Summary Information
Title: Wilfrid S. Sellars Papers
Collection Number: ASP.1991.01
Creator: Sellars, Wilfrid

Collection Dates: 1899-1990
Extent: 82.25 linear feet (197 document cases, 1 oversize box, and 28 boxes of dictabelts)

Language: English

Wilfrid S. Sellars was an American philosopher who made significant contributions to Philosophy of Science, Epistemology, and many other areas within philosophy. He was particularly noted for his contributions to Metaphysics and to Philosophy of Mind. The collection consists of manuscripts of nearly all of Sellars’ work (including autograph manuscripts of many these texts), reading notes, preliminary notes for further development, drafts of articles, working papers, correspondence, teaching materials and lecture notes. The correspondence includes exchanges with many of the leading philosophers of the twentieth century. There are also Ph.D. theses for students supervised by Sellars, personal correspondence, and drafts and typescripts for materials written by other philosophers. Materials from the work of Roy Wood Sellars can also be found here. Digital reproductions of this collection are available online.

Funding for the processing of the Wilfrid S. Sellars Papers was provided by Robert B. Brandom, Distinguished Service Professor of Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh using funds from a Mellon Award grant.

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June 2007

Finding aid prepared by Jaimie George and Lance Lugar.
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Wilfrid S. Sellars (1912-1989) was a major American philosopher who was active in the middle part of the 20th century. His father was the prominent Canadian-American philosopher Roy Wood Sellars. Wilfrid Sellars’s family traveled in Europe during his childhood and youth and he attended educational institutions in France and in Germany. He attended the University of Michigan, receiving an A.B. degree in 1933. He then attended the University of Buffalo, located in Buffalo, New York, from which he obtained an AM in 1934. He then traveled to England, where as a Rhodes Scholar he enrolled at Oriel College, Oxford. He earned a BA from Oriel in 1936 and an MA in 1940. In 1938 Sellars took up his first academic post as Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Iowa.

Sellars served in the United States Navy during World War II. After the war, in 1946, he moved to the University of Minnesota, as an assistant professor of Philosophy. At Minnesota he established a productive professional relationship with Herbert Feigl, working with him at the Minnesota Center for the Philosophy of Science. In 1950 the two of them founded Philosophical Studies, a forum for publishing articles and books in the new sub-discipline of analytic philosophy, and were co-editors of the early volumes.

In 1956 Sellars, while at the University of London as a Special Lecturer, delivered one of his most important papers. This was later published as “Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind.” In 1958 Sellars became a Professor of Philosophy at Yale University. In 1963 Sellars moved to the University of Pittsburgh where he became the University Professor of Philosophy. Sellars remained at the University of Pittsburgh for the remainder of his active professional life.

Sellars delivered lectures in distinguished lecture series such as the John Locke Lectures Series of Oxford University. This lecture series was subsequently published as Science and Metaphysics. Other important lecture series include the Matchette Foundation lectures of 1971, given at the University of Texas and later published as “The Structure of Knowledge;” the 1973 John Dewey Lectures of the University of Chicago, later published as Naturalism and Ontology, and the 1977 Paul Carus Lectures which were later published as “Foundations for a Metaphysics of Pure Process”.

Sellars was renowned as a teacher and had profound influence on many students, both undergraduate and graduate, during his teaching career. His teaching style was lively and effective and he was able to communicate core ideas in philosophy in a clear and profound way. Some of the students affected by Sellars’ teaching went on to become very prominent philosophers themselves. Among these are Pedro Amaral, Bruce Aune, Robert Brandom, Hector Neri Castaneda, Paul Churchland, James Conant, John McDowell, Willem De Vries, Richard Rorty, Jay Rosenberg, Johanna Seibt, Jeffrey Sicha, Tim Triplett, and Bas Van Fraassen.

Collection Scope and Content Notes

The Wilfrid S. Sellars Papers reflect the working life of a professional philosopher of science. Focusing on his professional pursuits in researching, writing and teaching from the 1930s through 1987, these files consist of books, correspondence, contracts, course materials, financial records, manuscripts, notes, photographs, publications, and reports. Especially significant are the manuscripts, which range from notes and working drafts in Sellars’s own hand to the published articles.

Although smaller than the other series, the first series provides researchers with records pertaining to the more personal aspects of Sellars’s life. The second, fifth and sixth series document the various stages of researching, writing, and editing of manuscripts employed by Sellars. The third series emphasizes Sellars’s academic duties as a philosophy professor from 1938 to 1987. The fourth series highlights Sellars’s contributions to the philosophy community as an editor, consultant, and lecturer, which compliment his duties as an author and professor. The seventh series documents the career of Sellars’s father, Roy Wood Sellars, which is included because of the close personal and professional interactions between them.

Digital reproductions of portions of the collection are available electronically, specifically Series I. Personal, Subseries 2. Educational Material and Series II. Research and Writing, Subseries 1. Handwritten Notes and Subseries 2. Pre-Publication Materials.


The collection has been arranged into seven series, loosely grouped by topic. Extensive scope and content notes are provided at the following series levels:

Series I. Personal and Biographical

Series II. Research and Writing

Series III. Academic Career

Series IV. Professional Activities

Series V. Library

Series VI. Dictabelts

Series VII. Roy Wood Sellars

Subject Terms

  • Analysis (Philosophy)
  • Empiricism
  • Epistemology
  • Ethics
  • Metaphysics
  • Naturalism
  • Ontology
  • Philosophy of mind
  • Realism
  • Science -- Philosophy

Personal Names
  • Sellars, Roy Wood, 1880-
  • Sellars, Wilfrid

Access and Use
Access Restrictions:

The letters of recommendation are restricted.

Acquisition Information:

The scholarly books, journals, and offprints were donated by his heir, Susanna K. Downie to the University of Pittsburgh, Archives of Scientific Philosophy. The manuscripts, letters, dictabelts, and working drafts were sold to the University of Pittsburgh by his widow and heir, Susanna K. Downie.

Alternate Format:

A portion of the Wilfrid S. Sellars Papers is dictabelts, and an inventory of this material is located in the scope and content notes for Series VI. Digital reproductions of portions of the collection are available online.

Physical Characteristics & Technical Requirements:

This collection contains dictabelt records which require the use of the Series 850 Dictaphone device.

Custodial History:

The material within the Wilfrid S. Sellars Collection that originally derives from the work of his father, Roy Wood Sellars, and the material created by his mother, Helen Sellars, were present in the collection at the time of its sale to the University of Pittsburgh Library System’s Archives of Scientific Philosophy.

Preferred Citation:

Wilfrid S. Sellars Papers, 1899-1990, ASP.1991.01, Archives of Scientific Philosophy, Special Collections Department, University of Pittsburgh.

Processing Information:

This collection was processed by Jaimie George and Lance Lugar in July 2005 and June 2007.


Permission for publication is given on behalf of the University of Pittsburgh as the owner of the physical items and is not intended to include or imply permission of the copyright holder, which must also be obtained.

Separated Material:
The annotated books and journals, as well as the annotated offprints will be retained in the collection and housed with the manuscripts, correspondence, working drafts, and other materials from the collection. The dictabelts are stored separately in the climate controlled audio/visual room at the University of Pittsburgh’s Archives Service Center.

Collection Inventory

Series I. Personal, 1899-1988

Scope and Content Notes:

These files mostly relate to Sellars' life prior to joining the Philosophy Department at the University of Minnesota in 1946, and highlight Sellars' interests and activities beyond philosophy and academic life. The files contain correspondence, financial records, military service files, and manuscripts, as well as records pertaining to his mother and to his first wife. The files are further described in the following subseries: Correspondence and General Files, Educational Materials, and Photographs.

Subseries 1. Correspondence and General Files, 1899-1988

Scope and Content Notes:

While the majority of these files center on Sellars' personal pursuits, the bibliographies, biographical material, and curriculum vitae provide succinct summaries of Sellars' professional career. The core of the personal files is the correspondence, which emphasizes the friendships that Sellars developed during his years in Europe. A large portion of the correspondence occurs between Sellars and his first wife and details the early development of their relationship. Researchers interested in understanding Sellars' personal associations with other philosophers should refer to the professional correspondence in Subseries IV. In addition to correspondence, there are financial records that are arranged topically and pertain to matters such as his salary, real estate purchases, and royalty earnings. The military service files detail his enrollment, training, and service in the United States Navy during World War II. This section also contains the personal papers of Sellars' mother and first wife. These personal papers contain legal documents relating to their estates and entrance to the United States, as well as their interest in writing.

Oversize Awards and certificates, 1959-1987

Box 1
Folder 1 Bibliographies, 1951-1987
Folder 2 Biographies and profiles, 1964-1982
Folder 3-5 Colloquium on Sellarsian Philosophy, 1987

Section: Correspondence

Folder 6 Andler, Pierre, 1935-1950
Folder 7 Downie, Susanna, 1967-1986
Folder 8 Extended family, 1952-1973
Folder 9 Holiday greetings, 1954-1978
Folder 10-12 Miscellaneous, 1931-1986
Folder 13 Oxonian, 1964-1984

Box 2
Folder 1-3 Sellars, Gertrude Mary, 1937-1970
Folder 4 Sellars, Helen, 1937-1962
Folder 5 Sleeth, Charles, 1936-1987
Folder 6 Curriculum vitae, 1969-1984
Folder 7-8 Day planners and address books, 1959-1977
Folder 9 Family records, 1931-1963

Section: Financial records

Box 3
Folder 1-2 Correspondence on salary, 1938-1988
Folder 3 Medical bills, 1950-1979
Folder 4 Real estate in Connecticut, 1959-1963
Folder 5 Real estate in Minnesota, 1948-1961
Folder 6-8 Real estate in Pittsburgh, 1964-1986
Folder 9 Real estate rentals, 1967-1978
Folder 10-14 Royalty statements, 1964-1987
Folder 15 Forms of identification, 1912-1967
Folder 16 Genealogical research, 1981-1983
Folder 17 Memoir of 1932 Mexico trip, 1997

Section: Military service

Box 4
Folder 1 Enrollment materials, 1942-1943
Folder 2 General, 1944-1951
Folder 3 Orders and directives, 1943-1945
Folder 4 Training booklets, 1943-1944
Folder 5 Miscellaneous files, 1951-1985
Folder 6 Newsletters from University High School, 1971-1983
Folder 7 Newspaper clippings, 1934-1987

Section: Papers of Gertrude Mary Sellars

Oversize Caricature, undated
Folder 8 Marriage license, will and estate, 1938-1971
Folder 9 Miscellaneous, 1935-1960s
Folder 10 Naturalization papers and passports, 1934-1966
Folder 11 Short story materials, 1947-1959

Section: Papers of Helen Sellars

Box 5
Folder 1 Legal, 1899-1982
Folder 2 Miscellaneous writings, undated
Folder 3-8 Translation of "Philosophy of Art," undated

Subseries 2. Educational Material, 1922-1953

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries documents Sellars' education, principally in philosophy, from his high school years in France and Germany through his graduate education at Oxford and Harvard. The bulk of the material dates from the later 1930s and emphasizes his post secondary education. The files are separated into the following sections: Early Education, Class Papers, Lecture Notes, and Miscellaneous Materials.

The majority of documents found within this subseries have been digitized. Each digital image is represented as a PDF. The entire folder contents are scanned and represented online.

Section: Early education

Scope and Content Notes:

The files pertaining to Sellars' early education date from 1922-1930 and focus predominately on his time at the Lycee Louis Le Grand in France. These files contain grade sheets, a graded paper and administrative files. One noteworthy document is the "philosophie" notebook, since it may be the earliest existing example of Sellars' philosophical writing. This section also contains administrative materials from a German institution attended briefly by Sellars.

Box 6
Folder 1 Lycee Louis Le Grand general files, 1922-1930
Folder 2 Lycee Louis Le Grand notebook on "Philosophie," undated
Folder 3 University of Munich material, 1930

Section: Papers written for courses

Scope and Content Notes:

This section consists of essays written by Sellars during his undergraduate and graduate education. The essays mostly date from Sellars’ time at Oxford and Harvard and are arranged alphabetically by title. The essays are usually handwritten, but in about ten cases there are typed versions available. The topics covered by the essays include the works of Hume and Bradley, ancient Greek philosophy, ethics, psychology, political institutions, and English Law. Of particular interest are the essays on Kant, which cover several related topics and are supplemented by two notebooks. These notebooks contain Sellars’ handwritten notes on writings by and about Kant, which generally consist of direct quotes from the original sources.

Folder 4 "Antimony of Pure Reason," undated
Folder 5 Bradley, undated
Folder 6 Comments on philosophy, undated
Folder 7 Cook Wilson, undated
Folder 8 Economics of interest, undated
Folder 9 English law, undated
Folder 10 "Epiphenomenalism and Emergent Materialism," undated
Folder 11 "An Examination of the Cogito," c. 1935
Folder 12 "The First Analogy," undated
Folder 13 "The First Antinomy," undated
Folder 14 Greek skepticism, 1953
Folder 15 Heraclites and Parmenides, 1953
Folder 16 Hume and relations, undated
Folder 17 Induction, undated
Folder 18 "Introduction to the Philosophy of Schelling," undated
Folder 19 "Is the A Priori Analytic?," undated
Folder 20 Kant and the antimonies, 1935-1937
Folder 21 "Kant," undated
Folder 22 "Kant on Space," undated
Folder 23 "Kant Papers for H. H. Price Collection," undated
Folder 24-25 Kant papers on various topics, undated

Box 7
Folder 1 "Kant's Refutation of Idealism," undated
Folder 2 Notes on Kant and substance, undated
Folder 3 Notes on Kant, time, direct awareness, undated
Folder 4 "Let us first ask the question what is it that is true?," undated
Folder 5 Nature undated
Folder 6 "Negation," undated
Folder 7 "A Note on Emergence and Predictability," undated
Folder 8 "Objectivity and Subjectivity in Value Theory," undated
Folder 9 "Outlines of a Naturalistic Cosmology," undated
Folder 10 "Perception," 1931-1932
Folder 11 "Political Institutions," 1935
Folder 12 Prichard and Cook Wilson, undated
Folder 13 "The Problem of Rent," undated
Folder 14 Psychology and ethics, undated
Folder 15 Santayana and Kant, undated
Folder 16 "The Second Analogy is....," undated
Folder 17 "Some Comments on Carnap's 'Scheinproblem," undated
Folder 18 "Some Comments on the Theory of Political Rights," undated
Folder 19 "Some Remarks on the Receptacle," undated
Folder 20 "The Sophists," 1933
Folder 21 "Universals," undated
Folder 22 "Utility, Value & Welfare," undated

Section: Course lecture notes

Scope and Content Notes:

The lecture notes are handwritten notes taken by Sellars during his post-secondary education. They are filed alphabetically by lecturer and consist of both loose sheets and bound notebooks. The lecture notes are usually labeled with the lecturer’s name and the topic of the course but in a few instances the lecturer is unknown. The notebooks may have one series of notes starting from the front of the notebook, and a second series starting from the back of the notebook, with the rear-forward handwriting inverted. Both types of notes may include reading lists for the course. In a few cases, there are typed, word-for-word transcriptions of the handwritten notes. Topics include the works of Hume, Lewis, Plato, Spinoza, and Wittgenstein, as well as logic, epistemology, and ethics. In addition to the lecture notes taken by Sellars, this section also contains two typed versions of notes created by Wittgenstein’s students in the 1930s.

Folder 23 "Austin - Leibnitz," undated
Folder 24 "(Buffalo Notebook?)," 1933
Folder 25 Carritt - Dialectical Materialism, undated
Folder 26 "Demos-Plato/Huntington Math," undated
Folder 27 "Deductive Science of Ethics," undated
Folder 28 "Huntington - Postulate Theory," undated
Folder 29 'Kneale Political Philosophy," undated

Box 8
Folder 1 Lewis - Hume and Parmenides, undated
Folder 2 Lewis - Epistemology, undated
Folder 3 Lewis - Logic, undated
Folder 4 "Lewis - Theory Knowledge," undated
Folder 5 "Mure-Hegel," undated
Folder 6 "H.H. Price - Problems in the Theory of Knowledge," Undated
Folder 7 "Pritchard Lectures on Berkeley's Theory of Knowledge" Trinity Term '35, 1935
Folder 8 "Pritchard - Ethics," undated
Folder 9 "Pritchard - The Nature of Moral Obligation," undated
Folder 10 "Quine - Logical Positivism," Undated

Box 9
Folder 1 Ross - Unlabeled, undated
Folder 2 Ross - Kant's moral theory and ethics, undated
Folder 3 Ross - Mr. Ryle - Induction and probability, 1936
Folder 4 Ross - Smith - Kant, undated
Folder 5 Ross - Stevenson - Hume, 1938
Folder 6 Unknown - Economics tutorial, undated
Folder 7 Unknown - International relations, undated
Folder 8 Unknown - Isaiah Berlin reading notes, undated
Folder 9 Unknown - Logical positivism, undated
Folder 10 Unknown - Political history, undated
Folder 11 Unknown - Spinoza, Wittgenstein, Plato, Logic, undated
Folder 12-13 Unknown - Wittgenstein Dictations, 1934-1937 1934-1937

Section: Miscellaneous

Scope and Content Notes:

This section contains correspondence written to Sellars in regards to his education at Oxford. Primarily, this correspondence is comprised of brief notes of congratulations sent to Sellars for passing exams. There are also several letters of recommendation Sellars received from members of the Oriel College faculty. Researchers may also be interested in Sellars’s correspondence with his first wife Gertrude Mary Sharp, which is located in the personal correspondence section and discusses his education and their developing relationship. In addition to correspondence, this section also contains examination booklets and exams. The majority of these files contain exam questions. However, two of the Oxford files contain Sellars’s handwritten answers to examinations. Sellars’s GRE scores are also located here. The remaining files document some of Sellars non-professional activities and interests while in graduate school. More specifically, it includes receipts from the doctor and bookstore, artifacts from the Jowett Society, the Oriel College Boat Club, and administrative documents dating from Sellars’s time at Oxford and Harvard.

Box 10
Folder 1 Address book and checkbook, 1934-1937
Folder 2 Bookstore receipts, doctor's bills 1936-1938
Folder 3-5 Correspondence, 1935-1956
Folder 6 Exams - GRE scores, undated
Folder 7 Exams - Oxford PPE bibliography, 1935
Folder 8 Exams - Oxford PPE questions, 1931-1936
Folder 9 Exams - Oxford answers on general PPE, undated
Folder 10 Exams - Oxford answers on logic, undated
Folder 11 Exams - Harvard Ph.D. questions, 1925-1938
Folder 12 Exams - University of Buffalo questions, 1934-1939
Folder 13 Jowett Society, 1936-1937
Folder 14-15 Miscellaneous memorabilia, 1933-1940
Folder 16 Oxford administrative and financial documents, 1934-1940

Subseries 3. Photographs, 1932-1987

Scope and Content Notes:

The vast majority of the photographs are posed portraits that document the personal and professional aspects of Wilfrid Sellars's life. The images of Wilfrid Sellars are arranged chronologically from his infancy through 1987. Additional files contain the images of other philosophers such as Gilbert Ryle, Antony Flew, and Spinoza. The family photographs feature Sellars's immediate family, such as his first wife, parents, and siblings, as well as his extended family. The miscellaneous images include photographs and negatives of unidentified individuals. In addition there are some items documenting Sellars's late interest in koi fish and lily pads.

Section: Wilfrid Sellars

Box 11
Folder 1 Childhood portraits, undated
Folder 2 Naval and posed portraits, 1932-1950s
Folder 3 Miscellaneous photographs, undated
Folder 4 Minnesota philosophy department portraits, 1946-1950s
Folder 5-8 Colloquium on Sellarsian Philosophy, 1987

Box 12
Folder 1-2 Portraits of other philosophers, undated

Section: Sellars family

Folder 3-5 Sellars, Gertrude Mary, 1930s-1940s
Folder 6 Sellars, Helen, undated
Folder 7 Sellars, Helen and Roy Wood, undated
Folder 8-11 Sellars, Roy Wood, undated-1973

Box 13
Folder 1-2 Extended family, undated
Folder 3-5 Miscellaneous, undated

Series II. Research and Writing, 1925-1990

Scope and Content Notes:

This series documents an important facet of Sellars' philosophical writings. Unlike the library series that contains his published works, this series features early drafts of his manuscripts that may or may not have been published. The first subseries, handwritten notes, contains the earliest drafts of Sellars' lectures, manuscripts, letters, and other items written in his own hand. Frequently, these handwritten notes are rather difficult to read. Thankfully, these notes are closely linked to the files in the second subseries, Prepublication Materials, which appear to be the typed versions of the earlier handwritten drafts. Sellars' own writing is supplemented by the unpublished works of other philosophers, which are located in the third subseries, Others' Manuscripts. While many of these manuscripts were sent to Sellars to obtain critiques, others may have been requested by Sellars as preliminary research for his own writings. These files are further described at the subseries level.

Documents found within the first two subseries have been digitized. Each digital image is represented as a PDF. The entire folder contents are scanned and represented online.

Subseries 1. Handwritten Notes, 1948-1980

Scope and Content Notes:

These materials are subdivided into five categories: calculations, lectures, letters, manuscripts, and miscellaneous. These handwritten materials appear to be the earliest drafts of Sellars's philosophical works, which were later dictated to a secretary. Due to the nature of Sellars's handwriting, this material is rather difficult to decipher. However, these materials could provide researchers with insight into Sellars's thought processes. Most of these notes are written on yellow legal pads and vary in length from a few sheets to an entire tablet's worth of notes. When possible, the files are arranged alphabetically by published title. Sometimes Sellars supplied the title, but more commonly the titles are archivist assigned. More specific descriptions of each of the five categories are listed below.

Section: Calculations

Scope and Content Notes:

The calculations often contain a sequence of philosophical proofs that generally do not contain a narrative explanation. They tend to be less dense than the lectures or manuscripts and usually consist of only a few pages.

Box 14
Folder 1 Logic of Up to 5, 1948-1979
Folder 2 A is B, 1948-1979
Folder 3 Shall any of us do ∞, 1948-1979
Folder 4 Critique of Chisholm, 1948-1979
Folder 5 1948-1979
Folder 6 (∃X)xEK, 1948-1979
Folder 7 Is a PR-in-G, 1948-1979
Folder 9 Chicago is Large, 1948-1979
Folder 8 []= unconditional assertability [in CS], 1948-1979
Folder 10 That P is in C implies that Shall [Pdoing A], 1948-1979
Folder 11 Consider C's Example, 1979
Folder 12 True ('P')=P, 1979
Folder 13 Thus Every Two, 1948-1979
Folder 14 Show 'a' exists x=a, 1948-1979
Folder 15 Rule, 1948-1979
Folder 16 Points to Pick Up, 1948-1979
Folder 17 Note that 'S(A)' is U, 1948-1979
Folder 18 Hector, 1948-1979
Folder 19 a f=q=g (x) ty>qx, 1948-1979
Folder 20 Heterological, 1948-1979
Folder 21 Meaning Not a Relation, 1948-1979
Folder 22 "red"="ruddy", 1948-1979
Folder 23 Towards a..., 1948-1979
Folder 24 Every Property of the Object Must, 1948-1979
Folder 25 The sentence consisting of an INDCON..., 1948-1979
Folder 26 "Philosophical Perspective," 1948-1979
Folder 27 Basic particulars, 1948
Folder 28 Belief is not a..., 1948-1979
Folder 29 Substituting quantification with truth, 1948-1979
Folder 30 "P fa is 'fa' SA if so, why?", 1948-1979
Folder 31 All element concepts of [i, 1948-1979
Folder 32 3/4 A is B, 1948-1979
Folder 33 P can V, 1948-1979
Folder 34 As conceived in manifest image, 1948-1979
Folder 35 If Jones wants x he ought to do A, 1948-1979
Folder 36 Untitled, 1948-1979
Folder 37 Untitled, 1948-1979
Folder 38 Untitled, 1948-1979
Folder 39 Untitled, 1948-1979
Folder 40 Untitled, 1948-1979
Folder 41 Untitled, 1948-1979
Folder 42 Untitled, 1948-1979
Folder 43 Untitled, 1948-1979
Folder 44 Untitled, 1948-1979
Folder 45 Untitled, 1948-1979
Folder 46 Untitled, 1948-1979
Folder 47 Untitled, 1948-1979
Folder 48 Untitled, 1948-1979
Folder 49 Untitled, 1948-1979

Section: Lectures

Scope and Content Notes:

The lecture files contain the early drafts of Sellars remarks at speaking engagements such as lectures, symposiums, meetings, and conferences. The lecture files tend to be the bulkiest of the handwritten notes and it is not uncommon for these lecture notes to also serve as the preliminary drafts for Sellars’s manuscripts.

Box 15
Folder 1 "Basic Representational States for Mental Events Symposium," 1980
Folder 2 "Being and Seeming to Be," 1959
Folder 3 "Berkeley and Descartes: Reflections on the 'New Way of Ideas' ," 1974
Folder 4 "Conceptual Change," 1971
Folder 5 "Considerations and Reconsiderations about Intentionality," 1965
Folder 6 "Elementary Theory of Reduction," 1980
Folder 7 "Grammar and Existence: A Preface to Ontology," c. 1958
Folder 8 "Ideal Intellectual Institute," undated
Folder 9 "Kant and the Thing-in-Itself," 1965
Folder 10 Leibniz paper for Columbus meeting, undated
Folder 11 "Metaphysics and the Concept of a Person," 1967
Folder 12-15 "The Myth of the Given," 1956
Folder 16 "Naturalism and Ontology," 1974
Folder 17 "Naturalism and Process," undated

Box 16
Folder 1 "Ontology for Wittgenstein's Tractatus," undated
Folder 2 "'Ought' and Moral Principles", undated
Folder 3-7 "Philosophy and the Scientific Image of Man," c. 1962
Folder 8 "Practical Reasoning," 1963
Folder 9 "Problems of Realism: Conceptual Realism," 1965
Folder 10 "Problems of Realism: Scientific Realism," 1967
Folder 11 "Soul as a Craftsman," 1962
Folder 12-15 "The Structure of Knowledge," c. 1971
Folder 16-17 "This I or he or it (the thing) which thinks," c. 1970
Folder 18 "Value and Action," 1968
Folder 19 Lecture on philosophical logic at the University of Western Ontario, 1967
Folder 20 Seminar in contemporary problems presented at Illinois, 1971
Folder 21 Symposium on action at the University of Chicago, 1967
Folder 22 Symposium on induction, undated
Folder 23 Unidentified lecture notes, undated

Section: Letters

Scope and Content Notes:

The letter files contain the early drafts of letters Sellars wrote to various individuals. The letters range in length from a single sheet to almost twenty pages. They vary in content from recommendations to philosophical commentary. Where possible, they are arranged alphabetically by recipient.

Box 17
Folder 1 Dear Annette, undated
Folder 2 Dear Ausanio, undated
Folder 3 Dear Bradie, undated
Folder 4 Dear Bruce, undated
Folder 5 Dear Bynum, undated
Folder 6 Dear Castaneda, 1961
Folder 7 Dear Donald, undated
Folder 8 Dear Dorothy, undated
Folder 9 Dear Fred, undated
Folder 10 Dear Mr. Ignabowsky, undated
Folder 11 Dear Jack, undated
Folder 12 Dear Jay, undated
Folder 13 Dear Mike, undated
Folder 14 Dear Professor, undated
Folder 15 Dear Rosenthal, undated
Folder 16 Dear University of Arizona Philosophy Department, undated
Folder 17 Dear Vlastos, undated
Folder 18 Dear Unidentified, undated
Folder 19 RE: Kurt Baier, undated
Folder 20 RE: Van Fraassen, undated

Section: Manuscripts

Scope and Content Notes:

The manuscript files contain the early drafts of manuscripts, many of which went on to become published works by Sellars. Therefore, these files are very closely tied to the prepublication materials located in the next subseries. The handwritten files often contain fragments of articles, rather than the complete work. Where possible, they are arranged alphabetically by published title, rather than the working titles.

