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Series I. The Nature of the Truth

Scope and Content Notes:

Series I contains notes on chapters I-V of F. Ramsey's manuscript on the nature of truth. All of these notes are handwritten and may show signs of revision or reformulation. While the series is focused on the topic of the nature of truth and its components were intended to be part of a book, the researcher should be aware that other series will contain additional notes explicating Ramsey's thoughts on the nature of truth.

Box 1
Folder 1-2 Chapter I - The Nature of Truth
Folder 3 Mental States and Acts, Notes
Folder 4-5 Theories of Truth
Folder 6 Absolute Truth
Folder 7-9 Coherence Theory of Truth (Chapter II)
Folder 10 Notes on Truth
Folder 11 Chapter III Judgment
Folder 12 Chapter IV Knowledge and Opinion
Folder 13-14 Chapter V Judgment and Time
Folder 15 Truth and Science, Notes on Truth
Folder 16 Notes on Truth, Logic, and Probability
Folder 17 Chapter I - Logical Values
Folder 18 Chapter I - Introductory