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Series XII. Photographs, c.1930s-2012

Scope and Content Notes:

Series XII contains photographs, as well as contact sheets and negatives of Elsie Hillman during political events including campaigns and Republican National Conventions in addition to photographs taken at community events and award ceremonies. In addition to these photographs are subseries dedicated to photographs of Hillman with other individuals, presidents, Hillman's own family, as well as photo albums, scrapbooks, and non-photographic images.

Subseries 1. Campaigns, 1956-2000

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 1 contains photographs related to political campaigns Elsie Hillman was actively involved in.

Box 101
Folder 1-5 Bush, George H.W. (for President), 1979-1980
Folder 6-9 Bush, George H.W. (for President), 1987-1988
Folder 10-15 Bush, George H.W. (for President), 1992
Folder 16-17 Bush, George W. (for President), 2000
Folder 18 Eisenhower, Dwight D. (for President), Elsie Hillman with Dwight D. Eisenhower as "Ike Girl," 1956
Folder 19 Ford, Gerald R. (for President), Elsie Hillman with Gerald Ford at Organizational Meeting, 1976
Folder 20 Friend, Bob (City Controller), undated
Folder 21 Heinz, H. John III (US Senate), Elsie Hillman at William Penn Hotel on Election Night, 1982
Folder 22-23 Hillman, Elsie (County Republican Chair), 1967
Folder 24 Peirce, Robert (Clerk of Courts), 1971
Folder 25 Ridge, Tom (US Congress), 1990
Folder 26-29 Ridge, Tom (Gubernatorial), 1994
Folder 30 Scranton, William W. III (Gubernatorial), 1986
Folder 31 Shafer, Raymond (Gubernatorial), 1966
Folder 32 Specter, Arlen (US Senate), 1992
Folder 33 Tabor, John K. (Pittsburgh Mayoral), 1968
Folder 34 Thornburgh, Richard L. (US Congress), 1966

Subseries 2. Republican National Conventions, 1964-2000

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 2 contains photographs of Elsie Hillman in attendance at Republican National Conventions and related events.

Folder 35-38 1964 Republican National Convention, 1964
Folder 39 1976 Republican National Convention, 1976
Folder 40-41 1984 Republican National Convention, 1984
Folder 42-44 1988 Republican National Convention, 1988
Folder 45-47 1992 Republican National Convention, 1992

Box 102
Folder 1-10 1996 Republican National Convention, 1996
Folder 11-12 2000 Republican National Convention, 2000

Subseries 3. Various Political Events c.1960s-2007

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 3 contains photographs of political events such as inaugurations, parties, fundraisers, meetings, and conferences.

Folder 13-15 Allegheny County Republican 14th Ward, Saluting Elsie Hillman Dinner, 1996
Folder 16 Allegheny Republican Council, Elsie Hillman seated with Richard Thornburgh, c. 1960s
Folder 17 Anne B. Anstine Excellence in Public Service Series, Elsie Hillman and Bob Asher
Folder 18-21 Elsie Hillman Retirement Breakfast, 1996
Folder 22-23 Inauguration of Raymond Shafer, Allegheny Armpit Party, 1967
Folder 24 Inauguration of Richard L. Thornburgh, 1979
Folder 25 Inaugural Reception for Elsie Hillman, 1989
Folder 26 Luncheon honoring Senator Arlen Specter, 2004
Folder 27 Luncheon for Governor Richard Thornburgh, Elsie Hillman and Ronald Reagan, 1982
Folder 28 National Federation of Republican Women
Folder 29 National Governors Association Meeting, Elsie Hillman, Joe Kuznewski, Nelson Rockefeller, and Spiro Agnew, 1972
Folder 30 Nixon Fundraiser, Richard and Franny Scaife, Richard Schweiker, and Elsie and Henry Hillman, 1971
Folder 31 Party for Arlen Specter, 2004
Folder 32 Pennsylvania Council of Republican Women, Flapper Party at Pittsburgh Golf Club
Folder 33 Pennsylvania Council of Republican Women Annual Convention, 1989
Folder 34 Pennsylvania Council of Republican Women Annual Convention, 1992
Folder 35 Pennsylvania Council of Republican Women Annual Convention, Elsie Hillman with Anne Anstine and Martha Bell Schoeninger, 1982
Folder 36 Pennsylvania Women’s Campaign Fund Event, Elsie Hillman and Catherine Baker Knoll, 2007
Folder 37 Presidential Delegation to the Gambia, 1990
Folder 38 Presidential Inaugural Ball, Elsie Hillman and Bob Dodds, 1969
Folder 39 Presidential Inaugural Ball, Elsie Hillman and Hugh Scott, 1981
Folder 40-41 Presidential Inauguration Ceremony, Commemorative Photographs, 1981-1989
Folder 42 President’s Drug Advisory Council Event
Folder 43 Pro-Choice Demonstration, Elsie Hillman with Audrey Hillman Fisher and Lilah Fisher, c.1990
Folder 44 Reception for LeRoy S. Zimmerman, 1980
Folder 45-47 Republican Breakfast Club, Elsie Hillman with Ronald Reagan and John Tabor, 1968
Folder 48 Republican Majority for Choice, March for Women’s Lives, 2004
Folder 49 Republican Majority for Choice Dinner, c. 2005
Folder 50 Republican National Committee Leadership Conference, 1975
Folder 51 Republican National Committee Mid-Atlantic Conference, 1953

