
Item 3 Jewish National Fund, Citation of Honor, 1996

Box 141
Item 1 1967's Outstanding Women of Pittsburgh District
Item 2 National Night of Honors Award, Plaque in Appreciation of Four Decades of Work for Civil Rights Achievements, 1994
Item 3 Republican National Convention, Mounted microphone used by Hillman to cast delegate votes for George Bush, 1988
Shelf WW 1-E-1 Chartiers Valley Council of Republican Women, framed display of campaign buttons presented to Elsie Hillman
Shelf WW 1-E-1 Pennsylvania Council of Republican Women, framed display of campaign buttons presented to Elsie Hillman, 1991
Shelf WW 1-E-1 Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Universities, Sheepskin Award, 2000
Shelf WW 1-E-1 Run Baby Run Kickoff Event foam core board, 2006