Folder 21 "A. B. C. Weighs 3 Pounds," undated
Folder 22-23 "Abstract Entities," 1962
Folder 24 "Abstract Entities and the Russell Paradox," 1962
Folder 25 "Acquaintance and Description Again," undated
Folder 26 "Acquaintance and the Subject," undated
Folder 27-28 "Actions and Events," undated
Folder 29 "Actions are events - what are events?," undated
Folder 30 "Adverbial," undated
Folder 31 "Appearance and Belief," undated
Folder 32 "Are There Abstract Objects?," undated
Folder 33 "Are There Non-Deductive Logics?," undated
Folder 34-37 "Aristotle's Metaphysics: An Interpretation," 1958-1961
Folder 38 "Autobiographical Reflections," 1973

Box 18
Folder 1 "Behavior and Perceptual Consciousness," undated
Folder 2 "Behaviorism, Language, and Meaning," undated
Folder 3-4 "Being and Being Known," undated
Folder 5 "Belief and the Expression of Belief," undated
Folder 6 "Categorical Assertability," undated
Folder 7 "Categorical Saying and Showing," undated
Folder 8 "Change of Concept is Change of Belief," undated
Folder 9 "Chisholm Etc.," undated
Folder 10 "Classes as Abstract Entities and the Russell Paradox," undated
Folder 11 "Clues on C to D," undated
Folder 12 "Comments on 'Justification of Limit Interpretation," undated
Folder 13 "Comments on May Brodbeck's 'Mental and Physical," c. 1965
Folder 14 "Conceptual Change," undated
Folder 15 "Conditional Promises and Conditional Intentions," undated
Folder 16-17 "Ad Cornman", undated
Folder 18 "Could (and Should) We be Bound to Use the Language of Physical Theory as our Perception Language," undated
Folder 19 "Counterfactuals, Dispositions, and the Causal Modalities," undated
Folder 20 "Dewey's Experience and the Manifest Image," undated
Folder 21 "Descartes/Berkeley III," undated
Folder 22 "Distinguish IPMs, Reflections, Judgment about IPMs," undated
Folder 23 "Donagan, Ad Alan's Paper," undated
Folder 24-25 "The Double Knowledge Approach to the Mind-Body Problem," undated
Folder 26 "'($f) ($x) fx' implies '($x) XEL," undated
Folder 27 "Empiricism and Abstract Entities," undated

Box 19
Folder 1-5 "Empiricism and Philosophy of Mind 'Another Language," 1956
Folder 6 "Essays in Philosophy and its History," undated
Folder 7 "Events," undated
Folder 8 "Fatalism and Determinism," undated
Folder 9 "Form and Content in Ethical Theory," undated
Folder 10 "General Structure of Argument," undated
Folder 11 "Givenness and Explanatory Coherence," undated
Folder 12 "History of Materialism," undated
Folder 13 "Idea and Object," undated
Folder 14 "The Identity Approach to the Mind-Body Problem," undated
Folder 15 "If 'P' implies 'Q' then 'Shall [P]' imply 'Shall [Q]," undated
Folder 16-19 "Imperatives, Intentions, and the Logic of 'Ought'," undated
Folder 20-21 "In Praise of Something," undated

Box 20
Folder 1-4 "Induction as Vindication," undated
Folder 5 "Inference and Causation," undated
Folder 6 "The Intentional Realism of Everett Hall," undated
Folder 7 "Intentionality (Berkeley)," undated
Folder 8 "Introduction to Philosophical Thinking," undated
Folder 9 "Is Consciousness Physical?," undated
Folder 10 "Is There a Sense of "Red" in which a 'Crimson' can be a 'Red'," undated
Folder 11 "Issue of Emergence," undated
Folder 12 "John or Jones Came," undated
Folder 13 "Kant," undated
Folder 14 "Kant's Transcendental Idealism," undated
Folder 15 "Language...and Truth," undated
Folder 16-17 "The Language of Theories," undated
Folder 18 "Leibnitz," undated
Folder 19 "Leibnitz on Space as a Phenomenon," undated
Folder 20 "Leibnitz's Rationalism: Scaffolding for a Reconstruction," undated
Folder 21 "The Lion," undated
Folder 22 "Logic and Practical Reasoning," undated
Folder 23 "Logical Empiricism," undated
Folder 24-25 "Logical Subjects and Physical Objects," undated
Folder 26 "Macbeth Thinks that is a Dollar," undated
Folder 27 "Materialism," undated
Folder 28 "Materialism and Emergence," undated
Folder 29-30 "Meditations Leibnitziennes," 1958
Folder 31 "Mental Causes," undated
Folder 32-33 "Mental Events," undated

Box 21
Folder 1-3 "Mind, Meaning, and Behavior," 1952
Folder 4 "Moral Reasoning," undated
Folder 5 "More on Picturing," undated
Folder 6 "More on 'Shall [p]," undated
Folder 7 "Nagel and Feyerabend on Theories," undated
Folder 8 "On Knowing the Better and Doing the Worse," 1969
Folder 9 "On the Introduction of Abstract Entities," undated
Folder 10-12 "Ontology and the Philosophy of Mind in Russell," undated
Folder 13 "Ontology, the A Priori, and Kant," undated
Folder 14 "Orange is the Color of A," undated
Folder 15 "PAD," undated
Folder 16 "Pain," undated
Folder 17 "The Paradox of Analysis: A Neo-Fregean Approach," undated
Folder 18 "Perceptual Consciousness," undated
Folder 19 "Practical Reasoning," undated
Folder 20 "Practical Truth," undated
Folder 21 "Pragmatic Perspectives," undated
Folder 22 "Preliminary - Leibnoza," undated
Folder 23 "Prichard" (critique of Prichard's book), undated
Folder 24 "Putting Man into the Scientific Image," undated
Folder 25 "Q because P," undated
Folder 26 "Realism and the New Way of Words," undated
Folder 27-28 "Reason and the Art of Living in Plato," undated
Folder 29 "Reasoning about Values," undated
Folder 30 "Reasons and Commands," undated

Box 22
Folder 1 "Reflections on the Theory of Meaning," undated
Folder 2 "Reply to Frank Johnson and Michael Tye," undated
Folder 3 "Reply to Marras," undated
Folder 4 "Reply to Quine," undated
Folder 5-8 Reviews, undated
Folder 9-14 "Science and Metaphysics," undated
Folder 15 "Scientific Realism or Irenic Instrumentalism," undated
Folder 16 "Scientific Realism Revisited," undated
Folder 17 "Second Analogy," undated
Folder 18-19 "Sensa or Sensings," 1976
Folder 20 "Sense Impressions," undated
Folder 21 "Sensings or Sensa," undated
Folder 22 "Sensings, Sensation," undated
Folder 23 "Shall We," undated
Folder 24 "Sicha," undated
Folder 25 "Some Problems about Belief," undated
Folder 26 "Some Problems about Volition," undated
Folder 27 "Some Reflections on Language Games," undated
Folder 28 "Some Reflections on Method in Philosophy," undated
Folder 29 "Some Reflections on Perceptual Consciousness," undated
Folder 30 "Sortal Predication Versus Adjective (or Verbal) Predication," undated
Folder 31 "Studies in Naturalism," undated
Folder 32 "A Study in Substance", undated
Folder 33 "Substance and Form in Aristotle", undated
Folder 34 "Symmetry of Explanation and Predication", undated

Box 23
Folder 1 "Theory, Qualities, Sensa, Laws," undated
Folder 2 "Theory of Categories," undated
Folder 3-5 "Thought and Action," undated
Folder 6-8 "Time and the World Order," undated
Folder 9 "Tom and Dick Fought," undated
Folder 10 "Tom, Dick and Mary are Friends," undated
Folder 11 "Topics in Aune," undated
Folder 12 "Towards a Theory of Predication," undated
Folder 13-14 "Towards a Theory of the Categories," undated
Folder 15 "Truth," undated
Folder 16 "Truth and Correspondence," undated
Folder 17 "Truth: Some Classical Problems Revisited," undated
Folder 18 "Two Accounts of Self-Presentingness," undated
Folder 19 "Varieties of Phenomenalism," undated
Folder 20 "Vlastos and the Third Man," undated
Folder 21 "Vlastos and the Third Man: A Rejoinder," undated
Folder 22 "Volitions Reaffirmed," undated
Folder 23 "W[ittgenstein]'s T[ractatus] as a Theory of Representational Systems," undated

Box 24
Folder 1 An explanation of something being white is not..., undated
Folder 2 And thus ordinary sense..., undated
Folder 3 Assert that a is..., undated
Folder 4 Being is abstract..., undated
Folder 5 C's depiction of materialism..., undated
Folder 6 Consider the..., undated
Folder 7 Could one have done otherwise?, undated
Folder 8 Curiously enough, in order to escape..., undated
Folder 9 Explain idea that the present is..., undated
Folder 10 For even if, as I do, one finds a reference to..., undated
Folder 11 For Kant the reproduction imagination works by..., undated
Folder 12 For scientific objects and their properties..., undated
Folder 13 The fundamental danger of the form..., undated
Folder 14 The heading of this section is not..., undated
Folder 15 How do all my recent notes relate to..., undated
Folder 16 The idea of a certain state..., undated
Folder 17 Identity of mind..., undated
Folder 18 If we look more closely at..., undated
Folder 19 In section VII..., undated
Folder 20 In what sense does W, being square consist in.., undated
Folder 21 It is important to note the when Berkeley..., undated
Folder 22 Jones believes Wp, undated
Folder 23 LL is Probable, undated
Folder 24 Miscellaneous, undated
Folder 25 Now the above account of meaning statements..., undated
Folder 26 Pad B, part two, undated
Folder 27 Pain as a confused..., undated
Folder 28 Realism, 1a. Cornman's realism, undated
Folder 29 Redness being (having) the color of fire engines, undated
Folder 30 Reference to..., undated
Folder 31 Resemblance is a logical..., undated
Folder 32 Review Kant on..., undated
Folder 33 The simplest answer would be to deny..., undated
Folder 34 The structure of the answer is given by the..., undated
Folder 35 ...themes of likener, undated
Folder 36 There is no possible world in which..., undated
Folder 37 We must now face the question..., undated
Folder 38 Whitehead: manifest..., undated
Folder 39-42 Unidentifiable, undated

Section: Miscellaneous

Scope and Content Notes:

The miscellaneous files contain documents that were either too difficult to decipher and assign to a category, or contained a combination of several types of documents. The most notable of these items are the two "dated philosophical journals." These journals cover the period from 1949 to 1956, a period which is generally undocumented by the other handwritten notes. These notebooks have regular dated entries and appear to be a professional diary. The first notebook summarizes his philosophical activities such as attendance at lectures, progress on his manuscripts, and what he plans to do next. It also contains philosophical musings. These journals feature large left-hand margins, which Sellars sometimes utilized for critiquing his earlier thoughts. The second journal is much like the first, but speaks less to his overall activities and focuses predominately on the development of philosophical arguments. These philosophical writings appear to be the key arguments from his papers, lectures, and letters and often feature large excerpted sections.

Box 25
Folder 1-2 Dated philosophical journals, 1949-1956
Folder 3-4 Mixture of seemingly unrelated items, undated
Folder 5-6 Teaching-related materials, undated
Folder 7 Works in progress, undated

Subseries 2. Pre-Publication Materials, 1941-1983

Scope and Content Notes:

These files contain Sellars's unpublished manuscript drafts, which were the earlier versions of his published works. These manuscripts are arranged alphabetically by manuscript title. In a few instances, the manuscript drafts are augmented by related correspondence. The vast majority of the revisions and inserts added to the manuscripts were done by Sellars. However, there are a few manuscripts that contain editor notations. In general, the revisions range in content from grammatical changes to extensive modifications of Sellars's philosophical arguments. These revisions reveal Sellars's tendency to cross out entire sections of his argument and insert new pages. The bulk of these files are either typed or mimeographed. A small portion of the files are entirely handwritten and can be rather difficult to decipher. The files vary in length. Some of the files provide only one draft of a particular manuscript, while a larger portion of the files actually contain multiple drafts of the manuscript and document various points in the editorial process. Whenever possible, these multiple drafts are arranged chronologically from the earliest to the most developed version. All of the manuscripts are philosophical in nature and focus on Sellars's interests in the areas of epistemology, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, and ontology.

Box 26
Folder 1 "Abstract Entities," 1962
Folder 2 "Actions and Events," 1969
Folder 3-5 "Adverbial Theory of the Objects of Sensation," 1975
Folder 6 "Are There Non-Deductive Logics," 1968
Folder 7 "Aristotelian Philosophies of Mind," 1947
Folder 8 "Aristotle and Emergent Evolution," undated
Folder 9-10 "Aristotle's Metaphysics: An Interpretation", undated

Box 27
Folder 1-2 "Behaviorism, Language, and Meaning," c. 1978
Folder 3 "Being and Being Known," undated
Folder 4 "Belief and the Expression of Belief," 1967-1968
Folder 5-7 "Berkeley and Descartes," undated
Folder 8-10 Carcus Lectures, "Foundations for a Metaphysics of Pure Process," 1978

Box 28
Folder 1-5 Carcus Lectures, "Foundations for a Metaphysics of Pure Process," 1980-1981
Folder 6 "Cincinnati Comments," 1971
Folder 7 "Classes as Abstract Entities and the Russell Paradox," 1963
Folder 8 "Comments on Maxwell's Meaning Postulates in Scientific Theories," undated
Folder 9 "Comments on McMullin's Matter as Principle," undated
Folder 10-11 "Concepts as Involving Laws and Inconceivable Without Them," 1948
Folder 12 "Conceptual Change," 1972
Folder 13 "Conditional Promises and Conditional Intentions," 1980

Box 29
Folder 1-2 "Counterfactuals, Dispositions, and the Causal Modalities," undated
Folder 3 "Definition and Analysis," undated
Folder 4 "Definitions of Naturalism," undated
Folder 5 "Double Knowledge Approach to the Mind Body Problem," 1970
Folder 6-7 "Empiricism and Abstract Entities", 1954
Folder 8 "Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind," undated
Folder 9 "Epistemology and the New Way of Words," undated

Box 30
Folder 1 "Essays in Philosophy," 1973
Folder 2-4 "Fatalism and Determinism," 1964-1968
Folder 5 "Form and Content in Ethical Theory," 1967
Folder 6-7 "Givenness and Explanatory Coherence", 1973
Folder 8 "Grammar and Existence: A Preface to Ontology," 1959
Folder 9 "Hochberg on Mapping, Meaning, and Metaphysics," 1976

Box 31
Folder 1 "Identity Approach to the Mind-Body Problem," undated
Folder 2 "Identity of Linguistic Expressions and the Paradox of Analysis," undated
Folder 3-6 "Imperatives, Intentions, and the Logic of 'Ought'," 1956-1959
Folder 7-9 "Induction as Vindication," 1963-1964

Box 32
Folder 1-2 "Inference and Meaning," c. 1950
Folder 3 "Intentional Realism of Everett Hall," c. 1960
Folder 4 "Intentionality and the Mental," c. 1957
Folder 5 "Intentionality and the Mind-Body Problem," 1952
Folder 6 "Is Critical Realism a Representative Theory of Knowledge?," undated
Folder 7-8 "Is Scientific Realism Tenable?," 1976-1977
Folder 9-10 "Is There a Synthetic A Priori?," 1952

Box 33
Folder 1 "Kant's Transcendental Idealism," 1974
Folder 2-3 "Kant's Transcendental Metaphysics," undated
Folder 4 "Kant's Views on Sensibility and Understanding," undated
Folder 5 "Language as Thought and as Communication," 1968
Folder 6 "Language of Theories," 1959
Oversize "Language of Theories," 1959
Folder 7-8 "Language, Rules, and Behavior," 1949
Folder 9 "Leibnitz Rationalism: Scaffolding for a Reconstruction," undated
Folder 10 "The Logic of Probability," 1941
Folder 11 "Logical Subjects and Physical Objects," undated
Folder 12 "Meaning as Functional Classification," 1973

Box 34
Folder 1 "Meditations Leibnitziennes," 1965
Folder 2 "Mental Events," 1980
Folder 3 "Metaphysics and the Concept of a Person," 1967
Folder 4 "Mind, Meaning, and Behavior," 1952
Folder 5 Miscellaneous Unidentified Manuscripts, 1947-1980
Folder 6 "More on Givenness and Explanatory Coherence," 1979
Folder 7 "Naming and Saying," 1961
Folder 8-9 "Naturalism and Ontology," 1979-1980

Box 35
Folder 1-2 "Naturalism and Ontology," 1979-1980
Folder 3 "Notes on Anselm's Ontological Argument," undated
Folder 4 "A Note on Awareness As," 1978
Folder 5 "Notes on Intentionality," 1964
Folder 6 "A Note on Popper's Argument for Dualism," c. 1953
Folder 7 "A Note on the Form 'Pr(a)'," 1946-1947
Folder 8 "On Accepting First Principles," 1965
Folder 9 "On the Introduction of Abstract Entities," 1973
Folder 10 "On Knowing the Better and Doing the Worse," 1969

Box 36
Folder 1 "On the Logic of Complex Particulars," 1948
Folder 2-5 "On Reasoning About Values," 1978-1979
Folder 6 "Ontology, the A Priori, and Kant," 1967
Folder 7 "Ontology and the Philosophy of Mind in Russell," 1972
Folder 8 "'Ought' and Moral Principles," 1966

Box 37
Folder 1 "Outlines of a Philosophy of Language," 1950
Folder 2 "The Paradox of Analysis Resolved," 1963
Folder 3 "Particulars," 1950s
Folder 4 "Phenomenalism," 1959
Folder 5 "Philosophical Perspectives," 1965-1966
Oversize "Philosophical Perspectives," undated
Folder 6 "Philosophy and the Scientific Image of Man," 1960
Folder 7 "Physical Realism," 1950s
Folder 8 "Positivism and Consciousness," undated
Folder 9 "Presupposing," 1954
Folder 10 "Provincialism in Philosophy," undated
Folder 11 "Pure Pragmatics and Epistemology," 1947
Folder 12 "Quotation Marks, Sentences, and Propositions," undated
Folder 13 "Raw Materials, Subjects, and Substrata," c. 1958

Box 38
Folder 1-5 "Realism and the New Way of Words," c. 1946
Folder 6 "Reason and the Art of Living in Plato," 1968-1969
Folder 7 "Reasons, Commands, and Moral Principles," c. 1955

Box 39
Folder 1-3 "Reflections on Contrary-to-Duty Imperatives," 1965
Folder 4 "Reply to Aune," undated
Folder 5-6 "Reply to Donagan," 1971
Folder 7 "Reply to Marras," 1972
Folder 8 "Reply to Quine," 1972
Folder 9 Review of "A History of Western Philosophy," 1934
Folder 10 "Rice on Definitions in Value Theory," 1946
Folder 11 "The Role of Imagination in Kant's Theory of Experience," 1978
Folder 12-13 "Science and Ethics," 1959-1963

Box 40
Folder 1-8 "Science and Metaphysics: Variations on Kantian Themes," 1976
Folder 9 "Science, Perception, and Reality," undated

Box 41
Folder 1 "Science, Sense Impressions, a Sensa: A Reply to Cornman," 1970
Folder 2 "Scientific Realism or Irenic Instrumentalism," 1964-1965
Folder 3 "Seeing, Seeming, Sensing," 1971
Folder 4-5 "A Semantical Solution of the Mind-Body Problem," 1952
Folder 6-7 "Sensa or Sensings: Reflections on the Ontology of Perception," 1976, 1981
Folder 8 "Some Problems About Belief," 1967-1968
Folder 9 "Some Reflections on Language Games," 1954
Folder 10 "Some Reflections on Perceptual Consciousness," 1975

Box 42
Folder 1 "Some Reflections on Thoughts and Things," undated
Folder 2 "Some Remarks on Kant's Theory of Experience," 1967
Oversize "Some Remarks on Kant's Theory of Experience", 1967
Folder 3 "The Soul as Craftsman," 1965
Folder 4-6 "The Structure of Knowledge," 1969-1971
Folder 7 "A Study in Leibnitz," undated
Folder 8-9 "Substance and Form in Aristotle: An Exploration," 1957
Folder 10 "Theoretical Explanation," 1963
Folder 11 "this i or he or it (the thing) which thinks," 1970

Box 43
Folder 1-3 "Thought and Action," 1964
Folder 4 "Thought as Inner Speech," undated
Folder 5-10 "Time and the World Order," 1957-1959

Box 44
Folder 1-3 "Towards a Theory of Predication," 1982-1983
Folder 4 "Towards a Theory of the Categories," 1968-1969
Folder 5 "Truth and Correspondence," 1961
Folder 6 "Vlastos and 'The Third Man," 1954
Folder 7-8 "Vlastos and 'The Third Man': A Rejoinder", 1955
Folder 9 "Volitions Re-Affirmed", 1975

Subseries 3. Manuscripts of Other Authors, 1925-1990

Scope and Content Notes:

These materials represent unpublished versions of articles, book chapters, and conference papers, with the vast majority being articles intended for publication in scholarly journals. The manuscripts are arranged alphabetically by author and in the case of coauthors, the manuscript is filed by the primary listed author. While this series contains works written by Sellars's peers, the authors here are largely his former students. These student manuscripts reveal their development as professionals in the philosophical community. Most of the manuscripts do not contain annotations, and those that do have minimal markings consisting of underlined sections and minimal commentary in the margins. Approximately half of the manuscripts contain cover letters, which generally introduce the manuscript and solicit comments from Sellars. The topics covered in these manuscripts are strictly philosophical and center on Sellars's expertise in philosophy of mind, epistemology, meaning, pragmatism, and history of philosophy. Some notable exceptions to the minimal annotations are the manuscripts originating from Rigoberto Juarez-Paz, which were heavily annotated. Also noteworthy are the manuscripts of Robert Turnball's "Aseity and Dependence in Leibniz's Metaphysics" and Gregory Vlastos's "The Senonian Argument Against Plurality," which contain detailed critiques from Sellars. While a generalization, one could also state that the manuscripts Sellars most heavily analyzed were those that referred to his own works.

Box 45
Folder 1 Abraham, William, "Compossibility", 1971
Folder 2 Adams, E. M., "The Scientific and the Humanistic Times of Man-In-The-World", 1969
Folder 3 Adams, Marilyn, "Ockham on Predication and Ontology", c. 1977
Folder 4 Adams, Robert M., "Leibniz Phenomenalism", 1980
Folder 5 Adler, Mortimer, "Sense-Cognition", undated
Folder 6 Ager, T., Untitled, c. 1966
Folder 7 Albritton, Rogers, "Forms of Particular Substances in Aristotle's Metaphysics", c. 1957
Folder 8 Alexander, H. G., "Necessary Truth", c. 1954
Folder 9 Allaire, Edwin, Review of Science and Metaphysics, 1970

Section: Allen, Reginald E.,

Folder 10 "The Interpretation of Plato's Parmenides", 1964
Folder 11 "Participation and Predication in Plato's Middle Dialogues", undated
Folder 12 Allis, James, "Turning to the Good: A Study of Plato's 1986

Section: Alpern, Ken,

Folder 13 "The Acceptability and Intelligibility of Action at a Distance Descartes-Boscovich", 1974
Folder 14 Foundation of a logical-linguistic framework, undated

Section: Alston, William

Folder 15 "The Elucidation of Religious Statements", undated
Folder 16 "Immediate Knowledge", c. 1981
Folder 17 "Linguistic Arts", c. 1962
Folder 18 "Meaning and Use", 1963
Folder 19 "Particulars and Bare", c. 1952
Folder 20 "The Problem of Meaning in Theology", undated
Folder 21 "Wants, Beliefs, and Actions", c. 1961

Section: Amaral, Pedro

Folder 22 The adverbial analysis of events, c. 1973
Folder 23 "Aristotle De Interpretatione", 1976
Folder 24 "Descartes Against the Species", 1975
Folder 25 "The History of Given Harmony", 1980s
Folder 26 "Kant's Concept of a Thing", c. 1974
Folder 27 Kant's definition of judgment, 1976
Folder 28 "Kant's Logic of the Categorical Judgment", c. 1973

Box 46
Folder 1 Material roles of inference, c. 1973
Folder 2 "Natural Coordination, Harmony, Sympathy, and Synthetic", undated
Folder 3 "A Note on Sellars "Picturing", 1983
Folder 4 "Objective Reality: First and Second Intentions", undated
Folder 5 "The Soul as the Form of the Body", undated
Folder 6 "Truth and Predication in Descartes", undated
Folder 7 Anapolitanos, D.A., "Leibniz and the Relation of "Spatially Between'", 1983

Section: Anderson, Alan Ross

Folder 8 "A Completeness Theorem for the System E of Entailment", c. 1956
Folder 9 "Entailment and Negation", c. 1958
Folder 10 "The Formal Analysis of Normative Systems", 1956
Folder 11 "Independent Axiom Schemata for the Pure Theory of Entailment", c. 1959
Oversize "On Professor Martin's Beliefs", undated
Folder 12 "A Pure Calculus of Entailment", 1960
Folder 13 Anderson, John M., "Why Categories?", 1978
Folder 14 Anderson, Myron, "The Paradox of Analysis and Synonymity of Belief", 1955
Folder 15 Anderson, Wallace, "Cartesian Motion", undated
Folder 16 Anscombe, G. M. E. et al., "The Listener", 1957
Folder 17 Aquist, Lennart, "Improved Formulations of Act-Utilitarianism", c. 1968

Section: Armstrong, D .M.

Folder 18 "Laws of Nature as Relations Between Universals, and as Universals", 1981
Folder 19 "Letter about Prague", undated
Folder 20 "Self-Profile", 1983
Folder 21 "A Theory of Perception", undated
Folder 22 Ashby, W. Ross, "Induction, Prediction, and Decision-Making in Cybernetic Systems", 1961

Section: Aune, Bruce

Folder 23 "Abilities, Modalities, and Free Will", c. 1960
Folder 24 "Animadversions on the Philosophical Problem of 'Other' Minds", c. 1960
Folder 25 "The Behaviorist's Assumptions Reconsidered", undated
Folder 26 Chapter 6: Conclusion, c. 1955
Folder 27 "Chisholm on Self-Identity", 1972
Folder 28 "Comments on Cornman", c. 1962
Folder 29 "Comments on Sellars' 'Phenomenalism'", c. 1963
Folder 30 "Fatalism and Professor Taylor", 1962
Folder 31 "Feelings, Moods, and Introspection", c. 1960

Box 47
Folder 1 "Feigl on the Mind-Body Problem", c. 1961
Folder 2 "Formal Logic and Practical Reasoning", 1985
Folder 3 "Grossman on Intentionality", 1965
Folder 4 "If", c. 1963
Folder 5 "Intention", undated
Folder 6 "Is There an Analytic A Priori?", c. 1963
Folder 7-9 Kant's Theory of Morals, c. 1977
Folder 10 "Kenny on Practical Inference", 1973
Folder 11 "Knowing and Merely Thinking", c. 1958
Folder 12 "Necessity, Statements, and Rules", c. 1964
Folder 13 "On Postulating Universals", c. 1971
Folder 14 "On Thoughts and Feeling", c. 1960
Folder 15 "Other Minds", 1960
Folder 16 "The Paradox of Empiricism", undated
Folder 17 "Possibility", undated
Folder 18 "Prichard, Action, and Volition", c. 1972
Folder 19 "The Problem of Other Minds", undated
Folder 20 "Quine on Translation and Reference", 1972-1973
Folder 21 Review of Materialism and Sensations, 1971
Folder 22 Science and Metaphysics: Variations on Kantian Themes, c. 1968
Folder 23 "Self-Knowledge and Two Types of Psychological Concepts", 1960
Folder 24 "Sellars on Practical Inference", c. 1977
Folder 25 "Sellars on Practical Reasoning: A Critique", 1970
Folder 26 "Some Notes on Style", undated
Folder 27 "Some Remarks on and Argument by Chisholm", c. 1969
Folder 28 "Thinking", c. 1966
Folder 29 ""True" and "Truly": A Reply to White", undated

Box 48
Folder 1-4 Untitled, 1964
Oversize Austin, J. L., "Truth", undated

Section: Bach, Emmon

Folder 5 "A Framework for Syntax and Semantics", c. 1976
Folder 6 "Nouns and Nounphrases", c. 1967
Folder 7 "On Raising and More on Raising", 1976-1977
Folder 8 "Topics in English Metaphysics", c. 1977

Section: Bacon, John

Folder 9 "The Generic Conception of the Universal", 1971
Folder 10 "The Pragmatics of Knowing and Seeing", c. 1974
Folder 11 "The Semantics of Generic The", c. 1972
Folder 12 "The Universal Abstracted", 1969

Section: Baier, Annette

Folder 13 Descartes seminar papers, undated
Folder 14 "Helping Hume to 'Complete the Union'", c. 1977
Folder 15 "Hume on Heaps and Bundles", c. 1977
Folder 16 "The Idea of the True God in Descartes", undated
Folder 17 "Intention, Practical Knowledge, and Representation", 1975
Folder 18 "The Intentionality of Intentions", c. 1976
Folder 19 "Mixing Memory and Desire", 1974
Folder 20 "Second Person, Past", 1978
Folder 21 "Spinoza's Truth", 1974-1975

Section: Baier, Kurt

Folder 22 "Preference and the Good of Man", 1974
Folder 23 "Value and Fact", undated
Folder 24 "Welfare and Preference", c. 1965

Box 49
Folder 1 Baker, Lynne, "The Ontological Status of Temporal Becoming", 1975

Section: Bartley, W.W.

