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Title: Fulton Theater Records
Collection Number: CTC.2000.01
Creator: Fulton Theater (Pittsburgh, Pa.).

Collection Dates: 1934-1963
Extent: 19.5 linear feet (43 boxes)

Language: English

The Fulton Theater showed major motion pictures and operated in downtown Pittsburgh during the 1930's through the 1980's. The materials in this collection consist of operational and business files that contain financial reports, promotional materials, ledgers, correspondence, box office reports, and other materials related to the operation of the theater.

ULS Special Collections Department
University of Pittsburgh Library System
Hillman Library, Room 363
3960 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA, 15260
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Finding aid prepared by William Daw.

The Fulton Theater was located in Pittsburgh on the corner of Sixth Street and Fort Duquesne Boulevard from 1930's-1995. The theater was originally called the Gayety Theater. Built in 1903, it ran for thirty years as one of Pittsburgh's foremost stage and vaudeville houses. In the 1930's, the theater was renamed the Fulton and became a full time motion picture theater. The theater was purchased by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust in 1990 and the Fulton was renovated and reopened in 1991. It was later renamed the Byham Theater through a naming right from the Byham family in 1995. The Fulton neon sign that had been displayed above the theater has been restored by the State Museum of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg and is installed there as part of a theater exhibit.

Collection Scope and Content Notes

This collection contains the records of the Fulton Theater during the years of 1934-1963, but the majority of the collection dates from 1938-1951. The correspondence and motion picture files make up the majority of the collection. Films that are particularly well documented are Disney's Fantasia, Lawrence of Arabia, and The Best Years of Our Lives. Separate statistics for tickets sold and labor hours were kept during the film runs at the Fulton. Fastasia payroll information is located with the other payroll information in Series II and the statistics for the film ticket sales are kept with the box office statements in Series III. The collection has been arranged into the following series. Additional scope and content notes are available at the series level.


Series I. Correspondence, 1938-1951

Series II. Theater Operations, 1934-1951

Series III. Film Companies and Box Office records, 1930-1963

Series IV. Movie Files and Promotional Materials, 1944-1963

Subject Terms

  • Amusements -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh
  • Theaters -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh

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  • Fulton Theater (Pittsburgh, Pa.).
  • Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

  • Byham Theater (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
  • Pittsburgh (Pa.) -- Social life and customs

  • Theater

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Acquisition Information:

The collection was gifted to the University of Pittsburgh in two parts. In 1968, the first materials were given to the Archives Service Center. The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust donated more materials in May of 2000. The Archives Service Center transferred the Fulton records that were in their possession to the Ford E. and Harriet R. Curtis Theatre Collection in 2005.

Preferred Citation:

Fulton Theater Records, 1934-1963, CTC.2000.01, Curtis Theatre Collection, Special Collections Department, University of Pittsburgh

Previous Citation:

Fulton Theater Records, 1934-1963, CTC.35, Curtis Theatre Collection, Special Collections Department, University of Pittsburgh

Previous Citation:

This collection has been previously cited as Records of the Fulton Theater, 1962-1963, AIS 68:6a, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh

Processing Information:

This collection was processed by William Daw in 2005-2006.


Property rights reside with the University of Pittsburgh. For information about permission to reproduce or publish, please contact the Special Collections Department.

Related Material:

Records of the Penn Theater, Pittsburgh, PA., 1927-1964, AIS.1968.06, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh

Fulton Theater Scrapbook, 1940-1943, Scrapbook Collection, Curtis Theatre Collection, University of Pittsburgh

Separated Material:
Items related to the Penn Theater or other Shea chain theatres have been removed from this collection. The Penn materials have been added to the Records of the Penn Theater. The other Shea materials might be assembled into their own smaller collection.