Box 103
Folder 1 Republican State Committee Party at Hershey Lodge, 1996
Folder 2 Republicans for Choice, Elsie Hillman and Jim Greenwood at rally, 1992
Folder 3 Swearing-in Ceremony of Secretary of Commerce Barbara Franklin, 1992

Subseries 4. Community and Charity Events, c.1967-2012

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 4 contains photographs involving local community and cultural institutions. This includes events and organizations such as the Hillman Cancer Center, the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, and WQED.

Folder 4 Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Presentation of Check by Governor Mark Schweiker, 2002
Folder 5 Chatham Center for Women in Politics, Elsie Hillman with Molly Garnett, 1999
Folder 6 Dinner for David Epperson, 2001
Folder 7 Gateway Rehab “Hope Has a Home” Gala, 2009
Folder 8 Heinz Hall Grand Opening, Drue Heinz, Henry, and Elsie Hillman, 1971
Folder 9 Henry Hillman Hall of Minerals Opening, 1980
Folder 10-11 Hillman Cancer Center Dedication, Contact Sheets, 2002
Folder 12 Hillman Cancer Center Groundbreaking, 1999
Folder 13 Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania, Opening Night of the Senator John Heinz History Center, 1997
Folder 14 Institute of Politics, Never a Spectator Event, 2012
Folder 15 Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition Event, c. 2001
Folder 16 Persad Auction, Elsie Hillman with Lynn and Charena Swann, 1997
Folder 17 Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Dinner for Anne Patton, 1997
Folder 18 Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Group Photo after Four Singular Sensations Concert, 2007
Folder 19 Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Women’s Association Annual Fashion Gala, 1974
Folder 20 Pittsburgh Urban Magnet Project, “PUMP 10.0: A Decade of Impact” Event, 2005
Folder 21 Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania 70th Anniversary Celebration, 2000
Folder 22-24 PPG Ice Rink Grand Opening, 2001
Folder 25 POW Prayer Day, Elsie Hillman with County Commissioners Tom Foerster, Leonard Staisey, and Bill Hunt, and Pittsburgh religious leaders, 1970
Folder 26 Robert Morris Public Speakers Series, David McCullough with Elsie and Henry Hillman, 2003
Folder 27 Robert Morris Public Speakers Series, Elsie Hillman, Henry Hillman, and Colin Powell, 2006
Folder 28-30 Save Our Summer '04, 2004

