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Series X. Scrapbooks, ca. 1850-1950

Scope and Content Notes:

The Darlington family scrapbooks consist of 11 bound volumes documenting local and national events. The items have been retained in their original arrangement, but lack any discernable order. Dated clippings range from late nineteenth to early twentieth centuries. The majority of the items in the books are newspaper clippings from local and national newspapers and detail people, places, and items of interest in and around Pittsburgh, with a number of clippings about the Darlingtons themselves. Most are undated, though some have printed or handwritten dates on them, and lack the name of the publication. Programs, sheet music, maps, sketches appearing in newspapers, magazine clippings, obituaries, and clippings concerning areas other than Pennsylvania are also included in the scrapbooks.

Some of the books contain alphabetized indexes of the clippings and others handwritten indexes affixed to or written on the inside covers of the scrapbooks. One book contains the name of the book's binder, the date it was bound, and the cost of binding, while another has the name Mary O'Hara Darlington inscribed on the inside of the front cover.

Volume 38 Scrapbook, ca. 1850s-1880s

Inside cover signed by William M. Darlington. Contains lithographs and engravings of noted individuals. Only first half of scrapbook is complete.

Volume 39 Scrapbook, 1891-1898

Inside cover signed by Mary O'Hara Darlington, Guyasuta. Pages cut from album (disbound). Contains newsclippings of events of interest, 1891-1898 (inc. index).

Volume 40 Scrapbook, ca. 1907-1912

Mostly clippings pertaining to the subject of art and Pittsburgh Artists Association; likely assembled and kept by Mary Darlington.

Volume 41 Scrapbook, ca. 1860s-1880s

Mostly clippings pertaining to the history of Pittsburgh, likely created by William Darlington.

Volume 42 Scrapbook, ca. 1870s-1880s

Noted as Vol. 2 in the inside cover; likely created by William Darlington.

Volume 43 Scrapbook, ca. 1880-1920s

Darlington family scrapbook containing wealth of information about family members and Guyasuta.

Volume 55 Scrapbook, ca. 1820s-1870s

Newsclippings documenting Pittsburgh history and ninteenth century obituaries and other matters. Index in back.

Volume 56 Scrapbook

Engravings and prints with index; most likely created by O'Hara Darlington.

Volume 57 Scrapbook, 1879-1922

Inside cover inscribed: Minnie O'Hara Darlington, Christmas 1879, Guyasuta. Contains newsclips.

Volume 58 Scrapbook

Pittsburgh and U.S. biographies and history newsclippings.

Volume 59 Scrapbook

Newsclippings of Pittsburgh and Virginia families and many other matters with index.