Collection Inventory

Series I. Correspondence, 1938-1951

Scope and Content Notes:

The correspondence of the Fulton Theater records contains letters and memos that help illustrate its day to day activities, operations, and business dealings with local advertisers, national film companies, competing movie houses, and other entities. The series has been arrainged into three parts. The first part contains internal correspondence and the second features external correspondence. The final part contains mass memos which were called "form letters".

Within each part of the internal and external correspondence, the letters are then arranged chronologically. The majority of the internal correspondence is between the theatre managers and other Shea-Chain Inc. or Jamestown Amusement Company personnel. In these documents many business subjects are discussed, such as: staffing decisions, budgeting, and advertising. The external correspondence is between the theatre management and the various film companies with which they conducted business. These letters discuss individual and package film contracts, revenue, and advertising rates. The form letters are usually addressed to "all managers" and contain information that was pertinent to all members of the company. For example, a form letter would be issued to inform managers about a method to advertise a particular film that has been successful in other towns, or, to remind managers of certain procedures that are not being followed.

Box 1
Folder 1-15 Correspondence, 1938 - March, 1942

Box 2
Folder 1-10 Correspondence, April, 1942 - 1944

Box 3
Folder 1-10 Correspondence, January, 1944 - 1946

Box 4
Folder 1-12 Correspondence, January, 1946 - June, 1948

Box 5
Folder 1-10 Correspondence, July, 1948 - December, 1949

Box 6
Folder 1-13 Correspondence, 1950 - May, 1951

Box 7
Folder 1 Best Years of Our Lives A-H, 1947
Folder 2 Best Years of Our Lives I-Z, 1947
Folder 3 Song of Bernadette, 1938-1945
Folder 4 Correspondence, undated
Folder 5 Telegrams, 1941
Folder 6 Telegrams, 1942-1943
Folder 7 Telegrams, 1944-1945
Folder 8 Telegrams, 1946-1947
Folder 9 Telegrams, 1948-1949

Series II. Theater Operations, 1934-1951

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains employee payroll records and materials, newspaper clippings, tax information, bank books, candy sales reports, invoices and receipts, inspection certificates and licenses, materials related to the sale of war bonds and stamps at the theater, insurance information, and materials related to the Variety Club of Pittsburgh. The invoices and receipts are arranged in alphabetical order by name of company. Next is a small group of reports that show how much candy was sold on a weekly and monthly basis. Next is a series of bills, invoices, and purchase orders that are in an alphabetical arrangement by subject. They illustrate all of the expenses and maintenance necessary to keep the Fulton operating. In box 20 are examples of different types of 3-D glasses used for films at the Fulton. Also in box 20 are several unidentified photographic printing plates that may be images of managers of the Fulton and other Shea chain theaters. Managers of the Fulton and other theatres were members of the Pittsburgh Variety Club; box 20 contains account statements, correspondence, invoices, membership applications and lists dating between 1943 and 1948.

Box 8
Folder 1-11 Payroll information, 1941-1946

Box 9
Folder 1-8 Payroll information, 1946-1951

Box 10
Folder 1 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Labor and Industry
Folder 2 Employee certificates, 1944-1949
Folder 3 Employer's tax returns, 1942-1944
Folder 4 Employment of minors, 1943
Folder 5 Federal taxes, 1940-1949
Folder 6 Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh, 1945
Folder 7 Mercantile tax, 1948-1949
Folder 8 National War Labor Board, 1943-1944
Folder 9 Newspaper clippings, no date-1950
Folder 10 Payroll remittance vouchers
Folder 11 Payroll stubs and envelopes
Folder 12 Per capita tax returns, 1948
Folder 13 School tax, 1949
Folder 14-15 State Unemployment information, 1937-1951
Folder 16 Taxable wages forms
Folder 17 Timecards
Folder 18 Withholding and Victory tax, 1943
Folder 19 Withholding tax, 1945-1949

Box 11
Item 1 Bank books, 1934-1945
Item 2 Weekly record of bills,1943-1946, 1962-1963
Item 3 Deposit slips