Box 104
Folder 1 Sharing and Caring Boat Ride for Veterans, 1994
Folder 2 St. Patrick’s Day Parade, c. 1967
Folder 3 Tribute to Billy Conn, Elsie Hillman, Billy and Mary-Louise Conn, 1990
Folder 4 Tribute to Johnny Costa, 1993
Folder 5 University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute Gala, Ron Herberman, Henry and Elsie Hillman, and Dr. Stanley Marks
Folder 6 UPMC Magee Women’s Event, Elsie Hillman with Coretta Scott King and Nate Smith, 1999
Folder 7 WQED “Dinner with Marvin” Event, 1996
Folder 8 WQED Elsie Awards, 2000
Folder 9-10 WQED Elsie Awards, 2002
Folder 11 WQED Elsie Awards, 2004
Folder 12 WQED Event, Elsie Hillman and Helen Faison, 1975
Folder 13 WQED Fundraiser
Folder 14 WQED Retirement Party for Lloyd Kaiser and Tom Skinner, 1993
Folder 15 WQED TV Auction, 1972
Folder 16-20 WQED TV Auction, 1973
Folder 21 WQED TV Auction, 1975
Folder 22-23 WQED TV Auction, 1978
Folder 24 WQED TV Auction, Elsie Hillman and Mime Volunteer
Folder 25 WQED TV Auction, John and Teresa Heinz
Folder 26 WQED TV Auction, Richard Caliguiri and Elsie Hillman (in gorilla suit)

Subseries 5. Awards and Ceremonies, 1971-2007

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 5 contains photographs of Elsie Hillman and others at award ceremonies or dinners.

Folder 27-29 American Ireland Fund Gala, 2004
Folder 30 B'nai Brith, 2003
Folder 31 Chapel of Four Chaplains, Legion of Honor Bronze Medallion Award Dinner, 1999
Folder 32 Chatham College Commencement, 1993
Folder 33 Event Honoring Leonard Staisey, c. 1990s
Folder 34 Girl Scouts of Western Pennsylvania, Women and Girls of Distinction Awards, 2007
Folder 35 Hadassah Pittsburgh Chapter Myrtle Wreath Award, 1993
Folder 36 Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania, History Makers Gala, 1995
Folder 37 Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania, History Makers Award, Henry Hillman
Folder 38 Jewish National Fund Dinner honoring William Steinburg, 1975
Folder 39 Jewish National Fund, Tree of Life Awards, 2002
Folder 40 National Coalition of Christians and Jews Dinner, 1973
Folder 41 National Flag Foundation, Molly Pitcher Award, 1993
Folder 42 National Friends of Public Broadcasting Event, Elsie Hillman with Elizabeth Campbell, 1995
Folder 43 Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Universities, Elsie and Henry Hillman receive Sheepskin Award, 2001
Folder 44 Pennsylvania Distinguished Republican Award Dinner, 1974
Folder 45 Pennsylvania Distinguished Republican Awards Dinner for Hugh Scott, 1973
Folder 46 Pennsylvania Society Dinner, 1998
Folder 47 Pittsburgh Courier Top Hat Award, Elsie Hillman and Carl E. Morris, 1971
Folder 48 Pittsburgh Jaycees Community Leader Award, 1978
Folder 49 Pittsburgh Public Theater George S. Kaufmann Awards, Elsie Hillman with Helen Hayes, 1987
Folder 50 Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Golden Triangle Awards, Elsie Hillman with Rachel Mellon Walton, 2002

Box 105
Folder 1 Pittsburgh Vectors' Man of the Year Award, 1983
Folder 2 Point Park University Commencement, 1990
Folder 3-4 St. Barnabas Hance Awards, 1988
Folder 5 Waynesburg University Commencement, 1978
Folder 6 Westminster Choir College Commencement, 1989
Folder 7 Westminster Choir College Commencement, 1991
Folder 8 Woodrow Wilson Awards, Elsie Hillman, Tom Ridge, Jim Rohr, and Henry Hillman, 2003
Folder 9 YWCA Pittsburgh Chapter, Elsie Hillman receiving Allerton Award, 1989
Folder 10 Unidentified Award Dinner, c. 1970s

Subseries 6. Presidents George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush and First Family, 1945-2000

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 6 contains photographs of Elsie Hillman with George H.W. and Barbara Bush. All in this subseries are a number of photographs of the Bush family in which Hillman is not included.