Folder 2 "Karl Barth: An Appreciation", c. 1963
Folder 3 "Theory of Language and Philosophy of Science as Instruments of Educational Reform: Wittgenstein and Popper as Austrian Schoolteachers", 1968
Folder 4 Bastak, Shafikah, "The Analysis of 'By' in Action Sequence", 1975
Folder 5 Baylie, Charles, "Comments on the Symposium on Logical Subjects and Physical Objects", undated
Folder 6 Beck, Lewis White, "'Was-Must Be' and 'Is-Ought' in Hume", undated

Section: Beer, Michelle

Folder 7 "Is Temporal Becoming Mind-Dependent?", 1987
Folder 8 "Temporal Indexicals and the Passage of Time", 1987

Section: Belnap, Nuel

Folder 9 "Questions: Their Presuppositions, and How They Can Fail to Arise", 1967
Folder 10 "Seeing to It That: A Canonical Form for Agentives", 1988
Folder 11 "Tautological Entailments", 1959
Folder 12 Benacerraf, Paul, "The Last Logicist", undated
Folder 13 Bennett, Jonathan, "The Simplicity of the Soul", 1967

Section: Bergmann, Gustav

Folder 14 "Acts", c. 1960
Folder 15 "The Logic of Probability", c. 1941
Folder 16 "On Non-Perceptual Intuition", 1949
Folder 17 "The Philosophical Significance of Modal Logic", 1957
Oversize "Probability as a Problem of the Philosophy of Science", undated
Folder 18 ",Professor Ayer's Analysis of Knowing"c. 1947
Folder 19 "Reduction", undated
Folder 20 "Remarks concerning Professor Quine's 'Notes on Existence and Identity'", c. 1943
Folder 21 Review of Gestalt Psychology, c. 1947
Folder 22 "Two Criteria for an Ideal Language", undated
Folder 23 Berlyne, Daniel, "The Motivation of Inductive Behavior", c. 1961
Folder 24 Bernstein, Richard J., "The Limits of Justification", c. 1958

Section: Binkley, Robert

Folder 25 "Austin's Performatives", 1959
Folder 26 "Change of Belief or Change of Meaning?", 1972
Folder 27 "The Ultimate Justification of Moral Rules", 1971
Folder 28 "The Ultimate Justification of Morality", 1959
Folder 29 Blackburn, Thomas, "Truth and Generality: On Peirce's Relation to 'Methodological Pragmatism'", 1974
Folder 30 Blake, Ralph Mason, "Why Not Hedonism? A Protest", 1926
Folder 31 Boer, Steven E. and Lycan, William G., "The Myth of Semantic Presupposition", 1976
Folder 32 Bogen, James, "A Paper", undated

Section: Bohm, David

Folder 33 "Some Remarks on the Notion of the Order for the Bellagoio Conference on Theoretical Biology", 1967
Folder 34 "Space, Time, and Quantum Theory Understood in Terms of Discrete Structural Process", 1965

Section: Bonevac, David

Box 50
Folder 1 "Countability and Quantification", 1981
Folder 2 "Kant on Existence and Analyticity", c. 1975
Folder 3 "Reduction and Mathematical Truth", c. 1978

Section: Bonzon, Roman

Folder 4 "On Supervenience and Ethical Theory", 1985
Folder 5 "Respecting Realism", 1988

Section: Bradie, Michael

Folder 6 "Network Realism and Novel Theoretical Concepts", 1978
Folder 7 "Pragmatic Realism", 1980
Folder 8 Braithwaite, R. B., "The Role of Values in Scientific Inference", 1961

Section: Brand, Myles

Folder 9 "Causation and Causal Necessity: Reply to Sanford", c. 1974
Folder 10 "Comments on Hector-Neri Castaneda's 'The Self and Its Guises'", 1983
Folder 11 "The Language of not Doing", 1970
Folder 12 "Notes for 'The Fundamental Question in Action Theory"'", 1979
Folder 13 "Notes for 'Simple, Complicated, and Complex Actions'", 1966
Folder 14 "On Philosophical Definitions", 1973
Folder 15 "Particulars, Events, and Actions", c. 1974
Folder 16 Review of "Analytical Philosophy of Action", 1974

Section: Brandon, Robert

Folder 17 "Asserting", 1980
Folder 18 "Assertion and Conceptual Roles", 1979
Folder 19 "Singular Terms and Sentential Designs", 1987
Folder 20 "Statement on Research", undated
Folder 21 "Varieties of Understanding", 1984

Section: Braude, Stephen

Folder 22 "The Analysis of Tenses as Demonstratives: A Critique", 1974
Folder 23 "Telepathy", 1977
Folder 24 "Tensed Sentences and Free Repeatability", 1972
Folder 25 "Why Tenses are Not Demonstratives", c. 1974
Folder 26 Braybrooke, David, "The Contribution of Management to Public Decision-Making: A Twenty Year Prospect of Personal Reassignment and Institutional Transformation", 1965
Reel Brentano, Verlag von Felix, "Psychologic von Empirischeen Standpunkt", 1925
Folder 27 Brentlinger, John,"Incomplete Predicates and the Two-World Theory of the Phaedo", c. 1965
Folder 28 Brittan, Gordan, "Kant, Closure, and Causality", c. 1978
Folder 29 Broad, C.D., "On the Function of False Hypotheses in Ethics", undated

Box 51
Folder 1 Brodbeck, May, "Knowledge in Social Science", c. 1957
Folder 2 Bromberger, Sylvain, "Explanation and Systematization Or A Theory about the Theory of Theory and About the Theory of Theories", undated
Folder 3 Brown Harold, "Epistemic Concepts: A Sellarsian Approach", 1988
Folder 4 Brown, James Cooke, "Toward a Formalization of Sociological Concepts", 1950
Folder 5 Brunswik, Egon, "Probabilistic Psychological Theory and the Representative Design of Experiments", 1953

Section: Buck, Rogers

Folder 6 "B. Phil. Exam in Logic", undated
Folder 7 "Functionalism and Meaning", undated
Folder 8 "Non-Other Minds", c. 1959
Folder 9 "Ought Implies Can", undated
Folder 10 "Referring Uses and Self-enforcing Directives", undated
Folder 11 "Reflexive Predictions", c. 1959
Folder 12 "Substance Theory and the Philosophy of Science", 1949
Folder 13 "Truth", undated

Section: Burian, Richard

Folder 14 "Adaptation", 1981
Folder 15 "Conceptual Change, Cross-Theoretical Explanation, and the Unity of Science", 1974
Folder 16 "How Not to Talk about Conceptual Changes in Science", 1981
Folder 17 "Human Sociobiology and Genetic Determinism", 1981
Folder 18 "More Than a Marriage of Convenience: On the Inextricability of History and Philosophy of Science", 1976
Folder 19 Review of "Linguistic Representation", c. 1974
Folder 20 Review of "Problems of Genetics", 1981
Folder 21 "Scientific Realism and Incommensurability: Some Criticisms of Kuhn and Feyerabend", c. 1971
Folder 22 "Sellarsian Realism and Conceptual Change in Science", 1977
Folder 23 "Toward a Richer Theory of Dialogue: Comments on Prof. Rivetti Barbo's Paper", c. 1981
Folder 24 "Where Do We Go with Conceptual Change?", 1980
Folder 25 "Wittgenstein, Sellars, and Conceptual Change", 1977

Section: Burks, Arthur W.

Box 52
Folder 1 "Man: Sign or Algorithm? A Rhetorical Analysis of Peirce's Semiotics", 1978
Folder 2 "Two Essays on Peirce", c. 1960
Folder 3 Burnyeat, M. F., "Is an Aristotelian Philosophy of Mind Still Credible?", c. 1975
Folder 4 Burrell, D., "Pseudo-Intentionality of Sense According to Aquinas", 1962
Folder 5 Butchvarov, Panayot, "Identity", c. 1975
Folder 6 Cameron, Norman, "Experimental Analysis of Schizophrenic Thinking", 1951
Folder 7 Camp, Joseph, "Predicating Existence", undated
Folder 8 Campbell, Donald, "Descriptive Epistemology: Psychological, Sociological, and Evolutionary", 1977

Section: Carnap, Rudolf

Folder 9 "Carl G. Hempel on Scientific Theories", c. 1956
Folder 10 "The Concept of Degree of Order", 1952
Reel "Erkenntnis", undated
Folder 11 "Notes on Semantics", 1955
Folder 12 "On Protocol Sentences", undated
Folder 13 "Remarks on Physicalism and Related Topics", 1954
Folder 14 "Replies and Systematic Expositions", c. 1956
Folder 15 "Semantic Information", c. 1953

Section: Castaneda, Hector-Neri

Folder 16 "7+5=12 As A Synthetic Proposition", 1958
Folder 17 "Acts, The Logic of Obligation, and Deontic Calculi", 1964
Folder 18 "Analytic Propositions, Definitions and the A Priori", 1958
Folder 19 "Consciousness and Behavior: Their Basic Connections", c. 1963
Folder 20 "Ethics and Logic: Stevensonian Emotivism Revisited", c. 1963
Folder 21 Guggenheim Fellowship application materials, 1980
Folder 22 "He", 1965
Folder 23 "Hector-Neri Castaneda", 1984
Folder 24 "Identity and Sameness", c. 1974
Folder 25 "Imperative Inference", c. 1955
Folder 26 "Imperatives, Decisions, and Rules", c. 1959
Folder 27 "Individuation and Non-Identity: A New Look", c. 1976

Box 53
Folder 1 "La Logica General de la Normas y la Etica", c. 1954
Folder 2 "Leibniz's Concepts and Their Coincidence Salva Veritate", 1974
Folder 3 "Leibniz's Meditation on April 15,1676, about Existence, Dreams, and Space", 1976
Folder 4 "Monadologiae Physicae", undated
Folder 5 "Obligation and Modal Logic", c. 1958
Folder 6 "On the Logic of Ends and Means", undated
Folder 7 "On Philosophical Method", 1979
Folder 8 "Ought and an Assumption in Moral Philosophy", c. 1959
Folder 9 "Outline of a General Theory of Norms and Imperatives", 1957
Folder 10 "The Phaedo and Third-Man Arguments", 1971
Folder 11 "Philosophical Method and Direct Awareness of the Self", c. 1978
Folder 12 "Philosophical Method and The Theory of Predication and Identity", c. 1978
Folder 13 "Plato's Main Phaedo:Theory of Relations, Forms, and Particulars", 1971
Folder 14 "Plato's Notion of Relations", 1952
Folder 15 "Private Language and Third-Person Psychological Statements", 1962
Folder 16 "Response to Plantinga: Method, Individuals, and Guise Theory", 1980s
Folder 17 "Response to Wilfrid Sellars: Intending and the Logic of Intentions", 1981
Folder 18 "Some Reflections on Sellars 'Theory of Intentions'", 1971
Folder 19 "The Theory of Questions, Epistemic Powers, and the Indexical Theory of Knowledge", c. 1979
Folder 20 Thinking and Doing: The Philosophical Foundations of Institutions, 1975

Box 54
Folder 1-2 Thinking and Doing: The Philosophical Foundations of Institutions, 1975
Folder 3 "Thinking and the Structure of the World", undated
Folder 4 "Universales Y Particulares", 1951
Folder 5 Casullo, "Adverbial Theories of Sensing and the Many-Property Problem", c. 1981
Folder 6 Chapman, John W., "Rawl's Theory of Justice", 1971

Section: Chisholm, Roderick

Folder 7 "Introductory Lecture on Theory of Knowledge.", 1969
Folder 8 "On a Possible Mark of Intentionality", 1962
Folder 9 "Outline of a Theory of Action and Desire", 1964
Folder 10 "Psychological Properties", 1980
Folder 11 Christensen, Ferrel, "McTaggart's Paradox and the Nature of Time", c. 1972
Folder 12 Chrucky, Andrew, "Realism, Materialism, and Ontology in the Philosophy of Wilfrid Sellars", 1976
Folder 13 Church, Alonzo, "Intensionality and the Paradox of the Name Relation", 1983

Section: Churchland, Patricia Smith

Folder 14 "On Consciousness", c. 1980
Folder 15 "On the Alleged Backwards Referral of Experiences and its Relevance to the Mind-Body Problem", c. 1979
Folder 16 Churchland, Paul, "Persons and P-Predicates", c. 1968

Section: Clark, Romane

Folder 17 "Concerning the Logic of Predicate Modifiers", c. 1970
Folder 18 "Considerations for a Logic for Naive Realism", c. 1974
Folder 19 "In Any Event: Davidson's Analysis of the Logical Form of Action Sentences", 1968
Folder 20 "Not Every Object of Thought has Being: A Paradox in Naive Predication Theory", c. 1977
Folder 21 "Old Foundation for a Logic of Perception", 1975
Folder 22 "Presuppositions, Names, and Descriptions", c. 1955

Box 55
Folder 1 "Prima Facie Generalizations", 1970
Folder 2 "Sensibility and Understanding: the Given of WIlfrid Sellars", 1981
Folder 3 "The Sensuous Content of Perception", 1973
Folder 4 "When is a Fallacy Valid? Reflections on a Backward Reasoning", c. 1980
Folder 5 Coburn, Robert, Untitled, 1969

Section: Cocchiarella, Nino

Folder 6 "A Completeness Theorem for Theories of Kind", c. 1969
Folder 7 "The Development of the Theory of Logical Types and the Notion of a Logical Subject in Russell's Early Philosophy", c. 1979
Folder 8 "Formal Ontology and the Foundations of Mathematics", c. 1970
Folder 9 "Logical Atomism, Nominalism, and Modal Logic", c. 1972
Folder 10 "Mathematical Knowledge: A Review", 1977
Folder 11 "On the Logic of Natural Kinds", undated
Folder 12 "On the Logic of Nominalized Predicates and its Philosophical Interpretations", c. 1975
Folder 13 "On the Primary and Secondary Semantics of Logical Necessity", c. 1972
Folder 14 "Properties as Individuals in Formal Ontology", c. 1968
Folder 15 "A Second Order Logic of Generalized Quantifiers", c. 1974
Folder 16 "Second Order Theories of Predication: Old and New Foundations", c. 1974
Folder 17 "Sortals, Natural Kinds and Re-Identification", c. 1976
Folder 18 "The Theory of Simple Type as a Second Order Logic", c. 1974
Folder 19 "Whither Russell's Paradox of Predication?", c. 1969

Section: Code, Alan

Folder 20 "Aristotle on the Sameness of Each Thing with its Essence", 1980
Folder 21 "On the Origins of Some Aristotelian Theses about Predication", 1982
Folder 22 Coffa, J. Alberto, "Carnap's Sprachanschauung Circa 1932", 1976

Section: Cohen, Robert S.

Folder 23 "Adolf Grunbaum: A Memoir", 1983
Folder 24 "Yugoslav Notes VIII-IX", 1980-1981
Folder 25 Cook, John Oliver, "An Arithmetization of the Two-Variable Sentential Calculus", 1958

Section: Cooper, John

Box 56
Folder 1 Aristotle and ethics, c. 1966
Folder 2 "Aristotle on Friendship", c. 1975
Folder 3 Cop, Irving,Paper for Bryn Mawr symposium, 1951

Section: Cornman, James

Folder 4 "Foundational Theories Versus Nonfoundational Theories of Empirical Justification", c. 1974
Folder 5 "Materialism and Some Myths about Some Givens", c. 1971
Folder 6 "On the Elimination of 'Sensations' and Sensations", c. 1968
Folder 7 "Sellars on Scientific Realism and Perceiving", c. 1976
Folder 8 "Sellars, Scientific Realism, and Sensa", c. 1968
Folder 9 "Sellarsian Scientific Realism without Sensa", c. 1977
Folder 10 "Speak Your Thoughts", 1964, 1969
Folder 11 "Theoretical Terms, Berkeleian Notions, and Minds", c. 1965

Section: Crawford, Dan D.

Folder 12 "Are There Mental Inferences in Direct Perceptions?", 1977, 1980
Folder 13 "Bergman on Perceiving, Sensing, and Appearing", c. 1968
Folder 14 "The Logic of Appearing", c. 1965
Folder 15 "Taylor, God, and the Principle of Sufficient Reason", 1976
Folder 16 Crawford, Patricia, "Kant's Comparison of the Nature of Proof in Philosophy and Mathematics", 1960

Section: Creath, Richard

Folder 17 "Analyticity: The Quine-Carnap Debate", 1974
Folder 18 "Benacerraf and Mathematical Truth", 1978
Folder 19 "Extensions and Intentions", 1974
Folder 20 "Is There a Restricted Utilitarianism?", 1970
Folder 21 "Nominalism by Theft", 1979
Folder 22 "Observation and Partial Definition in 'Testability and Meaning'", 1975
Folder 23 "On Kaplan on Carnap on Significance", 1975
Folder 24 "Ontology Once More", 1974
Folder 25 "Physicalism", 1974
Folder 26 "A Problem with Some Natural Intuitions", 1978
Folder 27 "Sellars and P-Rules", 1972
Folder 28 "Smart, Salmon, and Scientific Realism", 1979

Box 57
Folder 1 Some Approaches to Scientific Realism", 1978
Folder 2 "Substitutivity in Belief Contexts: Three Approaches", 1972
Folder 3 "Taking Theories Seriously", 1982
Folder 4 "Was Carnap a Complete Verification in the Aufbau?", 1977
Folder 5 "Why Did Carnap Think That There was Nothing More to Philosophy than Logical Syntax", 1973
Folder 6 Cummings, Philip, "Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis: Legend or Fact?", 1971
Folder 7 Dacey, Raymond, "A Theory of Conclusions", 1976
Folder 8 Dancy, Russell, "Use and Agreement", c. 1967
Folder 9 Darwall, Stephen, "The Table of Judgments", 1970

Section: Davidson, Donald

Folder 10 "Adverbial Modification", undated
Folder 11 "The Individuation of Events", c. 1967
Folder 12 "Mental Events", c. 1969
Folder 13 Davies, Dave, "Putnam's 'Narrow Path':'Internalism' and 'Relativism'", c. 1982

Section: Davis, Steven

Folder 14 "Katz on Contradiction", c. 1972
Folder 15 "Philosophy of Language", c. 1970
Folder 16 Deely, John N., "The Immateriality of the Intentional as Such", 1968

Section: Delaney, C.F.

Folder 17 "Basic Propositions, Empiricism and Science", c. 1977
Folder 18 "Gunderson on the 'Grain Argument'", undated
Folder 19 "Peirce's Critique of Foundationalism", undated

Section: Dennett, Daniel

Folder 20 "Are Dreams Experiences?", 1975
Folder 21 "Cognitive Wheels: The Frame Problem of AI", 1983
Folder 22 "Conditions of Personhood", 1972
Folder 23-25 The Intentional Stance, 1987

Box 58
Folder 1 "The Irvine Lexicon", 1978
Folder 2 "Quining Qualia", 1980
Folder 3 "Why the Law of Effect Will Not Go Away", 1974
Folder 4 "Wondering Where the Yellow Went: Comments on Wilfrid Sellars' Carcass Lectures", 1980
Reel Derden, James Kirwin, "Analyticity and Scientific Theories with Special Reference to the Work of Rudolf Carnap", undated
Folder 5 Desjardins, Rosemary, "Sellars and Sensa", 1970

Section: de Vries, Willem

Folder 6 "Concepts, Justification, and Foundations: A Study in Sellarsian Epistemology", 1985
Folder 7 "Correctness, Belief, and Knowledge", c. 1981
Folder 8 "Hegel on Reference and Knowledge", 1980
Folder 9 "Hegel on Representation and Thought", c. 1981
Folder 10 "Hegel's Concept of Sensation and Intuition", c. 1978
Folder 11 "Hegel's Concept of Thought", undated
Folder 12 "Hegel's Reconception of the Philosophy of Mind", c. 1982
Folder 13 "Kant, Hegel, and the Objectivity of Purposiveness", c. 1979
Folder 14 "On Sophist 255B-E", 1975
Folder 15 "Propositional Structure in Hegel's Early Works", c. 1976
Folder 16 Review of Appropriating Hegel, 1982
Folder 17 Untitled student papers on Sellars' philosophy, 1973

Section: Donagan, Alan

Folder 18 "Contemporary Action Theory and Some Old-Fashioned Ideas", 1977
Folder 19 "Descartes' 'Synthetic' Treatment of the Real Distinction between Mind and Body", c. 1976
Folder 20 "Determinism and Freedom: Sellars and the Reconciliationist Thesis", c. 1970
Folder 21 "Is There a Credible Form of Utilitarianism?", 1964
Folder 22 "A Non-Utilitarian Normative Theory", undated
Folder 23 Review of New Essays in Philosophical Theology, c. 1956
Folder 24 "R. M. Hare's Theory of Imperative Inference: Difficulties", 1967
Folder 25 "Sidgwick and Whewellian Intuitionism: Some Enigmas", 1976
Folder 26 Donovan, Carol, "Physicalism and Action Explanation", 1975

Box 59
Folder 1 Doppelt, Gerald, "Relativism and Recent Pragmatic Conceptions of Scientific Rationality", 1980
Folder 2 Dore, Clement, "Hylas and Philonous Revisited", undated
Folder 3 Dretske, Fred, "Fundamental Questions and Theoretical Apparatus in Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind", undated
Folder 4 Ducasse, C. J., "A Critical Examination of the Belief in a Life After Death", c. 1959

Section: Dunn, Michael

Folder 5 "Relevant Robinson's Arithmetic", c. 1976
Folder 6 "A Theorem in 3-Valued Model Theory with Connections to Number Theory, Type Theory, and Relevant Logic", 1976

Section: Dwyer, Robert

Folder 7 "The Elementary Set Theory ZFC", undated
Folder 8 "On Definition by Abstraction", undated
Folder 9 Earman, John, "Are Spatial and Temporal Congruence Conventional?", c. 1969

Section: Echelbarger, Charles

Folder 10 "An Alleged Legend", 1979
Folder 11 "Hume on Deduction", 1985
Folder 12 "Sellars on Thinking and the Myth of the Given", c. 1968
Folder 13 "Some Problems in Hume's Theory of Experience and Their Kantian Implications", 1978-1979
Folder 14 Eisenberg, Paul, "Socrates' Guide to Glaucon", c. 1965

Section: Ellis, Brian

Folder 15 "A Comparison of Process and Non-Process Theories in the Physical Sciences", undated
Folder 16 "Derived Measurement, Universal Constants, and the Expression of Numerical Laws", c. 1960
Folder 17 "Universal and Differential Forces", c. 1962
Folder 18 Evans, Claude, "Sellars" (Chapter five), undated

Section: Evans, Robert

Reel "The Decline and Revival of Critical Realism", 1967
Folder 19 "The Role of Durant Drake in American Critical Realism", 1971
Folder 20 Falk, W. D., "Moral Perplexity", 1956
Folder 21 Farrell, B.A., Review of The Concept of Mind, 1950

Section: Feigl, Herbert

Folder 22 "Empiricism at Bay? Revisions and a New Defense", 1971
Folder 23 "An Essay on the Meaning and the Limits of Justification", undated
Folder 24 "Existential Hypotheses: Realistic versus Phenomenalistic Interpretations", c. 1949
Folder 25 "Levels of Scientific Inquiry", 1956
Folder 26 "Naturalism and Humanism", c. 1949

Box 60
Folder 1 "Physicalism, Unity of Science and the Foundation of Psychology", c. 1955
Folder 2 "The Power of Positivist Thinking: An Essay on the Quandaries of Transcendence", 1963
Folder 3 "Realistic Empiricism Versus Conventionalistic Pragmatism", c. 1951
Folder 4 "Russell and Schlick: A Remarkable Agreement on a Monistic Solution of the Mind-Body Problem", 1971
Folder 5 "Some Major Issues and Development in the Philosophy of Science of Logical Empiricism", c. 1954
Folder 6 "Validation and Vindication: An Analysis of the Nature and the Limits of Ethical Arguments", 1951

Section: Feyerabend, Paul K.

Folder 7 "Comments and Criticism on the 'Meaning' of Scientific Terms", c. 1965
Folder 8 "Considerations Concerning the Principles of Elementary Quantum Mechanics", c. 1958
Folder 9 "Explanation, Reduction, and Empiricism", 1961
Folder 10 "How to be a Good Empiricist: A Plea for Tolerance in Matters Epistemological", 1961-1962
Folder 11 "Notes on Linguistic Philosophy and the Mind-Body Problem", c. 1962
Folder 12 "Problems of Microphysics", c. 1961
Folder 13 "Professor Bohm's Philosophy of Nature: A Review of D. Bohm, Causality and Chance in Modern Physics", c. 1958
Folder 14 "Reichenbach's Interpretation of Quantum-Mechanics", 1957
Folder 15 "Reply to Criticism", 1965
Folder 16 "Some Considerations Concerning the Interpretation of the Quantum Theory: A Plea for Tolerance in Matters Microphysical", c. 1960

Section: Field, Hartry

Folder 17 "Tarski's Theory of Truth", c. 1971
Folder 18 "Theory Change and the Indeterminacy of Reference", c. 1968

Section: Firth, Roderick

Folder 19 "Are Epistemic Concepts Reducible to Ethical Concepts?", 1978
Folder 20 "Reply to Sellars", c. 1964
Folder 21 "Notes on the Method of Subordinate Proofs", 1959
Folder 22 "Representation of Sequential Circuits in Combinatory Logic", 1957
Folder 23 "Universal Metalanguages for Philosophy", 1963
Folder 24 Flay, Joseph C., "Categories of Comportment", c. 1973
Folder 25 Flew, Anthony, "On Speaking Infallibly", undated

Box 61
Folder 1 Flo, Olav, "Bibliography of the Philosophical Writings of Georg Hendrik von Wright, 1938-1966", 1966

Section: Fogelin, Robert J.