Box 12
Folder 1 Monthly concession reports, 1940-1948
Folder 3-5 Weekly candy stand reports, 1941-1946

Box 13
Folder 1 American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers
Folder 2 Advertising
Folder 3 Art and art supplies
Folder 4 Automobile repair
Folder 5 Bill posting
Folder 6 Building / Construction
Folder 7 Building materials
Folder 08-09 Candy
Folder 10 Cleaning supplies
Folder 11 Concessions

Box 14
Folder 1 Department stores
Folder 2 Donations and Gratuities
Folder 3 Electric and Lighting supplies
Folder 4 Electrical work
Folder 5 Engraving
Folder 6 Exterminator
Folder 7 Fire safety
Folder 8 Flowers
Folder 9 Hotels
Folder 10 Gun club
Folder 11 Janitor's supplies
Folder 12 Journal subscriptions
Folder 13 Laundry and Tailoring
Folder 14 Legal representation
Folder 15 Lumber
Folder 16 Message service and Telegrams
Folder 17 Moving and Hauling
Folder 18 Newspaper advertising
Folder 19 Pittsburgh Post Gazette advertising
Folder 20 Pittsburgh Press advertising

Box 15
Folder 1 This Week in Pittsburgh advertising
Folder 2 Office supplies and furniture
Folder 3 Painting
Folder 4 Phipps Properties-- electric, water, steam bills
Folder 5 Photography
Folder 6 Plumbing
Folder 7 Printing
Folder 8 Projector
Folder 9 Radio advertising
Folder 10 Refrigeration
Folder 11 Security system
Folder 12 Services rendered and miscellaneous
Folder 13 Sign and display work
Folder 14 Sound equipment
Folder 15 Telephone
Folder 16 Theatre Managers Association of Pittsburgh
Folder 17 Tickets
Folder 18 Typewriters
Folder 19 Uniforms
Folder 20 Upholstery
Folder 21 Valances

Box 16
Folder 1-9 Manager's expense account, 1941-1949

Box 17
Folder 1 City of Pittsburgh license receipts
Folder 2 Department of Public Safety correspondence
Folder 3 Department of Public Safety licenses
Folder 4 Health Inspection certificates
Folder 5 Other inspection certificates
Folder 6 Pennsylvania Board of Censors
Folder 7 Sign Maintenance and Inspection Certificates

Box 18
Folder 1 War bond information and account statements
Folder 2-5 War bond receipts, 1942-1945
Folder 6 War stamps

Box 19
Folder 1 Employee insurance files, 1930-1948
Folder 2 Hospital Service Association, 1941-1949
Folder 3 Insurance accident reports, 1937-1950
Folder 4 London Guarantee and Accident Company Ltd., 1939
Folder 5 M.J. Callahan Insurance, 1941-1949
Folder 6 Massachusetts Bonding and Insurance Company, 1941
Folder 7 Metropolitan Insurance, 1947-1949
Folder 8 Traveler's Insurance Company, 1945-1949

Box 20
Folder 1 3-D glasses
Folder 2 Movie Theater related journals
Folder 3 Photographic printing plates
Folder 4-12 Variety Club materials, 1943-1948

Series III. Film Companies and Box Office records, 1930-1963

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains the contracts and receipts from the motion picture studios, film time schedules, hourly ticket reports, examples of tickets and materials related to the tickets themselves, and the box office statements. These records are first arranged alphabetically by motion picture company and then by date. They contain receipts and contracts for the rentals of their films by the Fulton. The time schedules in this series document at exactly what times movies and their opening attractions started and finished for each showing on a particular day. The hourly ticket reports break-up the day by hour and list the amount sold in each price category. The box office statements that are included in this series are a daily record of a particular film title at the Fulton. They list the date, day of the week, title, how many matinee and evening tickets were sold, how many were adult tickets and how many were children. Also, on the statement is the weather and sometimes films that were playing at other theaters in the area.