Folder 11 Air Force Two, Elsie Hillman with Earl Baker, and George H.W. Bush, 1986
Folder 12 Barbara Bush, Pope John Paul II, and George H.W. Bush
Folder 13 Bus Advertisement of George H.W. Bush, 1993
Folder 14 Bush Family Photos, 1945-1989
Folder 15-20 Duquesne University Commencement, 1981
Folder 21 Duquesne University Luncheon, 1992
Folder 22 Elsie Hillman, Anne Anstine, and George H.W. Bush in Kennebunkport, 1987
Folder 23 Elsie Hillman, Anne Anstine, and George H.W. Bush at Philadelphia Airport, 1992
Folder 24-27 Elsie Hillman and Barbara Bush, 1987-1991
Folder 28 Elsie Hillman, Barbara and George H.W. Bush, 1979
Folder 29 Elsie Hillman, Barbara and George H.W. Bush, 1992
Folder 30 Elsie Hillman, Barbara and George H.W. Bush, and Earl Baker, 1987
Folder 31-41 Elsie Hillman and George H.W. Bush, 1979-1992
Folder 42 Elsie Hillman, George H.W. Bush, Theresa and Robert D’Angelis, 1988
Folder 43 Elsie Hillman, George H.W. Bush, and Tom Ridge, c.1993-1994
Folder 44 Elsie Hillman, George H.W. Bush, and Charlie Sexton, 1988
Folder 45 Elsie Hillman, George H.W. Bush, and Jay Waldman, 1988
Folder 46 Elsie Hillman, George W. Bush, Tom Ridge, and Unknown, c. 2000
Folder 47-50 Elsie and Henry Hillman with George H.W. Bush, 1987 - c. 2000
Folder 51 Elsie and Henry Hillman with George H.W. and Barbara Bush c. 1980s
Folder 52 Elsie and Henry Hillman with George W. Bush, c. 1992
Folder 53 Elsie and Henry Hillman with George W. Bush and Tom Ridge, c. 2000
Folder 54 Elsie and Henry Hillman with Jim Roddey, Audrey Hillman Fisher, and George W. Bush
Folder 55 Elsie Hillman greeting George H.W. Bush at Greater Pittsburgh Airport, 1988
Folder 56 Elise Hillman greeting George H.W. Bush at Norristown Airport, 1992
Folder 57-58 Elsie Hillman greeting George H.W. Bush, Arlen Specter, and Larry Coughlin at Philadelphia Airport, 1990
Folder 59 Event hosted by Douglas Danforth, c. 1988-1992
Folder 60 Extra Mile Foundation Visit, 2000
Folder 61 Fundraiser for Arlen Specter, 1994
Folder 62 George H.W. Bush, 1985
Folder 63 George H.W. Bush, c. 1980s

Box 106
Folder 1-5 George H.W. and Barbara Bush, c. 1980s-1990s
Folder 6 George H.W. Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev, c. 1980s
Folder 7 Henry Hillman and George H.W. Bush, 1987
Folder 8 Millie the White House Dog, 1989
Folder 9 Operation Desert Storm Commemorative Photograph, 1991
Folder 10-12 Pennsylvania Bush Volunteer Day, 1989
Folder 13-14 State Visit of Boris Yeltsin, 1992
Folder 15 Walker's Point
Folder 16-17 White House Exhibit, 1989
Folder 18 White House Restoration Fund Reception, Elsie Hillman, David Rockefeller, and Barbara Bush, 1990
Folder 19-23 Yacht Madcap, 1988

Subseries 7. Presidential Photographs, 1960-c.1990s

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 7 contains photographs of U.S. Presidents pictured with Elsie and Henry Hillman, in addition to these photographs there are a handful of Presidential portraits.

Folder 24 Carter, Henry Hillman with Jimmy Carter, c. 1970s
Folder 25 Eisenhower, Elsie Hillman and Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1960
Folder 26 Ford, Elsie Hillman, Marion Bell, and Gerald Ford, c. 1974
Folder 27 Ford, Elsie Hillman, Marion Bell, Gerald Ford, and Richard Schweiker, c. 1974
Folder 28 Ford, Elsie Hillman, Gerald Ford, and Cecily Grant
Folder 29 Ford, Elsie and Henry Hillman with Gerald Ford, 1983
Folder 30 Ford, Elsie and Henry Hillman, Jack Heinz, Gerald Ford, Teresa and H. John Heinz III
Folder 31 Ford, Elsie Hillman, John Woznisky, and Gerald Ford, 1976
Folder 32 Ford, Portrait of Gerald R. Ford
Folder 33 Nixon, Elsie Hillman and Richard Nixon, 1969
Folder 34 Nixon, Elsie Hillman, Milner Roberts, and Richard Nixon, 1960
Folder 35 Nixon, Elsie Hillman with Richard Scaife, Ed Howard, John Rawlins, and Richard Nixon, 1971
Folder 36 Reagan, Elsie Hillman and Ronald Reagan, 1988
Folder 37 Reagan, Elsie Hillman, Arlen Specter, and Ronald Reagan
Folder 38-39 Reagan, Portraits of Ronald Reagan
Folder 40 Republican Senatorial Inner Circle, Gerald and Betty Ford, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, Richard and Patricia Nixon, and George H.W. and Barbara Bush, c. 1990s

Subseries 8. Elsie Hillman and Hillman Family, c.1920s-2005

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 8 contains photographs of Elsie Hillman as well as relatives and family members of Hillman.

