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Series XXVII. Supplementary Carnap Material with Varied Provenance, 1913-2007

Scope and Content Notes:

This material was received after the original acquisition of the Carnap Papers, mostly by donation or exchange of photocopies with other repositories. Besides correspondence with, among others, Flitner, Dingler, Quine, Gödel, and Neurath, some additional formats can be found, such as an anecdote by Peter Achinstein about a meeting with Carnap and others, manuscript drafts by others, and a book list of Carnap's library. In some cases, a sheet informing about the provenance of the material was included at the beginning of the file folder. This sheet carries its own number and is included in the total item count.

Box 115
Folder 1 Correspondence between Herbert A. Simon and Rudolf Carnap; donated by Herbert A. Simon; 3 items, 1937
Folder 2 Typed notes entitled "Carnap, Notes for Introduction," "The Ten Virtues of Good Scientific Theories," and typed lecture notes entitled "Introduction to Analytic Philosophy," by unknown author; donated by Thomas Oberdan.
Folder 3 Correspondence between Carnap and Wilhelm Flitner, 71 items, 1913-1969
Folder 4 Correspondence between Carnap and Hugo Dingler, 37 items, 1920-1953
Folder 5 Correspondence between Carnap and W.V. Quine, 58 items, 1939-1964
Folder 6 Correspondence between Carnap and W.V. Quine, 80 items, 1932-1939
Folder 7 Correspondence between Carnap and Otto Neurath, 69 items, 1934-1948
Folder 8 Correspondence between Carnap and Kurt Gödel, 13 items, 1929-1939
Folder 9 Kurt Gödel: "Is Mathematics Syntax of Language?" Copies of two drafts of a paper by Kurt Gödel intended to be included in Schilpp, The Philosophy of Rudolf Carnap. Due to Gödel’s dissatisfaction with it, the paper was never finished; 3 items.
Folder 10 Correspondence between Carnap and Heinrich Behmann, 26 items, 1922-1954
Folder 11 Letters from Wilhelm Essler to Carnap, and Correspondence Pertaining to Commemorative Activities following Carnap’s Death; donated by Professor Wilhelm Essler, 9 items, 1969-1971
Folder 12 "Carnap’s Letter to Frau Lila": A copy of a typed letter from Carnap to an unidentified Frau Lila, mainly discussing personal matters, and a copy of the title page of Wissenschaftliche Weltauffassung: Der Wiener Kreis with handwritten notes by Carnap and another hand; 3 items, 1929
Folder 13 Transcription of a Tape-Recorded Book List for the Rudolf Carnap Papers. Books owned by Carnap enumerated in a tape recording and subsequent typed transcription; 2 items.
Folder 14 Photographic Negatives of Original Photos from the Carnap Papers. Negatives produced at the request of various researchers during recent years; 44 items.
Folder 15 Transcription of Carnap’s Shorthand Annotations in His Books. Transcription of Carnap’s shorthand annotations in books of his library, created at the request of researchers; 1 item.
Folder 16 Carlos Ulises Moulines Documents: One circular letter by Rudolf Carnap with handwritten, dictated notes to Professor Rolf George; one handwritten letter in German by Moulines to Rudolf Carnap, with two enclosed, handwritten essays in German by Moulines entitled "Konstitution der eigenpsychischen Gegenstände" and "Konstitution der Zeit im Gebiet des Eigenpsychischen;" 3 items, 1968
Folder 17 Story by Peter Achinstein about a Meeting with Carnap, L.J. Savage and Others during the Mid-1960’s. 1 item, 2007