Box 21
Folder 1 Columbia Pictures, 1941-1942
Folder 2 Crown Film, 1941-1947
Folder 3 De Lux Labs, Inc, - "Football This Week"
Folder 4 Film Classics Inc., 1949-1951
Folder 5 Franklin Film Exchange, undated
Folder 6 International Picture Distributing Company Inc., 1942
Folder 7 Lux Film Distributing Company, 1950
Folder 8 Monarch, 1940
Folder 9 MGM, 1941-1948
Folder 10 National Screen Service, 1941-1942
Folder 11 Paramount, 1942-1949
Folder 12 Producer's Releasing Corp., 1943
Folder 13 RKO, 1940-1949
Folder 14 Release Charts, 1950
Folder 15-16 Republic Pictures, 1942-1949
Folder 17 Select Attractions, 1939
Folder 18 Short Subject Playoffs, 1946-1948
Folder 19-21 20th Century Fox, 1939-1944

Box 22
Folder 1-2 20th Century Fox, 1945-1949
Folder 3-7 Universal, 1938-1945

Box 23
Folder 1-4 Universal, 1946-1950
Folder 5-6 United Artists, 1940, 1942-1946
Folder 7 Vitagraph / Warner Bros., 1941-1943

Box 24
Folder 1-6 Time schedules, 1938, 1942, 1945, 1947-1949

Box 25
Folder 1-4 Hourly ticket reports, 1934 - 1937

Box 26
Folder 1-4 Hourly ticket reports, 1937 - 1939

Box 27
Folder 1-6 Hourly ticket reports, 1940 - 1943

Box 28
Folder 1 Tickets
Folder 2 Ticket refunds
Folder 3 Price lists
Folder 4 Schedules
Folder 5 Service charges

Box 29
Folder 1 Box Office statements, undated
Folder 2-6 Box Office statements, 1930 - 1933

Box 30
Folder 1-5 Box Office statements, 1934 -1937

Box 31
Folder 1-4 Box Office statements, 1938 - 1939

Box 32
Folder 1-3 Box Office statements, 1940

Box 33
Folder 1 Box Office statements, Fantasia, 1941
Folder 2 Box Office statements, Jan.-April, 1941

Box 34
Folder 1-3 Box Office statements, May, 1941 - 1942

Box 35
Folder 1-4 Box Office statements, 1942 - 1943

Box 36
Folder 1-5 Box Office statements, 1943 - 1948

Box 37
Folder 1-5 Box Office statements, 1962 - 1963

Series IV. Movie Files and Promotional Materials, 1944-1963

Scope and Content Notes:

These files are arranged alphabetically by film title. These files represent most, but probably not all, of the films that were shown at the Fulton during the 1940's. They contain bills for advertisements in local newspapers, radio spots, etc. They also contain proof copies of the engraving advertisements that would appear in the newspapers. Box 43 contains press releases, synopsis, and other promotional materials for films that were featured at the Fulton.

Box 38
Folder 1 Abandoned, 1949
Folder 2 Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein, Universal, 1948
Folder 3 Abbot and Costello Meet the Killers, Universal, 1949
Folder 4 All My Sons, Universal, 1948
Folder 5 Angel and the Bad Man, Republic, 1947
Folder 6 Anna and the King of Siam, 20th Century Fox, 1946
Folder 7 Another Part of the Forest, Universal, 1948
Folder 8 Apartment for Peggy, 20th Century Fox, 1948
Folder 9 Are You with It, Universal, 1948
Folder 10 Belle Starr, 20th Century Fox, 1948
Folder 11 Belle Starr's Daughter, 20th Century Fox, 1948
Folder 12 A Bell for Adono, 20th Century Fox, 1945
Folder 13-15 Best Years of Our Lives, MGM and RKO, 1947-1948
Folder 16 Bill and Coo, Republic, 1948
Folder 17 Bishop's Wife, RKO, 1947
Folder 18 Black Gold, Monogram, 1947
Folder 19 Blithe Spirit, United Artists, 1946
Folder 20 Boomerang, 20th Century Fox, 1947
Folder 21 Brasher Boubloon, 20th Century Fox, 1947