Folder 41 Audrey Hilliard (Sister-in-Law), c. 2000s
Folder 42 Elsie Hillman, c. 1920s-1940s
Folder 43 Elsie Hillman, c. 1960s
Folder 44 Elsie Hillman, 1979
Folder 45 Elsie Hillman, c. 2000s
Folder 46 Elsie Hillman (in fur coat), c. 1960s
Folder 47 Elsie Hillman (wearing Bush shirt), c. 1988
Folder 48 Elsie Hillman speaking at William Penn Hotel, c. 1960s
Folder 49 Elsie Hillman viewing drawing of Governor Raymond Shafer, 1968
Folder 50 Elsie and Henry Hillman, c. 1950s
Folder 51 Elsie and Henry Hillman, 1976
Folder 52 Elsie and Henry Hillman, c. 1970s
Folder 53 Elsie and Henry Hillman, c. 2000s
Folder 54 Elsie and Henry Hillman, at Birthday Party for Drue Heinz, 2000
Folder 55 Group Photograph of Hillman family outside of Hillman Cancer Center, c. 2000s
Folder 56 Henry L. Hillman
Folder 57 Henry L. Hillman (at industrial site), c. 1950s
Folder 58 Henry L. Hillman, Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania History Makers Award,
Folder 59 Henry Hillman Jr, 1988
Folder 60 Juliet Lea Hillman, Bill Hillman, Henry Hillman Jr., and Audrey Hillman
Folder 61 Wedding Reenactment, 2005

Subseries 9. Group Photographs including Elsie Hillman, c.1948-2012

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 9 contains photographs of Elsie Hillman featured with various individuals and is arranged primarily by last name.

Folder 62 John E. Angle and David Roderick
Folder 63 Anne Anstine and Marlene Carrier, 1992
Folder 64 Anne Anstine and Unknown
Folder 65 Lee Atwater
Folder 66 Rev. John Baiz, 1965
Folder 67 Dexter Baker
Folder 68 Jim Baker and Henry Hillman
Folder 69 Hank Beukema, 1992
Folder 70 Ray Bliss, Charles Percy, and Norbert T. Tiemann, 1967
Folder 71 Victor Borge, c. 1948
Folder 72 Bill Burns
Folder 73 Frick Byers, Jim Fulton, Hugh Scott, Marion Bell, and Marion Scott
Folder 74 Dick Caliguiri and John Bonassi
Folder 75 "'Chink' and his friend," 1980
Folder 76 John Connally, 1977
Folder 77 Johnny Costa
Folder 78 Arthur Edmunds
Folder 79 Dick Frame, 1975