Folder 2 "Inferential Constructions", c. 1964
Folder 3 "When I Look at a Tomato There is Much I Cannot See", 1980

Section: Ford, Daniel

Folder 4 "An Introduction to Sellarsian Epistemology: The Attack on the Myth of the Given", 1969
Folder 5 "The Myth of Natural Kinds", 1970
Folder 6 Freundlich, Yehudah, "Phenomenalism and Representative Realism Combined: A Theory of Perception", 1972
Folder 7 Friedman, Stephen, "Ultimate Homogeneity: A Dialog", 1984

Section: Gale, Richard

Folder 8 "Comments on Davidson's 'Adverbial Modification",
Folder 9 "Could Logical Space Be Empty?", undated
Folder 10 "Critical Study of Studies in Metaphilosophy", undated
Folder 11 "Do Performative Utterances have any Constative Function?", undated
Folder 12 "Endorsing Predications", 1961
Folder 13 "The Fictive Use of Language", undated
Folder 14 "The Generality of Predications", undated
Folder 15 "Goodman and Fakes", undated
Folder 16 "Has the Present any Duration?", undated
Folder 17 "'Here' and 'Now'", undated
Folder 18 "Here and There, Now and Then: Disanalogies between Space and Time", 1980
Folder 19 "Is It Now Now?', undated
Folder 20 "The Language of Time", undated
Folder 21 "McTaggart on the Relation between the A-Series and the B-Series", undated
Folder 22 "Negation, Non-Being, and Real Possibility", undated
Folder 23 "On the Concept of Being Present", undated
Folder 24 "On What There Isn't", undated
Folder 25 "Ostensive Definitions of Time", undated
Folder 26 "Propositions and Propositional Acts",
Folder 27 "Propositions, Judgments, Sentences and Statements", undated
Folder 28 "Pure and Impure Descriptions', undated
Folder 29 Review of Space and Time, undated
Folder 30 "Strawson's Restricted Theory of Referring", undated
Folder 31 "Tense and Presuppositions", undated
Folder 32 "Tensed Statements", undated
Folder 33 "William James and the Ethics of Belief", undated
Folder 34 Gallagher, Neil, Untitled, undated
Folder 35 Garson, James, "Here and Now", 1968

Section: Garver, Newton

Folder 36 "Rules", undated
Folder 37 "Subject and Predicate", undated
Folder 38 "Varieties of Use and Motion", 1963

Section: Gauker, Christopher

Box 62
Folder 1 "Conditionals and Assertibility", 1985
Folder 2 "Conditionals in Context", 1985
Folder 3 "Foder's Theory of Propositional Attitudes", 1982
Folder 4 "Language as Tool", 1984
Folder 5 "Mind and Chance", 1984
Folder 6 "Objective Interpretationism", 1986
Folder 7 "Principle of Charity", 1984
Folder 8 "Sellars Versus Van Fraassen on Scientific Realism", 1981
Folder 9 "Semantics without Reference", 1983
Folder 10 "Thoughts as Inner Speech", 1986
Folder 11 Gaus Gerald, "Anarchism and Political Philosophy", 1977
Folder 12 Gendlin, E. T., "Two Phrenologists Do Not Disagree", 1976
Folder 13 Gewirth, Alan, "Some Conceptual Issues in the Relation Between Law and Morality", 1967
Folder 14 Gibbard, Allan, "Contingent Identity", undated
Folder 15 Gibson, James J., "Perception as a Function of Stimulation", 1955
Folder 16 Giere, Ronald, "On the Metaphilosophy of Science", undated
Folder 17 Gill, John G., "Abstract Definition of the Good", 1969
Folder 18 Ginet, Carl, "Might We Have No Choice?", undated
Folder 19 Glidden, David, "Aristotelian Aesthesis and the Hellenistic Problem of Representation", undated
Folder 20 Gold, Jeffrey, "Ambiguity of Name in Plato's Cratylus", 1976

Section: Goldman, Alvin

Folder 21 "Discrimination and Perceptual Knowledge", 1972
Folder 22 "Relation Between Epistemology and Psychology", 1981

Section: Goldstein, Lawrence

Box 63
Folder 1 "Adverbial Theory of Conceptual Thought", 1981
Folder 2 "Scientific Scotism - The Emperor's New Trousers or has Armstrong Made Some Real Strides?", 1981
Folder 3 Good, I. J., "Errata and Appenda to Publications by I. J. Good", 1978

Section: Gordon, Roy

Folder 4 "Meinongian Semantics Problems with Emendations to Evaluation of", 1974
Folder 5 Review of Film Language: A Semiotics of the Cinema, 1975
Folder 6 Gould, Carol C., "Ontological Foundations of Democracy", 1979
Folder 7 Grant, Edward, "Place and Space in Medieval Physical Thought", undated
Folder 8 Greenspan, P.S., "Danto and Others on Agent Causation, Volitions, and the Humean Self", 1975
Folder 9 Grice, H. P., "Utterers Meaning Sentence Meaning and Word Meaning", undated
Folder 10 Griffiths, A. Phillips, "Transcendental Arguments", undated
Folder 11 Grossmann, Reinhardt, "Perceptual Objects Elementary Particles and Emergent Properties", 1970

Section: Grover, Dorothy

Folder 12 "Propositional Quantifiers", 1970
Folder 13 "Truth", 1983

Section: Grunbaum, Adolf

Folder 14 "Absolute and Relational Theories of Space and Space Time", 1974
Folder 15 "Ad Hoc Auxiliary Hypotheses and Falsificationism", 1976
Folder 16 "Auto-Predictability and Freedom of Action in a Deterministic Universe", undated
Folder 17 "Can Psychoanalytic Theory be Cogently Tested On the Couch?", 1981

Box 64
Folder 1 "Can We Ascertain the Falsity of a Scientific Hypothesis?", 1969
Folder 2 "Carnap's Views on the Foundation of Geometry", 1958
Folder 3 "Clarification of the Critique of Reichenbach's Attempt to Physicize the Event", undated
Folder 4 "Comments on Professor Roger Bucks Paper Reflexive Predications", 1962
Folder 5 "Conventionalism in Geometry", 1958
Folder 6 "Critique of the Philosophical Legacy of Pierre Duhem", 1964
Folder 7 "Duhemian Argument", 1959
Folder 8 "Free Will and Laws of Human Behavior", 1969
Folder 9 "Geometry Chronometry and Empiricism", 1959
Folder 10 "Geometry of the Rotating Disk in the Special Theory of Relativity", 1976
Folder 11 "Introduction to the Symposium on Graves", 1972
Folder 12 "Is Pre Acceleration of Particles in Diracs Electrodynamics", 1974
Folder 13 "Is a Universal Nocturnal Expansion Falsificable or Physically Vacuous?", undated
Folder 14 "Logical Foundations of Psychoanalytic Theory", 1982
Folder 15 "Nature of Time", 1962
Folder 16 "On the Origins of Relativity Theory Remarks on Professor Holtons Essay", 1960
Folder 17 "Ontology of the Curvature of Empty Space in the Geometrodynamics", 1972
Folder 18 "Philosophy 263: Philosophy of Physics and Mathematics", 1955
Folder 19 "Popper on Irreversibility", 1962
Folder 20 "Professor Dingle on Falsifiability A Second Rejoinder", 1960

Box 65
Folder 1 "Question on Popper from Adolf Grunbaum", 1974
Oversize "Relativity of Simultaneity Within a Single Galilean Frame: A Rejoinder", undated
Folder 2 "Reply to Christensen", 1971
Folder 3 "Reply to Hilary Putnam's An Examination of Grunbaum's Philosophy of Science", 1968
Folder 4 Review of Concepts of Space, 1956
Folder 5 Review of Current Issues in the Philosophy of Science, 1962
Folder 6 "Role of A Priori Elements in Physical Theory", 1959
Folder 7 "Scientific Assertibility of Statements about the Past and about the Future", 1963
Folder 8 "Some Comments on Operationism", 1953
Folder 9 "Space", c. 1962
Folder 10 "The Special Theory of Relativity as a Case Study of the Importance of the Philosophy of Science for the History of Science", 1962
Folder 11 "The Status of Temporal Becoming", c. 1964
Folder 12 "The Structure of Science", c. 1962
Folder 13 "Temporally-Asymmetric Principles Parity Between Explanation and Prediction, and Mechanism versus Teleology", 1961
Folder 14 Gulessarian, Theodore,"The Defensibility of the Identity Theory and Eliminative Materialism", c. 1968

Section: Gupta, Anil

Folder 15 "The Logic of Common Nouns", 1977
Folder 16 "Remarks on Definitions and the Concept of Truth", 1989

Section: Gutting, Gary

Folder 17 "Action and Freedom", 1976
Folder 18 "Critical Review: Wilfrid Sellars, Essays in Philosophy and Its History", 1975
Folder 19 "Scientific Realism", c. 1977
Folder 20 "Scientific Realism vs. Constructive Empiricism", 1981
Folder 21 "Sellars' Philosophy of Science", 1973

Section: Guyer, Paul

Box 66
Folder 1 "Complexity or Contradiction: A Problem in Kant's Theory of Aesthetic Pleasure", 1975
Folder 2 "Disinterestedness and Desire in Kant's Aesthetics", c. 1977
Folder 3 "From Objectivity to Intersubjectivity: A Reading of the Critique of Judgment", 1972
Folder 4 "Interest, Nature, and Art: A Problem in Kant's Aesthetics", 1977
Folder 5-7 Kant and the Claims of Taste, 1977
Folder 8 "Locke's Problem with Real Species", c. 1961
Folder 9 "Predication and Contradiction", 1975
Folder 10 "A Problem in Kant's Account of Disinterestedness", 1977

Box 67
Folder 1 Haack, R.J., "Quine's Theory of Logic", 1977

Section: Haack, Susan

Folder 2 "Coherentism Discomposed", 1989
Folder 3 Review of Epistemic Responsibility, 1987
Folder 4 "Epistemologically Relevant Sociology of Science", 1982
Folder 5 "Evidence against Reliabilism", 1989
Folder 6 "Know is just a Four-Letter Word", 1983
Folder 7 "Realism", 1985
Folder 8 "Rebuilding the Ship while Sailing on the Water", 1989
Folder 9 "Recent Obituaries of Epistemology", 1988
Folder 10 Review of Rationality, 1988
Folder 11 "Scholastic Realist of a Somewhat Extreme Stripe", 1989
Folder 12 "Surprising Noises Rorty and Hesse on Metaphor", 1987
Folder 13 "Two Faces of Quine's Naturalism", 1990
Folder 14 "What is the Problem of the Empirical Basis", 1985

Section: Haggstrom, Warren

Folder 15 "Foundations of Language and Logic", undated
Folder 16 "History of Ancient Western Logic and Some Remarks Concerning Other Periods", undated
Folder 17 "Logic of Leibniz", c.1951
Folder 18 "Some Preliminary Informal Remarks Concerning Value Logic", 1951
Folder 19 "There are Synthetic A Priori Judgments", undated
Folder 20 "Western Definition and Eastern Laksana", 1952

Section: Hahm, David

Folder 21 "Hellenistic Theories of Vision and Color Perception", 1965
Folder 22 "Weight and Natural Motions Aristotle and his Predecessors", 1959
Folder 23 Halcomb, Jay C., "Nominalism and Realism", 1985

Section: Hall, Everett

Folder 24 "Ethics for Today", undated
Folder 25 "History of Ideas", undated
Folder 26 "Is Philosophy a Science", undated
Folder 27 Review of Readings in Ethical Theory, 1952

Box 68
Folder 1 Hamblin, C. L., "Starting and Stopping", 1968
Folder 2 Hammond, Kenneth, "Representative vs. Systematic Design in Clinical Psychology", 1951
Folder 3 Hankins, Thomas, "Algebra as Pure Time William Rowan Hamilton and the Foundations of Algebra", 1969

Section: Hanson, Norwood Russell

Folder 4 "Anatomy of Discovery", 1967
Folder 5 "Budget of Cross Type Inferences", 1959
Folder 6 Chapter 9 on the philosophical aspects of microphysics, 1960
Folder 7 "Classical Particle Physics", 1955
Folder 8 "Contra Equivalence", undated
Folder 9 "Copernican Disturbance and the Keplerian Revolution", 1950
Folder 10 "Five Cautions for the Copenhagen Interpretations Critics", 1957
Folder 11 "Good Inductive Reasons", undated
Folder 12 "Hypotheses Fingo", 1967
Folder 13 "Logical Positivism and the Interpretation of Scientific Theories", 1967
Folder 14 "Mathematical Power of Epicyclical Astronomy", undated
Folder 15 "Mere Predictability", undated
Folder 16 "Poverty of Agnosticism", 1961
Folder 17 "Sellars on Theories", undated
Folder 18 "Some Philosophical Aspects of Contemporary Cosmologies", 1952
Folder 19 "What I don't Believe", undated
Folder 20 Hare, R. M., "The Bearing of Ethics on Moral Decisions", 1958

Section: Harman, Gilbert

Folder 21 "Comments on Donald Davidson's Paper, 'How is Weakness of the Will Possible'", 1967
Folder 22 "Moral Relativism Defended", 1973
Folder 23 "Practical Reasoning", 1974
Folder 24 Review of Science and Metaphysics, 1968
Folder 25 Harnish, Robert M., "Reliable Solipsism?", 1980

Section: Harper, William

Folder 26 "Conceptual Change, Incommensurability and Special Relativity Kinematics", 1978
Folder 27 "Kant's Empirical Realism and the Second Analogy of Experience", 1978

Box 69
Folder 1 "Rational Belief Change Popper Functions and Counterfactuals", 1974
Folder 2 "Rational Conceptual Change", c. 1977
Folder 3 "Space and Kant's Empirical Realism", 1982

Section: Hart, H. L. A.

Folder 4 "Ascription of Responsibility and Rights", 1949?
Folder 5 "Legal Responsibility and Excuses", 1953

Section: Haugeland, John

Folder 6 Alphabetical systems and systematization, 1975
Folder 7 "Heidegger on Being a Person", 1981
Folder 8 "Hume on Personal Identity", 1979
Folder 9 "Mother of Intention", 1980
Folder 10 "The Nature and Plausibility of Cognitivism", c. 1977
Folder 11 "Programs, Causal Powers, and Intentionality", 1980
Folder 12 "Semantic Engines An Introduction to Mind Design", c.1979
Folder 13 "Weak Supervenience", 1980
Folder 14 "What is it to be True?", 1973
Folder 15 Hausman, Alan, "Non-Euclidean Geometry and Relative Consistency Proofs", 1969
Folder 16 Hausman, Carl, "Value and the Peircean Categories", 1967

Section: Heelan, Patrick

Folder 17 "Complementarity, Context Dependence and Quantum Logic", 1969
Folder 18 "Luneberg and the Visual Interpretation of Physical Space", 1968
Folder 19 "Quantum Logic and Classical Logic Their Respective Roles", 1969
Folder 20 Heidelberger, Herbert, "Certainty and Probality", 1962
Folder 21 Herman, Glen, "Types and Categories", 1978
Folder 22 Helmer, Olaf, "On the Epistemology of the Inexact Sciences", 1958
Folder 23 Hempel, Carl, "Implications of Carnap's Work for the Philosophy of Science", 1954

Section: Herbst, Peter

Folder 24 "Fact, Form, and Intentionality", 1968
Folder 25 "Names and Identities and Beginnings and Ends", 1972
Folder 26 Hesse, Mary, "Consilience of Inductions", 1965

Section: Hetherington, Stephen

Box 70
Folder 1 "Alston and Epistemic Foundationalism", 1986
Folder 2 "Gettier Something You Thought You Knew about Knowledge', 1987
Folder 3 Hick, John H., "On the Verification of Religious Statements', c.1987
Folder 4 Hiebert, Erwin N., "An Appraisal of the Work of Ernst Mach Scientist Historian Philosopher", 1971
Folder 5 Hill, E. L., "Particles and Fields in Modern Physics", 1962
Folder 6 Hillman, Donald J., "Time", undated

Section: Hinshaw, Virgil G., Jr.

Folder 7 "Russell's Realism", 1942
Folder 8 "Eight Dialectical Patterns Controlling the Philosophical Use of 'Exist'", 1961

Section: Hintikka, Jaakko

Folder 9 "Carnap's Semantics in Retrospect", undated
Folder 10 "Knowledge by Acquaintance Individuation by Acquaintance", undated
Folder 11 "Modality and Quantification", 1961
Folder 12 Hirst, R.J., "R. B. Braithwaite on Science and Ethics", undated

Section: Hochberg, Herbert

Folder 13 "Some Comments on Universals and Particulars", undated
Folder 14 "Mapping, Meaning, and Metaphysics", 1974
Folder 15 Hodges, Michael, "Meaning and the Impotence Hypothesis", 1976
Folder 16 Hofman, Jim, Notes, undated
Folder 17 Holmer, Paul L., "The Nature of Theology", 1952

Section: Holzner, Burkhart

Folder 18 "The Concept "Integration" in Sociological Theory", 1965
Folder 19 "Science as a Social Phenomenon", 1965
Folder 20 Hooker, C.A., "A Divorce between Primary and Secondary Qualities?", 1970
Folder 21 Hooker, Michael, "Peirce's Conception of Truth", 1968

Section: Hosler, Douglas

Folder 22 "Thoughts as Episodes", 1962
Folder 23 Thesis Draft, 1970
Folder 24 Hospers, John, "Art and Beauty", 1955

Section: Hoy, Ronald C.

Folder 25 "C.D. Broad's Theory of Temporal Experience", 1974
Folder 26 "Cognitive Aspects of Art and Science", 1971
Folder 27 "Dispositions, Logical States, and Mental Occurents", 1977
Folder 28 "The Given and the Self Presenting", 1982

Section: Hylton, Peter

Box 71
Folder 1 "The Metaphysics of T. H. Green", undated
Folder 2 "The Nature of the Proposition and the Revolt against Idealism", c.1983
Folder 3 "Russell and the Origins of Analytic Philosophy", undated
Folder 4 "The Significance of 'On Denoting'", 1980

Section: Issar, Arie

Folder 5 "From the Big Bang to Infinite Intelligence", 1988
Folder 6 "The Role of Geology in Understanding the Extension and Meaning of the Dimension of Time", 1980
Folder 7 "The Universe as a Field of Order (Negra Entropy) Measured by Space Time Information Dimensions", 1981
Folder 8 Iyer, K. A. Krishnaswami, "Philosophy of the Advaita", undated
Folder 9 Jackson, Frank, "On the Adverbial Analysis of Visual Experience", 1975
Folder 10 Jensen, Henning, "Reid and Wittgenstein on Philosophy and Language", 1978

Section: Johnson, David M.

Folder 11 "Another Perspective on the Speckled Hen", c.1970
Folder 12 "Can Belief Be Commanded?", 1976
Folder 13 "A Formulation Model of Perceptual Knowledge", c.1971
Folder 14 "A Non-Traditional Empiricism", 1970
Folder 15 "Time and Kant's 'Monism'", c.1970

Section: Johnstone, Henry W,

Folder 16 "Can Philosophical Arguments be Valid?", 1962
Folder 17 "Odysseus as Traveler: A Categorical Study", undated
Folder 18 Jones, Gary, "On Popper's Philosophy of Science", 1982
Folder 19 Jonsen, Albert, "A Reinterpretation of Natural Law Ethics", c.1970
Folder 20 Joseph, Geoffrey, "Special Cases", c.1982

Section: Juarez-Paz, Rigoberto

Folder 21 "Mr. Toulmin on the Meaning of Ethical Terms", 1955
Folder 22 "S.E. Toulmin's Conception of the Place of Reason in Ethics", undated
Folder 23 "Vlastos, Sellars, and 'The Third Man'", 1955

Section: Kahn, Charles H.

Box 72
Folder 1 "Language and Ontology in the Cratylus", 1971
Folder 2 "Sensation and Consciousness in Aristotle's Psychology", 1966
Folder 3 Kane, Robert, "Free Will and Values", 1982
Folder 4 Kaplan, Abraham, "Logical Empiricism and Value Judgments", 1954

Section: Kaplan, David

Folder 5 "An Essay on the Sematics, Logic, Metaphysics and Epistemology of Demonstratives", 1977
Folder 6 "Individuals in Intensional Logic", 1967
Folder 7 "Significance and Analyticity", 1959
Folder 8 "What is Russell's Theory of Descriptions?", c.1966
Folder 9 Katz, Aaron, "Toward a Scientific Culture", 1962
Folder 10 Kearns, John, "Substance and Time", 1969
Folder 11 Kelly, Richard, "Subjectivity and Objectivity", undated
Folder 12 Kemeny, John G., "Notes on Reduction", undated
Folder 13 Kim, Jaegwon, "Concepts of Supervenience", 1983
Folder 14 Kirk, Robert, "On Three Alleged Rivals to Homophonic Translation", 1981
Folder 15 Kitcher, Patricia, "Discovering the Forms of Intuition", c.1982

Section: Kiteley, Murray

Folder 16 "Existence and the Ontological", 1955
Folder 17 "The Grammars of 'Believe'", c.1956
Folder 18 "Is Existence Predicate?", c.1960
Folder 19 Kliger, George, "The Philosophy of Tadeusz Kotarbinski", undated
Folder 20 Kline, George, "Form, Concrescence, and Concretum: A Neo-Whitteheadian Analysis", 1967
Folder 21 Kockelmans, Joseph J., "Toward a Transcendental-Ontological Doctrine of Categories: Some Reflections on the Doctrine", c.1978
Folder 22 Kolb, David, "Sellars and the Measure of all Things", 1975
Folder 23 Kordig, Carl R., "Inter-Theory Relations: Reference, Self-Reference, Correspondence, Cumulativity, Theory-Ladeness", c.1980
Folder 24 Krantz, David, "Finding the Appropriate Three-Variable Model", 1965

Section: Kraut, Robert

Box 73
Folder 1 "Attitudes and Their Objects", 1978
Folder 2 "Demonstratives, Definite Descriptions, and Objects: Some Remarks on Kripke's Theory of Proper Names", c. 1968
Folder 3 "Indiscernibility and Ontology", c.1978
Folder 4 "The Metaphysics of Counterpart Theory", 1978
Folder 5 "Obligation and Its Objects: The Notion of Conditionality in Kantian Ethics", c.1969
Folder 6 "Semantical Considerations on Conceptual Change or What is the Feyerabend-Kuhn 'Gestalt Shift'?", c.1972
Folder 7 "Sense-Impressions without Sensa", undated
Folder 8 "Sensory States and Sensory Objects", 1979
Folder 9 "Understanding Art", c.1974
Folder 10 "Worlds Regained", c.1976
Folder 11 Kremer, Elmar, "Judgments as Acts of Inner Speech", 1963
Folder 12 Kretzmann, Norman, "Incipit/Desinit", c.1972
Folder 13 Krueger, Lester,"You Match the Store, Then Store the Match", 1979
Folder 14 Kruger, Lorenz, "The Grounding of Knowledge on Experience A Critical Consideration of John Locke", 1979

Section: Kvart, Igal

Folder 15 "Belief Contexts", undated
Folder 16 "Berkeley's Idealistic Proof", undated
Folder 17 "Causal Relevance", undated
Folder 18 "Contrafactuals", undated
Folder 19 "Conventionality of Congruence and Simultaneity", undated
Folder 20-21 "Counterfactuals", c.1974
Folder 22 "Divided Reference", 1989

Box 74
Folder 1 "Description of Proposed Study: A Theory of Reference", 1989
Folder 2 "The First Formulation of the Categorical Imperative", undated
Folder 3 "Kripke's Belief Puzzle", c.1979
Folder 4 "Ontology and Existence", undated
Folder 5 "The Paradox of Surprise Examination", undated
Folder 6 "Quine and Modalities De Re: A Way Out?", c.1980
Folder 7 "A Theory of Speaker Reference", 1984
Folder 8 "Towards a Theory of Counterfactuals: Epilogue", c.1980
Folder 9 "Towards a Theory of Modality and Counterfactuals", c.1974
Folder 10 Kuehn, Michael D., "Model and Prototype", 1980

Section: Kyburg, Henry

Folder 11 "Bets and Beliefs", c.1955
Folder 12 "Probability, Rationality, and a Rule of Determination", c.1963
Folder 13 "Recent Developments in Inductive Logic", undated

Section: Lachs, John

Folder 14 "Meaning and the Impotence Hypothesis", 1976
Folder 15 "The Moral Philosophy of George Santayana", 1960
Folder 16 Lakatos, Imre, "Infinite Regress and the Foundations of Mathematics", 1962
Folder 17 Lance, Mark, "The Role of Rules in Kant's Account of Conceptual Understanding", 1986
Folder 18 Landesman, Charles, "Abstract Particulars", 1970
Folder 19 Lange, Marc B., "The Peculiarity of Thought"1986
Folder 20 Langford, C. H.,Review of "The Structure of Appearance", 1951

Section: LaPara, Nicholas

Folder 21 "Consistency and Completeness of an Extended First Order Functional Calculus", c.1950
Folder 22 "Suffering, Happiness, Evil", 1964
Folder 23 Larre, Claude, "Aperception Empirique du Temps et Conception de L'Histoire", 1972
Folder 24 Larsson, Bengt, "An Analysis of Some Deontic Logics", c. 1967

Section: Laudan, Larry

Box 75
Folder 1 "The Philosophy of Progress", 1979
Folder 2 "A Refutation of Convergent Realism", c.1978
Folder 3 "Space, Geometry and Infinity: Newton and Descartes on Knowing the Nature of Extension", c.1980
Folder 4 Laudan, Laurens, "Methodological Foundations of Mach's Anti-Atomism", undated

Section: Laymon, Ronald

Folder 5 "The Michelson-Morley Experiment: Theoretical vs. Practical Facts", undated
Folder 6 "Nature and Conceptual Hierarchies: Leibniz on Substance and Matter", undated
Folder 7 Lazarsfeld, Paul F., "A Few Remarks on the Concept of Types in Social Research", undated

Section: LeBlanc, Hugues

Folder 8 "Proof Routines for the Propositional Calculus", undated
Folder 9 "Statistical and Inductive Probabilities", 1961

Section: Lee, Daniel

Folder 10 "Lewis, Parfit, and Some Puzzles of Personal Identity", 1980
Folder 11 "Substance, Form, and Universals in Aristotle", 1981
Folder 12 Lee, H. C., "Aquinas' vs. Ross-Sellars' Accounts of the Active-Intellect in Aristotle", undated

Section: Lehrer, Keith

Folder 13 "Concepts, Rules and Innateness", c.1979
Folder 14 "Doing the Impossible", 1963
Folder 15 "An Empirical Disproof of Determinism?", c.1964
Folder 16 "Induction and Conceptual Change", undated
Folder 17 "Reichenbach on Convention", 1976
Folder 18 "Sellars on Induction Reconsidered", undated
Folder 19 "Sellars on Proper Names and Belief Contexts", c.1974
Folder 20 "Social Information", c.1976
Folder 21 "The Theoretician's Dilemma: A Solution", 1967
Folder 22 Levison, A B., "Knowledge without Foundations?", c.1960
Folder 23 Lewis, C.I., "Logical Positivism and Pragmatism", undated

Section: Lewis, Frank

Folder 24 "Form and Predication in Aristotle's Metaphysics", 1981
Folder 25 "Primitive Notions in Aristotle's Theory of Predication: From the Parmenides to the Metaphysics", 1981

Section: Lewis, Neil

Folder 26 "Discussion of Pt. 2 of 'Time and the World Order'", 1981
Folder 27 "New Foundations for Modal Theory in Robert Grosseteste: The Theory of Divine Powers", undated
Folder 28 Lingus, Alphonso, "Khajuraho", 1977
Folder 29 Linnell, John,"Locke's Abstract Ideas", 1954
Folder 30 Lithown, Robert J., "Intentionality, Referential Opacity, and Semantical Drift: A Reply to Morick and Elugardo", 1975

Box 76
Folder 1 Lombard, Lawrence Brian, "Quotations and Complex Singular Terms", 1971

Section: Loux, Michael

Folder 2 "The Mind-Body Problem", 1976
Folder 3 "Ockham on the Natural Sign of the Soul", c.1976
Oversize "Rules, Roles, and Ontological Commitment: An Examination of Sellars' Analysis of Abstract Reference", 1978
Folder 4 "The Ontology of Wilfrid Sellars", 1973
Folder 5 Luey, Michael, "The Good of a Person", 1974

Section: Lycan, William

Folder 6 "The Paradox of Naming", 1982
Folder 7 "Sellars on Sensa and Second Guessing", 1979
Folder 8 "Tacit Belief", c.1981
Folder 9 "Toward a Homuncular Theory of Believing", c.1981
Folder 10 MacCorquodale, Kenneth, "Preliminary Suggestions as to a Formalization of Expectancy Theory", c. 1951

Section: Machamer Peter

Folder 11 "Causality and Explanation in Descartes' Natural Philosophy", c. 1973
Folder 12 "Conceptus Scientiae: Leibniz on Matter", undated
Folder 13 "Descartes' Mechanical Philosophy: Extension, Motion and Explanation", c. 1973
Folder 14 "The Unity of Hobbes' Philosophy", c. 1974
Folder 15 MacKay, Al, Untitled, undated
Folder 16 MacKenzie, Ian, "Rules, Representations, and Behavior", 1981
Folder 17 MacKinnon, D. M., "Creation: A Dialogue of Elucidation", undated

