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Series VIII. Family Papers 1826-1914

Scope and Content Notes:

This diverse group of materials has been divided into three subseries. Subseries 1 contains photographs and ephemera collected or created by the Darlington family during their travels. Subseries 2 contains a few letters to extended family members and genealogical information about the Darlingtons. Subseries 3 documents Darlington properties, particularly the house at Guyasuta. Subseries 4 contains the papers of the Hemphill family, who were good friends of the Darlingtons.

Subseries 1. Photographs and Ephemera

Scope and Content Notes:

The Darlington family collected souvenirs during their travels, including: a printed booklet from Washington, D.C.; souvenir cabinet cards of Florida locations such as Jacksonville, Silver Springs, Palatka, Leesburg, St Augustine, Daytona Beach, the Ocklawaha River, and Lake Worth; photographs of St. Michael's church in Charleston; and photographs of the basalt structures at the Giant's Causeway in North Ireland. Photographs of the Darlingtons during their travels include an image of Mary Carson Darlington and Edith Darlington with friends taken at Pikes Peak, Colorado, a photograph of Mary Carson O'Hara Darlington with her three children in front of Kenilworth castle, Warwickshire, England, and images from a Darlington family trip to Barcelona Harbor on Lake Erie in Pennsylvania.

Additional photographs include: Hillborn Darlington; an unknown woman who could be Mary Carson O'Hara Darlington; and a photograph taken by O'Hara Darlington of his sisters with their friend Lilia. In addition to these photographs, a children's book includes the childhood signatures of O'Hara Darlington, Mary Carson Darlington and Edith Darlington on the front end leaf, and a number of unsigned water colors and sketches of natural scenes, likely done by Mary Carson O'Hara Darlington or her daughter, Mary Carson Darlington. For more information, please refer to Box 25, which may contain related oversized materials.

Box 9
Folder 1 Washington, D.C., Souvenir booklet, 1884
Folder 2 Florida color postcards, 1884
Folder 3-13 Photographs from Florida trip, 1884
Folder 14 Photograph on Pikes Peak, September 3, 1892
Folder 15 Photographs from Barcelona Harbor, 1897
Folder 16 Darlington Family Photographs, undated
Folder 17 St. Michael's Photographs, undated
Folder 18 Photograph of Mary Carson, undated
Folder 19 Photograph Warwickshire, England, undated
Folder 20 Panoramic illustration of Victoria, British Columbia, undated
Folder 21 The Adventures of a Bear, and a Great Bear Too, undated
Folder 22 Northern Ireland photographs, undated
Folder 23 Trip to Honda, 1884
Folder 24-27 Water colors and sketches, undated

Box 28
Item 1-3 Framed photographs, undated
1. James O'Hara (portrait)
2. William M. Darlington (portrait)
3. Mary O'Hara Darlington (shown painting in greenhouse at Guyasuta)

Subseries 2. Extended Family Papers and Genealogical Materials

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains genealogical materials documenting the Darlingtons, O'Haras and McCulloughs, including the Darlington family coat of arms. The subseries also includes correspondence from Darlingtons not represented by an independent series of materials, including the Third Earl of Darlington, Samuel Darlington and J. Darlington.

Box 10
Folder 1 J. Darlington to Jacob Burnett, July 31, 1799
Folder 2 Letter written by the Third Earl of Darlington, July 20, 1826
Folder 3 Darlington Genealogical Papers, undated
Folder 4 Birth and Death Date Listings for the McCulloughs, undated
Folder 5 William Wilkins to Samuel Darlington, undated
Folder 6 Darlington Coat of Arms, undated
Volume 51 The Genealogy of the Darlington Family, 1900

Subseries 3. Family Properties

Scope and Content Notes:

The items listed below document the layout and dimensions of the Guyasuta mansion and surrounding property, including floor plans and gas pipe diagrams. Photographs show an additional Darlington property at Marshall Avenue and Brighton Road in Allegheny City. A land lease for property owned by Samuel Darlington and a list of properties sold on behalf of Jane McCullough are also present. For more information, please refer to Box 25, which contains oversized materials.

Folder 7 Guyasuta Road map, September 30, 1890
Folder 8 Drawing of Guyasuta and environs, undated
Folder 9 Rooms at Guyasuta, undated
Folder 10 Guyasuta Floor Plan, undated
Folder 11 Gas Pipes, undated
Folder 12 Land Lease for Samuel Darlington, January 1, 1828
Folder 13 Real Estate sold on behalf of Jane McCullough, November 17, 1830-August 13, 1831

Subseries 4. Hemphill Family Papers

Scope and Content Notes:

The Hemphills were close friends of the Darlington family. Collected here are a small number of family letters, including an 1861 letter from a Union soldier at Fort Lyon, and an 1886 letter describing a grandfather's tales about "bloody murders" at the hands of neighboring Indians along the Youghiogheny River. A handwritten Hemphill family tree is present, as are commemorative buttons and badges representing the National Encampment in Syracuse, New York, in September 1900; the 8th Annual Convention of the National Rivers and Harbors Congress; the 1900 Democratic National Convention in Kansas City, Missouri; and a 1914 bracelet medallion that reads "Come to Pittsburgh." For more information, please refer to Box 25, which contains oversized information.

Folder 14 Hemphill family tree, September 2, 1830
Folder 15 Letter written from Fort Lyon to Cousin Annie, October 16, 1861
Folder 16 Cousin Lizzie to Maggie, August 26, 1863
Folder 17 Unknown to Cousin George, April 12, 1886
Folder 18 Letter written by Cousin H.H. Anderson, undated