Box 39
Folder 1 Brute Force, Universal, 1947
Folder 2 Calamity Jane and Samm Bass, Universal, 1949
Folder 3 Canyon Passage, Universal, 1946
Folder 4 Captain from Castille, 20th Century Fox, 1948
Folder 5 Christopher Columbus, Republic, 1949
Folder 6 Climax, 20th Century Fox, 1944
Folder 7 Cobra Woman, Universal, 1944
Folder 8 Countess of Monte Cristo, Universal, 1948
Folder 9 Criss Cross, Universal, 1949
Folder 10 Cry of the City, 20th Century Fox, 1948
Folder 11 Daisy Kenyon, 20th Century Fox, 1947
Folder 12 Dakota, Republic, 1946
Folder 13 Daltons Ride Again, Universal, 1946
Folder 14 Dark Corner, 20th Century Fox, 1946
Folder 15 Dark Mirror, Universal, 1946
Folder 16 Dear Murderer and Maneater of Kumnam, Universal, 1948
Folder 17 Deep Waters, 20th Century Fox, 1948
Folder 18 Diamond Horseshoe, 20th Century Fox, 1945
Folder 19 Diary of a Chambermaid, United Artists, 1946
Folder 20 Doll Face, 20th Century Fox, 1946
Folder 21 Dolly Sisters, 20th Century Fox, 1945
Folder 22 Dragonwyck, 20th Century Fox, 1946
Folder 23 Earl Carroll's Sketchbook, Republic, 1946
Folder 24 Earl Carroll's Vanities, Republic, 1945
Folder 25 Egg and I, Universal, 1947
Folder 26 Enchanted Forest, PRC, 1946
Folder 27 Enchantment, RKO, 1949
Folder 28 Fabulous Texan, Republic, 1947
Folder 29 Father was a Fullback, 20th Century Fox, 1949
Folder 30 Fighting Kentuckian, Republic, 1949
Folder 31 Fighting Man, 20th Century Fox, 1949

Box 40
Folder 1 Flame, Republic, 1948
Folder 2 Flame of the Barbary Coast, Republic, 1945
Folder 3 For the Love of Many, Universal, 1948
Folder 4 Frisco Sal, Universal, 1945
Folder 5 Fury at Furnace Creek, 20th Century Fox, 1948
Folder 6 Gallant Legion, Republic, 1948
Folder 7 Gal Who Took West, Universal, 1949
Folder 8 Great Expectations, Universal, 1947
Folder 9 Hangover Square, 20th Century Fox, 1945
Folder 10 Homestretch, 20th Century Fox, 1947
Folder 11 House on 92nd Street, 20th Century Fox, 1945
Folder 12 Imitation of Life and East Side of Heaven, Universal, 1945
Folder 13 In Old Sacramento, Republic, 1946
Folder 14 Iron Curtain, 20th Century Fox, 1948
Folder 15 I've Always Loved You, Republic, 1946
Folder 16 I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now, 20th Century Fox, 1947
Folder 17 John Dillinger, Monogram, 1945
Folder 18 Keys of the Kingdom, 20th Century Fox, 1945
Folder 19 Kid from Brooklyn, RKO, 1946
Folder 20 Kid from Cleveland, Republic, 1949
Folder 21 Kiss of Death, 20th Century Fox, 1947
Folder 22 Lady in Ermine, 20th Century Fox, 1948
Folder 23 Lady on a Train, Universal, 1945
Folder 24 Lawrence of Arabia, Columbia, 1963
Folder 25 Lost Moment, Universal, 1947
Folder 26 Ma and Pa Kettle, Universal, 1949
Folder 27 Male War Bride, 20th Century Fox, 1949
Folder 28 Mark of Zorro, 20th Century Fox, 1947
Folder 29 Men in Her Diary, Universal, 1946
Folder 30 Mexican Hayride, Universal, 1948
Folder 31 Mexicana, Republic, 1945
Folder 32 Mr. Emmanuel, United Artists, 1945