Section: MacKinnon, Edward

Folder 18 "The Axiomatic Structure of Dirac's Quantum Mechanics", undated
Folder 19 "Dimensions of Meaning", c. 1968
Folder 20 "Language, Speech, and Speech-Acts", c. 1971
Folder 21 "Matter-Waves and Conceptual Revolutions", 1976
Folder 22 "The New Materialism", 1966
Folder 23 "Of Man and God: Philosophical Reflections on Christian Doctrine", c. 1969
Folder 24 "Ontic Commitments of Quantum Mechanics", c. 1969
Folder 25 "Theoretical Entities and Metatheories", c. 1970

Section: Madden, Edward

Box 77
Folder 1 "Civil Disobedience", c. 1968
Folder 2 "The Riddle of God and Evil", 1966
Folder 3 Magel, Charles, "Kierkegaard's Logically Contradictory Christianity", 1960
Folder 4 Magwood, William, "Reality and Effective Objects", 1984
Oversize Makino, Uichiro, "Desirability and Normativeness", c. 1954
Folder 5 Malcolm, Norman, "Knowledge of Other Minds", c. 1953
Folder 6 Manders, Kenneth, "Logic and Conceptual Relationships in Mathematics", 1985
Folder 7 March, Peggy, "The Death of Heuristic?", 1978

Section: Marcus, Ruth Barcan

Folder 8 "Classes, Collections, and Individuals", undated
Folder 9 "Modalities and Intensional Languages", c. 1960
Folder 10 "On Extensionality", c. 1958

Section: Margenau, Henry

Folder 11 "Measurements in Quantum Mechanics", undated
Folder 12 "The Scientific Basis of Value Theory", 1957

Section: Margolis, Joseph

Folder 13 "The Planets are Nine in Number", 1973
Folder 14 "Proposals Toward a Theory of Persons", c. 1976
Folder 15 "Puzzles About the Causal Explanation of Human Action", 1979
Folder 16 Markus, Gyorgy, "Perception and the Mind-Body Problem", c. 1965

Section: Marras, Ausonio

Folder 17 "The Behaviorist Foundation of Sellars' Semantics", 1975
Folder 18 "Conceptual Activity, Roles, and Linguistic Actions", 1972
Folder 19 "In Search of a Theoretical Framework for Sellars' Philosophy of Language", 1976
Folder 20 "On Sellars' Linguistic Theory of Conceptual Activity", 1971
Folder 21 "Renouncing Existential Presuppositions", undated
Folder 22 Review of Res Cogitans'1972
Folder 23 "Rules, Meaning, and Behavior: Reflections on Sellars' Philosophy of Language", 1977
Folder 24 "Russell on General Facts", c. 1972
Folder 25 "Sellars' Behaviorism: A Reply to Fred Wilson", 1976
Folder 26 "Sellars on Thought and Language", c. 1972
Folder 27 Martensson, Bertil, "Some Types of Assertions About Fictitious Objects", 1974
Folder 28 Martin, Robert L., "An Extension of Predicate Logic", c. 1967
Folder 29 Martin, R. M., "On Knowing, Believing, Thinking", c. 1962
Folder 30 Mason, Homer, "The Concept of a Morally Responsible Person", undated

Section: Massey, Gerald

Folder 31 "Are There Any Good Arguments That Bad Arguments Are Bad?", 1974
Folder 32 "Binary Sheffer Connectives for S4", c. 1970
Folder 33 "The Eternity of the World: Maimonides and Aquinas", undated
Folder 34 "Every Propositional System Has the Finite Model Property", c. 1970

Box 78
Folder 1 "Indeterminacy, Inscrutability, and Ontological Relativity", 1976
Folder 2 "On Putnam's Refutation of Conventionalism", c. 1974
Folder 3 "The Pedagogy of Logic: Humanistic Dimensions", 1981
Folder 4 Review of An Introduction to the Philosophy of Time and Space, c. 1970
Folder 5 "Tom, Dick, and Harry, and All the King's Men", 1975
Folder 6 Mates, Benson, "Analytic Sentences", c. 1951

Section: Mattey, George

Folder 7 "Order Through Reason: Kant's Transcendental Justification of Science", c. 1977
Folder 8 "Personal Coherence, Verific Justification, and Knowledge", 1983
Folder 9 "Transcendental Idealism as the Proper Antidote to Berkeley", 1976
Folder 10 Mavrodes, George, "True Statements and Discursive Proofs", c. 1961

Section: Maxwell, Grover

Folder 12 "Metaphysics and Epistemology as Natural Sciences", 1967
Folder 13 "A Note on the Mutual Derivability of Fundamental Physical Constants", 1959
Folder 14 "Poppers' 'didacticism' and 'Criterion of Demarcation'", 1959
Folder 15 "Theories, Frameworks, and Ontology", 1960
Folder 16 "Why Ordinary Language Needs Reformation", 1960

Section: McCall, Storrs

Folder 17 "The Coming-Into-Being of the Future", undated
Folder 18 "Incompatible Obligations", c. 1974
Folder 19 "Notes Towards a Non-Classical Theory of Truth", c. 1967
Folder 20 "Objective Time-Flow", c. 1973
Folder 21 "Pains and Brains", undated
Folder 22 Reviews, 1960s
Folder 23 "Temporal Becoming and Truth", c. 1972
Folder 24 "Temporal Flux", c. 1964
Folder 25 "Time and the Physical Modalities", c. 1968

Section: McCarthy, Mike

Folder 26 "Beyond Philosophical Naturalism", undated
Folder 27 Chapter 6 on the new way of words, c. 1969

Section: McDonough, Richard

Box 79
Folder 1-2 The Argument of the Tractatus, 1984
Folder 3 "The Fundamental Notion of Meaning in Wittgenstein's Tractatus", 1979
Folder 4 "Kant's Metaphysical Deduction of the Categories", 1979

Section: McGuire, J. E.

Folder 5 "Labyrinthus Continui': Leibniz on Substance, Activity, and Matter", 1974
Folder 6 "Space, Infinity, and Indivisibility: Newton on the Creation of Matter", 1980
Folder 7 McKim, Vaughn, "Avowals, Behaviorism, and Other Minds: Issues in Contemporary Philosophical Psychology", 1962

Section: McMullin, Ernan

Folder 8 "Teilhard as a Philosopher", 1967
Folder 9 "History and Philosophy of Science: A Marriage of Convenience?", 1974

Section: Meehl, Paul

Folder 10 "Mental Telepathy: The Controversy and the Implications", 1954
Folder 11 "Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory", 1951
Folder 12 "Prolegomena to a Natural Theory", 1958
Folder 13 "Some Preliminary Comments on Purposive Behavior", 1951
Folder 14 Mehlberg, H., "Russell's Causal Explanation of Duration", undated
Folder 15 Melden, A. I., "Prima Facie Rights", undated
Folder 16 Melnick, Arthur, "Space, Time, and Thought in Kant", 1984
Folder 17 Meyers, Robert, "Sellars' Rejection of Foundations", 1980
Folder 18 Millar, Alan, "Reasons and Experience", 1987

Box 80
Folder 1 Miller, William Max, "Psychological Violence: A Definition ", 1980

Section: Millikan, Ruth Garrett

Folder 2-7 Language, Thought, and Other Biological Categories, 1982-1983

Box 81
Folder 1 Monarch, Ira, "Beginningless Beginnings and Endless Ends", c. 1970
Folder 2 Montague, Richard, "Pragmatics", 1968
Folder 3 Moore, Omar K., "The Responsive Environments Project", c. 1965

Section: Moravcsik, J. M.

Folder 4 "Forms, Nature, and the Good in the Philebus", 1976
Folder 5 "The Independence of Grammar", c. 1976
Folder 6 "Strawson on Ontological Priority", c. 1959
Folder 7 Morot-Sir, Edouard, "Remarks on Professor Sellars' Address on Language as Thought and Communication", 1969

Section: Mourelatos, Alexander

Folder 8 "The Argument in Parmenides' Way of Truth", 1964
Folder 9 "Heraclitus, Parmenides, and the Naive Metaphysics of Things", 1972
Folder 10 "Plato's Science: His View, and Ours of His", c. 1985
Folder 11 "The Real, Appearances, and Human Error in Early Greek Philosophy", 1965
Folder 12 Muilenburg, Gregg, "Sellars and Sense Impressions", c. 1971

Section: Muller, Gert

Folder 13 "Fundamentals of Analytical Sociology", 1969
Folder 14 "World Views and Cultural Systems", 1969
Folder 15 Mullock, Philip, "Rationally Reconstructing a Legal System: Toward a Social Science of Law", c. 1973

Section: Murphy, Jeffrie

Folder 16 "Hume and Kant on the Social Contract", 1975
Folder 17 "The Possibility of Moral Philosophy", c. 1971
Folder 18 Naylor, Margery Bedford, "Sellars vs. Firth", 1981

Section: Nehamas, Alexander

Folder 19 "On a Confusion in Plato's Early Dialogues", c. 1975
Folder 20 "Writer, Text, Work, Author", c. 1985
Folder 21 Nelson, John, "Can Systems of Imperceptible Particles Appear to Perceivers?", 1969

Section: Nesher, Dan

Folder 22 "Pragmatic Theory of Meaning: A Note on Peirce's 'Last' Formulation of the Pragmatic-Maxim and Its Interpretation", 1981
Folder 23 "Remarks on Peirce's Pragmatic Theory of Meaning", 1979
Folder 24 Newell, Henry, "Robin Smith on Hilbert and Aristotle", 1983
Folder 25 Nickles, Thomas, "Covering Law Explanation", c. 1970

Box 82
Folder 1 Nielson, Harry, "On 'God Exists'", c. 1957
Folder 2 Nilson, Donald, "Bibliography of Contemporary American Philosophy", 1977
Folder 3 Northrop, F. S. C., "The Self-Contradictory Character of Introspective Psychological and Non-Cognitive Meta-Ethical Theories", c. 1960
Folder 4 Nozick, Robert, "Moral Complications and Moral Structures", 1967

Section: Nyiri, J. C.

Folder 5 "Kant and the New Way of Words", 1969
Folder 6 "No Place for Semantics", 1970
Folder 7 O'Brien, Jim,Untitled, c. 1983

Section: Owens, Kathleen

Folder 8 "A Concept of 'Preference' as Rationality", 1977
Folder 9 "Rationality, a Study in Epistemology and Ethics", 1977
Folder 10 "Trust", 1983-1985
Folder 11 "Values in the Classroom", 1978

Section: Pailthorpe, Charles

Folder 12 "A Comparative Study of Malcolm's and Chisholm's Epistemology".1965
Folder 13 "Having Reasons and Non-Inferential Knowledge", 1965
Folder 14 "Hintikka and Knowing that One Knows", c. 1963
Folder 15 "Justified True Belief", c. 1966
Folder 16 "'Second-Order' Knowledge and Thought", 1966
Folder 17 Pais, A., "The Structure of Matter", c. 1962

Section: Pap, Arthur

Folder 18 "Belief and Natural-Language-Intensions", c. 1955
Folder 19 "Once More: Colors and the Synthetic A Priori", 1956
Folder 20 "Types and Meaninglessness", c. 1956

Section: Pappas, George

Folder 21 "Basing Relations", c. 1978
Folder 22 "Broad, Sensa, and Explanation", 1975
Folder 23 "Hume and Abstract General Ideas", c. 1988
Folder 24 "Ideas, Minds, and Berkeley", c. 1977
Folder 25 "Lost Justification", c. 1979
Folder 26 "Perception without Belief", 1976
Folder 27 "Postulation and Materialism", 1979
Folder 28 "Sense-Impressions and Objective Sensings", 1979
Folder 29 Paradies, F., "Sein und Sollen in der Rechtswissenschaft", 1949

Section: Parsons, Charles

Box 83
Folder 1 "Informal Axiomatization, Formalization, and the Concept of Truth", c. 1972
Folder 2 "Kant's Philosophy of Arithmetic", c. 1965

Section: Parsons, Terence

Folder 3 "A Meinongian Analysis of Fictional Objects", c. 1963
Folder 4 "Nuclear and Extranuclear Properties, Meinong, and Leibniz", 1974

Section: Pastin, Mark

Folder 5 "Brentano's Epistemic Mark of the Psychological", 1973
Folder 6 "C. I. Lewis's Radical Foundationalism", c. 1973
Folder 7 "The Need for Epistemology: Problematic Realism Defended", c. 1978
Folder 8 "Philosophy of Perception", 1974
Folder 9 "The Reconstruction of Value", c. 1970
Folder 10 "Straight Freedom", 1981

Section: Peffer, Rodney

Folder 11-12 "Marxism, Metaethics, and Morality", 1988
Folder 13 Pendleton, Gene, "Kant, the Local Sign Theorists, and Wilfrid Sellars' Doctrine of Anaogical Predication", c. 1974

Section: Peterson, Philip

Folder 14 "On Specific Reference", 1974
Folder 15 "Syllogistic Systems with Five or More Quantities", 1983

Section: Pitt, Joseph

Folder 16 "Induction, Rules of Inference and Evidence", c. 1969
Folder 17 "Introduction: Through the Looking Glass", 1978
Folder 18 "On Sellarsian Images", 1981
Folder 19 "Wilfrid Sellars' Theory of Probability", 1976

Section: Place, U. T.

Folder 20 "Comments on 'Psychological Predicates'", c. 1962
Folder 21 "Skinner's Verbal Behavior III", 1982
Folder 22 Poff, Dan E., "The Philosophical Significance of Craig's Theorem", 1969

Section: Pollock, John

Folder 23 "A Priori Knowledge", 1967
Folder 24 "Sketch of a Theory of Language", c. 1977
Folder 25 "A Solution to the Problem of Induction", 1982

Box 84
Folder 1 Popper, Karl, "The Demarcation Between Science and Metaphysics", 1955
Folder 2 Postman, Leo, "The Case for and Against Nomothetic Theory in Psychology", c. 1953

Section: Posy, Carl

Folder 3 "Dancing to the Antinomies", 1979
Folder 4 "A Free IPC is a Natural Logic: Strong Completeness for some Intuitionistic Free Logics", c. 1977
Folder 5 "The Language of Appearances and Things in Themselves: Towards a Kantian Theory of Non-Logical Concepts", c. 1979
Folder 6 Potter, Karl, "Dharma and Moksa from a Dialectical Point of View", c. 1957
Folder 7 Pottinger, Garrel, "A Formal Analysis of the Ontological Argument", 1981
Folder 8 Pressman, Sydney, "Sellars; Via-Media", 1981
Folder 9 Price, H. H., "Appearing and Appearances", undated
Folder 10 Price, Robert, "On Aristotle's Categories", undated
Folder 11 Prior, A. N., "Recent Advances in Tense Logic", 1968

Section: Puntle, Lorenz

Folder 12 "On the Context Principle", 1985
Folder 13 "Truth: From Tarski and Correspondence to Coherence", c. 1982

Section: Putnam, Hilary

Folder 14 "The Meaning of 'Meaning'", 1975
Folder 15 "The Refutation of Conventionalism", c. 1972

Section: Quine, W. V.

Folder 16 "Algebraic Logic and Predicate Functors", 1969
Folder 17 "Logical Truth", c. 1956
Folder 18 "On the Nature of Moral Values", 1976
Folder 19 "On Sellars", 1978
Folder 20 "States of Mind", 1980
Folder 21 "Truth and Disquotation", 1970

Section: Quinn, Philip

Folder 22 "Comments on 'On What There is: Representation and History'", undated
Folder 23 "The Status of the D-Thesis", c. 1970
Folder 24 Quittes, John, "Thought and Language: Reflections on Sellars' Theory of Intentionality", 1980s

Section: Raab, Francis

Box 85
Folder 1 "Blanshard's Theory of Free Will", c. 1969
Folder 2 "The Concept of Responsibility", undated
Folder 3 "History, Determinism, and Responsibility", c. 1956
Folder 4 "History, Freedom, and Responsibility", c. 1955
Folder 5 "Intention as a Criterion of Responsibility", undated
Folder 6 Railton, Peter, "Explanation and Metaphysical Controversy", c. 1985
Folder 7 Reck, Andrew, "The Realism of Roy Wood Sellars", 1970
Folder 8 Reichenbach, Hans, "The Freedom of Will", c. 1956
Folder 9 Reix, A., "Review of Naturalism and Ontology and Pure Pragmatics and Possible Worlds", c. 1980

Section: Rescher, Nicholas

Folder 10 "Aristotle's Doctrine of Future Contingency and Excluded Middle", c. 1962
Folder 11 "Can One Infer Commands from Commands?", c. 1963
Folder 12 "Conceptual Idealism", c. 1971
Folder 13-15 The Coherence Theory of Truth, 1970

Box 86
Folder 1 "Distributive Justice", c. 1963
Folder 2 "Elements of a Logical Theory of Commands", c. 1964
Folder 3 "The Equivocality of Existence", c. 1975
Folder 4 "Evaluative Metaphysics", undated
Folder 5 "Fundamental Problems in the Theory of Scientific Explanation", 1963
Folder 6 "New Light from Arabic Sources on Galen and the Fourth Figure of the Syllogism", 1964
Folder 7 "A New Look at the Problem of Innate Ideas", c. 1965
Folder 8 "On the Logic of Chronological Propositions", c. 1963
Folder 9 "On the Prospects of Scientific Progress", 1974
Folder 10 "On the Rationale of Scientific Progress", c. 1973
Folder 11 "Plurality-Quantification", 1962
Folder 12 "Pragmatic Justification", 1963
Folder 13 "Truth and Necessity in Temporal Perspective", c. 1967
Folder 14 "Venn Diagrams for Plurative Syllogisms", c. 1962
Folder 15 Rice, Philip, "Definitions in Value Theory", 1946
Folder 16 Richards, Robert, "Sellars' Kantian Perspective on the Compatibility of Freedom and Determinism", 1973

Section: Richardson, Robert

Folder 17 "Materialism: The Elimination of the Mental", 1976
Folder 18 "Sense Impressions and Sensa: An Investigation of Sellarsian Scientific Realism", 1973
Folder 19 Richman, Robert, "Sommers on Type Differences", 1968
Folder 20 Robbins, Herbert, "A New Approach to a Classical Statistical Decision Problem", c. 1955
Folder 21 Robinson, "The Legend of the Given", undated

Section: Rorty, Richard

Folder 22 "The Irreducibility of Substance", c. 1960
Folder 23 "Privileged Representations", 1975
Folder 24 "Realism and Reference", 1975
Folder 25 "The Subjectivist Principle and the Linguistic Turn", c. 1962

Section: Rosenberg, Jay

Folder 26 "Apperception", 1978
Folder 27 "Bergmann on Time - Showing and Saying", 1965
Folder 28 "Comparing the Incommensurable: Another Look at Convergent Realism", 1987
Folder 29 "The Concept of Linguistic Correctness", 1976
Folder 30 "Confessions of a Heterodox Epistemologist", 1979
Folder 31 "Conversation and Intelligence", 1979
Folder 32 "Coupling, Retheoretization, and the Correspondence Principle", 1980

Box 87
Folder 1 "The Elusiveness of Categories, the Archimedean Dilemma, and the Nature of Man: A Study in Sellarsian Metaphysics", c. 1970
Folder 2 "The 'Given' and How to Take It: Some Reflections on Phenomenal Ontology", 1974
Oversize "Linguistic Roles and Proper Names", 1978
Folder 3 "Naming and Contingency: Reflections on the New Modality", undated
Folder 4 "New Perspectives on the Tractatus", 1965
Folder 5 "On Strawson: Sounds, Skepticism, and Necessity", c. 1975
Folder 6 "On Understanding the Difficulty in Understanding Understanding", 1979
Folder 7 "One World and Our Knowledge of It", undated
Folder 8 "The Place of Color in the Scheme of Things: A Roadmap to Sellars' Carus Lectures", undated
Folder 9 "Russell and the Form of Outer Sense", c. 1972
Folder 10 "Transcendental Arguments Revisited", undated
Folder 11 "Wieso die Erkenntnislehre Nicht die Theorie des Wissens Ist, und was sie Stattdessen Sein Mag", undated
Folder 12 "Wilfrid Sellars' Philosophy of Mind", c. 1979
Folder 13 "Wittgenstein's Theory of Language", 1966

Section: Rosenthal, David

Folder 14 "Psychological Phenomena and Intentional Sentences", 1968
Folder 15 "Two Concepts of Consciousness", 1978

Section: Rottschaefer, William

Folder 16 "Marras' Critique of Sellars' Account of Thought: A Response", c. 1981
Folder 17 "Ordinary Knowledge and Scientific Realism", c. 1976
Folder 18 "Wilfrid Sellars on the Nature of Thought", 1982

Section: Rozeboom, William

Folder 19 "Empirical Realism and Classical Semantics", c. 1958
Folder 20 "The Factual Content of Theoretical Concepts", undated
Folder 21 "The Factual Equivalence of Scientific Theories", c. 1952
Folder 22 "In Defense of the Notational System of 'The Logical Typology of Psychological Variables'", c. 1956
Folder 23 "Intentionality and 'Existence'", c. 1952
Folder 24 "Just Before the Battle, Mother", 1958
Folder 25 "The Logical Typology of Psychological Variables", c. 1956
Folder 26 "Notes on Wilfrid Sellars' 'Grammar and Existence'", 1958
Folder 27 "Of Selection Operators and Semanticists", 1960
Folder 28 "On the Factual Equivalence of Theories", 1959

Box 88
Folder 1 "Ontological Induction and the Logical Typology of Scientific Variables", c. 1960
Folder 2 "A Reaffirmation of the Intervening Variable: Hypothetical Construct Distinction", c. 1955
Folder 3 Russman, Thomas, "The Problem of the Two Images", c. 1975
Folder 4 Sagoff, Mark, "Descartes: The Objective Existence of Ideas", c. 1974

Section: Salmon, Wesley

Folder 5 "Clocks and Simultaneity in Special Relativity", c. 1973
Folder 6 "Inductive Inference", c. 1963
Folder 7 "On Vindicating Induction", 1961
Folder 8 "Partial Entailment as a Basis for Inductive Logic", c. 1968
Folder 9-10 Sayre, Kenneth, Cybernetics and the Philosophy of Mind, ,1971
Folder 11 Sayre McCord, Geoffrey,Miscellaneous papers, undated
Folder 12 Schacht, Richard, "A Commentary on the Preface to Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit", c. 1966

Section: Schaffner, Kenneth

Folder 13 "Space and Time in Lorentz, Poincare, and Einstein", c. 1972
Folder 14 "The Watson-Crick Model and Reductionism", 1969
Folder 15 Scheffler, Israel, "Comments on Wilfrid Sellars' Paper", 1963
Folder 16 Scheurer, Paul,Miscellaneous papers, 1977
Folder 17 Schiller, Ralph, "Interpretations of the Quantum Theory", c. 1960

Section: Schlesinger, George

Folder 18 "It is False that Overnight Everything has Doubled in Size", c. 1962
Folder 19 "The Problem of the Evil and the Problem of Suffering", 1964
Folder 20 "The Two Notions of the Passage of Time", undated
Folder 21 "The Unpredictability of Free Choices", 1974
Folder 22 Schmaus, Warren, "Comte's Views on the Role of Mental Imagery in the Formation of Hypotheses", 1979

Section: Schneewind, J. B.

Box 89
Folder 1 "Concerning Some Criticisms of Mill's Utilitarianism, 1861-1876", 1973
Folder 2 "Moral Problems and Moral Philosophy in the Victorian Period", undated
Folder 3 Schneirla, T. C. , "Comparative Psychology", 1959

Section: Schultz, Robert

Folder 4 "Syntax and Style in the Languages of Film", undated
Folder 5 "Sense and Reference in the Languages of Art", 1973

Section: Scriven, Michael

Folder 6 "Definitions, Explanations, and Theories", undated
Folder 7 Miscellaneous papers, undated
Folder 8 "A Study of Radical Behaviorism", c. 1955
Folder 9 Seebohm, Thomas, "On the Deduction of Categories", c. 1976
Folder 10 Sedey, Daniel, "Hans Reichenbach's Theory of Token-Reflexivity", 1969

Section: Seibt, Johanna

Folder 11 "Properties as Processes: A Synoptic Study in Sellarsian Nominalism", undated
Folder 12 Untitled, 1987

Section: Shapere, Dudley

Folder 13 "The Character of Scientific Change", 1979
Folder 14 Review of The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, c. 1962
Folder 15 "Space, Time, and Language", c. 1963
Folder 16 Shapiro, Theodore, "Psychoanalysis, Philosophy, and the Public", 1985
Folder 17 Sharpless, Seth, "Epistemology and the Language of Physiology", 1955

Section: Shaver, Robert

Box 90
Folder 1 "The Fourth Paralogism", 1985
Folder 2 "Naturalism and Moral Skepticism", 1985
Folder 3 Shea, Joseph, "Possible Lives and Types of Happiness in the Nocomachean Ethics", 1985

Section: Shimony, Abner

Folder 4 "Is Observation Theory-Laden?", 1969
Folder 5 Untitled, c. 1966
Folder 6 Shoemaker, Sydney, "Sameness of Experience", c. 1970

Section: Shwayder, D. S.

Folder 7-8 "Metaphysics", undated
Folder 9 Untitled, undated

Section: Sicha, Jeffrey

Folder 10 "The Linguistic Theory of A Priori", c. 1961
Folder 11 "Logic: The Fundamentals of a Sellarsian Theory", 1977

Box 91
Folder 1-5 Metaphysics of Elementary Mathematics, undated
Folder 6 Miscellaneous papers, 1970s
Folder 7 "On CantASTAplaNEDAniz", c. 1983
Folder 8 Pure Pragmatics and Possible Worlds: The Early Essays of Wilfrid Sellars,untitled
Folder 9 Quantification and related topics, undated
Folder 10 "Reply to the Reader", 1971
Folder 11 "Sellarsian Realism", c. 1988
Folder 12 "Sicha on Marras", undated

Box 92
Folder 1 Siegel, Armand, "Objective Reality in Physics as a Limit Concept", c. 1960

Section: Simon, Herbert

Folder 2 "Does Scientific Discovery Have a Logic", 1973
Folder 3 "Ramsey-Eliminability and the Testability of Scientific Theories", 1973
Folder 4 Simon, Robert, "An Indirect Defense of the Merit Principle", c. 1977

Section: Skyrms, Brian

Folder 5 "An Immaculate Conception of Modality", c. 1976
Folder 6 Miscellaneous papers, 1967-1980
Folder 7 "Presuppositions of Induction", 1981
Folder 8 "The Problem of Future Contingencies", c. 1962

Section: Sleigh, R. C.

Folder 9 "Chisholm on Leibniz's Law in Epistemic Contexts", 1968
Folder 10 "Information Concerning Leibniz Scholars in the United States and Canada", 1980

Section: Smart, J. J. C.

Folder 11 "Causal Theories of Time", 1968
Folder 12 "Difficulties for Realism in the Philosophy of Science", c. 1978
Folder 13 "Explanation", 1964
Folder 14 "Materialism", 1963
Folder 15 "Philosophy and Scientific Plausibility", 1963
Folder 16 "The Reality of Theoretical Entities", 1956
Folder 17 "Sellars on Process", c. 1980
Folder 18 "Some Comments on the Papers", 1964
Folder 19 Smullyan, Arthur,Atlanta remarks on language, 1974
Folder 20 Sober, Elliot, "Panglossian Functionalism and the Philosophy of Mind", c. 1981

Section: Sobocinski, Boleslaw

Folder 21 "Lesniewski's Foundations of Mathematics", undated
Folder 22 "Philosophy Seminar", 1950
Folder 23 Solomon, Robert, "Hegel's Epistemology", 1973
Folder 24 Solomon, William David, "Sellars' Defense of Altruism", 1978

Section: Sosa, Ernest

Folder 25 "Fates and Faces of Epistemology", 1981
Folder 26 "Hypothetical Reasoning", 1967
Folder 27 "Quantifiers and Beliefs and Sellars", 1969
Folder 28 Stalnaker, Robert, "A Semantic Analysis of Conditional Logic", c. 1964

Box 93
Folder 1 Steinmann, Martin, "Plato and Poetry: Divine Madness and Censorship", 1948
Folder 2 Stengel, Barbara, "Understanding G. E. Moore's 'Some Judgments of Perception'", 1979

Section: Stevenson, Leslie

Folder 3 "Things in Themselves, Explanation, and the Mental", c. 1979
Folder 4 "Three Kinds of Transcendental Idealism", 1981
Folder 5 "Wittgenstein's Transcendental Deduction and Kant's Private Language Argument", 1979
Folder 6 Stich, Stephen, "Could Man be an Irrational Animal?", 1980

Section: Strawson, P. F.