Box 107
Folder 1 Bob Friend and Bill Hunt
Folder 2 Jim Fulton and Marion Metro
Folder 3 Jim Fulton and Unknown
Folder 4 Andy Gleason, George Bloom, Ted Rubino, Frank Pasquerilla, Bill Scranton, and Hugh Scott
Folder 5 Jack Heinz
Folder 6 Henry Hillman
Folder 7 Henry Hillman, Dick Cheney, and Tom Ridge
Folder 8 Henry Hillman and Ron Herberman, c. 1996
Folder 9 Henry Hillman and Lorin Maazel
Folder 10 Henry Hillman, Sophie Masloff, Rita Wilson Kane, and Unknown
Folder 11 Henry Hillman and George Miles
Folder 12 Henry Hillman and Tom Ridge, c. 2000
Folder 13 Bill Hunt and Bob Duggan
Folder 14 Jack Jordan
Folder 15 Nancy Landon Kasselbaum, 1989
Folder 16 Ron Kaufman
Folder 17 Joe Laquatra
Folder 18-19 Charles Lieberth
Folder 20 Barbara Love, Ray Primas, “Teenie Harris”, Ken Love, and Barbara Primas, 1998
Folder 21 Revered Arthur McAnulty
Folder 22 George Miles
Folder 23 Tom Murphy, and Joe Laquatra
Folder 24 Queen Noor of Jordan, 2005
Folder 25 Sheldon Parker
Folder 26 Thomas Petrone, 1999
Folder 27 Morgan Plant, John Denny, Gordon Woodrow, Steve Dunkle, Pat Saylor, and Bob Colonna, 2012
Folder 28 Johno Prascak, 2007
Folder 29 Maureen Reagan, 1980
Folder 30 Nancy Reagan, 1986
Folder 31 Condoleeza Rice, 2004
Folder 32 Cokie Roberts, George Miles, and Claudette Lewis, 2004
Folder 33 Nelson Rockefeller, Jack Heinz, and Richard Thornburgh, c. 1968
Folder 34 Nelson Rockefeller and Martha Bell Schoeninger, 1975
Folder 35 Nelson Rockefeller, Hugh Scott, Marion Scott, and Dick Frame, 1975
Folder 36-37 Jim Roddey, c. 1999
Folder 38 Jonas Salk and Richard Thornburgh
Folder 39 Martha Bell Schoeninger, 1980
Folder 40 Bill Scranton III, 1979
Folder 41 Bill Scranton III, Ginnie and Richard Thornburgh, c. 1978
Folder 42 Bob Shirey, Shirley Collins, and Howard Baker, 1975
Folder 43 Nate Smith
Folder 44 Arlen Specter, Dan Quayle, and Henry Hillman
Folder 45 William Steinberg and Wesley Posvar, 1978
Folder 46 Louis W. Sullivan, c. 1990s
Folder 47 Richard Thornburgh, 1979
Folder 48 Richard Thornburgh
Folder 49 Julie Uram, c. 1996
Folder 50 Eddie Waldron and Unknown, 1967
Folder 51 Andrew Young, 1976
Folder 52 Campaign Office Workers, c. 1992
Folder 53 Unknown, c. 1970s

Subseries 10. Group Photographs not including Elsie Hillman, c.1944-c.2000s

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 10 contains group photographs in which Elsie Hillman is not pictured.

Folder 54 Walter Curley, c. 1944
Folder 55 Walter Curley and John Lindsay
Folder 56 D. Michael Fisher and John Denny, c. 2000s
Folder 57 Drue and Jack Heinz
Folder 58 H. John Heinz III
Folder 59 H. John Heinz III and Teresa Heinz, 1971
Folder 60 Vira Heinz, Jim Walton, and Henry Hillman
Folder 61 Juliet Lea Hillman, Nelson Rockefeller, Henry Hillman Jr, and Hugh Scott
Folder 62 Harry Markowitz and Bob Duggan
Folder 63 Harry Markowitz and William W. Scranton Jr.
Folder 64 Richard Thornburgh and Robert Duggan, 1966
Folder 65 Richard Thornburgh and Joe Durzo, 1966

Subseries 11. Portraits and Publicity Photographs, 1960s-1990s

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 11 contains portraits and publicity photos of individuals.

Folder 66 Anne Anstine
Folder 67 Lee Atwater
Folder 68 Victor Borge
Folder 69 Drue Heinz
Folder 70 Jesse Helms, 1986
Folder 71 Ron Herberman, c. 1995
Folder 72 Herman LaMark
Folder 73 Tom Ridge c. 1980s
Folder 74 Nelson Rockefeller, c. 1970s
Folder 75 Hugh Scott,
Folder 76 John K. Tabor, c. 1960s

Subseries 12. Other, 1967-2000s

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 12 contains photographs, negatives, and cartoons used or sent to Elsie Hillman.

Box 108
Folder 1 Allegheny Republican Party Candidates depicted as babies, 1967
Folder 2 Blair House, c. 1980s
Folder 3 Board of Campaign Buttons
Folder 4 Calvary Episcopal Church, Photographs from Development Campaign Book, 1971
Folder 5 Carnegie Cup, Photograph submitted to Heinz Memorial Committee
Folder 6 Cartoon depicting George Bloom
Folder 7 Hungerford, Cy, Cartoons depicting Elsie Hillman as Allegheny County Republican Chairwoman, 1967-1971
Folder 8 Negatives
Folder 9 Republican Party Cartoon
Folder 10 UPMC Employees, Press photographs 2000s

Subseries 13. Photo Albums and Scrapbooks, 1960s-1997

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 13 contains photo albums and scrapbooks given to Hillman.