Box 41
Folder 1 Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid, Universal, 1948
Folder 2 Moonrise, Republic, 1948
Folder 3 Mother is a Freshman, 20th Century Fox, 1949
Folder 4 My Darling Clementine, 20th Century Fox, 1946
Folder 5 My Pal Trigger and Rendezvous with Annie, Republic, 1946
Folder 6 Ninotchka, MGM, 1948
Folder 7 Oh, You Beautiful Doll, 20th Century Fox, 1949
Folder 8 Once More My Darling, Universal, 1949
Folder 9 Outlaw, United Artists, 1947
Folder 10 Panhandle, Monogram, 1948
Folder 11 Pinocchio, Disney, 1946
Folder 12 Plunderers, Republic, 1949
Folder 13 Pride of the Yankees, RKO, 1949
Folder 14 Rebecca, United Artists, 1946
Folder 15 Red Canyon, Universal, 1949
Folder 16 Red Menace, Republic, 1949
Folder 17 Red Pony, Republic, 1949
Folder 18 Ride the Pink Horse, Universal, 1947
Folder 19 River Lady, Universal, 1948
Folder 20 Rosanna McCoy, RKO, 1949
Folder 21 Runaround, Universal, 1946
Folder 22 Sand, 20th Century Fox, 1949
Folder 23 Sands if Iwo Jima, Republic, 1949
Folder 24 Saxon Charm, Universal, 1948
Folder 25 Scarlet Street, Universal, 1946
Folder 26 Scudda Ho, Scudda Hay! , 20th Century Fox, 1948
Folder 27 Secret Behind the Door, Universal, 1948
Folder 28 Secret Life of Walter Mitty, RKO, 1947
Folder 29 Shocking Miss Pilgrim, 20th Century Fox, 1947
Folder 30 Smart Woman, Monogram, 1948

Box 42
Folder 1 So Goes My Love, Universal, 1946
Folder 2 Something in the Wind, Universal, 1947
Folder 3 Song is Born, RKO, 1948
Folder 4 Song of Bernadette, 20th Century Fox, 1944
Folder 5 South Sea Sinner, Universal, 1949
Folder 6 Stairway to Heaven, Universal, 1947
Folder 7 Street with No Name, 20th Century Fox, 1948
Folder 8 Sudan, Universal, 1945
Folder 9 Sunbonnet Sue, Monogram, 1946
Folder 10 Suspect, Universal, 1945
Folder 11 Suspense, Monogram, 1946
Folder 12 Temptation, Universal, 1947
Folder 13 That Brennan Girl, Republic, 1946
Folder 14 That Night with You, Universal, 1945
Folder 15 That Wonderful Urge, 20th Century Fox, 1949
Folder 16 That's the Spirit, Universal, 1945
Folder 17 Thunderhead, 20th Century Fox, 1945
Folder 18 Time of their Lives, Universal, 1946
Folder 19 This Love of Ours, Universal, 1946
Folder 20 Torrid Zone, Warner Brothers, 1945
Folder 21 Undertow, Universal, 1949
Folder 22 Wake Up and Dream, 20th Century Fox, 1947
Folder 23 Wake of the Red Witch, Republic, 1949
Folder 24 Without Honor, United Artists, 1949
Folder 25 Wonder Man, RKO, 1945
Folder 26 Wyoming, Republic, 1947
Folder 27 Young Widow, United Artists, 1946
Folder 28 You're My Everything, 20th Century Fox, 1949

Box 43
Folder 1 Film summaries and reviews A-I
Folder 2 Film summaries and reviews J-Z
Folder 3 Film Service press releases, 1939-1940