Folder 7 Review of The Definition of Good, 1950
Folder 8 "A Logician's Landscape", 1955
Folder 9 "Truth", undated
Folder 10 Studdiford, Walter, "Probing Personality Structure: Phenotypic and Genotypic", 1962
Folder 11 Sukale, Michael, "Perception, Knowledge and Contemplation", 1976
Folder 12 Suppe, Frederick, "On Epistemic and Non-Epistemic Seeing", undated
Folder 13 Taylor, Richard, "Deliberation and Foreknowledge", 1962
Folder 14 Teller, Paul, "Review of Ontological Relativity and Other Essays", 1971

Section: Tennant, Neil

Folder 15 "Evolutionary Epistemology", 1982
Folder 16 "In Defense of Evolutionary Epistemology", 1982
Folder 17 Terrell, D. B., "Franz Brentano's Axiology: Some Corrections to Mr. Kubat's Paper", 1958
Folder 18 Thalberg, Irving, "How Does Agent Causality Work?", 1975

Section: Thomason, Richmond

Folder 19 "Deontic Logic and the Role of Freedom in Moral Deliberation", 1976
Folder 20 "Deontic Logic as Founded on Tense Logic", 1971
Folder 21 "Indirect Discourse is not Quotational", c. 1975
Folder 22 "Modal Logic and Metaphysics", 1967
Folder 23 "Modality and Reference", c. 1967
Folder 24 "Semantics, Pragmatics, Conversation, and Presupposition", 1973
Folder 25 "Some Extensions of Montague Grammar", 1972
Folder 26 "Some Methodological Remarks on Semantics", 1976
Folder 27 "Supervaluations, The Bald Man, and the Lottery", 1973
Folder 28 Thomson, Judith, "Promises", 1980
Folder 29 Tisza, L., "The Conceptual Structure of Physics", c. 1961

Section: Tomberlin, James

Folder 30 "A Note on the Identity Theory", 1964
Folder 31 "Some Recent Work in Action Theory", 1976

Section: Toulmin, Stephen

Folder 32 "Concept-Formation in Philosophy and Psychology", 1959
Folder 33 "From Logical Analysis to Conceptual History", 1966
Folder 34 "Ludwig Wittgenstein Revisited", c. 1968

Box 94
Folder 1 Trenholme, Russell, "A Critique of Sellars, Quine, and Davidson on Language", 1969
Folder 2 Tsugawa, A., "Speech Acts, Illocution and Literary Discourse", 1978
Folder 3 Tu, Chi-Liang, "Was R. W. Sellars a Materialist?", 1981

Section: Turnbull, Robert

Folder 4 "The Argument of Plato's Parmedides", undated
Folder 5 "The Argument of the Sophist", 1962
Folder 6 "Aristotle's Categories", 1974
Folder 7 "Aristotle's Debt to the 'Natural Philosophy' of the Phaedo", 1956
Folder 8 "Aseity and Dependence in Leibniz's Metaphysics", 1958
Folder 9 "Becoming and Intelligibility", 1986
Folder 10 "A Brief Study of 'Imagination' in Kant's Critique of Pure Reason'", 1948
Folder 11 "The Causal Role of 'Sense Impressions:' Reflections on Sellarsian Themes", 1979
Folder 12 "Empirical and A Priori Elements in Broad's Theory of Knowledge", 1955
Folder 13 "'Engagement' and the Aboutness of Concepts", 1955
Folder 14 "Episteme and Doxa: Some Reflections on Eleatic and Heraclitean Themes in Plato", 1978, 1981
Folder 15 "Imperatives, Logic, and Moral Obligation", undated
Folder 16 "Knowledge and the Forms in the Later Platonic Dialogues", 1978
Folder 17 "The Later Platonic Concept of Scientific Explanation", c. 1971
Folder 18 "Linguistic Analysis, Phenomenology, and the Problems of Philosophy", 1964
Folder 19 "'Natural Science' in the Later Dialogues of Plato", 1983
Folder 20 "Ockham's Nominalistic Logic: Some Twentieth Century Reflections", c. 1960
Folder 21 "On What There Is: Representation and History", 1984
Folder 22 "Physics I.1: Sense Universals and First Principles", undated
Folder 23 "Plato: The Soul and Its Place in Nature", c. 1979
Folder 24 "Platonic and Aristotelian Science", 1986
Folder 25 "Plato's Concept of Scientific Explanation", undated
Folder 26 "Posterior Analytics II, Chap. XIX: Sense Perception, Universals, and Intuitive Knowledge", 1971
Folder 27 "Predication: An Historical Sketch of Some Major Philosophical Patterns", 1981
Folder 28 "Some Reflections on Heidegger's 'Vom Wesen der Wahrheit'", c. 1948
Folder 29 "Some Reflections on J. Owens' 'The Grounds of Universality in Aristotle'", c. 1951

Box 95
Folder 1-2 Untitled, undated
Folder 3 "What Plato Said in Parmenides", 1986
Folder 4 "Zeno's Stricture and Patterns of Predication in Plato, Aristotle, and Plotinus", 1981
Folder 5 Tye, Michael, "The Adverbial Theory: A Defense of Sellars Argument Against Jackson", 1975
Folder 6 Unger, Peter, "On Being Given More Than Skepticism", 1973
Folder 7 Vander Veer, Garry, "Scientific Materialism", 1971

Section: Van Fraassen, Bas

Folder 8 "Bub on the Completeness of Quantum Mechanics", undated
Folder 9 "Construction of Papper Probability Functions", c. 1970
Folder 10 "Critical Notice: Hilary Putnam's Philosophy of Logic", 1974
Folder 11 "Dearest Hermione: Stories and Verse", undated
Folder 12 "The Einstein-Podolski-Rosen Paradox", c. 1972
Folder 13 "Le Realisme Scientifique", undated
Folder 14 "Meaning Relations and Modalities", 1968
Folder 15 "Notes on Probabilities of Conditionals", 1972
Folder 16 "On the Radical Incompleteness of the Manifest Image", 1976
Folder 17 "Probabilities of Conditionals", 1973
Folder 18 "Theoretical Entities: The Five Ways", 1973
Folder 19 Vaught, Carl, "Categories and the Real Order", c. 1977
Folder 20 Verene, Donald Phillip, "Categories and the Imagination", 1978
Folder 21 Vinci, Thomas, "The Myth of the Myth of the Given", 1984

Section: Vlastos, Gregory

Folder 22 "Minimal Parts in Epicurean Atomism", undated
Folder 23 "Zeno of Elea", 1961
Folder 24 "The Senonian Argument Against Plurality", 1957
Folder 25 Von Wright, Georg Henrik, "Foundation and Justification of Action", c. 1976

Section: Wagner, Michael

Box 96
Folder 1 "Plotinus' World", 1982
Folder 2 "Realism and the Foundations of Science in Plotinus", 1982
Folder 3 Walen, Alec, "Kant on Color", undated
Folder 4 Wallace, William A., "Elementarity and Reality in Particle Physics", 1966
Folder 5 Walsh, W. H., "Third Thoughts on the Second Analogy", undated

Section: Warburton, Peter

Folder 6 "Intentionality and Information Processing Machines", 1964
Folder 7 "Toward a Philosophical System: Values in an Age of Science", 1964

Section: Watanabe, Satosi

Folder 8-9 "A Mathematical Explication of Formation of Classes of Objects", 1962
Folder 10 "A Probabilistic View of Formation of Concept and of Association", 1961
Folder 11 "'Reply' to Dr. A. E. Woodruff's Presentation on Philosophical Aspects of Quantum Field Theory", 1961
Folder 12 "Toward a Mathematical Theory of Knowledge", undated

Section: Wartenberg, Thomas

Folder 13 "Knowledge, Power, and Social Relations", 1980, 1982
Folder 14 "Perceptual Truth in Kant", 1976
Folder 15 "Poverty and Class Structure in Hegel's Theory of Civil Society", 1980
Folder 16 "'Species Being' and 'Human Nature' in Marx", 1980
Folder 17 "Value as an Ontological Concept", 1981
Folder 18 Waxman, Wayne, "Kant's Logical Idealism", 1983
Folder 19 Weimer, Walter, "On the Methodological Indispensability of Common Sense", c. 1969
Folder 20 Weller, Cass, "Questions in and Around De Anima II.5", c. 1979

Section: Wells, Rulon

Box 97
Folder 1 "A Priori Knowledge", undated
Folder 2 "Empiricism and the A Priori", undated
Folder 3 "Sentences as Denoting Truth-Values", 1950
Folder 4 "The State and Prospects of Semantics", 1950
Folder 5 Wilcox, John, "How Much Do Young Philosophers Publish?", 1976
Folder 6 Wilder, Hugh, "Practical Reason and the Logic of Imperatives", 1979

Section: Wilkin, James Jeffrey

Folder 7 "Function-Signs in the Tractatus", c. 1978
Folder 8 "Jumblese and Nominalism", c. 1974
Folder 9 Will, Fred L.,Untitled, 1971
Folder 10 Williams, Donald, "Form and Matter", 1957
Folder 11 Wilson, Fred, "Effability, Ontology and Method", 1981

Section: Wilson, Kent

Folder 12 "The Indispensability of Truth", 1969
Folder 13 "A Note on Significant Contrast Arguments", undated
Folder 14 Wilson, Kirk Dallas, "Towards a Formal Reconstruction of Kant's Modal Functions of Judgment", c. 1974

Section: Wilson, Margaret D.

Folder 15 "Leibniz's Dynamics and Contingency in Nature", 1973
Folder 16 "Material Falsity and Objective Reality", undated

Section: Wilson, N. L.

Folder 17 "Substances Without Substrata", 1958
Folder 18 "The Trouble with Meaning", c. 1962
Folder 19 "Review of the Carnap-Schilpp Volume", c. 1964
Folder 20 Wilson, Richard, "Russell's View of Free Will", 1984

Section: Wimsatt, William

Folder 21 "Complexity and Organization", 1972
Folder 22 "Emergence, Levels, and the Functional Dynamics of Reduction", 1973
Folder 23 "Function and Functionalism: Analysis and Justification", 1968
Folder 24 "Functional Organization and the Logic of Functional Analogy", c. 1970

Box 98
Folder 1 "The Machine in the Ghost: The Sciences of the Artificial", 1972
Folder 2 "Purposes and Standards", c. 1965
Folder 3 "Purposiveness and Intentionality in Nature", c. 1966
Folder 4 "Some Problems with the Concept of 'Feedback'", c. 1969
Folder 5 "Teleology and the Logical Structure of Function Statements", 1970
Folder 6 Wilbur, Ann, "The Concept of Purposive Behavior", 1968
Folder 7 Wood, George D., "Two Aspects of Personal Identity", 1979
Folder 8 Wright, Edmond, "A Defence of Sellars", 1985
Folder 9 Wykstra, Stephen J., "Normative Evaluation in the Historiography of Science", c. 1979
Folder 10 Young, Julian, "Intentionality", 1972
Folder 11 Zhao, Tinyang, "Wittgenstein's Conceptions of Practice and Rules", 1989
Folder 12 Multiple and unknown,Questions for Wilfrid Sellars, 1953

Section: Unknown

Folder 13 "The Achilles", undated
Folder 14 "Action Description and Practical Discourse", undated
Folder 15 "Another Volley at Kant's Reply to Hume", c. 1978
Folder 16 "Current Issues in the Philosophy of Mind", undated
Folder 17 "David Hume: His Pyrrhonism and his Critique of Pyrrhonism", c.1949
Folder 18 "Descartes' Quartum Quid", c. 1986
Folder 19 "Discussion", 1940
Folder 20 "Disposition, Time, and Categorical Bases", undated
Folder 21 "Essence and Explanation: The Posterior Analytics", undated
Folder 22 "Ethics of Regress", undated
Folder 23 "Existence, Tense, and Presupposition", undated
Folder 24 "Feigl's Epistemology: The Move to Hypercritical Realism", 1974
Folder 25 "General Propositions and Existence", undated

Box 99
Folder 1 "Happiness, What", c. 1965
Folder 2 "Heidegger's Two Senses of 'Knowledge'", c. 1964
Folder 3 "Identity and Spatiotemporal Continuity", undated
Folder 4 "Intentionality and Language", 1976
Folder 5 "Interlinguistic Classifications and the Indeterminacy of Translation", c. 1986
Folder 6 "Kant's Logic of the Categorical Judgment", c. 1973
Folder 7 "Knowledge and Justification: An Epistemologist's Mirage", c. 1987
Folder 8 "The Laws of Mechanics", undated
Folder 9 "Necessity", undated
Folder 10 "Note on Phaedo", undated
Folder 11 "Of the Visible World", undated
Folder 12 "Of What We Think...Of", 1965
Folder 13 "On Distinguishing Types of Measurement", 1966
Folder 14 "On the Logic of Perception", undated
Folder 15 "On a Puzzling Classical Validity", 1976
Folder 16 "On Ramsey Sentences", c. 1963
Folder 17 "An Ontology of Concrete Connectors", undated
Folder 18 "Philosophy and American Patterns of Thought", undated
Folder 19 "Postulates for Tense-Logic", undated
Folder 20 "Principia Metaphysica", 1952
Folder 21 "Principles - Part II", undated
Folder 22 "Quantifiers, Language-Games and Transcendental Arguments", c. 1969
Folder 23 "Quine's Quantifiers and Propositional Attitudes", 1966
Folder 24 "Remarks on Being and Some Categories", undated
Folder 25 "The Revaluation of the Synthetic A Priori", c. 1963
Folder 26 Review of Hegel: A Re-examination, 1961

Box 100
Folder 1 "Sellars' Theory of Meaning", c. 1978
Folder 2 "Sellarsian Perception", c. 1978
Folder 3 "The Significance of Quine's Indeterminacy Thesis", undated
Folder 4 "Some Remarks on Certain Topics Discussed at the L. I. T. Conference at Storrs", undated
Folder 5 "The Status of Prior Probabilities in Statistical Explanation", c. 1963
Folder 6 "The Third Man Argument", c. 1971
Folder 7 "Towards a Theory of Inductive Generalization", undated
Folder 8 "Transcendental Logic and Epistemic Justification: An Introduction", c. 1976
Folder 9 "The Uncommon Sense of Sellars and Chisholm", c. 1967
Folder 10 "Wilfrid Sellars on Bradley's 'Paradox'", c. 1978
Folder 11 Ancient philosophers on the animal and the soul, 1965
Folder 12-13 Bertrand Russell, undated
Folder 14 Biography of John Stuart Mill, c. 1963
Folder 15 Concepts and reasons, c. 1986
Folder 16 Descartes, Mersenne and Kant's responses to the problems of skepticism, c. 1968
Folder 17 Differences between the mental and the physical, 1956

Box 101
Folder 1 Identity and language, c. 1982
Folder 2 Intentional model of teleology, undated
Folder 3 Lehrer's coherence system of justification, undated
Folder 4 Logic and generalizations, c. 1967
Folder 5 Miscellaneous, undated
Folder 6 Morality and reason, c. 1981
Folder 7 Reason, c. 1956
Folder 8 Santayana as a platonist and materialist, undated
Folder 9 Study of Hegel's logic,c. 1963
Folder 10 Summary of Sellars' John Locke Lectures at Oxfordc. 1968Folder 11Symposium paper for the Philosophy of Science meeting, 1980

Series III. Academic Career, 1938-1989

Scope and Content Notes:

This series focuses on Sellars' professional activities at each of the following universities: the University of Iowa, University of Minnesota, Yale University, and University of Pittsburgh. The files are divided into four subseries, the first one documents Sellars' activities as an administrator, the second illustrates his teaching style, the third contains dissertations from students either supervised or influenced by Sellars, and the fourth contains recommendations written by Sellars for his students.

Subseries 1. Administrative Files, 1950-1989

Scope and Content Notes:

The Administrative files pertain to Sellars's work at his final three academic institutions: University of Minnesota, Yale University, and University of Pittsburgh. In general, these files document Sellars's participation in University-wide committees and organizations, as well as his contributions to philosophy-based organizations, and to the department of philosophy itself. The files contain correspondence, philosophical essays and memos, financial records, meeting minutes, proposals and planning documents, and student files.

Section: Minnesota, 1950-1979

Scope and Content Notes:

Consisting of meeting minutes, correspondence, and proposals, the University Committee files document Sellars's participation in several university-wide committees.

The philosophical organizations files pertain to Sellars's involvement in the University of Minnesota's Center for the Philosophy of Science from 1952-1959. Information on the Center's establishment and early activities can be obtained from the Proposal folder and the Administrative files. The memos are rather significant, since they contain philosophical essays and critiques written primarily by the Center's members. Most notably, the memos contain entries by Wilfrid Sellars, Michael Scriven, Paul Meehl, Herbert Feigl, Rudolf Carnap, and Arthur Pap. More specifically, the memos contain several drafts of "Concept of Emergence" by Meehl and Sellars, as well as a transcript from a 1955 meeting with Bohnert, Carnap, Feigl, Meehl, and Pap.

The Philosophy Department files highlight Sellars's activity within the department, such as developing curriculum, obtaining a promotion, and departmental budgeting. The dossier details his plans for research and advanced studies. The manuscripts file is rather interesting, as it contains essays written by Sellars, his colleagues, and some essays that can not be attributed. The student files concern graduate students and primarily contain prospectuses, abstracts and outlines for theses, and some administrative correspondence between Sellars and his former students.

Section: Academic duties

Box 102
Folder 1 Committee for Lectureship in Theology, 1954-1958
Folder 2 Committee on Religion, 1953-1954
Folder 3-4 Senate Committee on Education, 1952-1956
Folder 5 Radio broadcasts, 1950

Section: Center for the Philosophy of Science

Folder 6 Proposal, 1952
Folder 7 Administrative files, 1952-1956
Folder 8 Correspondence of Paul Meehl, 1954-1955
Folder 9-11 Memos, 1951-1959

Box 103
Folder 1-7 Memos, 1951-1959

Box 104
Folder 1-5 Memos, 1951-1956

Section: Department of Philosophy

Folder 6 Administrative files, 1948-1951
Folder 7 Correspondence, 1947-1961
Folder 8 Curriculum materials and course schedules, 1949-1958
Folder 9 Dossier of Wilfrid Sellars, undated
Folder 10 Financial records, 1951-1957

Box 105
Folder 1 Self-evaluation of department performance, 1952-1954
Folder 2 Manuscripts by department members, undated
Folder 3 Minutes of department meetings, 1952-1958
Folder 4 Personnel files, 1948-1958
Folder 5 Student files, 1951-1979

Section: Yale, 1959-1967

Scope and Content Notes:

The University Committee files refer to Sellars’s work at the university level and are arranged alphabetically by committee. These files primarily contain meeting minutes that are supplemented by a few reports and proposals.

The Philosophy Department files document Sellars’s work within the department and are arranged alphabetically by record type. The correspondence files contain letters and memoranda circulated throughout the department and address issues such as faculty appointments. The Graduate Programs folder includes material pertinent to students such as qualifying and comprehensive examination questions as well as dissertation abstracts.

Section: Academic duties

Folder 6 Committee on the Humanities, 1961
Folder 7 Committee on the Study of Foreign Languages, undated
Folder 8 Executive Committee of the Graduate School, 1962-1963
Folder 9 Joint Board on Faculty Positions, 1961-1963

Section: Department of Philosophy

Folder 10-11 Correspondence, 1958-1963
Folder 12 Graduate program, 1959-1961
Folder 13 Radio broadcasts, 1959
Folder 14 Student files, 1959-1967

Section: Pittsburgh, 1963-1989

Scope and Content Notes:

The University Committee files detail Sellars’s involvement in university-wide committees and commissions. The files are arranged alphabetically and mainly consist of correspondence and reports. The correspondence files are divided into general correspondence, which occurs between Sellars and various departments, and correspondence with university officials such as the Provost, Chancellor, and various Deans.

The Philosophical Organization files detail Sellars’s participation in three organizations, the Archives of Scientific Philosophy (ASP), Center for the Philosophy of Science (CPS), and History and the Philosophy of Science (HPS). The ASP files focus primarily on the acquisition and preservation of philosophy-based archival collections, especially the papers of Rudolf Carnap. The CPS files generally document the establishment and administrative functions of the Center. The HPS files are also largely administrative in scope and contain research proposals, correspondence, agendas, minutes, and a department prospectus.

The Philosophy Department files highlight Sellars’s departmental duties, especially those of advising students, developing curriculum, and chairing the department. The folders are arranged alphabetically by record type. The Graduate Program file contains brochures, memos, placement information for students, and course descriptions for the master’s program in Philosophy. The student files concern graduate students and primarily consist of admission information, dissertation prospectuses, abstracts and outlines for theses, and some administrative correspondence between Sellars and his former students.

Section: Academic duties

Box 106
Folder 1 Administrative files, 1977-1989
Folder 2 Commission on Tenure, 1973-1978
Folder 3 Committee Work, 1973-1975
Folder 4-5 Correspondence, 1963-1985
Folder 6-7 Senate Council, 1968-1978

Box 107
Folder 1 Undergraduate policies, 1970-1983
Folder 2 Visiting professorship at the University of Arizona, 1975-1983

Section: Archives of Scientific Philosophy

Folder 3 Annual report, 1988

Section: Carnap collection

Folder 4 Acquisition information,1974-1977
Folder 5 Administrative files,1975-1979
Folder 6 Correspondence,1975-1983
Folder 7 Inventories,1980
Folder 8 National Endowment for the Humanities grant,1975
Folder 9 National Science Foundation grant,1974-1975

Box 108
Folder 1 Transcriptions, 1978
Folder 2 Ramsey collection, 1982

Section: Reichenbach collection

Folder 3 Appraisals,undated
Folder 4 General,1979-1982

Section: History and Philosophy of Science

Folder 7-8 Administrative files, 1971-1988
Folder 9 Evaluations of department performance, 1978 - 1987
Folder 10 Executive Committee, 1975-1984

Section: Department of Philosophy

Box 109
Folder 1 Activity reports completed by Sellars, 1972-1988
Folder 2-3 Correspondence, 1963-1987
Folder 4 Curriculum materials and course schedules, 1972-1985
Folder 5-6 General administrative files, 1963-1988

Box 110
Folder 1-3 Executive Committee, 1963-1984
Folder 4-6 Financial records, 1963-1988

Box 111
Folder 1 Graduate program, 1972-1984
Folder 2-4 Memos, 1970-1989
Folder 5-6 Minutes of departmental meetings, 1968-1985

Box 112
Folder 1 Personnel, 1974-1988

Section: Student files

Folder 2 A-B,1966-1986
Folder 3 C-F,1964-1982
Folder 4 G,1966-1987
Folder 5 H,1970-1982
Folder 6 I-M,1964-1984
Folder 7 N-R,1964-1980
Folder 8 S-Z,1965-1984

Box 113
Folder 1 Alpern, Kenneth, 1976-1985
Folder 2 Amaral, Pedro,1983, 1984
Folder 3 Baker, Brian,1974
Folder 4 Bonevac, Daniel,1980-1987
Folder 5 Brown, Bryson,1983
Folder 6 Buhmann, Elizabeth T.,1974, 1977
Folder 7 Chaves, Eduardo,1972-1973
Folder 8 Cohen, Margaret,1972-1974
Folder 9 Creath, Richard,1972-1984
Folder 10 Cummings, Philip,1969-1977
Folder 11 de Vries, Willem,1980-1987
Folder 12 Gordon, Roy,1972-1976
Folder 13 Kraut, Robert,1973-1976
Folder 14 Pailthorp, Charles,1964-1970
Folder 15 Sakellariadis, Spyros,1978
Folder 16 Strong, John V.,1974, 1978
Folder 17 Teggatz, Charles,1972-1973
Folder 18 Wartenberg, Thomas,1973-1982
Folder 19 Weller, Cass,1980, 1982
Folder 20 Wojick, David Eugene,1970, 1973

Subseries 2. Teaching Materials, 1938-1988

Scope and Content Notes:

These files are separated into two categories: on-campus lectures dating from 1939 to 1988 and off-campus lectures dating from 1959 to 1976. The on-campus teaching materials illustrate Sellars's teaching style at the University of Iowa, University of Minnesota, Yale University, and the University of Pittsburgh. The files are arranged alphabetically by course topic, and extensive files exist for: Ethics, Introduction to Philosophy, Logic, Metaphysics, Central Problems in Philosophy, and Theory of Knowledge. The Miscellaneous files contain items from courses that could not be classified by topic, or were too limited in scope to warrant individual identification. Under each of these course topics, the bulk of the files are categorized as lecture notes. These lecture notes tend to be scripted lectures for the entire semester and appear to have been drafted by Sellars early in his career. The initial lectures often contain many inserted pages and notations, revealing the changing style and theories presented in Sellars's lectures. Furthermore, the lecture notes often contain supplemental items such as bibliographies, handouts, and student enrollment lists. In addition to the lecture notes, this section includes exam files. While the majority of the exams are midterm and final exams, there are also quizzes and other special exams. The remaining files document the required readings assigned by Sellars, and contain either lists of articles or the actual articles placed on reserve at the library for Sellars's students.

The off-campus teaching materials are arranged alphabetically by lecture topic and consist of either a typed or handwritten version of the lectures presented by Sellars at particular institutions. The typed versions often contain notations.

Section: On-Campus

Box 114
Folder 1 17th and 18th century philosophy,Lecture notes, undated

Section: Ancient philosophy

Folder 2 Exams, 1939-1958
Folder 3-4 Lecture notes, 1938-1940s
Folder 5-6 Aristotle,Lecture notes, 1940s-1950s
Folder 7 Aristotle and Plato,Lecture notes, 1941-1942

Section: Ethics and moral philosophy

Folder 8 Exams, 1947-1954
Folder 9 Handouts, 1953-1954

Box 115
Folder 1-3 Lecture notes, 1941-1959

Section: History of philosophy

Folder 4 Exams, 1939-1946
Folder 5 Lecture notes, 1940s-1950

Section: Introduction to philosophy

Folder 6-7 Exams, 1946-1957
Folder 8 Handouts, 1972
Folder 9 Lecture notes, 1957

Box 116
Folder 1-6 Lecture notes, 1940s-1973
Folder 7 Judgment empiricism,Lecture notes, undated

Section: Kant

Folder 8 Exams, 1949-1980
Folder 9 Lecture notes, 1942-1955
Folder 10 Leibnitz,Lecture notes, 1952-1956

Section: Logic

Box 117
Folder 1 Exams, 1946-1955
Folder 2-4 Lecture notes, 1947-1960
Folder 5 MA in philosophy of science,Exams, 1950-1956

Section: Metaphysics

Folder 6 Exams, 1965-1980
Folder 7-10 Lecture notes, 1939-1970s
Folder 11 Required readings, 1979-1980

Section: Miscellaneous

Box 118
Folder 1 Bibliographies of books, undated
Folder 2 Bibliographies of journals,c. 1950
Folder 3 Exams, 1958-1970
Folder 4 Lecture notes, 1941-1983
Folder 5 Required readings, 1958-1984
Folder 6-7 Student evaluations, 1953-1970

Section: Modern philosophy

Folder 8 Exams, 1948-1956
Folder 9 Lecture notes, undated
Folder 10 PhD in philosophy,Exams, 1950-1976
Folder 11 Philosophical analysis,Lecture notes, 1949-1955
Folder 12-13 Philosophy of language,Lecture notes, 1958
Folder 14 Philosophy of man,Lecture notes, 1940-1950

Box 119
Folder 1 Philosophy of mind,Lecture notes, 1959-1960
Folder 2 Plato,Lecture notes, 1952
Folder 3 Plato and ethics,Lecture notes, undated

Section: Problems of philosophy

Folder 4 Exams1938-1959
Folder 5-6 Lecture notes1951-1970
Folder 7-9 Required readings1977
Folder 10 Scientific realismRequired readings1983

Section: Theory of knowledge

Folder 11 Exams, 1958, 1972-1988

Box 120
Folder 1-2 Lecture notes, 1960s
Folder 3 Required readings, 1970s
Folder 4 Theory of meaning,Lecture notes, undated
Folder 5 Ways of knowing,Lecture notes, 1962-1964

Section: Off-Campus Lectures

Folder 6 "Behaviors and Mental Acts", 1974
Folder 7 "Cartesian Element and Hume", 1973
Folder 8-9 "Concepts and Methods of Philosophy", 1964
Folder 10 "Ethics and Philosophy", 1960
Folder 11 "Idealism and Perception", 1973
Folder 12 "Intention", 1976
Folder 13 "Intentional Realism and Perception", 1973
Folder 14 Locke Lectures, 1966
Folder 15 Radio talks on philosophy, 1959
Folder 16 "Realism", undated
Folder 17 "Scientific Image of Man", 1960
Folder 18 "Structure of Knowledge", 1972

Box 121
Folder 1 Iowa, 1930s-1940s
Folder 2 Minnesota, 1949-1959
Folder 3 Yale, 1959-1963
Folder 4-8 Pittsburgh, 1964-1968

Box 122
Folder 1-8 Pittsburgh, 1969-1975

Box 123
Folder 1-10 Pittsburgh, 1976-1987

Subseries 3. Dissertations, 1942-1987

Scope and Content Notes:

The items in this subseries consist of presentation copies, working drafts, and published versions of dissertations produced by M.A. and Ph.D. students. In general, these students were either supervised by Sellars or students who based their dissertations on Sellars's philosophy. The arrangement of these dissertations follows the progression of Sellars's employment at the University of Iowa, University of Minnesota, Yale University and the University of Pittsburgh. Under each of these institutional headings, the dissertations are arranged alphabetically by author. Many of these dissertations include multiple successive versions that were given to Sellars for critical commentary. The earlier working drafts may be extensively annotated by Sellars with various suggestions for changes and improvement. There is an additional category of dissertations from other institutions. These dissertations generally represent published dissertations that were either presented to Sellars by the author, since the dissertation centered on Sellars's own work, or, in rare cases, were ordered by Sellars presumably for his own research. Individuals who had extensive interaction with Sellars include Kenneth David Alpern, Pedro Amaral, Bruce Aune, Hector Neri Casteneda, Richard Burian, Richard Creath, and Ruth Garrett Millikan. Other well documented students include Dionysios A. Anapolitanos, Christopher B. Burch, John S. Linnell, George J. Mattey, Jack Norman, Spyros Sakellariadis, and David E. Wojick.