Box 108
Volume 1 Photo Album, Zonta International "Tea with Elsie Hillman," 1997

Box 109
Volume 1 Scrapbook 1
Volume 2 Scrapbook 2
Volume 3 Scrapbook 3

Subseries 14. Oversized Images and Cartoons, 1967-2006

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 14 contains oversized images and cartoons. These include a number of enlarged photographs as well as cartoons by Cy Hungerford drawn to commemorate Elsie Hillman's role as Allegheny County Republican Chair.

Box 110
Folder 1 Gerald Ford
Folder 2 Elsie Hillman, Barbara Bush and Sophie Masloff, 1989
Folder 3 Elsie Hillman, George H.W. and Barbara Bush, and Esther Curley, c. 1980s
Folder 4 Elsie Hillman and Gerald Ford
Folder 5 Elsie Hillman and Nelson Rockefeller, 1968
Folder 6 Elsie Hillman, Nelson Rockefeller, George Bloom, Hugh and Marion Scott, and Dick Frame, 1968
Folder 7 Elsie Hillman, Nelson Rockefeller, Edward Speer and his wife (unnamed), 1968
Folder 8 Elsie Hillman with Political Supporters, 1980
Folder 9 William W. Scranton Jr.
Folder 10 Ray Shaffer
Folder 11 National Republican Senatorial Committee, Group Photograph
Folder 12 White House Christmas Reception, Elsie Hillman and Barbara Bush, 1989

Box 111
Folder 1 Ray Bliss
Folder 2 Cartoon of Hugh Scott (as William Penn)
Folder 3 Election Day Newspapers, 1971
Folder 4 Elsie and Henry Hillman with George H.W. and Barbara Bush, c. 1980s
Folder 5 Hungerford, Cy, Cartoon commemorating Elsie Hillman's election as County Republican Chairwoman, 1967
Folder 6 Hungerford, Cy, Cartoon commemorating Elsie Hillman reacting to Democratic landslide
Folder 7 Hungerford, Cy, Cartoon commemorating Elsie Hillman's retirement as Allegheny County Republican Chairwoman, 1970
Folder 8 Northside Urban Pathways Charter School Event
Folder 9 Parson, A., Cartoon depicting Elsie Hillman as a nurse
Folder 10 Pittsburgh Rotary Club, Drawing of Elsie Hillman, 1990
Folder 11 Presidential Election Newspapers, 1980
Folder 12 Republican Senatorial Inner Circle, c. 1980s
Folder 13 Republican Senatorial Inner Circle, Presidents Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, George H.W. Bush, and Gerald R. Ford, c.1990s
Folder 14 Salute to the President Dinner honoring President Richard M. Nixon, 1971
Folder 15 John Walker
Folder 16 Women's Health Services Inc, "An Open Letter to 21 Million Women"

Box 112
Folder 1 George H.W. and Barbara Bush
Folder 2 Allegheny County Republican 14th Ward, Signed Thank You Poster, c. 1974
Folder 3 Duquesne University, Doctorate of Humane Letters, 1979
Folder 4 Inauguration Day Newspaper Clippings, 1989
Folder 5 Philadelphia Association of School Administrators Award, 1989
Folder 6 Poster, “Ike the Cook”
Folder 7 Poster, Pennsylvania for Bush
Folder 8 Elsie and Henry Hillman with George H.W. and Barbara Bush
Folder 9 Elsie Hillman, George H.W. Bush, Audrey Hillman Fisher, and Tim Fisher, 1988
Shelf WW 1-A-1 Elsie Hillman with Richard Scaife, Ed Howard, John Rawlins, and Richard Nixon, 1971
Shelf WW 1-A-1 Photographic Display of 1996 Republican National Convention, given to Hillman from Tim Shaffer, 1996
Shelf WW 1-A-1 Photographic Display of Pennsylvania Bush Volunteer Day, given to Hillman by Tim Shaffer, 1989