Section: Iowa

Box 124
Folder 1 Hinshaw, Virgil,"Critical Study of Some Points in Russell's Inquiry into Meaning and Truth", 1942
Folder 2 Storer, Thomas,"Epistemological Significance of Linguistic Analysis", 1947

Section: Minnesota

Folder 3 Agre, Gene Phillip,"Logic of Disposition", 1956
Folder 4-5 Anderson, Myron George,"Critique of the First Book of Lewis' Analysis of Knowledge and Valuation", 1954
Folder 6 Aune, Bruce Arthur,"Sensations and Human Behavior: A conceptual Study", 1960

Box 125
Folder 1-2 Binkley, Robert W.,"Moral Reasoning", 1958
Folder 3 Castaneda, Hector Neri,"Essay in the Logic of Commands and Norms", 1952
Folder 4-5 Castaneda, Hector Neri,"Logical Structure of Moral Reasoning", 1954
Folder 6 Crawford, Patricia A.,"A Critical Examination of Idealism", Undated

Box 126
Folder 1-2 Crawford, Patricia A.,"Concept of a Physical Object: Its Role in Thought and Language", 1959
Folder 3 Donagan, Alan,"Later Philosophy of R. G. Collingwood", 1961
Folder 4 Edgerton, Stephenie Grover,"Plato's Earlier Ethical Theory: An Interpretation of the Gorgias", 1959

Box 127
Folder 1 Heidelberger, Herbert,"Verification Theory of Meaning", 1958
Folder 2 Juarez-Paz, Rigoberto,"S. E. Toulmin's Conception of the Place of Reason in Ethics", 1955
Folder 3 Juarez-Paz, Rigoberto,"Studies in Twentieth Century Spanish Philosophy", 1958
Folder 4 Kiteley, Murray J.,"Propositions and their Modes: With special Attention to Indirect Discourse", 1958
Folder 5 Kiteley, Murray J.,"Indirect Discourse and Modal Composition", 1959

Box 128
Folder 1 Kliger, George,"Radical Realism, Sense-Contents and Ontology", 1967
Folder 2 Lee, Han Cho,"Phenomenalism and Subjunctive Conditionals", 1958
Folder 3-5 Linnell, John S.,"Berkeley's Criticism of Abstract Ideas", 1952-1954

Box 129
Folder 1-2 Linnell, John S.,"Berkeley's Criticism of Abstract Ideas", 1953-1954
Folder 3 Magel, Charles R.,"An Analysis of Kierkegaard's Philosophic Categories", 1960
Folder 4 Merrill, Daniel Davy,"Empiricism and Emergence", 1958
Folder 5 Neumaier, John Joseph,"Bertrand Russell's Social Philosophy and its Relation to Logic, Ethics and Sociology", 1954

Box 130
Folder 1 Sandin, Robert T.,"Axel Hagerstrom's Philosophy of Religion", 1959
Folder 2-3 Turnbull, Robert George,"An Examination of C.D. Broad's Moral Philosophy", 1952
Folder 4 Wilkin, James Jeffrey,"Ontology and Truth in Wilfrid Sellars", 1979

Section: Yale

Box 131
Folder 1 Iseminger, Gary Hudson,"Action, Policies and Principles", 1961
Folder 2-3 Jacklin, Philip D.,"Knowledge and Criteria of Truth", 1965
Folder 4 Lachs, John,"Critical Examination of Santayana's Philosophy of Mind", 1961

Box 132
Folder 1-2 Mason, Perry C.,"Ontic Commitment and Abstract Entities in the Philosophy of Wilfrid Sellars", 1968
Folder 3 Millikan, Ruth Garrett,"Empirical Identity", 1969

Section: University of Pittsburgh

Folder 4 Ager, Tryg A.,"Kant's Theory of Representation", 1970
Folder 5 Alpern, Kenneth David,"Nature of Friendship: Aristotelian and Kantian Themes", 1977

Box 133
Folder 1-4 Alpern, Kenneth David,"Nature of Friendship: Aristotelian and Kantian Themes", 1979-1980
Folder 5-7 Amaral, Pedro,"Descartes and Suarez: An Introduction to the Theory of Ideas", 1979-1980

Box 134
Folder 1-2 Amaral, Pedro,"Descartes and Suarez: An Introduction to the Theory of Ideas", 1983-1984
Folder 3-7 Anapolitanos, Dionysios A.,"Leibniz: Representation, Continuity, and the Spatio-Temporal", 1985-1986

Box 135
Folder 1 Anapolitanos, Dionysios A.,"Leibniz: Representation, Continuity, and the Spatio-Temporal", 1986
Folder 2 Baker, Brian,"Ostension and Perception : A Theory of the Reference of Demonstrative Terms in the Context of Some Elementary Perceptual Statements", 1974-1976
Folder 3-5 Beardsley, William Henry III,"Descartes Theory of Imagination", 1982-1984
Folder 6 Blackburn, Thomas,"Proper Names and Linguistic Authority", 1979
Folder 7-8 Bonevac, Daniel,"Ontological Reduction and Abstract Entities", 1979-1980

Box 136
Folder 1-3 Brown, Bryson,"Science in Conflict ", 1982-1983
Folder 4 Burch, Christopher B.,"Chapter on Huygen's Theory of Matter", 1977
Folder 5-6 Burch, Christopher B.,"The Scientific Methodology of Christian Huygens", Undated
Folder 7 Burch, Christopher B.,"Christian Huygens: The Development of a Scientific Research Program", 1981

Box 137
Folder 1-3 Burian, Richard M.,"Instrumentation, Realism, and Conceptual Change in Science", 1969
Folder 4 Burian, Richard M.,"Scientific Realism, Commensurability, and Conceptual Change", 1971
Folder 5 Churchland, Paul Montgomery,"Persons and P-Predicates", 1969

Box 138
Folder 1-2 Cohen, Maggie,"Kant's Theory of Obligation", 1972
Folder 3-4 Creath, Richard,"Is Carnap a Verificationist in the Aufbau?", 1973-1974
Folder 5-6 Cummings, Philip Wilbur,"Hegel's Logic as a Critique of the Logical Theoryies of His Predecessors", 1971

Box 139
Folder 1 Cummings, Philip Wilbur,"Hegel's Logic as a Critique of the Logical Theoryies of His Predecessors", 1972
Folder 2-4 DeVries, Willem,"Hegel's Theory of Mental Activity", 1979-1980
Folder 5 Donovan, Carol,"Physicalism and Action Explanation", 1976-1977
Folder 6-7 Evans, Robert Howard,"Decline and Revival of Critical Realism", 1967

Box 140
Folder 1-3 Freeland, Cynthia,"Aristotle's Theory of Actuality and Potentiality", 1978-1979
Folder 4-5 Gauker, Christopher Paul,"The World-Boundedness of Mind", 1982-1984
Folder 6 Gauker, Christopher Paul,"Internalist Theory of Intentionality", 1984
Folder 7 Girnius, Mirga,"Self As Object of Knowledge in Kant's Critique of Pure Reason", 1976
Folder 8 Goble, Louis P.,"Coherence Theory of Meaning", 1967

Box 141
Folder 1 Haver, Ronald John,"Aristotle and the Third Man", 1972
Folder 2 Hazen, Allen,"The Foundations of Modal Logic", 1976
Folder 3-5 Hetherington, Stephen Cade,"Narcissistic Epistemology", 1987
Folder 6 Hoy, Ronald,Time and the Mental: An Examination of Broad's and Husserl's Theories of Temporal "Consciousness", 1973
Folder 7 Hughes, Christopher,"On a Complex Theory of a Simple God", 1980

Box 142
Folder 1-2 Hughes, Christopher,"On a Complex Theory of a Simple God", 1983
Folder 3 Kidder, Joel,"Methods, Principles, and Knowledge in the Ethical Philosophy of Henry Sidgwick", c. 1968
Folder 4-5 Kvart, Igal,"Towards a Theory of Counterfactuals", c. 1975
Folder 6-8 LaPara, Nicholas,"Law and Inference", 1966-1970

Box 143
Folder 1-5 Mattey, George J.,"The Idealism of Kant and Berkeley", 1976-1979
Folder 6-9 Norman, Jack,"Events and Semantic Theories", 1973-1974

Box 144
Folder 1 Okruhlik, Kathleen,"Matter and Modality: Studies in Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Natural Philosophy", 1983
Folder 2 Owens, Kathleen,"Rational Action: A Study in Epistemology", 1963
Folder 3 Pailthorp, Charles Norman,"Causes, Reasons, and Knowing", 1967
Folder 4 Peyton, John David,"Explanations of Behavior: Critical Examination of Charles Taylor's Philosophy of Psychology", 1968
Folder 5 Putz, Carl,"The Character of Scientific Laws", 1970
Folder 6 Richardson, Mary,"Aristotle's Theory of Demonstration", 1973-1975

Box 145
Folder 1-2 Rosenberg, Jay Frank,"Study of the Determinable-Determinate Relation", 1966
Folder 3 Rosenthal, Aaron,"Knowledge, Truth and Justification", 1965
Folder 4 Rosenthal, Aaron,"Knowledge and True Belief: A Study in Reasons and Causes", Undated

Box 146
Folder 1 Rosenthal, Aaron,"Knowledge and True Belief: A Study in Reasons and Causes", 1969
Folder 2-3 Saints, William,"A Critical Study of D. M. Armstrong's Theory of Perception", 1970-1972
Folder 4-5 Sakellariadis, Spyros,"The Role of Experience in the Scientific Methods of Descartes, Leibniz, and Kant", 1978-1979

Box 147
Folder 1-2 Sakellariadis, Spyros, "The Role of Experience in Descartes' Scientific Method", 1979-1980
Folder 3 Sayre McCord, Geoffrey,"Realism and Moral Epistemology", 1986
Folder 4-5 Schmaus, Warren,"Method, Mind and Mental Imagery Auguste Comte", undated
Folder 6 Shea, Joseph,"Happiness and Theorizing in Aristotle's Ethics", 1984-1985

Box 148
Folder 1 Traiger, Saul,"Hume's Theory of Self", c. 1982
Folder 2 Van Fraassen, Bas,"Foundations of the Causal Theory of Time", 1965-1966
Folder 3-4 Vinci, Thomas C.,"The Causal Theory of Perception and Common-Sense Knowledge Claims", 1975-1976
Folder 5-7 Wartenberg, Thomas E.,"Reason and Truth in Kant's Theory of Experience", 1976-1977

Box 149
Folder 1-3 Wojick, David E.,"Conceptual Change and Meaning Sameness in Science and Philosophy", 1971-1973
Folder 4 Wojick, David E.,"Meaning, Change, Science and Philosophy", 1972

Section: Miscellaneous

Folder 5 Davis, William W.,Analogy & Mental Representation: A Solution to the Mind/Body Problem Based on the "Philosophy of Wilfrid Sellars", 1981
Folder 6-7 Derden, James Kirwin,"Analyticity and Scientific Theories with Special Reference to the Work of Rudolf Carnap", 1971

Box 150
Folder 1 Edgerton, Stephenie Grover,"Justification of "Social Studies" in the Secondary School", 1965
Folder 2 Evans, Joseph Claude, Jr.,"Metaphysics of Transcendental Subjectivity: Descartes, Kant, and Sellars", 1981
Folder 3-4 Gale, Richard,"Time in Analytic Philosophy", 1961
Folder 5 Hopkins, Edwin Elwell,"Wilfrid Sellars' Analysis of Physical Modality", 1971

Box 151
Folder 1 Iobst, Philip Kirschman,"Normative Philosophy of Roy Wood Sellars", 1975
Folder 2 McMorland, Irene,"The Role of the Method of Division in Aristotle's Philosophy of Science", undated
Folder 3 Miller, William,"Phenomena and Noumema", 1970
Folder 4 Norton, Bryan George,"Linguistic Frameworks and Ontology", 1970
Folder 5 O'Connell, Richard,"The Structure of Meaning and Knowledge", 1970-1973
Folder 6 Partee, Barbara Hall,"Subject and Object in Modern English", 1976
Folder 7 Rosenthal, David Michael,"Intentionality: A study of the views of Chisholm and Sellars", 1968
Folder 8 Scriven, Michael,"Explanations of the Supernatural", 1956

Box 152
Folder 1 Seibt, Johanna,"Properties as Processes: A Synoptic Study in Sellarsian Nominalism", undated
Folder 2 Seibt, Johanna,"Wilfrid Sellars' Naturalistisch-Nominalistische Theorie Der Eigenschaften", 1984
Folder 3 Shelton, Bertrand,"Strawson on Particulars: A Defense of Individuals", 1970
Folder 4 Thomason, Jacqueline,"Observation, Indeterminacy, and Ontological Relativity: An Examination of the Philosophy of W. V. Quine", 1972-1973
Folder 5 Wagner, Michael F.,"Concepts and Causes: The Structure of Plotinus' Universe", 1979
Folder 6 Wiebe, Richard Penner,"Abstract Entities in the Philosophy of Rudolf Carnap", 1964

Box 153
Folder 1 Wood, George D.,"Explanation and Mental Entities", 1981

Series IV. Professional Activities, 1935-1989

Scope and Content Notes:

This series documents Sellars' professional activities that are often associated with his academic career, but more clearly represent his contributions to the larger philosophical community. These files are divided into four subseries that highlight Sellars' attendance at conferences and summer institutes, his correspondence with other philosophers, his editorship of Philosophical Studies, and his professional society memberships. Each of these subseries contains extensive scope and content notes.

Subseries 1. Conferences and Summer Institutes, 1953-1988

Scope and Content Notes:

Classified as either conferences or summer institutes, these files document Sellars's attendance of professional gatherings. Under each of these headings, the files are arranged alphabetically by topic. The bulk of the files contain minimal information on the content of the conferences and simply document Sellars's travel accommodations and provide general information on the host institution. However, there are several highly informative files from conferences about the "Concept of Matter," "Mind and Brain," "Philosophy of Language," "Predication," and the "Summer Institute on the History and Philosophy of Science and Mathematics." These more extensive files tend to contain agendas, correspondence, copies of the presented papers, and Sellars's notes on the presentations.

Section: Conferences

Folder 2-3 American Philosophical Association, 1971-1983
Folder 4 Action Theory, 1974-1975
Folder 5-7 Concept of Matter, 1961
Folder 8 Culture and Science, 1971
Folder 9 Human Action, undated
Folder 10 Induction, 1961
Folder 11 International Philosophy, 1976

Box 154
Folder 1-2 Kant, 1974-1985
Folder 3 Language, Intentionality, and Translation Theory, 1972-1973
Folder 4 Linguistics, 1973
Folder 5 Logic, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science, 1964, 1983
Folder 6 Metaphysics, 1969-1983
Folder 7 Mind and Brain, 1971-1972
Oversize Miscellaneous lecture announcements, 1956-1971
Folder 8 Miscellaneous conference topics, 1965-1988
Reel NIHR Conference, undated
Folder 9 Philosophical Concepts in High School Teaching, 1971
Folder 10 Philosophy of Language, 1950
Folder 11 Philosophy of Psychology and the Sciences, 1953-1980
Folder 12 Philosophy of Sellars, 1976, 1979
Folder 13 Predication - Presented papers, 1981

Box 155
Folder 1 Predication - Correspondence and miscellaneous, 1981-1983
Folder 2 Predication, Rationality, Realism, and Reasoning, 1961-1986
Folder 3 Relation between Philosophy and Theology, 1953
Reel Roy Wood Sellars conference audio, 1970
Folder 4 Semantics, 1950
Folder 5 Scientific Realism, 1983-1984
Folder 6 Transcendental Arguments, 1977
Folder 7 Unity of the Sciences, 1976
Cassette Unknown conference audio, undated
Folder 8 Wittgenstein Symposium, 1984
Folder 9-12 World Congress of Philosophy, 1971-1983

Section: Summer Institutes

Box 156
Folder 1 American Philosophy, 1976
Folder 2 Continental Philosophy, 1980
Folder 3 Early Modern Philosophy, 1973-1974
Folder 4-8 History and Philosophy of Science and Mathematics, 1960-1963

Box 157
Folder 1-3 History and Philosophy of Science and Mathematics, 1964
Folder 4 Metaphysics, 1968
Folder 5 Theory of Knowledge, 1971-1972

Subseries 2. Correspondence, 1935-1989

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries is composed of correspondence originating from established or aspiring philosophers, who sought Sellars's expertise. It is subdivided into two categories: correspondence with individuals and correspondence by topic, which are arranged alphabetically. The most informative files in this series are those arranged by individual, which cover a combination of the topics listed below. When considering the correspondence by topic, the most noteworthy files are philosophical debate files, which contain correspondence from individuals who have read Sellars work and either have questions on his philosophy or doubt his approach. These files document the exchange of opinions, which often lead to a clarification of the arguments and clearly establish the fundamental differences in reasoning. The speaking engagement files reveal which institutions invited Sellars to be a speaker, as well as the topics covered by the lectures. The reviews and critiques files generally consist of cover letters, which accompanied manuscripts submitted to Sellars, and to a lesser extent, carbon copies of Sellars's critiques. The recommendations files do not contain Sellars's recommendations for students, since these are located in Section four of Series three. Instead, these recommendation files contain requests from individuals desiring a recommendation, as well as correspondence from institutions seeking Sellars's insight into possible candidates for a particular position. The copy request files contain solicitations for Sellars's offprints and copies of his unpublished articles and lectures.

Section: Individuals

Box 158
Folder 1 Adams, E. M., 1962-1966
Folder 2 Amaral, Pedro, 1973-1985
Folder 3 Appleton-Century-Crofts, Inc., 1949-1972
Folder 4-5 Aune, Bruce, 1958-1979
Folder 6 Baier, Annette, 1971-1972
Folder 7 Baier, Kurt, 1962-1980
Folder 8 Bar-Hillel, Yehoshua, 1951-1967
Folder 9 Berdt, Phyllis, 1956
Folder 10 Bergmann, Gustav, 1947-1975
Folder 11 Bernstein, Richard, 1961-1971
Folder 12 Bieri, Peter, 1974-1982
Folder 13 Binkley, Robert, 1957-1972
Folder 14 Blanshard, Brand, 1937-1977
Folder 15 Brandt, Richard B., 1951-1979
Folder 16-17 Buck, Roger C., 1949-1968
Folder 18 Burian, Richard, 1968-1984
Folder 19 Bynum, Terrell Ward, 1965-1975

Box 159
Folder 1 Carnap, Rudolf, 1947-1963
Folder 2-3 Castaneda, Hector-Neri, 1954-1982
Folder 4 Chappell, Vere, 1964-1971
Folder 5 Chisholm, Roderick, 1951-1979
Folder 6 Clark, Romane, 1953-1981
Folder 7 Cohen, Robert S., 1961-1985
Folder 8 Cornman, James, 1966-1978
Folder 9 Crawford, Patricia, 1954-1975
Folder 10 Delaney, C.F., 1968-1977
Folder 11 Donagan, Alan, 1954-1980
Folder 12 Echelbarger, Charles, 1973-1979
Folder 13 Farber, Marvin, 1935-1973
Folder 14 Feigl, Herbert, 1946-1980
Folder 15 Feyerabend, Paul, 1962-1963
Folder 16 Firth, Roderick, 1968-1974
Folder 17 Fitch, Frederic B., 1963
Folder 18 Frankena, William, 1949-1974

Box 160
Folder 1 Grunbaum, Adolf, 1957-1981
Folder 2 Guleserian, Theodore, 1963-1970
Folder 3 Gutting, Gary, 1976-1981
Folder 4 Hall, Everett, 1948-1955
Folder 5-6 Hanson, Norwood Russell, 1960-1965
Folder 7 Hare, Richard M., 1953-1980
Folder 8 Harman, Gilbert H., 1965-1981
Folder 9 Hochberg, Herbert, 1973-1977
Folder 10 Hosler, Douglas, 1964-1972
Folder 11 Hospers, John, 1954-1968
Folder 12 Kemeny, John, 1953
Folder 13 Kidder, Joel, 1964-1968
Folder 14 Kiteley, Murray, 1989
Folder 15 Kvart, Igal, 1974-1983
Folder 16 LaPara, Nicholas, 1964-1973
Folder 17 Lehrer, Keith, 1957-1979
Folder 18 Linnell, John, 1951-1965

Box 161
Folder 1 Loux, Michael J., 1972-1978
Folder 2 Luckenbach, Sidney A., 1965-1973
Folder 3 Maclagan, W. G., 1939-1964
Folder 4 Marcus, Ruth Barcan, 1963-1979
Folder 5 Marras, Ausonio, 1970-1984
Folder 6 McMullin, Ernan, 1960-1978
Folder 7 Mourelatos, Alex, 1963-1976
Folder 8 Nakhnikian, George, 1956-1975
Folder 9 Nyiri, J.C., 1968-1984
Folder 10 Owens, Joseph, 1964
Folder 11 Owens, Kathleen, 1974-1988
Folder 12 Pap, Arthur, 1949-1955
Folder 13 Pappas, George, 1975-1981
Folder 14 Pitt, Joseph, 1970-1981
Folder 15 Quine, W. V., 1949-1978
Folder 16 Raab, Francis, 1952
Folder 17 Rorty, Richard, 1961-1980
Folder 18 Rosenberg, Jay, 1965-1982
Folder 19 Rosenthal, David, 1965-1987

Box 162
Folder 1 Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd., 1962-1989
Folder 2 Ryle, Gilbert, 1936-1969
Folder 3 Savitt, Steven, 1965, 1978
Folder 4-11 Sellars, Roy Wood, 1940-1973
Folder 12-13 Sicha, Jeffrey, 1963-1989
Folder 14 Smart, J. J. C., 1962-1981
Folder 15 Terrell, Burnham, 1957
Folder 16 Thomson, Judith, 1979

Box 163
Folder 1 Turnball, Robert, 1950-1984
Folder 2 Vlastos, Gregory, 1950-1974
Folder 3 Weiss, Paul, 1952-1981
Folder 4 Wells, Rulon, 1949-1972
Folder 5 Williams, Donald, 1949-1963

Section: Correspondence by Topic

Folder 6-10 Copy requests, 1948-1983

Box 164
Folder 1-3 Copy requests, 1948-1981
Folder 4 Evaluations of philosophy departments, 1967-1979
Folder 5 Fellowships, 1937-1981
Folder 6 Job offers, 1966-1974
Folder 7-9 Miscellaneous, 1948-1984

Box 165
Folder 1-3 Offprints with cover letters, 1951-1983
Folder 4-7 Philosophical debates, 1960-1982

Box 166
Folder 1-4 Philosophical debates, 1951-1985
Folder 5-7 Publishers/editors, 1948-1987

Box 167
Folder 1-8 Publishers/editors, 1950-1987
Folder 9-10 Requests for recommendations, 1952-1985

Box 168
Folder 1-5 Requests for recommendations, 1951-1988
Folder 6-8 Reviews and critiques, 1951-1983
Folder 9 Roy Wood Sellars subject file, 1966-1985

Box 169
Folder 1-6 Speaking engagements, 1950-1985

Box 170
Folder 1-3 Speaking engagements, 1955-1983
Folder 4 Visiting professorships, 1949-1976

Subseries 3. Editorship of Philosophical Studies, 1957-1989

Scope and Content Notes:

These files chronicle Sellars establishment and editorship of the journal Philosophical Studies from 1951-1989. These files also document the creation of a related book series, Philosophical Studies Series in Philosophy. Most of the files pertain to the journal and consist of correspondence. Largely composed of cover letters, this correspondence originates from philosophers who are submitting their manuscripts for publication. The cover letters are supplemented by a limited amount of manuscripts, as well as letters of acceptance, rejection notices, or evaluations of the manuscripts. The correspondence with publishers illuminates the process of selecting and arranging published articles, as well as granting permission to reproduce articles. In addition to correspondence the subseries contain a log book of manuscripts as well as referee reports. These reports are especially important, since they provide researchers with succinct evaluations of a philosopher's argument. The files relating to the journal phase out in 1974, when Sellars decided to resign as editor and focus on the development of the book series. The book series correspondence is similar to the article submission correspondence and highlights the types of manuscripts submitted for publication.

Section: Journal

Folder 5 Contract, 1971
Folder 6-9 Correspondence on article submissions, 1957-1962

Box 171
Folder 1-8 Correspondence on article submissions, 1963-1967

Box 172
Folder 1-8 Correspondence on article submissions, 1968-1972

Box 173
Folder 1-7 Correspondence on article submissions, 1972-1974

Box 174
Folder 1-5 Correspondence on article submissions, 1973-1974
Folder 6 Correspondence of editorial board, 1971-1974
Folder 7-9 Correspondence with Minnesota Press, 1949-1974

Box 175
Folder 1-4 Correspondence with Reidel, 1970-1976
Folder 5 Log book, 1949-1959
Folder 6-7 Referee reports, 1965-1975

Section: Book Series

Folder 8 Contracts, 1973-1978

Box 176
Folder 1-4 Correspondence, 1973-1989

Subseries 4. Professional Societies, 1939-1987

Scope and Content Notes:

These files document Sellars's activity within various professional associations, committees, foundations, and societies. The files are arranged alphabetically by organization title. He was particularly involved with the American Philosophical Association and these files document his participation in several committees. Extensive files exist for the Federation Internationale Des Societes De Philosophie, which reveal Sellars's interest in the international philosophical community. This section also contains files related to Sellars's service on the editorial board of The Monist. Mostly consisting of correspondence, these files document the process of developing the quarterly issues of the journal. The National Science Foundation files document Sellars's activity as a consultant to the History and Philosophy of Science division, as well as his own grant proposals.

Folder 5 American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1971-1987
Folder 6 American Association of University Professors, 1952-1973
Folder 7 American Catholic Philosophical Association, 1971-1974
Folder 8 American Council of Learned Societies, 1964, 1971

Section: American Philosophical Association

Folder 9 Board of officers, 1969-1970
Folder 10 Committee on International Cooperation, 1968-1973
Folder 11 General, 1964-1972

Box 177
Folder 1-2 General, 1974-1981
Folder 3-7 Executive Committee, 1967-1983

Box 178
Folder 1 Nominating Committee, 1971
Folder 2 Program Committee, 1963-1967
Folder 3 American Philosophical Quarterly, 1962-1979
Folder 4 Association of Philosophy Journal Editors, 1971-1977
Folder 5 Center for Advanced Study in the Behavior Sciences, 1975-1978

Section: Council for Philosophical Studies

Folder 6-7 General, 1964-1972
Folder 8 Visiting philosopher program, 1968
Folder 9 Federation Internationale Des Societes De Philosophie, 1965-1971

Box 179
Folder 1-6 Federation Internationale Des Societes De Philosophie, 1972-1983
Folder 7 Humanist Society, 1939-1942
Folder 8 Hume Society, 1978-1983

Box 180
Folder 1 Institute of Intercultural Research, 1973-1974
Folder 2 Leibniz Society, 1978-1983
Folder 3 Metaphysical Society of America, 1971-1985
Folder 4-5 Mind Association, 1965-1984
Folder 6 Miscellaneous Societies, 1952-1984
Folder 7-12 Monist,Correspondence, 1961-1982

Box 181
Folder 1-2 National Endowment for the Humanities1968-1978

Section: National Science Foundation

Folder 3 Consulting, 1962-1974
Folder 4 Research project, 1963-1978
Folder 5-6 Rhodes Scholarship Trust, 1953-1958

Section: Philosophy of Science Association

Folder 7-8 General, 1970-1985

Box 182
Folder 1 Biennial meeting, 1976-1977
Folder 2 United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, 1969, 1972

Series V. Library

Scope and Content Notes:

This series is composed of 792 annotated books, 144 annotated reprints and off-prints, about 180 annotated journal volumes, which were amassed by Wilfrid Sellars from the 1930s through the 1980s. This series also contains a set of off-prints and books written and retained by Sellars himself. The books and offprints are arranged alphabetically by author and title, while the journals are arranged by journal title and then chronologically by issue. The library contains material spanning the whole of Sellars' career. The topics covered reflect Sellars' professional concerns and therefore contain works on a wide variety of philosophical topics, but emphasize works on logic, epistemology, ontology, scientific realism, philosophy of science, ancient Greek philosophy, and the history of philosophy. Many of these works contain either annotations or dedications. The annotations include notes in the margins of the documents, underlining, and logical notations. The degree and kind of annotation vary greatly; some items are heavily underlined, annotated, and logically notated. Others have only short sections that are heavily marked, or are lightly marked throughout.

A large portion of the library was deaccessioned; the deaccessioned materials include books, journals, and reprints that were not philosophical in nature and lacked any unique markings such as annotations or dedications. These items covered a broad spectrum of Sellars' personal interests and ranged from sports to crosswords, nature, cooking, politics, biographies, history, religion, art, and works of fiction. There is a comprehensive list of all the books initially contained in Sellars's library available for researchers upon request. There is also a list of journal titles found in the Sellars's library.

Subseries 1. Annotated Books, dates

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries consists of 792 books which have information in the form of annotations, dedications to Sellars, or inclusions. The books are arranged alphabetically by author, editor, or occasionally by translator. The annotations take the form of notes in the margins of the documents, underlining, and logical notations and derivations. The degree and kind of annotation vary greatly; some books are heavily underlined, annotated, and logically notated. Others have only short sections that are heavily marked, or are lightly marked throughout. There are dedications to Sellars from family members or other philosophers, and there are dedications from Wilfrid to his father. There are also books that contained inclusions. These inclusions can consist of fairly extended written commentary. They are sometimes commentary on the book in which they were found, and sometimes on other philosophical or personal topics.

In addition there are a few books that may not be marked, but are on topics that were of particular interest to Sellars. These books contained many slips of paper which acted as book markers. For example, his editions of Kant are included although they are not marked, because they contain hundreds of book markers and show considerable signs of use. In general, the books in this series are books on philosophical topics. They include editions of the works of the central figures in European philosophy such as Hume, Locke, Descartes, Kant, and Russell. Many of these are student editions that he seems to have used during his days at Oxford and Harvard. They are often extensively annotated with both marginal notes and underlining.

A list of annotated books is available.

Item 1 Bergmann, Gustav. Logic and Reality. University of Wisconsin Press, 1964
Item 2 Cassirer, H.W. Kant’s First Critique, An Appraisal of the Permanent Significance of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason. George Allen & Unwin Ltd. London, England, 1954
Item 3 Cherniss, Harold. Aristotle’s Criticism of Plato and the Academy, Volume I. The Johns Hopkins Press, 1944
Item 4 Davis, J.W. et al. Philosophical Logic. D. Reidel Publishing Company, 1969
Item 5 Elwes, R.H.M. The Chief Works of Benedict de Spinoza, translated from the Latin, with an introduction (volumes I and II bound together). Dover Publications Inc., 1951
Item 6 Feigl, Herbert et al. Minnesota Studies in the Philosophy of Science, Volume I: The Foundations of Science and the Concepts of Psychology and Psychoanalysis. University of Minnesota Press, 1956
Item 7 Feigl, Herbert et al. Minnesota Studies in the Philosophy of Science, Volume II: Concepts, Theories, and the Mind-Body Problem. University of Minnesota Press, 1958
Item 8 Feigl, Herbert et al. Minnesota Studies in the Philosophy of Science, Volume III: Scientific Explanation, Space, and Time. University of Minnesota Press, 1962
Item 9 Gilson, Etienne. Being and Some Philosophers. Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, Mediaeval Studies of Toronto, Inc., 1949
Item 10 Hall, Everett W. What is Value? An Essay in Philosophical Analysis. Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd., 1952
Item 11 Kazemier, B.H. et al. Logic and Language: Studies Dedicated to Professor Rudolf Carnap on the Occasion of his Seventieth Birthday. D. Reidel Publishing Company, 1962
Item 12 Keynes, John Maynard. The General Theory of Employment Interest and Money. Macmillan and Co., Limited, 1936
Item 13 Moore, George Edward. Commonplace Book, 1919-1953. George Allen & Unwin Ltd., 1962
Item 14 Nagel, Ernest. Logic Without Metaphysics, and Other Essays in the Philosophy of Science. The Free Press, 1956
Item 15 Nagel, Ernest. The Structure of Science: Problems in the Logic of Scientific Explanation. Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc., 1961
Item 16 Popper, Karl R. The Logic of Scientific Discovery. Hutchinson & Co. (Publishers) Ltd., of London, 1959, third impression 1962
Item 17 Prior, Arthur N. Logic and the Basis of Ethics. Oxford at the Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press, 1949
Item 18 Van Orman Quine, Willard. Set Theory and Its Logic. The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1963
Item 19 Ross, David, Sir. Plato’s Theory of Ideas. Oxford at the Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press, 1951
Item 20 Saw, Ruth Lydia. The Vindication of Metaphysics: A Study in the Philosophy of Spinoza. Macmillan and Co., Ltd., 1951
Item 21 Alighieri, Dante. The Divine Comedy. The Modern Library, Inc., 1932
Item 22 Eaton, Ralph M. General Logic: An Introductory Survey. Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1931
Item 23 Hoenen, Peter, S.J. Reality and Judgment according to St. Thomas. Henry Regnery Company, 1952
Item 24 Joseph, H.W.B. Lectures on the Philosophy of Leibniz. Oxford at the Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press, 1949
Item 25 Lewis, Clarence Irving. An Analysis of Knowledge and Valuation. The Open Court Publishing Company, 1946
Item 26 Lewis, Clarence Irving. Mind and the World-Order: Outline of a Theory of Knowledge. Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1929
Item 27 Oates, Whitney J. The Stoic and Epicurean Philosophers: The complete extant writings of Epicurus, Epictetus, Lucretius, Marcus Aurelius. Random House, Inc., 1940
Item 28 Paton, H.J. Kant’s Metaphysic of Experience: A Commentary on the First Half of the Kritik Der Reinen Vernunft. George Allen & Unwin Ltd, 1936
Item 29 Wilson, John Cook. Statement and Interference, with other philosophical papers, Vol.1. Oxford at the Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press, 1926
Item 30 Wilson, John Cook. Statement and Interference, with other philosophical papers, Vol.2. Oxford at the Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press, 1926
Item 31 Wittgenstein, Ludwig. Philosophische Untersuchungen/Philosophical Investigations (German/English translation). Basil Blackwell, 1953
Item 32 Vleeschauwer, H.J. de. La Deduction Transcendentale dans L’oeuvre de Kant. Tome Premier, La Deduction Transcendentale avant la Critique de la Raison Pure. Librairie Ancienne Honore Champion, 1934
Item 33 Lakatos, I. Proofs and Refutations, Offprint from The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Vol. XIV, Nos. 53-56. Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd, 1963, 1964
Item 34 Bernard, J.H. Kant’s Critique of Judgement. Macmillan and Co., Limited, 1931
Item 35 Broad, C.D. The Mind and its Place in Nature. Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner, & Co., Ltd., 1929
Item 36 Church, Ralph W. Hume’s Theory of the Understanding. George Allen & Unwin Ltd., 1935
Item 37 Dewey, John. How We Think: A Restatement of the Relation of Reflective Thinking to the Educative Process. D.C. Heath and Company, 1933
Item 38 Jessop, T.E. Berkeley Philosophical Writings. University of Texas Press, 1953
Item 39 Kneale, William and Martha Kneale. The Development of Logic. Oxford at the Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press, 1962
Item 40 Lewis, Clarence Irving and Cooper Harold Langford. Symbolic Logic. The Century Co., 1932
Item 41 Ross, W.D. Aristotle. Methuen & Co. Ltd., 1930
Item 42 Selby-Bigge, L.A. Hume’s Treatise of Human Nature. Oxford at the Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press, 1896
Item 43 Sellars, Wilfrid and John Hospers. Readings in Ethical Theory. Appleton-Century-Crofts, Inc., 1952
Item 44 Weldon, T.D. Introduction to Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason. Oxford at the Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press, 1945
Item 45 Weldon, T.D. Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason. Oxford at the Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press, 1958
Item 46 Wiener, Philip P. Leibniz Selections. Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1951
Item 47 Chase, D.P. The Nicomachean Ethics of Aristotle. J.M. Dent & Sons, 1911
Item 48 Cornford, Francis MacDonald. Plato and Parmenides: Parmenides’ Way of Truth and Plato’s Parmenides translated and with a running Commentary. Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd, 1939
Item 49 Cornford, Francis MacDonald. The Republic of Plato translated with introduction and notes. Oxford University Press, 1945
Item 50 Ewing, A.C. Idealism: A Critical Survey. Methuen & Co. Ltd., 1934
Item 51 Foster, M.B. The Political Philosophies of Plato and Hegel. Oxford at the Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press, 1935
Item 52 Gewirth, Alan. Marsilius of Padua: The Defender of Peace, Volume II: The Defensor pacis, translated with an introduction. Columbia University Press, 1956
Item 53 Green, Thomas Hill. Prolegomena to Ethics . Oxford at the Clarendon Press, 1906
Item 54 McKeon, Richard. The Basic Works of Aristotle edited and with an introduction. Random House, Inc., 1941
Item 55 Moore, G.E. Philosophical Studies. Kegan, Paul, Trench, Trubner, & Co., Ltd., 1922
Item 56 Ramsey, Frank Plumpton. The Foundations of Mathematics and other Logical Essays. Kegan, Paul, Trench, Trubner, & Co., Ltd., 1931
Item 57 Rome, Beatrice K. The Philosophy of Malebranche: A Study of his Integration of Faith, Reason, and Experimental Observation. Henry Regnery Company, 1963
Item 58 Schilpp, Paul Arthur. The Philosophy of G.E. Moore. Northwestern University, 1942
Item 59 Smith, J.A. and W.D. Ross. The Works of Aristotle Translated into English. Oxford at the Clarendon Press, 1908
Item 60 Wright, Georg Henrik von. A Treatise on Induction and Probability. Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1951
Item 61 Ayer, Alfred J. Language, Truth, and Logic. Victor Gollancz Ltd., 1936
Item 62 Bradley, F.H. Appearance and Reality: A Metaphysical Essay. Swan Sonnenschein & Co., Lim., 1902
Item 63 Broad, C.D. Scientific Thought. Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co., Ltd., 1927
Item 64 Ewing, A.C. Kant's Treatment of Casuality. Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co., Ltd., 1924
Item 65 Nicod, Jean. Foundations of Geometry & Induction. Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co., Ltd., 1930
Item 66 Pitcher, George. The Philosophy of Wittgenstein. Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1964
Item 67 Prichard, H.A. Knowlegde and Perception: Essays and Lectures. Oxford at the Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press, 1950
Item 68 Sellars, Roy Wood. The Philosophy of Physical Realism. The Macmillan Company, 1932
Item 69 Wittgenstein, Ludwig. Bemerkungen uber die Grundlagen der Mathematik/Remarks on the Foundations of Mathematics (German/English translation). The Macmillan Company, 1956
Item 70 Wright, G.H. von and Anscombe, G.E.M. Notebooks 1914-1916 by Ludwig Wittgenstein. Harper & Brothers, Basil Blackwell, 1961
Item 71 Anthropologie, Immanuel Kants Werke, v.8. Verlegt Bei Bruno Cassirer, 1922
Item 72 Briefe I, Immanuel Kants Werke, v.9. Verlegt Bei Bruno Cassirer, 1922
Item 73 Briefe II, Immanuel Kants Werke, v.10. Verlegt Bei Bruno Cassirer, 1921
Item 74 Leben und Lehre. Verlegt Bei Bruno Cassirer, 1921
Item 75 Abbott, Thomas Kingsmill. Kant’s Critique of Practical Reason and Other Works on the Theory of Ethics. Longmans, Green, and Co. Ltd., 1927
Item 76 Austin, J.L. Sense and Sensibilia. Oxford at the Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press, 1962
Item 77 Berkeley, George, Bishop. Theory of Vision and Other Writings. J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd., 1910
Item 78 Bird, Graham. Kant’s Theory of Knowledge, An Outline of One Central Argument in the Critique of Pure Reason. The Humanities Press Inc., 1962
Item 79 Bochenski, I.M. et al. The Problem of Universals. University of Notre Dame Press, 1956
Item 80 Crawford, Donald W. Kant’s Aesthetic Theory. The University of Wisconsin Press, 1974
Item 81 Kant, Immanuel. Traume eines Geistersehers. Weltgeist-Bucher Verlags-Gesellschaft M.B.H.
Item 82 Lachieze-Rey, Pierre. L’Idealisme Kantien. Librairie Felix Alcan, 1931
Item 83 Mahaffy, J.P. and J.H. Bernard. Kant’s Critical Philosophy for English Readers. Macmillan and Co., Limited, 1915
Item 84 Paton, H.J. The Categorical Imperative, A Study in Kant’s Moral Philosophy. Hutchinson’s University Library.
Item 85 Prichard, H.A. Kant’s Theory of Knowledge. Oxford at the Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press, 1909
Item 86 Stevenson, Charles L. Ethics and Language. Yale University Press, 1944
Item 87 Vorkritische Schriften, Band I, Immanuel Kants Werke, v.1. Verlegt Bei Bruno Cassirer, 1912
Item 88 Vorkritische Schriften, Band II, Immanuel Kants Werke, v.2. Verlegt Bei Bruno Cassirer, 1912
Item 89 Kritik Der Reinen Vernunft, Immanuel Kants Werke, v.3. Verlegt Bei Bruno Cassirer, 1913
Item 90 Schriften von 1783-1788, Immanuel Kants Werke, v.4. Verlegt Bei Bruno Cassirer, 1913
Item 91 Kritik Der Praktischen Vernunft, Immanuel Kants Werke, v.5. Verlegt Bei Bruno Cassirer, 1914
Item 92 Schriften von 1790-1796, Immanuel Kants Werke, v.6. Verlegt Bei Bruno Cassirer, 1914
Item 93 Die Metaphysik Der Sitten, Immanuel Kants Werke, v.7. Verlegt Bei Bruno Cassirer, 1916
Item 94 Austin, J.L. How To Do Things With Words. Oxford at the Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press, 1962
Item 95 Carnap, Rudolf. Der Logische Aufbau Der Welt. Weltkreis-Verlag, 1928
Item 96 Dodds, E.R. Plato: Gorgias, A Revised Text with Introduction and Commentary. Oxford at the Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press, 1959
Item 97 Edwards, Paul and Arthur Pap. A Modern Introduction to Philosophy. The Free Press.
Item 98 Hare, R.M. The Language of Morals. Oxford at the Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press, 1952
Item 99 Harvard University. Examinations in Philosophy and Psychology. Harvard University, 1931
Item 100 Klubertanz, George P. The Philosophy of Human Nature. Appleton-Century-Crofts, Inc., 1953
Item 101 Kneale, William. Probability and Induction. Oxford at the Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press, 1949
Item 102 Laird, John. Hume’s Philosophy of Human Nature. Methuen & Co. Ltd., 1932
Item 103 Meredith, James Creed. Kant, Immanuel: The Critique of Judgement, Translated with Analytical Indexes. Oxford at the Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press, 1952
Item 104 Lindsay, A.D. Mill, J.S.: Utilitarianism, Liberty, and Representative Government, with an Introduction. J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd., 1910
Item 105 Moore, G.E. Ethics. Thornton Butterworth Ltd., 1912
Item 106 Passmore, John. A Hundred Years in Philosophy. The Macmillan Company, 1957
Item 107 Popper, Karl R. The Open Society and Its Enemies. Princeton University Press, 1950
Item 108 Price, H.H. Perception. Methuen & Co. Ltd., 1932
Item 109 Ross, W.D. The Right and the Good. Oxford at the Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press, 1930
Item 110 Schmidt, Raymund. Kant, Immanuel: Kritik Der Reinen Vernunft, Nach Der Ersten Und Zweiten Original- Ausgabe Neu Herausgegeben von…. Felix Meiner, 1930
Item 111 Schneewind, J.B. Sidgwick’s Ethics and Victorian Moral Philosophy. Oxford at the Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press, 1977
Item 112 Smith, Norman Kemp. Kant, Immanuel: Critique of Pure Reason, Translated, with an Introduction. Random House, Inc., 1958
Item 113 Weinberg, Julius Rudolph. An Examination of Logical Positivism. Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co., Ltd., 1936
Item 114 Aune, Bruce. Knowledge, Mind, and Nature, An Introduction to Theory of Knowledge and the Philosophy of the Mind. Random House, 1967
Item 115 Berkeley, George, Bishop. A New Theory of Vision and Other Select Philosophical Writings. J.M. Dent & Sons, Ltd.
Item 116 Barker, S.F. Induction and Hypothesis, A Study of the Logic of Confirmation. Cornell University Press, 1957
Item 117 Black, Max. Philosophical Analysis, A Collection of Essays. Cornell University Press, 1950
Item 118 Church, Alonzo. Introduction to Mathematical Logic, Volume 1. Princeton University Press, 1956
Item 119 Cotton, James Harry. Royce on the Human Self. Harvard University Press, 1954
Item 120 Fitch, Frederic Brenton. Symbolic Logic, An Introduction. The Ronald Press Company, 1952
Item 121 Grossman, Reinhardt. Ontological Reduction. Indiana University Press, 1973
Item 122 Grunbaum, Adolf. Modern Science and Zeno’s Paradoxes. George Allen and Unwin Ltd, 1968
Item 123 George, Rolf. Bretano, Franz: The Psychology of Aristotle, In Particular His Doctrine of the Active Intellect, With an Appendix Concerning the Activity of Aristotle’s God, Edited and translated. University of California Press, 1977
Item 124 Haldane, E.S. and G.R.T. Ross. The Philosophical Works of Descartes Rendered into English, Vol. I. Dover Publications, Inc., 1955
Item 125 Haldane, E.S. and G.R.T. Ross. The Philosophical Works of Descartes Rendered into English, Vol. II. Dover Publications, Inc., 1955
Item 126 Hilbert, D. and W. Ackerman. Principles of Mathematical Logic. Chelsea Publishing Company, 1950
Item 127 Martin, Richard M. Intension and Decision, A Philosophical Study. Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1963
Item 128 Prichard, H.A. Moral Obligation, Essays and Lectures. Oxford at the Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press, 1949
Item 129 Schilpp, Paul Arthur. The Philosophy of Bertrand Russell. George Banta Publishing Company, 1946
Item 130 Singer, Marcus George. Generalization in Ethics, An Essay in the Logic of Ethics, with the Rudiments of a System of Moral Philosophy. Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1961
Item 131 Stebbing, L.S. A Modern Introduction to Logic. Methuen & Co. Ltd., 1933
Item 132 Suppes, Patrick. Axiomatic Set Theory. D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc., 1960
Item 133 Geach, Peter Thomas. Reference and Generality, An Examination of Some Medieval and Modern Theories. Cornell University Press, 1962
Item 134 Gunderson, Keith. Mentality and Machines. Anchor Books, 1971
Item 135 Gale, Richard M. The Philosophy of Time, A Collection of Essays. Anchor Books, 1967
Item 136 Gale, Richard M. Negation and Non-Being. Basil Blackwell, 1976
Item 137 Russell, Bertrand. The Problem of Philosophy. A Galaxy Book, Oxford University Press, 1959
Item 138 Maude, Aylmer. Tolstoy, Leo: What Is Art? And essays on art, translated. A Hesperides Book, Oxford University Press, 1962
Item 139 Smith, Logan Pearsall. All Trivia. Harcourt, Brace, and Company, Inc., 1945
Item 140 Pears, D.F. Hume, David: A Symposium. Macmillan & Co Ltd, 1963
Item 141 Geach, Peter. Mental Acts, Their Content and Their Objects. Routledge & Kegan Paul.
Item 142 Gibbings, Robert. Coming Down the Wye. E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc., 1943
Item 143 Gibbings, Robert. Sweet Thames Run Softly. E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc., 1945
Item 144 Gibbings, Robert. Lovely is the Lee. E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc., 1945
Item 145 Yost, R.M, Jr. Leibniz and Philosophical Analysis. University of California Press, 1954
Item 146 Koestler, Arthur. The Thirteenth Tribe, The Khazar Empire and its Heritage. Random House, 1976
Item 147 Nagel, Ernest and Richard B. Brandt. Meaning and Knowledge, Systematic Readings in Epistemology. Harcourt, Brace, and World, Inc., 1965
Item 148 Kemnitz, Milt. Ann Arbor, Then and Now. n.p., 1972
Item 149 Kemnitz, Milt. Michigan Memories. Hellenic Publications, 1965
Item 150 Harre, Rom. The Anticipation of Nature. Hutchinson & Co. Ltd., 1965
Item 151 Harre, Rom. Theories and Things, A Brief Study in Prescriptive Metaphysics. Sheed and Ward, Ltd., 1961
Item 152 Thomason, Richmond H. Formal Philosophy, Selected Papers of Richard Montague. Yale University Press, 1974
Item 153 Khatchadourian, Haig. The Concept of Art. New York University Press, 1971
Item 154 Liles, Bruce L. An Introductory Transformational Grammar. Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1971
Item 155 Chomsky, Noam. Cartesian Linguistics, A Chapter in the History of Rationalist Thought. Harper & Row, 1966
Item 156 Carnap, Rudolf. The Logical Syntax of Language. Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co. Ltd., 1937
Item 157 Sokolowski, Robert. Husserlian Meditations, How Words Say Things. Northwestern University Press, 1974
Item 158 Henreich, Dieter. Identitat und Objektivitat, Eine Untersuchung uber Kants transzendentale Deduktion. Carl Winter Universitatsverlag, 1976
Item 159 Rescher, Nicholas. The Primacy of Practice, Essays Towards A Pragmatically Kantian Theory of Empirical Knowledge. Basil Blackwell, 1973
Item 160 Baring-Gould, William S. The Lure of the Limerick, An Uninhibited History. Clarkson N. Potter, Inc., 1967
Item 161 Luckenbach, Sidney A., and Frank J. McGuinness. Introduction to Logical Theories. Ridgeview Publishing Company, 1976
Item 162 Sassoon, Siegfried. Memoirs of an Infantry Officer. Faber & Faber Limited, 1930
Item 163 Blanshard, Brand. The Nature of Thought, vol. 1. George Allen & Unwin Ltd, 1939
Item 164 Blanshard, Brand. The Nature of Thought, vol. 2. George Allen & Unwin Ltd, 1939
Item 165 Hospers, John. An Introduction to Philosophical Analysis. Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1953
Item 166 Smith, G. Gregory. The Spectator, Vol. 1. J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd., 1907
Item 167 Fromm, Erich et al. Zen Buddhism and Psychoanalysis. Harper & Brothers, 1960
Item 168 Rosthal, Robert. Marcel, Gabriel: Creative Fidelity, translated from the French and with an introduction. Farrar, Straus and Company, Inc., 1964
Item 169 Murdock, George Peter. Our Primitive Contemporaries. The Macmillan Company, 1936
Item 170 Veblen, Thorstein. The Engineers and the Price System. The Viking Press, Inc., 1933
Item 171 Bougle, C. Lecons de Sociologie sur L’Evolution des Valeurs. Librairie Armand Colin, 1922
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Item 175 Swartz, Robert J. Perceiving, Sensing, and Knowing, A Book of Readings from Twentieth-Century Sources in the Philosophy of Perception. Anchor Books, 1965
Item 176 Swartz, Robert J. Perceiving, Sensing, and Knowing, A Book of Readings from Twentieth-Century Sources in the Philosophy of Perception. University of California Press, Ltd., 1965
Item 177 Swing, T.K. The Fragile Leaves of the Sibyl. The Newman Press, 1962
Item 178 Sherrington, Charles, Sir. Man on His Nature. Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1953
Item 179 Meyerhoff, Hans. The Philosophy of History in Our Time, An Anthology Selected and Edited. Doubleday Anchor Books, 1959
Item 180 Klubertanz, George P., S.J. The Philosophy of Human Nature. Appleton-Century-Crofts, Inc., 1953
Item 181 Melchert, Norman Paul. Realism, Materialism, and the Mind, The Philosophy of Roy Wood Sellars. Charles C Thomas, 1968
Item 182 Sellars, Wilfrid. Science, Perception and Reality. Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1963
Item 183 Gide, Andre. La Symphonie Pastorale. Librairie Gallimard, 1925
Item 184 Sellars, Wilfrid. Philosophical Perspectives. Charles C Thomas, 1967
Item 185 Nowell-Smith, P.H. Ethics, A study of the words and concepts that we use for answering practical…. Penguin Books, 1954
Item 186 Nowell-Smith, P.H. Ethics, A study of the words and concepts that we use for answering practical…. Penguin Books, 1954
Item 187 Larre, Claude. Mao et la Vielle Chine. Epi s.a. Editeurs, 1972
Item 188 Schaub, Edward Leroy. Philosophy Today, Essays on Recent Developments in the Field of Philosophy. The Open Court Publishing Company, 1928
Item 189 Brumbaugh, Robert S. Plato on the One, The Hypotheses in the Parmenides. Yale University Press, 1961
Item 190 Alexander, S. Space Time and Deity, vol. 1. Macmillan and Co., Ltd, 1927
Item 191 Alexander, S. Space Time and Deity, vol. 2. Macmillan and Co., Ltd, 1927
Item 192 Katz, Jerrold J. The Problem of Induction and its Solution. The University of Chicago Press, 1962
Item 193 Castaneda, Hector-Neri. Action Knowledge and Reality, Critical Studies in Honor of Wilfrid Sellars. The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Inc., 1975
Item 194 Grunbaum, Adolf. Philosophical Problems of Space and Time. Alfred A Knopf, Inc., 1963
Item 195 Rosenberg, Jay F. and Charles Travis. Readings in the Philosophy of Language. Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1971
Item 196 Sellars, Roy Wood. The Philosphy of Physical Realism. Russell & Russell, 1966
Item 197 Scheffler, Israel. The Anatomy of Inquiry, Philosophical Studies in the Theory of Science. Alfred A Knopf, Inc., 1963
Item 198 Lytton, Lord. The Last Days of Pompeii. T. Nelson & Sons, Ltd.
Item 199 Holden, George. Pope's Last of the Rock. Oxford at the Clarendon Press, Oxford University Press, 1909
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